Star Wars or Star Trek? Betta choose correctly?

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On July 1st, Nineteen year old Burke Bradley Warren of Oklahoma City chose wrong.

His roommate disagreed and as 23 year old Jerome Dewayne Whyte was returning to his charted territory (his bedroom) Warren told him ” “You’re just a trick.”

Those 3.1 words sent Whyte into hyperspace, and before you could say Princess Leia, Whyte shoved Warren to the floor and began choking the Tribbles out of him.   While being strangled, Warren “went in and out of consciousness.” Probably wishing he had a Phaser.

The Oklahoma City Police Force was not with Whyte.   He was arrested for assault and battery.  They found marijuana on him.   Apparently Whyte hasn’t mastered the Jedi mind trick. A routine computer check revealed he had warrants for bad checks and child abuse.

 Whyte’s is residing at Oklahoma Country Jail. If he asks you which movie you prefer

Star Wars or Star Trek?  Tell him Terms of Endearment.



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Trump properties attract Russian buyers 

Trump first traveled to Moscow in the 1980s, to discuss renovating hotels there. After several bankruptcies made it hard to raise money in the United States for his high-end hotel and condominium projects since the 1990s, Trump, and later his children, traveled to Moscow to talk deals and attract buyers, according to interviews with people who have worked with Trump over the years and news accounts. They show far greater commercial ties between Trump and Russia than generally known.

Real estate brokers in New York, Florida and Dubai told USA TODAY in December that Trump properties still attract high-end buyers from Russia, as well as from other countries.

Back in 2008, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. told investors in Moscow that the Trump Organization had trademarked the Donald Trump name in Russia and planned to build housing and hotels in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, and to sell licenses to other developers, according to the Russian daily Kommersant.

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Eric Trump Reportedly Bragged About Access to $100 Million in …

May 8, 2017 – Eric Trump Reportedly Bragged About Access to $100 Million in Russian Money. “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we ..

Lawmakers ask whether looming debt left Jared Kushner vulnerable to ……russian/story?…

Jun 2, 2017 – Congressional investigators are seeking to determine whether President Trump’s son-in-law was vulnerable to Russian influence during and …

Kushner firm’s $285 million Deutsche Bank loan came just before …

Jun 25, 2017 – Kushner firm’s $285 million Deutsche Bank loan came just before Election Day … What you need to know about Jared Kushner’s ties to Russia.

Thirteen sure-fire ways to lose your French friends

Thirteen sure-fire ways to lose your French friendsPhoto: nullplus /Depositphotos

