The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S3 Ep5 “Good Ole Angie”

I smell a new friend of the show or the newest cast member. Good ole Angie Harrington. Last season she had more story lines than both seasons of Kathy Hilton of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

We met Angie the beginning of last season. She is/was a good friend of Lisa Barlow’s they have known each other for twenty years. All was smooth as Skippy until Lisa learned Angie and Whitney Rose were friends. Last season Lisa couldn’t stand Whitney and if only Whitney had died in a fiery crash,life would have been grand. Lisa would have given everyone she knows, a bottle of her Tequila. That didn’t happen. Angie had planned to have a fund raiser at her home. A day or so after Lisa learned of this friendship, the caterer who was working at the fund raiser pulled out of the event. Angie said Lisa played a role in the cancellation. The heat was on……. and the two haven’t lived happy ever after.

This season, Angie has played a major role without appearing on the screen. At the last party, Whitney shared a rumor allegedly started by Angie. The rumor, Lisa traded sex for Utah Jazz tickets. Whitney insists Heather was there and heard the story. Heather said she did not hear the story and the cousins are feuding.

Heather visits the Harrington Estate and shares the story. Nevah! says Angie and she went on to say, even if it was true she never would have said it because courtside at a Jazz game is a business environment.

Heather plans a Ski Party where she invites friends, family and the housewives, with a SURPRISE GUEST Angie Harrington. The Housewives are surprised ( yes Heather has a nasty streak) Lisa isn’t especially pleased to see her long time friends. Angie wanted to talk, perhaps work it out. Lisa’s posture was more of Die Bitch your dead too me.

Angie on Whitney: The Confessional

“I don’t know Whitney to be a liar. “I know Whitney to be a pot-stirrer, and I know Whitney to be paranoid. I hope it’s not true, but if it’s true, whoever Lisa’s hooking up with must be a submissive because that’s a lot to deal with.”

To Andy Cohan, make Angie a friend or housewife STAT!

Meredith and husband Seth meet with their son Brooks for lunch. Seth is my favorite househusband in Salt Lake. Meredith and Seth are opposites. She tight and reserved and he is free for all, you never know what will fall from his mouth.

Brooks is a student at NYC, Brooks is dry like his mother. Seth asks him if he has a boyfriend? Brooks, “I’ve actually had a boyfriend for the past two years” Seth is surprised, does your mother know? Brooks tells him he as joking. Seth asks Brooks to describe his perfect boyfriend, Brooks flips the script on his father, asking Seth to describe his perfect boyfriend. Without missing a beat “Brett Favre,” and then he goes on singing the praises of Bret Farve. Brooks and his mother haven’t a clue who this man crush is! Word for Mrs Marks, if Bret Farve visits Salt Lake, hide the car keys and the cologne.


Whitney is officially resigning from the Mormon Church. She thought it was done, she later realized the letter had to be notarized. Whitney believes the church is about power and control.

This is the third time Whitney has attempted to leave the church. She met with church council and admitted she’d cheated on her first husband and they met with her husband and was later told her all would be forgiven if she goes to the temple the next day.

Based on her experience with the church doctrine Whitney should been immediately excommunicated, as her current husband was. She tried to leave the church a second time after her divorce but wasn’t allowed to because women don’t have a say.

When you know the out come

Jen went to New York for a series of mock hearing. At home in Salt Lake, her husband Sharrieff has an exercise from their couples counseling, Jen gets the giggles, she looks better without makeup. They discussed the pending trial that was pushed back.  Jen says she’s tired of people questioning her innocence.  Sharrieff says they are being tested and he has to be the stronger one because she is scared.



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