Na, no, could he? would he?

No American politian has more legal problems than 45.  States, citizens, debtors are coming after him in every direction.  

Representation doesn’t come cheap.  His reputation of stiffing everyone and forcing them into litigation is a prerequisite for anyone writing a book about him.   

Four more years,would have been beneficial for him, as many cases would dissappear, falling victim to the dreaded Statue of  Limitations

???? When isn’t promise and handshake good enough.

A: When your Donald J  Trump!

Out of the spotlight, no longer able to control the narrative on Fox and Newsmax.  His well isn’t as deep as it once was.   

The victimization of Donald Trump isn’t as effective as it once was    Witchhunts, Stolen Elections, attacks by angry democrats , still generates dollars from his core but the volume isn’t there. 

45 needs money, lots of money. He buries his first wife at a Golf Course to save money on taxes.  

So…. Would 45, sell our Secrets to a foreign government?  Putin? the Saudis? the Chinese?These are desperate times for 45

Would he, could he?