If you want to keep your French friends, then DO NOT do anything on this list.
There’s a myriad of irritating things you could do to put off potential friends pretty much anywhere, like ordering the most expensive thing on the menu and asking to split the bill, or retelling that one story no one laughed at in the first place.
But there are some that might particularly get on the nerves of French people and are best avoided, unless of course your aim is to use this list to intentionally annoy your French coworkers, friends or partner (which we’re not condoning).
Do all of these and you’ll be on track to being the least popular Anglo at the soirée.
1. Get sloshed at an apéro
Photo: contrabland/ Flickr
Although “le binge-drinking” is alive and well in France, apéro culture is a whole different ball game. Don’t mistake this for a house party, at the apéro (short for apéritif), the nibbles aren’t just there to help you absorb the alcohol, and you’re actually meant to have a civilised conversation.
Downing liqueurs like shots and dancing on the tables might firmly cross you off the guest list for next time.
2. Sit inside at a café, meaning they can’t smoke
Photo: razvanphoto/ Deposit photos
Every season is terrasse season in France. When it comes to siting to eat or drink outside while having a smoke or watching people go by, the French become impervious to the elements.
Your French friends might not appreciate making them move inside, so make like the locals, wrap yourself up in a big scarf and find a spot near the heater if you can.
3. Insist bien cuit is the proper way to eat steak
Photo: Michael Stern/ Flickr
It might physically pain a French person to cook a steak until it’s bien cuit or “well done”. In France, it’s the bloodier the better, and asking for steak beyond à point (rare to medium rare) is only for tourists who ‘”ruin” the flavours.
If you really want to lose their respect, ask for très bien cuit, we dare you.
4. Refuse to go and watch French films in the cinema
France is proud of their cinematic heritage, so watch your popularity plummet as you decline their invitation to go see the latest French art house film saying you’d rather go watch Die Hard on DVD at home.
Photo: wavebreakmedia/ Deposit Photos
5. Laugh at their French accent
We might think the French accent is sexy and cute, but the French can be quite sensitive about it.
They tend to mock each other for having imperfect English accents, so what you might have meant as a light teasing could go sour.
6. Think it’s funny to say ‘sacre bleu’, ‘zut alors’, ‘mon dieu’ 
Photo: kues/ Depositphotos
French people really love when you say hackneyed phrases no one really uses to them. Try it out and see how many eye rolls you get from your French pals.
7. Break with cheese etiquette
Photo: Reddit/Facebook
Having cheese as a starter, asking if they have any crackers, cutting the cheese however the hell you like. All big no-no’s according to French norms on cheese eating and could provoke the ire of purists, like when one French mum broke with convention on Camembert cutting (pictured above).
8. Say you love France (when you only mean Paris)
Photo: tsyganek/ Deposit photos
Little will rile non-Parisian friends more than equating the capital with the whole of France, they might snap back at you with the old phrase “Paris is not France and France is not Paris“.
9. Say the bread at the supermarket and boulangerie tastes the same
Photo: grafvision/ Deposit photos
There’s a reason the fresh bread section of the supermarket is so small, strictly for emergencies and convenience only.
Bread from supermarkets like Carrefour is not to be compared with “the real thing” from the numerous local bakeries.
10. Say you’re envious of their ‘easy’ 35-hour work week
Photo: AFP
Everyone knows the 35-hour week is a myth, the average French person puts in 39 a week and certainly won’t thank you for bringing out the old “French workers are lazy” stereotype.
11. Turn your nose up at French cuisine 
French people, by and large, will tell you they’re proud of their country’s cuisine, so wrinkling your nose at a boeuf bourguignon and asking if you could go get sushi or tacos instead won’t make you many pals.
12. Tell them you’re a vegetarian (or worse, a vegan)
Photo: p.studio66/ Deposit photos
Meat free diets are gaining in popularity in France, especially in bigger cities, but in the wrong crowd, telling French people you can’t share their planche mixte might get you some concerned looks.
13. Make jokes about them going on strike all the time 
“Hey if you don’t like it, why don’t you strike about it! Because you’re French…get it?”
Your French friends are unlikely to be impressed by your spot on observational humour. Unless they work in the transport sector, they’ve probably never been on strike in their lives. Save the jokes for friends who work in SNCF or AirFrance where they might at least hit the mark.
By Rose Trigg

How to stay clean in Prison

I saw new guys avoid the showers because of fear, but that never played out well. You can’t stink in prison


Excerpted with permission from “A Day in Prison” by John Fuller. Copyright 2017, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

Book Cover


There are six showerheads available in the small, white-and-mold tiled room, but no guards. Terror is probably turning your bowels to water as you try to decide if you really need to shower. You’ve seen the movies. But you’ve probably also had the nervous sweats and so you’ll literally smell scared. Keeping the towel wrapped around you until the last possible second, you’re going to turn on the water and probably decide against waiting for it to get hot. Bust out your tiny green bottle of Pert shampoo, rinse under the tepid stream, and get dressed without taking the time to dry off. Try not to look freaked out, though the amused faces and hoots from the room full of naked men will let you know if you were unsuccessful.

Keeping clean in prison is a necessity, not a luxury. You need to wear clean clothes and take showers not just because that’s what you’re used to on the outside, or because it’s an administrative policy, but also to make sure you aren’t offending anyone with your body odor. You’ve got a cell mate and he is going to care if you stink.

