She posted her Crimes on Tic Tok

Taylor Cruze

She hit Enter

Taylor Cruze, committed terrible crimes against minors under. Something in the inner workings of her mind, convinced her to share images of her crimes on Tic Toc and she hit enter.


In her first year, as a fifth grade teacher, she made have raped her some of her students. Her actions has disrupted the lives of the parents of every child that was in her class at the John Coleman Elementary School in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Last week, Taylor Cruze was indicted by the Rutherford County Grand Jury for 19 sex crimes.

She currently Faces

1. Exploitation of a Minor by Electronic Means of Juvenile under 13 (five counts)

2. Exploitation of a Minor by Electronic Means (five counts)

3. Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (five counts)

4. Solicitation of a Minor – Rape of a Child (three counts)

5. Sexual Battery by an Authority Figure (one count)


Cruze, wont be the last person to post online, without consideration or forethought. Individuals post, pictures, videos, or words without fully thinking how that post, might affect them in the long term. Reputations, careers are routinely destroyed after hitting enter. Cruze actions not only damaged the parents and the students in her class, it has an impact on her friends and family.

She is out on a one hundred thousand dollar bond. Her next court date is September 28th.


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