WOMENS RIGHTS : “NOVEMBER 2022” You wont cast your vote for any Politician who doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose. “NOVEMBER 2024” Women sweep the House and the Senate.

Women are 51% of the population in the U.S. but make up only:

  • 27% of Congress at large 
  • 24% of the U.S. Senate 
  • 27% of the U.S. House of Representatives 
  • 0% of presidents of the United States 
  • 30% of statewide elected executives of any kind
  • 31% of state legislators
  • 31% of the largest cities’ mayors 
  • 25% of mayors in cities with populations over 30,000

Hundreds of Uterus free men, have decided women shouldn’t have control of their bodies. The mandate is unusually cruel to women. Forced childbirth, even at the cost of the life of the mother. In many states, the penalty brought forth by the Uterus free men, punishes any one or entity who would come to the aid of the mother. With promises of jail, fines, lawsuits, the revocation of medical licenses.

Long ago black people learned the importance of having a place at table. For women to have parity in this country, more women must have a place at the table.

Outnumbered ,some women politicians, have compromised their beliefs for the promise of a larger role in government or more financial support at re-election.

Women’s rights is the one of the few issues, the majority of Democratic, Republican and Independents agree on.

November 2022: vote against politicians who supports limits on the rights of women.

In nearly every state, women are organizing, They can be found on social media. Join them, or start your own. This isn’t an issue of “we hate men” there simply aren’t enough women in government representing the interests of women.

November 2024: “Women sweep the House and Senate”