Left @ 16th Station

It was a loud argument.  She was demanding to see his phone.  Something about a random picture of his junk sent to a friend of a friend.  Who sent the girlfriend a copy of the picture.

“Junk” was a game changer at the light rail station.  Many passengers waiting for the train were pretending not to listen but we were all in. He insisted it wasn’t him in the picture and SHE wanted his phone to verify the picture.

She started chasing him in the station grabbing at his phone. Give me the phone? No?

The couple, waiting on the south side of the crowded station we’re running in between the passengers.

“Gimme your phone!, she screamed” No stop, he said! “Sean if it’s not you, why can’t I see your phone?” “Your, a fucking pig, let me see your phone- you know that’s you!”

The screaming, the running, rapidly started to get on our nerves. Sean! Sean! They were crashing into people. Transit Security were yelling at them.

Suddenly, Sean ran across the station, narrowly missing a couple of trains entering the station.

Sean! Sean! she screamed!

When the trains exited the station, Sean was nowhere to be found. I think he got on the Watt 80 train taking him in the opposite direction. But I can’t be sure.

The girlfriend, desperately screamed, SEAN! SEAN! She immediately tried to call him. The call went to voicemail. She yelled into the phone. ” You leave me! Dude, that fucked up! Fuck you, I know you…….. Then she started talking to herself as my train (Folsom) train entered the station. I noticed, she was leaving the station, wiping her eyes as she walked. Young Love.