Now What?

First they blamed the airline violence on the mask restriction. The masks are off and the punches and bad behavior continues to be a problem in the sky and on the ground.

Deboarding in San Diego, an impatient man bumps into a standing passenger. Bumps become punches, the other passengers intervene. No police were called.

On a recent transatlantic flight, a woman put her feet next to my arm. I’ve seen this on social media, but this was a first for me. Like her, I wanted to sleep as comfortably as I could and not with her black socks under my nose. I spent nearly five minutes figuring what to say…

I touched her foot and said, excuse me. No response, then I grabbed her foot with a little pressure, she said what? ( I don’t think, she was fully asleep). ” I need to sleep, don’t touch me!”. It had already been a difficult night,with the woman in front of me angry ,that she can’t fully reclined her seat into my knees. Under her breath, she called me an asshole. Meanwhile, black socks is insisting her feet smell like fresh lilacs. I’m done, she tells her husband. At this point, I’m ready to fight both of them!

“He’s touching my feet!” Other passengers are awake now. “Where is he touching your feet?” He asks. “On the window, my feet need to be up'”.she says. ” No, put your feet on the floor! ” “Can I put my feet on your lap?” No! At this point, I take my pillow, blanket and fill the hole with whatever the airline gave me.