Arab states issue list of demands to end Qatar crisis

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Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations ask Qatar to close Al Jazeera and scale down ties with Iran within 10 days.


From: Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that have cut ties to Qatar have issued a list of demands to end the crisis, insisting that Qatar shut down the Al Jazeera network and scales down ties with Iran.

In the 13-point list, the countries also demand that Qatar sever all alleged ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and with other groups including Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and ISIL (also known as ISIS) group.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut ties to Qatar this month over allegations the country funds terrorism – an accusation that Qatar denies.

Those countries have now given Qatar 10 days to comply with all of the demands, which also include paying an unspecified sum in compensation.

According to the list, Qatar must refuse to naturalize citizens from the four countries and “revoke Qatari citizenship for existing nationals where such citizenship violates those countries’ laws”.

Earlier this week, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisted that Qatar’s neighbours provide a list of demands that was “reasonable and actionable”.

The Iran provisions in the document say Qatar must shut down diplomatic posts in Iran, expel any members of the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and only conduct trade and commerce with Iran that complies with US sanctions.

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The demands regarding Al Jazeera state that Qatar must also shut down all affiliates and other news outlets that Qatar funds, including Arabi21, Rassd, Al Araby Al Jadeed and Middle East Eye.

If Qatar agrees to comply, the list asserts that it will be audited once a month for the first year, and then once per quarter in the second year after it takes effect.

For the following 10 years, Qatar would be monitored annually for compliance.

The document does not specify what the countries will do if Qatar refuses to comply.

List of demands by Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations

1) Scale down diplomatic ties with Iran and close the Iranian diplomatic missions in Qatar, expel members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and cut off military and intelligence cooperation with Iran. Trade and commerce with Iran must comply with US and international sanctions in a manner that does not jeopardise the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

2) Immediately shut down the Turkish military base that is currently being built, and halt military cooperation with Turkey inside Qatari territories.

3) Sever all ties to all the “terrorist, sectarian and ideological organisations,” specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL, al-Qaeda, Fateh Al-Sham (formerly known as Nusra Front) and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Qatar needs to formally declare those entities as terrorist groups based on the list of groups that was announced by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt, and concur with all future updates of this list.

4) Stop all means of funding for individuals, groups or organisations that have been designated as terrorists by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, US and other countries.

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5) Hand over “terrorist figures,” fugitives and wanted individuals from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain to their countries of origin. Freeze their assets, and provide any desired information about their residency, movements and finances.

6) Shut down Al Jazeera Network and its affiliate stations.

7) End interference in sovereign countries’ internal affairs. Stop granting citizenship to wanted nationals from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain. Revoke Qatari citizenship for existing nationals where such citizenship violates those countries’ laws.

8) Qatar has to pay reparations and compensation for loss of life and other financial losses caused by Qatar’s policies in recent years. The sum will be determined in coordination with Qatar.

9) Qatar must align itself with the other Gulf and Arab countries militarily, politically, socially and economically, as well as on economic matters, in line with an agreement reached with Saudi Arabia in 2014.

10) Submit all personal details of all the opposition members that Qatar supported and detail all support that Qatar has provided them in the past. Stop all contacts with the political opposition in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain. Hand over all files detailing Qatar’s prior contacts with and support for those opposition groups.

11) Shut down all news outlets that it funds, directly and indirectly, including Arabi21, Rassd, Al Araby Al Jadeed, Mekameleen and Middle East Eye, etc.

12) Agree to all the demands within 10 days of it being submitted to Qatar, or the list becomes invalid.

13) Consent to monthly audits for the first year after agreeing to the demands, then once per quarter during the second year. For the following 10 years, Qatar would be monitored annually for compliance.

Turkey’s Defence Minister Fikri Isik said his country had no plans to review its military base in Qatar and that any demand for its closure would represent interference in the country’s relations with the Gulf state.

Isik told broadcaster NTV that he had not yet seen a demand for the base to be shut.

“The base in Qatar is both a Turkish base and one that will preserve the security of Qatar and the region,” Isik said in an interview on Friday.

