Whites Only* Pennsylvania’s Next Governor?

Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano

Who is Doug Mastriano?

58 year old Doug Mastriano is a Republican State Senator, representing Pennsylvania’s 33rd district. He has an extensive background with the Military, he has fought in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He ended his military career as a faculty instructor in the Department of Military Strategy at the U.S Army Wary College in Carlisle,Pennsylvania during 2012–2017. He [20] and retired in 2017 at the rank of colonel.

Pennsylvania Politics

In 2018 ,Mastriano ran for Pennsylvania’s13th congressional district and lost in the primaries. In 2019 he won in the states special election to replace retiring State Senator Rich Alloway.

He is considered a far right, member of the Republican party. He considers himself a close ally to Former President Donald Trump . He and his wife attended the Jan 6th rally in Washington DC. Although Mastriano says he did not enter the Capitol, video footage shows him and his wife passing through Capitol Police barriers after they had been breached by others in the crowd.[ He was subpoenaed by the Jan 6th select committee.

Far Right Racism

During his 2019 campaign. Mastriano targeted Muslims, saying “Islam wants to kill gay rights, Judaism, Christianity and pacifism” He suggested the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was perpetrated by Muslim terrorist. He supported many of Donald Trumps solutions to treat Covid a and has spoken at events that promoted QAnon and other controversies .

He believes in Christian Nationalism an anti establishment organization, Christian nationalists primarily focus on internal politics, such as passing laws that reflect their view of Christianity and its role in political and social life. They believe that the US is meant to be a Christian nation and want to “take back” the US for God.

He continues to support “The Big Lie”. In November of 2020, Mastriano alleged various irregularities in the voting process for the U.S. presidential election and called for the resignation of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar.

Last April, At a far right conference fund raiser called “Patriots Arise for God and Country” At the conference, conspires promote theories claiming there is a global cabal of Democrats sex trafficking children.

Conspiracies, “9/11 was a false flag attack” “Vaccines amount to genocide therapy and Adolf Hitler faked his death”

Too Far Right for the GOP?

The GOP is home for some extreme politicians. Marjorie Taylor Green ,Matt Gaetz and others who bring little to the party. There are some within the party, who are concerned at Doug Mastriano. Pennsylvania is the fifth largest state in the nation. He was endorsed by Donald Trump and crushed his Republican competition with 44% of the vote.


Huffpost found that Mastriano paid a social media site called Gab, $5,000 in early April 2022 for “campaign consulting.” As a result of the payments, every new account on Gab automatically follows Mastriano’s account. Gab has been described as a social media haven for white supremacists and neo-Nazis and was used by the perpetrator of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in 2018 where self proclaimed whites supremacist , 46-year-old Robert Gregory Bowers killed eleven people and wounded six during early morning services.

Hours after that tragedy, Andrew Torba CEO and ”founder of the social media site Gab, gloated about all the web traffic his platform was receiving. “We have been getting 1 million hits an hour all day,” Torba wrote via Gab’s Twitter account. Gab had drawn national scrutiny immediately after the bloodshed in Pittsburgh because the killer, Robert Bowers, was a prolific and verified user of the site. He’d posted neo-Nazi propaganda and calls for violence against Jewish people, whom he called the “children of Satan.”founder of the social media site Gab, gloated about all the web traffic his platform was receiving.

Bowers had often directed his ire at the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a Jewish charity that helps refugees. He blamed it for trying to replace white people in America — an invocation of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory. “HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people,” Bowers wrote on Gab two hours before he drove to the Tree of Life synagogue with an assault rifle and three handguns. “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition has previously spoken out against candidates who embrace extremist views, such Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar who have spoke at a conference of White Nationalist earlier this year. In a statement by the RJC .“We strongly urge Doug Mastriano to end his association with Gab, a social network rightly seen by Jewish Americans as a cesspool of bigotry and antisemitism,”

Mastriano the leader of the states “Stop the Steal Campaign” wants every voter in the state to reregister to vote, claiming that it’s the only way to regain Americans’ trust in the voting process.

“We might have to reset, as far as registration, start that whole process over here,” Mastriano said on the conservative news channel Newsmax last month. “There’s still a lot of dead [people] on the rolls … and there’s ghost phantom voters that we found, as well, at various addresses.”

While a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled that there was no evidence that “phantom voters” were an actual problem in the state, critics believe Mastriano’s ulterior motive is to keep minority communities from voting.

Cynthia Ann Young, author of “Soul Power: Culture, Radicalism and the Making of a U.S. Third World Left” said “Mastriano’s stated desire to have voters reregister is a dog whistle designed to reinforce the racist belief that Black and other BIPOC voters are not, in fact, fully enfranchised citizens guaranteed the same rights as white voters,”

Doug Mastriano as endorsed the reelection bid of Wendy Rogers. An Arizona Republican who has welcomed the support of white nationalists and is herself a member of the far-right Oath Keepers militia.

Rogers suggested that a white man’s mass killing of Black shoppers at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, was a “false flag” attack staged by the federal government.

Conventional wisdom says, Democrat Josh Shapiro should win in November, but didn’t they say that about Hillary Clinton?


*Most white people