The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S3 Ep8 Husbands Caught up in their Feelings

   Sharieff and Jen Shah and sons.

Last night was a filler episode,the story and editing was off. It seems from my perch in Sacramento, Bravo is auditioning Mary Cosby and possibly Jen Shahs replacement. As much as I love her, I can’t imagine the fed’s excusing her from jail to allow her to film the show. Like Cosby, she’s a hard act to follow. We have Angie Harrington and her messy ass husband Chris. Angie K and Danna, last night we met their husbands Shawn and Ernesto.

I know the franchise is called “The Real Housewives” however only the housewives on Jersey and with the exception of Heather, all the couples on Salt Lake are actually married.

The relationships between the men in Jersey and Salt Lake seem genuine. Unlike the ladies, there are pictures of the husbands all year long. Moving on……

The husband’s get together for BBQ  at the Shah’s house.   Seth, (Meredith) Justin (Whitney), John (Lisa) and the host University of Utah assistant football coach Sharrieff (Jen) we are introduced to Ernesto(Danna’s husband) and Shawn (Angie K’s husband). The unwritten rule for the men is to stay out of the women’s business. But there is some residual tension between Seth and John. From Lisa’s hot mic moment, where she said Meredith has fucked all the men in New York. Then there was Meredith planting to seeds of gossip suggesting Lisa is cheating on John. The other men could feel the unusual tension between Seth and John.    The two step outside and Seth remembers John being tense the last time they all saw each other at a party. Seth, asks how would John feel if his wife said the things his wife said?  John didn’t answer the question and brought up Meredith saying Lisa was cheating on him in Arizona .   Seth said it’s more constructive if you have problems with someone to speak face to face instead of behind your back.   The men inside where watching  Seth and John outside. Seth said he missed the love from his his friend.   As the two men return Sharrieff asked them if they were better now then they were when they went outside?  Seth said they are. 

Seth asked Sharrieff how he was.   He said God never make mistakes and he is right where he is supposed to be but some days its hard and he cries because he can’t control the outcome and he can’t fix and do what most men want to for their wives and make it better. He feels absolutely helpless.   Justin shares he’s transitioning from a job he’s had seen years. Justin goes on to say, ‘Life throws interesting things at you and its how you react to it’ Bet the new husband’s didn’t know they were invited to a therapy session. 

Meredith is with her sister and family.    Meredith nephew Alex  recently attempted suicide.   They are having an event  and her sister wants only positive people there.   The issues are Whitney and Lisa.

Heather’s first Choir rehearsal. Angie K picks up Jen and tells at a spinning class Danna calls Jen a bully. Jen reacts loudly!

Lets fight at the Rehearsal! .

At the rehearsal every ones meets to get to know each other. 

This is the perfect time for Lisa to get some things off her chest!  

As they get started with vocal exercises .  Lisa announces she was going to quit. Heather. why would you take like something that’s like very sensitive such as my Dad’s obituary and death and the text messages that if you didn’t want to go backwards with me. :Lisa, Heather do you like me? Heather doesn’t initially respond. She instead asks Lisa, is this important to you? Yes, Lisa says if your my friend you actions are showing me you don’t like me..Heather went on to say… I want and have never wanted anything more but to be good with you. But you created this space where we weren’t good and you’ve never owned it. Lisa says there are a lot of lies out there about me.Heather says she “never heard those lies nor corroborated those lies. I think they’re ridiculous.” Whitney has been very consistent in saying you guys were all a part of that.

Angie H and Jen Shaw

Meanwhile, Angie H. tries to make nice with Jen. She pulls her aside and says, “You were a casualty in this. And I’m so sorry. And he is so sorry,” Angie H. says, apologizing for her husband. Jen replies, “There’s just all these rumors that affect my credibility, and I’m going to trial to fight for my freedom.”Jen says that Sharrieff wants Chris to make a public apology. “Yeah, sure,” Angie says. “Absolutely.”

Danna meet with Meredith at her home and Jen meets with Angie K at a pool.  Jen proposes a trip to San Diego and calls to invite Meredith.   Meredith mentions Danna is with her.  Jen and Angie K goes over the other invited guest and without missing a beat Jen tells Danna “I’ve would have invited you- but I hear you’ve been talking shit about me.   MEREDITH try to tell Jen there is some miscommunication but Jen is not  hearing it. Danna tries to defend……..but Jen ends the call. NOT even Angie K  can con-sol her.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Wednesdays on Bravo (Check your listings.)

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