“Re-evaluating the base agreement with Qatar is not on our agenda.”

Interference in sovereignty

Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra said the list is “definitely going to be rejected by Qatar”.

“Qatar has said it will only look into the demands once the sanctions are lifted,” he said, adding that Qatar had already said that closing Al Jazeera was off the table.

“It is a matter of national sovereignty. Anything that is presented to the Qataris which it considers to be interference in its internal affairs is going to be dismissed,” Ahelbarra said.

“Just yesterday the general sentiment we had was that perhaps the international community and GCC will turn toward restoring ties. But at this particular moment, I believe that there will be further escalation, mounting tension because of these demands.

“Specifically, this demand on compensation takes the region into unchartered territory. To ask for compensation, you have to have the Qatari government say; ‘sorry, I’ve made mistakes’, and look into every single instance where Qataris made mistakes.

“This is unprecedented in the Arab world. What if the Qataris say the Saudis have to pay compensation for every single civilian killed


The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep12: When Tom met Harry met Missy Again

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Last nights episode started s-l-o-w-l-y and if you could hang on you were rewarded.

I’m gonna quickly dispense with the sludge so we can get to the biscuits and gravy juicy part.

Tinsley and Carole went to some event and they were mentioned in “The Post”  Carole suggests she should change her looks and natural hair color.  Frenchie da bum has snowed Sonja . She believes the french cheese has hotels and restaurants and yet he stays with her and her brown water and walks in on her when she is on the toilet.   French cheese suggests walkie talkies.   Sonja confesses to Rocco (who has REAL bucks) the booty call became a roommate.

Tinsley and Mom (Dale) are looking for apartments , which rent for nine grand a month.  Tins, has a micro attack and has a Job (ta da) and savings .  Carole and Dorinda keep it nice and participates in Woman March in DC.  Bethenny says she paid 40 grand for an ugly ass bar that look like it came from a Big Lots clearance sale.  Frederick says the piece of shit has to go.   My guess is,so they wont have to mark down the price of the apartment.

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There is nearly 10 million people living in Manhattan.  However, our lovely housewives seem to know only two men in Manhattan. Harry (the touch) Dubin and ‘TOM” ( I just love the Regency) D’ Agostino. 

A quick review.  Harry (the touch) dated Sonja, Luann, and was married to Aviva Drescher #rhony housewife (seasons 5 and 6) and possibly dated Kelly Bensimon.  Tom (I just love the Regency) dated Sonja, Ramona and married Luann

Ramona, has redecorated her huge upper east side apartment and throws a party with some of your favorites.  Ramona is has her hair up in a tight pony tail and done up in a tight dress.

 Harry has a nose for fresh meat . Hello Tinsley, the touch, fingers the cross on Tinsley’s chest. Tins has to even keep Harry from going after mama “Dale” . It’s clear Tins is not a fan of Harry, ‘she said she knew Harry when he was hanging out with Kelly Bensimon.  Are there other housewives in Harry’s past?

Ramona is a messy one and I like the messy Ramona who seems to know a lot of people.

Yall remember, Missy?

She wasn’t not pleased when she was filmed talking about Tom and Luann a few episodes ago.    Tom and Luann was making out in the Regency when Tom was supposed to be her man!

What sucks for Missy is at one point she is standing between Tom and Harry.   Tom tells her, he is getting used to wearing a wedding ring, it’s like a dog with a collar.    Harry is being uber messy!  He wants to tea from Missy in front of Tom and Luann, so he dragged YOU into the bathroom at the Regency?  Missy: I don’t know?   Harry:he did and you kissed him back ?   Missy is freaking, like please leave me alone.

Sonja has Luann’s back, trying to change the conversation.  Its clear  she’s not a fan of Missy either!  Luann is smiling like a pageant queen (bet the face hurt) . Harry turns his sights onto Sonja and at first chance, Missy is out of there walking with “Intention” GET ME DA FUCK OUTTA HERE.

