Monique gets a special on Netflix-A former fan wishes her well

Monique Hicks

I have a couple of friends who tell me that I find the good in people.  Before I go any further ,they are being a bit sarcastic. While I have my snarky moments, I think sometimes they would like me to be a little less forgiving.

I have been a fan of Monique for a few decades.  She charismatic and she is very funny.  The woman is very intelligent and well spoken. 

She’s been in several unfortunate films that pays the bills, until Precious.

While it was a good story, the expectations weren’t high for Precious, if fact there were some who believed that it would go straight to video where people could fish it out of a Walmart bin. The film was submitted to Sundance where it won major awards found a distributor, and the rest is history. 

Precious earned prestigious awards all over the world.  Not only was the film in demand, so was its stars. Gabourey Sidibe and Monique. I believe, should Monique had different management, she might have become an international star,charming the socks of the people she would have met.

Monique ignored conventional wisdom from individuals ,who were successful in their own right. These individuals extended a generous hand to help her up the ladder of success. Not only did she slap their hands away, she has spent more than a decade mocking them and telling anyone who will listen, that she was blackballed and a victim.

As she continues to talk about her victimization. All of those people, she believe have wronged her. are flourishing in their own respective careers. She fails, when she pulls out her “black women card” because the people who extended their hands are black. When pushed, she makes a hard left that hasn’t any connection to her reality. In one interview,she attempted to connect her plight to Weinstein’s abuse of women.

Turning Point

I call them they way I see them. Okay, Monique messed up, she’s human, one day she will find her way.

The Headliner incident with DL Hughley got my attention. The nastiness ,the viciousness didn’t fit the crime. It was a contractual issue between the stars and the promoter. Why involve the his family? If the roles were reversed , she would be outraged! She would have likely said, his attack was another example how men disrespect “Black Women”.

Mean, Nasty, UNFUNNY

As the smoke was clearing, Monique went even lower, unearthing a private issue with DL’s child. I still cant make the connection with the contract and his child? Has she always been this vile? How did I miss it?

I’m not a big fan of DL Hughley but I admire his restraint. after her random attacks on his family. The younger comedians defended him on social media and attacked Monique.

For two weeks, I was obsessed. I am fan,what did I miss and how did I miss it? I read interviews, watched every interview on you tube, and there was a theme. Disagree with Monique, your ignorant. Push the envelope again and she coming for your intellect. Push again, she pulls the race, and the women card.

A flawed individual, I tend to ignore things like celebrities politics, moments where they might have lashed out at a fan and their personal relationships. I tend to focus on their talent.

The more I read about her and watched her videos and mean spirited interviews. The less I liked her. I didn’t like her cruelty, her nastiness, especially when there was no reason for it. I watched her on “On the View. Whoopi Goldberg, who has been a ‘movie star for more than 40 years, told Monique promoting is part of the job. Monique wanted to be paid, so they disagreed. Monique later, went on social media and made reference to when she was dating Ted Danson, who appeared in blackface at some event, it was a scandal, it was also some thirty years ago. That’s the price you pay for disagreeing with Monique.

I struggle with a person who embraces “Blackness” and then attacks black people and institutions of blackness. She has been called a horror, ruining the cover photo shoot at Ebony Magazine which featured Steve Harvey and Chris Rock.

When pushed into a corner, she dusts off her resume. Queens of Comedy was released in 22 years ago. Precious, 13 years ago. The Queens of Comedy was filmed at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis with a capacity of 2800. The Kings of Comedy was filmed at the Charlotte Coliseum with a capacity of 14,000.

This takes us to back to the Netflix question? The value of an entertainer is based on his or her current ability to fill seats. There isn’t any record for Monique filling an arena of size. She is currently schedule to perform at the 3000 thousand seat University of Chicago Forum on the 16th of September.

In comparison, Amy Schumer fills 15,000 arenas. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are filling larger arenas and then there is Kevin Hart, filling Madison Square Garden, Staples Center and 20,000 seat TD Arena in Boston. Last April, Monique and DL Hughley sold fewer than 3000 seats in the 5000 seat Fox Theater in Detroit..

Things are looking up for Monique. She has made up with Lee Daniels and will work with 50cent. Daniels apologized for hurting her and said she was never blackballed. Netflix has settled with her and will produce a special for her.

Monique is a talent. I hope she will find success in this new chapter in her life. While I which her well, I wont be tuning in as I am no longer a fan.