$25.00 vs $135.00 Taxis cheaper

Sacramento has become a destination for music festivals. Thousands of Music lovers from different parts of the country, fill the cities Hotels and Restaurants. An estimated, 40,000 people attended the Sol Blume Festival in Discovery Park last weekend.

Whenever there is a Festival, large concert, in Sactown, the demand increases for Taxis and the rideshare companies Uber and Lyft.

Regular shmegular people use these companies for transportation to and from work.

So imagine my surprise ,when Uber and Lyft quoted between $135.00 and $114.00 for a ride that normally costs between $12 and $14 dollars. (Someone’s going to be late for work).

After a few minutes of checking the apps, I thought I would call an old school Taxicab. I called two cab companies that quoted me between $ 20 and 25 dollars.

Why the difference?

Taxicabs prices, are regulated by the city. The rideshare companies aren’t. The differences don’t end there.

The taxi driver keeps 100 percent of the meter goes to the taxi driver. Car share drivers aren’t privy to the surcharges charged to the customer and doesn’t share in the surcharge.

Many of the drivers are struggling. Lyft does add a gas surcharge. I don’t believe Uber does.

My sense of fairness is being challenged. If I weren’t dependent on the lower prices of the rideshare programs, I would be boycotting it.

Color me hypocrite for now.