Messy must be contagious.  Sonja is looking at Ramona’s stuff and talking about how cheap everything is in Ramona’s apartment.(Nothing like a close friend,RIGHT!) Someone breaks something in the apartment, Ramona screams oh shit, and Sonja SAYS it is okay because it only cost $12.99.

It started off slow, but at the end, this was da shit!


Oh hell no! No U Didn’t!

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Mama, don’t play!  Please believe her!  Noah, didn’t but he knows now!

The nineteen year old Noah Sullivan-Lincoln was having an argument ovah a CHEESEBURGER with his mother Cheryl.  

Da Boy

Lost his mind!


Spat in his mothers face!

Then he went off the rails

He smacked the CHEESEBURGER out of her hands and hit her and on her hand and her arm.


57 year old Mama Cheryl ani’t no punk!

That hamburger meat, the bread, the my-o-naise, katsup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and CHEESE!  Cost money!

That lil bitch boy is getting out of my house!!!!  

Mama, called the Po Po to escort her lil CHEESEBURGER smacken money wasten Bitch boy out of her House.

Po Po took Noah, to the county jail and the boy was ordered by the Judge to have no contact with MOM.

Now she can cook and eat all the CHEESEBURGERS when evah and where evah she wants. 

“Lil Bitch Boy”

Mama don’t play!





An unfair split

In Italy, trusting a partner to do the best by you isn’t always a safe bet.

That’s Queer 

In a gay relationship, 50-50 isn’t an equal proposition and can unexpectedly leave a trusting partner on the brink

My move to Italy in 2001 sharply curtailed my career possibilities and earning power. The best I could do was become an English instructor, a job that would never pay well or give me much chance for advancement. My companion Alberto, on the other hand, was a doctor with a secure position in a local hospital. What’s more, he already owned a modest apartment in Milan and had inherited part of a house on Lago Maggiore.

Many people still hold to the idea that one partner, usually the man in a heterosexual relationship, must be the primary wage earner, the so-called breadwinner. My father told me this in no uncertain terms, calling me a “parasite, living off Alberto’s money.” While it’s true my standard of living is higher than what I could manage on an English teacher’s salary, I still pay my own bills, including half of our second-hand car and our old boat. Though I share living expenses with Alberto, we don’t split things 50-50 and he contributes more.

If anything were to go wrong between us, Alberto could continue living as he does now. I’d have to return to Canada and find a way to reinvent myself in the workplace.

I married Alberto in Canada, but the Italy I moved to in 2001 contained no legal mechanisms to protect me. Same-sex civil unions didn’t exist. Alberto named me as his heir in his will. He added an insurance policy and also drafted a contract stipulating I had rights to a certain percentage of his estate. Unfortunately, as many wives would attest, not all husbands are as careful or considerate.

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Is she or Isn’t she? Kenya Moore shares photos of mystery wedding



1.the quality of being trusted and believed in

2. the quality of being convincing or believable.

Last, Saturday, Kenya Moore from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” shared instagram shots of her wedding in St Lucia . She is beautiful in her hip-hugging wedding dress.        Her groom, who remains unidentified at this time, wore a simple white shirt and khaki pants — hinting the couple had a beach side ceremony.   “A good man is hard to find but true love is even harder,” Moore, 46, captioned the snap. “I found both.”

Most of us want Kenya to find love and happiness.   Having said that,millions of viewers of #RHOA have learned when in comes to relationships with men, Ms Moore hasn’t been too convincing.

15 minutes: Walter agreed to fake the relationship for fame. While he has gone public with his confession that they weren't really together, Kenya keeps up the pretence, saying of him: 'I am embarrassed that I allowed a deceitful and hateful person in my life'


In her first season as a housewife in 2012.  We learned the odd relationship with Walter Jackson the well known owner of South Dekalb Towing and Transport  was camera ready.

