Stop Complaining! This is our world for now (plan ahead or stay your a** home! )

I’m so sick of it! People, whining, complaining, about customer service, lines, crowds, cancellations, staffing shortages?

Where have you been? Living under a frigging Rock?

( I wanted to say Fucking but that would be a little crass.)

Over 6.5 million people have died from Covid worldwide including more than one million in the US.

With the world on lock down, most businesses downsized, others went OUT OF BUSINESS.

Tens of millions were laid off. Some of those people opted for early retirement.

With the exception of Supermarkets and Hospitals every industry has been affected.

Here in Sacramento, due to the shortage. Workers are being flown in from other parts of the country to work at some our industries here, filling up hotels.

Some bank branches in the area have closed due to the working shortage, those are open may have fewer workers, resulting in longer wait times.

A few months ago, my Greyhound bus from Sacramento to Reno was delayed three hours as Greyhound had difficulty getting a driver. They located one in Portland Oregon and flew him in to take us to Reno. Due to the driver shortage there are no express routes.

Drive anywhere and you will see HELP WANTED SIGNS

If you haven’t noticed ,you shouldn’t be allowed outside.

The worker shortage isn’t a Sacramento Issue or a California Issue. Its a GLOBAL issue! Experts predict it may take two to three years to return to normal (what ever that is? )

Wait is spelled W-A-I-T!

If you don’t have the patience to WAIT, PLEASE, STAY HOME!

It is fucking amazing! You are complaining about the slow moving line and how it’s affecting you! If you’d shut your mouth for a whole second, you’d notice we are all in the same line. Some of us are ahead of you, others are behind you. Shut up and shower before you leave home.

Read the room FOOL!!

All of your, whining, sighing, and yelling is encouraging a group slap!

If the current state of the world is not to your liking and lines and crowds stress you out. Please, don’t travel, shop, or drive. The rest of us are doing the best we can and what we need less of is an insensitive, self centered person like you adding to our stress.

City (screaming)Fella