What did Women Do to deserve the attack of the States?

Mean, nasty, vile are just some of the words that come to mind.

Men and a sprinkling of women politicians subjecting other women to some of the cruelest laws to control what women do with their bodies.

Of course, every elected official can afford to quietly fly a friend or family member to a state or country where the procedure can be legally performed, Meanwhile his constituents could face jail time should they travel to a nearby state. Should someone drive them or assist them in any way they could be sued

There is often no consideration for rape, incest or for the health of the female.

They are protecting the rights of the unborn.

But what about the child, after she arrives?

The mother of the child is often on their own even some in the bluest of states. Aid toward the poor has been reduced. food, and in many states childcare for the working poor. Through the years, poor women have been villainized by politicians and by some Americans who are suspicious of anyone receiving aid. There have been political advertising ,accusing rival candidates of supporting aid for Cadillac driving Welfare recipients. suggesting that mothers purposely have more children to get more government aid, as if these mothers can take that extra support to purchase a home near the Kardashians.

Through the years on talk radio, caller’s say they have witnessed women getting welfare. Spending money on luxury items and new cars.. Now ,where they get this information is questionable. Recipients aren’t required to wear a sign that says welfare recipient or a carry a financial dossier. This misinformation, feeds into the false narrative that mothers receiving aid are either lazy or trying to beat the system..

States that force women to have unwanted children are not increasing, money for aid, healthcare, education, or housing for the poor.

Unlike the earlier laws banning abortion, the new laws are cruel, intending to punish, the mother and any person or entity that might assist her.

What would Jesus do? Would he force a women to have a child when her family cant afford to feel or take care of the children she currently has? Would he sentence her to jail for traveling to another state to seek an abortion? Would he penalize the people who loved her and attempted to help her the best way they knew how? If you believe what a women does is wrong, where in the bible does it say WE are ultimately held responsible for the actions of another?

If you are a religious person, I think he would appreciate individuals taking care of each other. Everywhere in American there are hungry children, you don’t have to look far. They’re often in our families, you drive by them every day as they sleep in cars, trucks and tents all over America. They would benefit from the same meal that you brought in the Macdonald’s

As a person who was raised in a Christian household. I struggle w.ith individuals who say abortion is murder and their purpose is the save each unborn baby.. Many of these people support the death penalty. They support the state murdering an individual for a crime they have committed even thought that person the state is murdering is also someone’s baby.

Missing is compassion. From what I understand from the few women I’ve spoken to through the years, the thought of terminating a pregnancy is wrought with fear. Many women clearly remember the experience and some, many years later still question their decision.

I was very young when Roe became law. Like Interracial Marriage and Gay Marriage, the majority of Americans have adjusted to the law. Today there are fewer births nationwide, and fewer abortions.

Older men who have spent a lot of their political currency, attempting to over throw Roe, could get their wish. But it’s not too late to support women in those 20 or more states waiting to pounce on the rights of womem, particularly poor woman with limited resources.

What this movement doesn’t need are celebrities, and marches on the coasts where Roe is protected. The women in cities like Amarillo,Little Rock, Huntsville and Kansas’ City where their voices have been muted. One by one to help women regain the full control of their bodies as men do.

Electing men and women who believe as they do. Im ready, I have my pink hat and sneakers, there is too much at stake!