Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S3 Ep5 “A Messy Husband?”

When it comes to Husbands of the Real Housewives, there are two unwritten rules. Don’t get involved on the housewives drama and the other is to stay out of the women’s fights, which is basically the same thing. The husband’s generally get along especially in New Jersey. Chairs may fly, food is thrown and hair pulled, with one exception (Margaret and John pushed Danielle’s fiance in the pool) the Jersey husband involvement rarely goes beyond an occasional comment. Jersey and Salt Lake are the two franchises where most of the ladies are actually married and they seem to get along.

Last night we officially meet Angie Harrington husband Chris. We met him briefly last season, but last night WE MET CHRIS HARRINGTON!

Andy Cohen and the people at Bravo, we/I insist you make Angie Harrington a full time housewife. Angie can’t replace Mary Cosby but she has a big Azz bag full of mess! With Angie, we get Chris Harrington who could quite possibly be messier than his wife. He has already broken both househusbands rules.

Let me explain

Whitney insists Angie told she and Heather. Lisa traded sexual favors for Utah Jazz tickets Angie says that never happened!

The Marks, Meredith and Seth and the Harrington’s Angie and Chris meet for dinner. Chris said Angie was being attacked on social media and admitted that during an immature moment he created a fake account. Meredith, who wants sny damaging information aboit Lisa, says Lisa probably had fake accounts as well. Chris says he saw Lisa’s husband John at a Utah Jazz game and John told him to fuck off. A bit harsh, John is defending his wife and Chris had an immature moment or did he?

Jen Shah and Heather meet. Jen told her that Chris Harrington started an Instagram page called ‘@shaxposed.’ Jen said after he brought it up with Angie that Chris called her and admitted that he set it up and was really sorry.’When Chris called and apologized it wasn’t so much that I accepted his apology,’ Jen said in a confessional. ‘I was literally in shock. This is not just some troll online that I don’t know.’ ‘I feel when it comes to Angie you need to be a little bit more aware of what’s going on,’ Jen said told Heather. Chris already has two enemies in the mens group before he meets the men. John Barlow and Sharrieff Shah who might possibly beat his ass.

When Reality Collides

Whitney husband Justin was just fired from his job of seven years.  Due to their public life on the show. In her confessional, Whitney said Justin’s firing reminded her of her reasons for wanting to leave the Mormon Church.

Heather’s is on the verge of losing her book dead.  The issue is the truth. Telling her truth could permanently damage the fragile relationship she has with her family. She went on to say, ‘I’m really fighting the feeling of feeling ashamed and guilty, because I have nothing to feel guilty for,’ Justin is the principle bread winner in the household.

Music Music

Heather is forming a social choir. Heather explained that choirs were very important in the Mormon faith.’It’s community, it’s worship, it’s music, and it’s service,’ Heather said. ‘But I can form my own choir and sing with people who feel the same as me and that feels empowering.’

A Change of Scenery

Sharrieff Shah, took his wife Jen Shah, to a trampoline park to try something different. Thank you for continuing to help me find the good things every day and the positive things,’ Jen said. ‘There is still the bullshit every day.’

Jen told Sharrieff about an Instagram account called ‘Shahxposed.’ She learned that Angie Harrington’s husband Chris was the one that set up the fake account.’Why would he do that?’ Sharrieff said. ‘We’ve never done anything to his family. We’ve never said anything to his wife.”Listen, I can deal with a lot personally but you used @shahxposed,’ Jen said in a confessional. ‘You just humiliated and disrespected my entire family.’

Old Wounds

Were five episodes in and the weird friendship between Heather and Lisa took a hard left.

Heather told her business partner Dre about how upset she was when Lisa tweeted her dad’s obituary to prove a point. Heather explained that during the reunion she made a comment about Lisa wishing her dad was feeling better after he had already died.

Heather went back, looked at her texts, and realized that her text was sent before my dad died,’ Heather said in a confessional. ‘Lisa wanted to be vindicated. But what she’s missing is that my dad was in hospice and was surrounded by family taking his last breaths on earth, and I got a text from her saying ”I hope your dad’s feeling better”.’

‘To have her weaponize that to hurt me, and to prove that she’s always right,’ Heather said. ‘It makes me lose faith in any hope for a real friendship with her.’


It’s the day of the choir auditions and guess who shows up in matching outfits. Whitney and Angie, is there gonna be drama? You bet your Salt Lake City Ass! See ya next week!


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