Australia: “You’re never to old for bikinis” ripped 64 grandmother shows um how!

From Perth Now

An Aussie grandma who left her following mesmerized with her ripped physique says you’re “never too old for bikinis”.

Melbourne muscle-woman Lesley Maxwell, 64, made the statement while modelling a purple two-piece and posing for the camera in a post sent out to her 95,000 followers on Instagram.

“Never too old for bikinis,” she posted in a short video.

Maxwell is a world champion figure competitor inspiring others with her fitness journey.

And her latest post was quick to garner plenty of reaction from those following along at home.

“You are an amazingly gorgeous ageless beauty! Perfection in every way,” one fan wrote.

Another said: “Someone call the Instagram Police. 🔥🔥🔥

Maxwell began a strict health regime 15 years ago and has previously revealed how it led to younger men making a play for her affections.

“Of course I appreciate the male followers and men definitely add spice to life,” she said.

“I take everything as a compliment — it’s really great that they even follow me.”

Melbourne muscle-woman Lesley Maxwell said that while the temptations are there, you’ll benefit from just holding back. this Christmas.

Maxwell, who posts regularly, says “health and fitness isn’t just a look”.

“It’s a feeling and there’s no better feeling than having a healthy strong body,” she said.

“The thing is… no one else can actually do the work for you. Even if you paid them to work out for you, they themselves would get the benefits.

“So a healthy body shows way more than that – such as: determination, consistency discipline and commitment. A strong mind equals a strong body, you CAN do it too.”

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