Hot in San Francisco

Every year millions of tourist visit the City by the Bay and shiver. They arrive in their summer gear for the BIG reveal. Its cold in the summer! Turning on the heat , they hope and pray that they arrived during unusual cold snap and pray for normal summer. Sorry Charlie this IS San Francisco and you needa sweater.

The heat in the Sacramento Valley acts as a vacuum as it sucks the clouds from the Pacific that covers the city. It could be 80 degrees at noon and by 2pm temperature could drop nearly 20 degrees. Local’s are never to far from a light coat or sweater.

However, weeks out of the year, usually after school has begun, San Francisco becomes a hot box. It usually happens in September or October and only last about two weeks. No one is ever prepared, who owns a fan or have air conditioning in San Francisco? The old homes aren’t insulated, which guarantees an uncomfortable night. Tempers are short and restaurant’s are full.

The Great Highway’s ,Ocean Beach, is normally inhabited by well insulated runners, dog lovers and surfers. Many locals actually forget its there. San Francisco beaches aren’t bright and sunny like the beaches in Southern California.

An average day on the Great Highway is cold and foggy with brief flashes of sunlight. However on one of those rare nights in San Francisco, Ocean Beach is the place of bonfires, running children and lively conversations with the mighty Pacific providing a soundtrack in the background. Few San Franciscan’s visit the beach. However for two weeks in September or Octobers it is the place to be.


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