Jackson briefly dated Kenya three years ago, before they went their separate ways. But when she decided she wanted to land a slot on RHOA in 2012 she got back in touch with him and asked him to pose as her on screen boyfriend. (Daily Mail)

When Kenya started talking marriage and baby, Jackson hit the brakes.  Kenya attacked Jackson on and off camera for misleading her.   Jackson struck back and went public about the relationship, saying he was paid for his on camera services   Jackson told the “Daily Mirror, Kenya doesn’t really reside in Atlanta full-time .  The following season, a humiliated Moore went out of her way to avoid Jackson.

There were rumors about an African Prince ( apparently Atlanta is the home of African Prince’s), he was the source of her Bentley.   No one on the set of #RHOA had ever seen him and the Bentley turned out to be a rental.Persona non grata: Kenya Moore's ex Matt Jordan was not asked to join the Housewives for this year's reunion finale. This week, the reality star got a restraining order against her former boyfriend. Above you can see the pair during happier times, in early 2016


32 year old Matt Jordan is a personal trainer in Atlanta.  Viewer were split, half believed the relationship was genuine, with others believing the relationship was camera ready.  Matt complained about the camera’s being a part of their life and called Kenya a manipulator.  He said she lied and used him for a storyline. Matt took out a lot of Kenya’s frustration on her home and SUV.

In her Instagram post .she met her new man a year ago and didn’t speak again December. (wasn’t she dating Matt at the time?)

In an Instagram, Matt wrote: “The false allegations [sic] of domestic violence, the unwarranted restraining order, the loss of business opportunities, money. My personal & professional image. I can deal with that. losing my queen is a blow I never want to feel again.”

He continues:  Find out she is married from stranger online,” the personal trainer continued. “Realizing it’s to someone she was seeing during your relationship….this is definitely the season of losses for ya boy. TKO!! I made a lot of mistakes, but I loved & cherished her. I can’t lie the news of this rocked me. I pray her heart is in good hands. Take care of her. She was everything to me.”Jordan concluded post by asking fans to leave him alone. “The fight for her heart is over,” he wrote. “I lost!! Peace…. #tko.”

I mean this is the same chick who posted “hints” that she was pregnant a few years back, stating she had a ‘secret’.  This is also the same woman who pretended she had an African prince on her payroll.  And let’s not forget that whole Matt Jordan debacle… he’s still waiting for his $10,000 check for last season (click HERE if you missed that).Now, I’m not saying that Kenya’s secret wedding isn’t possible, but I am saying that I can’t just take her word for it.

Out of all the Real Housewives, I never expected Kenya Moore to be the one to have a secret wedding. Who even knew that she had a boyfriend? This just seems so very random- especially since she didn’t have the wedding as a story line for Real Housewives of Atlanta. That shocked me way more than the random wedding did.

At this point, Kenya hasn’t even revealed the name of her husband. I get keeping a boyfriend private, but it does seem a little odd to marry someone and keep his name hidden. Then again, I’m not a reality star so I really don’t know how this life works.

Proving that Tamara’s tea is piping hot when it comes to RHOA, Kenya confirmed the secret wedding in St. Lucia during an interview with People. She doesn’t say much though. Kenya shared, “I’m just ecstatic. This man is the love of my life and I’m so happy to begin our lives together as husband and wife.” Good for her, but what’s with all the mystery?


Blogger Tamara Tattles says: The wedding rumor began circulating that Kenya married a man at Anse Chastanet resort in St. Lucia over the weekend after blogger Tamara Tattles “leaked” a few blurry photos online, stating: I am often amazed that I have spies everywhere, but a Tamara Tattles Spy  has sent photographs which appear to show Kenya getting married.

kenya moore - married

Full disclosure, I have stayed at Anse Chastanet  and it appears that is the location of the wedding.

Well RadarOnline reached out to the resort and received confirmation that Kenya was there, but there was no wedding:

“A wedding did not take place at Anse Chastanet,” a representative for the hotel told Radaronline.   “Her friends stayed here, and Kenya Moore spent quite a bit of time at the resort and at the beach.”   A separate source close to production told Radar that Moore was actually just on a work trip.


