Hotel Confidential: Father and Son

Something was off. As he nervously presented his credit card and Id for the room. After receiving his room keys he sat down in chair and stared at the front door. He seem to scan everyone as they entered the lobby.

A angry women enters the lobby with a ten year boy, She starts screaming at the man in the chair. “You were supposed to pick him up! I had to leave my job to drive him here. Your just a fuck up, and I want the money you stole out of the drawer. “I know it was YOU” I got to go back to work, so are you gonna drop him off at your sister’s house tomorrow? Yea, he says. She looks down and kisses her son, I gotta go!

Hours later, the father and son goes into the snack area, looking at the food. The dad is looking at the people behind the counter. After about five minutes, the two leaves without purchasing anything.

The young man exits the elevator carrying an El Monterey Burrito and heads to the microwave. Then he returns to the snack area and leaves, retrieving his burrito from the microwave. For some reason, the desk clerk sticks her head into the breakfast area and notices the young man was eating his burrito and drinking an Orange Crush. I didn’t even hear the fridge open, she thought to herself. You need to pay for the drink before opening it. she told the young man “Its three twenty four” I don’t have any money, the boy said slowly. Then we need to call your parents, what room are they in?

The man came down and said, what do I owe you for the soda and burrito? She said the burrito? oh, it comes to $5.30. Let go to the room.

At the elevator, you cost us McDonald’s the father said, I told you when you take something, go directly to the room. You know this! Its alright!