The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S3 Ep4 Last Party for Jen?

Whitney Rose Jen Shah

You heard it, you were there, continues!

??? What if you were together with a friend during a story and one of you heard the story differently should you lie and to support your friend?

Whitney insist Heather was present when a mutual friend told her that Lisa sucked dick for Utah Jazz tickets. Utah Jazz? I don’t think Lisa would get on her knees for the Jazz… Well, maybe if they were playing the Lakers. The cousins are not talking for now.

Jen Shah might get 50 years in the big house and while the ladies forgot they were there to cheer her up, before orange becomes her favorite color. Jen invited a special guest before her court date in New York.

Entering from the left, was an instructor named “Crystal Pussy” where she taught (or tried) to teach Jen, Meredith and Heather to twerk for their lives.

Whitney slips away to visit her half brother Curtis and half older sister Kelly. Curtis tells Whitney, “there’s a lot of good that came from that relationship” with their abuser and you have to remember that. And I think every time you find that gratitude, at least in my life, it gets me out in front of the negative.”

Later, Jen is holding on to her innocence. Moving on.

The Fighters Change

The Reality of Jen’s life, causes Meredith to look at her fued with Lisa and genuinely hug. Meanwhile, Whitney and Heather aren’t over and Whitney intends to fight.

Heather is coming off as incentive to her cousins pain. Whitney has always been able to trust Heather. Meredith and Lisa feel it, but Heather’s done!

The ladies speculate on Jen’s trial. Meredith says the conviction rate of the 7th District of New York is very high 98% Jen was told by her attorney, to stop the Botox! When she was very emotional and crying, no one could tell, because her face wasn’t moving.

Incidentally, this is the same district that is trying Donald Trump and his children.

See ya next week