CityFella:  One would think, with all the mud being slung her way.  She would have a wedding for the world to see. Her reputation makes her suspect. Kenya said ,she met her new man a year ago, and reconnected with him in December. He could also be a father, as she wished him a happy Father’s Day.  With news outlets like RadarOnline, TMZ and thousands of bloggers across the world sharing information we should WILL know her hubby’s Zip Codes in a few days.   Here’s hoping she is actually a bride this time out.


Sheep in Reverse

Fuck it, like it or not most of us are like sheep.  You see it everyday in many forms. We drive in packs, walk in packs and travel in packs.  At Costco, people wait in the long center lines often 20 deep on weekends.  I heard people waiting in line say, maybe we should look and see if there are shorter lines-then to hear them sigh and stay put..  For me it a win win, at the far sides of check out there are fewer people, saving me a half hour in line. “I COMMAND YOU TO STAY IN YOUR STUPIDITY”    

 At one point in popular music you realize that everything sounds the same. This isn’t new, throughout the ages someone said, sound like her or them, because this is popular!  But every now and then an Adele or Louis Armstrong appears, breaking the mold of what a performer should look or sound like. 

We copy each other.  If someone else is doing it, then we should too.  From clothing, to music, we copy each other, it doesn’t have to make sense as long as we are doing what others do.

Dah, its the rage, “Your nothing, your nobody until you’ve adopted a pet rock”

Remember that insane shit? and why couldn’t I have invented it?   Can you imagine, just walking down the street picking up various rocks -giving them names and packaging um for say $2.99,within a year, you could lunched with Gail King ( Oprah’s bff)


Let’s take a picture of our Feta Cheeseburger- OMG,We are so cosmopolitan

Here we are standing in the line at the movie theater (LET’S GO LIVE)

Oh man, lets bore people into suicide at my sisters graduations (ooh she is soo cute)

I am sooo proud of myself, I’ve lost 6 ounces this week, I feel so slim! 

Facebook, Snapchat allows everyone a few seconds of fame. “Look at Me”

There are some of us who color outside the lines.  We march by the sounds of our own drums.  Our style isn’t conventional or trendy and not determined by a 30 second commercial, a picture in magazine or moved by what a celebrity is wearing or tweeting about.

I’ve always been attracted to those people.  I’m drawn to Mavericks, regular people who defy convention.  The person on the street with his or her own style.  I saw man in his mid twenties getting out of  a clean 63 Ford Galaxy sedan it was nothing special, no 20 inch wheels, no custom paint just a well preserved car  He said he put more then 8 grand in this old car.  His parents was born in the sixties and he likes this era. He looked as if he was an extra on Mad Men.  He dress ,was from the sixties. I wanted to know more.  Who are his friends, what do they say about is style?  but he was late for a meeting.

With the exception of bell bottoms.  I wasn’t that person to walk the line.   I didn’t listen exclusively to “black music”  it was controversial (I’m still known in my family for listening to white folks music) there is some insane unwritten rule out there that says if you are of a certain hue you MUST exclusively listen to music assigned to that hue or religion. Failure to follow the rule could mean expulsion.   I was that sheep who always strayed.  At five years old, I was banned from Church events without my mom. They said I was lost for hours.  I didn’t think I was lost, I even bought myself a hat at the San Francisco Zoo, AND I found them.

Playing it safe and doing what others do is boring.  I’m that single man who dreams of the Chrysler Pacifica Minivan.  I would have it tricked out with fat wheels and custom paint.  I cant imagine being part of the herd, driving some ungainly SUV.  There is a huge world out there, but there are people, when faced with 31 choices of ice cream ,will choose chocolate or vanilla.

Straying comes with its own set of problems.   To go it alone means your open to ridicule, why isn’t he or she just going along, they’re troublemakers. Why don’t  they simply just follow the path.  Celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Clint Eastwood, Adele and the late James Garner,  Joan Rivers, Bette David and Prince.  These people collectively say “Fuck it and Fuck You” should I fall flat on my face, I did so being my own person.





Related image

There is nothing quite like family.  Being with people who have been in your life forever.  I’m educated,well respected and known for my presence and calm demeanor.  However, after one visit with family, I turn into an eight year old screaming at or near the top of my lungs wanting to slap the shit out of a family member.

