Not jumping to conclusions

It’s 8:59 am.  It’s a quick in an out, at an office supply store. I need a small mailing box and packing tape. 

I’m the only customer in the store.  I’m looking at the aisle signs for direction.  An employee, young man in a red shirt smiles at me and I return the smile.  A woman passes me,and he asks her if she needed any help?

So, I guess that smile wasn’t for me. I say to myself.   Feeling a little embarrassed by the error. My search continues.  I see the sign that says storage containers and head there, but these were for long term storage.

There are three or four employees in red shirts at this Office Depot.  Perhaps they don’t see this six foot four, 380 pound black man in the store looking at the aisle signs.  

I’m okay!  I found the proper aisle.  Found the perfect box on sale and picked up the shipping tape.  An employee silently walked by me

As I go to pay for my things, I see a great deal on an 14 inch HP Laptop. I just happen to need a travel PC.  In fact, I have a credit card with enough room that could make the managers Saturday. 

I’m pissed!  I wouldn’t buy a soda from this store.  I have what I came for and that’s enough for today.

I”m in my car assembling the box, the burst of anger has passed. Life happens, moving on. Not jumping to conclusions.  It’s possible no one saw me. It’s happened before.