You can’t Look away! Alcohol Drugs Violence Poop and Erections: Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial

Amber Heard\Dawn Hughes

The Depp Heard trial, is more salacious than any soap or Reality TV show. Its a horrible train wreck with bodies all over and despite all the carnage, you cant stop looking.

The trial began on April 11th. Johnny Depp is laying it all bare to crush his former wife of 15th months Amber Heard, for suggesting he is an abuser. He says, the accusation has cost him his career and he has spent three weeks painting her as an abuser, attacking her creditability and a woman who pooped in their bed and blamed the dog.

Many of his key witnesses have been current friends, agents, business associates, employees have never witnessed Johnny hitting Amber. Shannon Curry, a professional psychologist hired by Depp’s attorneys, concluded after evaluating Amber for 19 hours that she suffers from borderline personality disorder or histrionic personality.

Some of the highlights or lowlights of the trial, she has lied to the police, punched Johnny, he has not showed up on the set, had a string a box office failures, gets violent when he drinks, destroys rooms, she chases him around and hits him when he doesn’t speak to her and there is so much more.

Yesterday, we heard Amber’s side beginning with a forensic psychologist named Dawn Hughes, who conducted an evaluation of Heard after spending about 29 hours with her in late 2019 and early 2021. Hughes, contradicts Shannon Curry’s conclusions and based on her interviews, testing, and review of documents, medical records, and recordings, she said she believed that Heard had experienced intimate partner violence from Depp and demonstrated “very clear psychological, traumatic effects.”

 Hughes said Heard reported several acts of physical violence from Depp, including him pushing her, shoving her, slapping her, choking her, and kicking her. Heard also reported bruising, cuts, and vaginal pain from sexual assaults, Hughes said. In addition to reported physical abuse, Hughes said there were many instances of Depp trying to control Heard’s career. 

Hughes said Heard reported acts of sexual violence to Bonnie Jacobs, Heard’s therapist from October 2011 to August 2014. When Depp was drunk or high, he threw Heard on the bed and ripped off her nightgown and had sex with her, Hughes said. He also forced her to give him oral sex, Hughes said.

There are documented accounts of Johnny kicking, slapping and punching Amber by other psychologists. He has struck Amber after not being able to have an erection.

Dawn Hughes was a strong creditable witness yesterday, she spoke directly to the jury and her testimony connected with women, even Johnny Depp’s fans in the gallery. His attorney’s, failed to impeach her, but tomorrow is another day. In a few hours, Amber will be on the stand. Will she be a lady, or reveal some of Johnny’s deep dark secrets?

Its a train wreck, with no survivors. Amber is worth less than 10 million dollars, does John have 100 million? You cant escape the trail on You Tube, Apple, Yahoo and a zillion places

See ya in a few hours.