I saw new guys avoid the showers because of fear, but that never played out well. During my first year inside, two different men were harassed into leaving the television room because they smelled so offensive. One of them had his head dunked in a used toilet to encourage him to get under the shower spray. If an inmate starts to stink, other inmates have the right to ask the guy to leave the shared spaces, or move into another cell. If he still refuses to take a shower, his fellow inmates may give him a time frame to check into Administrative Segregation (Ad Seg) or suffer the consequences later. If he’s smart, he will take his shower, but if he absolutely refuses, the correctional officers can write a disciplinary sanction or throw him in Ad Seg. And he better hope that happens before the prisoners enforce their threats.

Put simply: Don’t stink. Take a shower.


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The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep14 ” Sex at the Dinner Table?”

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This season of  RHONY is the gift that keeps on giving.  Last week LadyM gave us Clip, and last night the ladies went there . Anal Sex , penis size and oral sex, all in glorious HD stereo.   Last night no bottles were thrown, no glassware was shattered on the table and no one was called a bitch and no one was slapped. The only drama last night was when Luann nearly blew her face off attempting to light the gas fireplace.

Were still in Vermont, the ladies are preparing for a day of skiing.  Everyone except LadyM (Dorinda) who’s gonna stay and chill with Netflix.  Ramona has made breakfast for everyone. Bethenny dines on a muffin.  Carole is hanging back at the lodge with some hot chocolate.

Speaking of Bethenny, she is hawking the shit out of her brand. Skinnygirl, from her outfit to her Snowboard.

Ramona and Sonja

Ramona and Sonja’s relationship is special.  Where ever the housewives travel, these two are together like sisters.  They dress together they do each others hair, With Sonja catering to Ramona in the evenings and Ramona taking care of Sonja in the mornings. This morning Ramona brings  coffee to Sonja in bed.  LadyM gives them the coveted room with two sinks.    With Bethenny’s Mexico trip back on Sonja is very concerned. Bethenny is done with Ramona and hasn’t officially invited her.  Delusional Ramona, thinks her friendship with Bethenny is healing, but Sonja feels Bethenny is simply tolerating Ramona  Sonja get excited when Luann tells them Bethenny suggested Ramona Travel with her to Mexico.


Luann is an avid skier.  She’s still pissed at Sonja and her sexual history with her hubby.  She walked out on Sonja after Sonja spoke inappropriately about her man in the last episode.   Please be clear, Sonja doesn’t give a shit.  Luann can get up and walk out as often as she likes.  Just don’t wait on an apology boo.  Tom was a steady booty call for Sonja for years and had Sonja some feelings for the man,so its gonna take Sonja a minute. In the meantime, Sonja is gonna needle the hell out of Luann.

Now that Luann is a freshly married women, she seems above the other women and has an irritating  superior  smugness about her.   With the exception of Tinsley, they know every man Luann has tipped out with, every man she’s been in the bathroom with.  This isn’t lost on the other (divorced) women, especially LadyM ( a bridesmaid at her wedding) who quickly calls her out on it. EVERYBODY knows about yo man and how he played on you at the Regency.

Bethenny apologized to Tinsley for the night before.  All the women went after Tinsley who was  complaining about her living conditions with Sonja.  All the ladies agreed, but it was Bethenny said it the loudest, grow the fuck up and get your own place!   In Vermont, we learned a lot about the newest housewife.  We learned she’s been shopping a lot since she got back to New York, but she’s economical about it, like only spending $700 on a dress and not going crazy.   She is still scarred from her very public relationship in Palm Beach and that she mixes alcohol with her anti depressants.

On the mountain.  Ramona who loves Aspen, Aspen, Aspen hired and flirted with a young ski instructor. She wanted him to make sure her form was correct.  Inside the ski lodge she treated him like a waiter, filling drink orders for her and the other ladies.

In a quiet moment Carole shares some private information about Bethenny with LadyM.  Bethenny is very quiet about her private life  and she only shares with Carole  However, Bethenny and the housewives are public figures.  Bethenny’s private life went public as news of her ex-husband Jason Hoppy was arrested for stalking her. He made a scene at their daughters school , calling her a bad mother and reportedly said, he would never leave Bethenny alone.

Dinner Time!

