3am in my children’s home

I fell asleep in the death chair after dinner at a nice Spanish Restaurant in town.

Woke up in a panic, with an short list of must do’s. Complete, some work that will help offset the costs of a lost cell phone, finish my blog and pack for London.

My adult children, my son and his wife are alseep upstairs. I’m struck by the silence.

No familiar sounds of the the city. No sirens, no one yelling. Just the snoring of my son and the hum of the Bosch Refrigerator.

I’m a City boy at heart, the noise and bustle of the City is the life I prefer.

I love London, it is the hustle and the bustle of Sacramento, times a billion.

There is a level of maturity here that doesn’t exist in the US. Gun Violence is virtually absent here. The Police don’t carry guns. Women and Gays are just another day, no one seems to care in the city of ninty thousand if two women are holding hands on High Street. There is surrenity that exist in Europe that doesn’t exist in the US. Smaller cars, smaller food portions, smaller homes and a seemingly ability to be happy with less.

Things aren’t great in Britain, the economy, the uncertainty of the winter. Will there be oil or will Putin make Europe pay for supporting the Ukraine. Taxes are off the chain.

I’m enjoying the pace of Lincoln, enjoying the quiet of my son’s home and the light noise of the electric trains that pass by every twenty minutes or so.

I would like to stay here a few more days but they are excited about London and I know I will have a good time.

It’s 3:57 am, I’m still adjusting to the difference in time. The snoring and the humming has stopped. The only sound is the keyboard. I love Sacramento, at this moment, I think, I could live here in Lincolnshire County.

A train is passing by