We shall be Brief: “One Black Man, 90 Bullets”

Jayland Walker: Photo Google

It’s an all too familiar American story. Black man stopped for a traffic violation and is killed by Police. In this instance, the 25 year old suspect was shot sixty times and reportedly handcuffed with 60 bullets in him.

Thursday, June 27th 2:30am. Akron Police Department attempted to stop 25 year old Jayland Walker for a traffic violation. Police alleges they thought Walker shot at them. A chase ensued, with Walker jumping from his moving Buick on the streets of Akron. After chasing Walker on foot, eight police officers fired more than 90 bullets at Walker with 60 striking him, mostly in the back.

Police officers said it appeared that Walker was turning towards them and they believed he was armed.

A video confirmed that Walker was unarmed when he was shot. The footage also captured a handgun with a separate loaded magazine and what appears to be a gold wedding band left on the driver’s seat of Walker’s car.

A Random Image of a young man accused of killing 10 black shoppers in Buffalo, New York