Of course you don’t.

I love my family.   I am often mortified by my actions. How did I allow this wonderful mutha fucker set me off AGAIN!

 Before the trip begins, I tell myself, no matter what happens, I will not react!   Most times I’m successful,  I hold it together as they poke the bear.  However, every now and then they hit an especially sensitive area, catching me off guard and I’m off!   Humiliating myself to the one billionth power.

Poking for Sport 

I’m not the weak link in the family, there are others who are more sensitive and poked until they become violent and collapse into a sea of tears.

Interesting enough, the antagonists never change.  They poke you with the same stick in the same area.  They do it because they can.  Getting a reaction is the reward.  They knew you were humiliated in the seventh grade and now with an audience its show time, lets talk about something that took place in the sixteenth century, the theft of your pants in middle school.

You may never know why? Maybe they were dropped resulting in a horrible defect in character. ( If only, RIGHT! BASTARDS) Perhaps their jealous, perhaps this one thing makes them feel better about themselves, to attack you?

The ugly truth is, some family members may love each other but  really don’t like each other.  Family gatherings (Christmas, Thanksgivings, Anniversaries) is the perfect place to release these resentments in front of an audience.

I knew sisters in their eighties who resented each other for decades. While I think there was love between the two,they didn’t like each other.  Their meetings were born out of a  family obligation. After the visit both ladies were angry, and it took a few days for the anger to subside.   The older sisters resentment could be traced back to when she was thirteen.   Their mother spent more time with her younger sister teaching her how to sew on the families Singer Sewing Machine a sewing machine she wasn’t allowed to touch.    The younger sister’s  resentment was traced back to her sisters first husband, while she had a troubled marriage, her sister had a man who doted on her, bought gifts and loved her deeply until the day he died.  She said she knew something and didn’t think her older sister deserved a man like that.

The Family Plot

Some families conspire against family members.   If there is tension between a mother and daughter, the mother might encourage a sibling to do her bidding.  After his son announced his engagement.   A disapproving father encouraged two of his children to attack the integrity of his fiancee. To do this, he sent his eldest daughter and his wife to the store, as he knew they wouldn’t approve.   The action of the father split the family.  That evening, the son ended all communication with his father and two of his siblings. The father has never seen his son’s children or his great grandchildren.


I am a dad with adult children. No matter how old I am, there are some members of my family who can turn me into that 8 year old.  The good news is there are only a few people who can trigger the 8 year old.

Even though you are bound by blood, some members of your family may be toxic to your mental well being.    There are entire families who are toxic.    Billions of people place themselves in harms way because they feel obligated to take part in  family events:   Birthdays, Holidays etc. to make matters worse they often bring their significant others and children to the infected site.

If you are unhappy each and every time you spend time with your family or with certain members of your family, then this may not be the environment for you.  Try not to buy into the Hallmark version of what your family should be.   

   I love my family. My children are wonderful, from time to time I spend a holiday with my extended family. We are not connected by blood, we are connected by love.  At these gatherings there is   peace, joy and love.  However, there are family events that I avoid, you can feel the anger and resentments between family members as you enter the house.  Sides are formed and at one point during the event, there will be an explosion of some kind.

I choose not to spend a lot of time with  CRAZY.  

 As we grow older some of us learn to except what IS!   Yes, people can change, but the reality is you have to except who they are as they are.

If their purpose is to hurt you.  You may need to limit contact with those individuals or eliminate all contact with them.   FORGET THE, WELL ITS FAMILY BULLSHIT#  and if you’ve been damaged by the contact, why would you bring your children or significant other to the contaminated site?

It often sucks being the nice guy, the voice of reason.   There are moments when I want to slap the shit out of the antagonist in my life.  But why, I don’t spend more than a few hours a year with them and it would fill me with guilt.

It took a long time to remove all the weeds in my life.  The hard work has paid off . Today, I’m blessed ,my life is filled with wonderful people.       Life can end in an instant!  Why spend that time in an joyless environment.