While the jury is still out on Tinsley.  Despite their big fights these ladies know each other. Some of these friendships go back 20 years.   The women are in their forties and fifty plus.  The discussion was one you would have with your friend.   So who has had anal sex?   Tinsley admitted she had anal sex with her big dicked hubby twice.  LadyM, thinks its un-natural. One blonde who lives in a townhouse was silent on this subject, even though she has talked about having back door sex,   There was a couple other suspects, but we will leave them be for now.     Bethenny wanted to know how big LadyM’s boyfriend’s dick was ?   LadyM picked up a hefty hefty HEFTY cucumber.   A cynical Bethenny took a similar cucumber and whittled it to a smaller form.  The ladies dared Sonja to deeply french kiss on of the male staff, the gay man she chose, wasn’t going for it.

They all wanted to know how many men Ramona has had sex with since her divorce.  Ramona said three, the ladies weren’t buying it.    When it comes to oral sex, the suspected Trump supporter was more aligned with Bill Clinton, as she believes oral sex is not sex.      We also learned Carole had sex with George Clooney back in the early days and gave him a big fat nine (of 10).

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Volvo reveals plans to go all electric… and it’s going to happen sooner than you think

Volvo reveals plans to go all electric... and it's going to happen sooner than you think

Volvo chief executive Håkan Samuelsson. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

All new Volvo cars will be equipped with an electric motor from 2019, making it the first of the world’s traditional car makers to pull the plug on cars powered only by a combustion engine.

“This is about the customer,” said Volvo Cars president and chief executive Håkan Samuelsson in a statement. “People increasingly demand electrified cars, and we want to respond to our customers’ current and future needs. You can now pick and choose whichever electrified Volvo you wish.”

Volvo said it would launch five fully electric cars between 2019 and 2021, as well as petrol and diesel plug-in hybrids and so-called “mild-hybrid cars”, cars with a small petrol engine and large battery.

“This announcement marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car,” said Samuelsson. “Volvo Cars has stated that it plans to have sold a total of one million electrified cars by 2025. When we said it we meant it. This is how we are going to do it.”

Volvo Car Group is owned by Chinese Geely Holding. It is headquartered in Torslanda, Gothenburg, and has a factory there as well as in Ghent, Belgium, and Chengdu, China.

European car makers have been racing to develop electric vehicles.

German car giant Volkswagen is championing electric models in a bid to clean its tarnished reputation, after it admitted in September to installing emissions cheating software in 11 million diesel-powered cars worldwide.

Higher-end manufacturers like BMW and Daimler, which owns Mercedes, are also jostling for a share of the electric vehicle market, but face a challenge from newcomers like Tesla, which has had a head start in autonomous driving as well as electric power.\

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Welcome to Sacramento: Get out of our Parks



The Citizen’s Hotel opened in 2008.   The building was once the former headquarters of California Western State Life Insurance.

 Built in the 1920’s the building was one of Sacramento’s first skyscrapers.

The Citizens hotel has become very popular for those who want something different from the cookie cutter hotels in the area as no two rooms are alike.

The hotel is located at 10th and J Street downtown across the street from Cesar Chavez Park .  The park is well known in the area as a place for concerts. farmers markets, wine tasting and other events.


 If your a guest of the hotel and want to sit down outside, its fine as long as its before 11pm.


A first time visitor to Sacramento from Houston said he having a cigarette after a late meeting and was told by a police officer the park was closed and he would have leave.

Some cities close their parks in the evenings mitigate the homeless population.   With the exception of K street, there are few places, where one can sit down.

  The new Sawyer hotel next to Golden One Center opens in a few months.   The plaza between the new hotel/condo isn’t visitor friendly once the events has ended at the arena. The nearest park is Cesar Chavez.

The gentleman from Houston will share his experience at the park with others.  Perhaps to professionals in the Travel Industry.

  New York, Miami ,New Orleans, Memphis and Honolulu and others cities with large homeless populations have programs in place to keep their public parks and open areas near hotels and attractions safe for tourists.

Sacramento wants to be an destination. Attracting conventions and National sports events.  To accomplish that, the city will need to become visitor friendly.