Britain: Husband calls his wife lazy for refusing to cook a roast dinner in a heatwave

A woman has turned to the internet for some advice after her husband called her ‘lazy’ for not wanting to cook a roast dinner during the heatwave and trying to make a simpler meal

Gravy being poured on a roast dinner
Many people aren’t in the mood to cook a big meal during a heatwave (stock photo) 

Europe is in the middle of a searing heatwave. Few homes have Air Conditioning and the heatwave has got a lot of people feeling hot and flustered and most are doing all they can to try to keep cool.

Some people will makeshift their own air conditioning with a fan and a bowl of ice water while others might want to avoid making their home hotter by using the oven or stovetop.

By:Courtney Pochin/Uk Mirror

One woman has recently shared how she didn’t want to cook at all if possible due to the weather so she went shopping for some quick ingredients to whip up dinner.

However, when she got back, she claims her husband wanted to go and get stuff to make a roast with and called her “lazy” for not doing so.

A couple arguing
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The woman turned to the internet for some advice.

Taking to Mumsnet  the woman shared a post asking if she was unreasonable to not want to cook a traditional Sunday lunch.

She said: “He thinks I’m lazy because I want easy dinners (that’s not lazy it’s good sense!)

“I think he is suicidal and his aim of cooking a roast dinner in this heat is to boil us to death in our own home.”

The unnamed wife goes on to say that if wanting a roast wasn’t enough, her partner also took down all the makeshift curtains she’d made to try and block out the heat as he said they were making it “so dark”.

“I don’t understand it, we have small children and we need to be cool in here,” she added.

Around 100 people have since responded to the post – and people were divided over the issue.

One person said: “Is he cooking it? If so, you are being unreasonable, he can cook what he likes. You can choose whether to eat it or not. If he expects you to cook it then you are not being unreasonable.”

Another replied: “We have a KFC and Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Not exactly our usual Sunday roast but I ain’t cooking in this heat, he is totally unreasonable.”

A third posted: “I couldn’t eat a hot roast dinner today even if someone else cooked it. The heat from the oven would be awful too.”

Someone else admitted they were also cooking a roast today, writing: “You are not being unreasonable, having said that, I’m doing a roast today.

“My oven is going on for 45 mins later on, in which there will be a joint of beef for this evening, and for roast beef and gorgonzola salad during the week, some roasties for today, and a couple of jacket potatoes for daughter’s lunches, two sausage and apple puff pastry rolls, and a gammon, again for during the week. Basically, my oven is on today and then off for the foreseeable. And I admit, I do love my roasts!”