Fighting Curmudgeon Nation

They’ve always been around, but I didn’t really begin to notice them until I turned 62.

Men so angry and bitter if they smiled, the world would believe they had a stroke. Gone is the optimism of youth, believing there is still is hope for the human race and man can write the wrongs of time.

I noticed a change in some of my friends, a negative cocktail of anger ,denial and bitterness. Most of the people who deny climate change are over 55. Facts are for someone who is open to change and I find a lot of my contemporaries resist change, in fact some wont consider it. Often holding to a world where everything is familiar. Many of them angry with the younger generation. Often saying “the kids aren’t worth shit”

I remember boomers holding onto old laptops with missing buttons, often held together with tape and a prayer. These relics were technology they understood after years of screaming and hours with tech support. They didn’t give two shits about the new tech, they held on to what they knew. In 2001,Microsoft introduced Windows XP operating system. This system was superior to the system it replaced. Boomers embraced XP, however technology changes by the second and usually every other year Microsoft introduces an improved version. Microsoft continued to offer support for XP for years, finally ending support in 2014, thirteen years after the original system was introduced. One wonders how many boomers cried, after the announcement. XP was dead?

The sentiment for some older men, is that I don’t need or want to learn anything! “I know every thing I need to know”. I believe this resistance is actually fear. Especially in some men, who is afraid of failure. Of course I believe its human to error, and errors often lead to growth.

On the Outside

At 66, I can’t relate to some of my friends. My life is just beginning and on my terms. I can’t see a world of bulletproof polyester, Velcro shoes, sitting in a recliner with a cozy for my remote. I’ve taken a class and planning to take more to stay sharp. I love the energy of the youth and have friends from 21 to 83. I clearly remember, old people saying my generation wasn’t worth a shit either. I’m proud that I can remember being in my twenties and being awkward and angry, learning that the world isn’t fair and realizing that being an independent adult is hard.

I don’t want to be afraid or hoping to die. As I have watch men isolate and go into their caves and come out on stretcher. Some in my circle,question my motives, some are critical, saying I’m in denial about my old age. I know how old I am, I’ve seen myself naked, its scary at times. But I plan to be an active part of this life as long as I can. Where is the party and the Milk of Magnesia shots?