Would free Gas (or electric charging) for three years Convert you?

Six short years ago, not many Americans outside of California and New York knew Electric cars existed. It’s about Range Far and away the most popular electric car sold in America was the Nissan Leaf introduced in 2011 These, $33,000 cars had a paltry driving range of 75 miles per charge, not practical for mostContinue reading “Would free Gas (or electric charging) for three years Convert you?”

Murder Hornet gets loose and was recaptured

The imgaination runs wild…… An unsuspecting citizen opens the door and there is an insect with gun. Not quite Last week, scientists with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)captured a live Asian giant hornet ,known as “murder” hornets for their ability to decimate honeybee populations. The scientist used dental floss to attach a trackingContinue reading “Murder Hornet gets loose and was recaptured”

Voter Suppression: CAILFORNIA Phony Drop Boxes (Coming to a state near you?)

Unauthorized election ballot drop boxes have been found across California — in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties as well as in Fresno. On Monday, California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra sent out cease and desist letters to the state Republican Party, which appears to own at least some ofContinue reading “Voter Suppression: CAILFORNIA Phony Drop Boxes (Coming to a state near you?)”

Contagious for the Win

Coming to a battleground state near you.  A President without a mask.  An event filled with hundreds possibly thousands of supporters standing shoulder to shoulder without masks in support of the President in what could be considered a Superspreader event. Superspreader Event in Iowa NEW ROCHELLE – Iona College was locked down Monday. Its classes switchedContinue reading “Contagious for the Win”

Bout Time? Megan Thee Stallion Speaks. Tory Lanez faces 23 years.

Megan initially said she didn’t name Lanez because she was afraid. A month later she named him on Instagram Live video saying he was making false claims about her. “Yes!!! Tory shot me. You shot me and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying,” the rapper said the Instagram video.Continue reading “Bout Time? Megan Thee Stallion Speaks. Tory Lanez faces 23 years.”

When will Americans be allowed to travel to Italy again?

Tourists take photos at the Portico d’Ottavia ruins in Rome’s Jewish Quarter on September 15th. Photo: AFPSome travel from the US to Italy is allowed, but only in certain circumstances. Here’s what you need to know. With many people in the US still anxious to get back to Italy as soon as they can, here’sContinue reading “When will Americans be allowed to travel to Italy again?”

Who won the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate?

The first Covid 19 Vice Presidential debate was a bit more civil than the Presidential Debate last week. The Candidates were 12 feet apart and separated by plexiglass. The Biden/Harris has a sizeable lead over the Trump/Pence ticket. Vice President Pence needs to stop the slow defections in his base. Senator Harris, needed to convinceContinue reading “Who won the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate?”

They arrested me for playing basketball

A personal argument in favor of defunding the police In juvenile detention, I caught a glimpse of what funding programs aimed at helping at-risk kids instead could do By: Darryl Robertson/Salon.com My tidy bedroom at 1784 Devonshire Road, on the northside of Columbus, Ohio, is where I learned the craft of creating Magic through myContinue reading “They arrested me for playing basketball”

Poison Water: Flint Michigan “Enviromental Racism”

Flint, Michigan is located seventy miles northwest of Detroit Michigan. Flint,Michigan is located 70 miles northwest of Detroit. The city has a population of 100,000. General Motors, was founded in Flint in 1908. Flint’s Nickname is “Vehicle City” and was a manufacturing powerhouse for General Motors. At its peak, nearly ninty thousand people worked forContinue reading “Poison Water: Flint Michigan “Enviromental Racism””

The virus slams into a broken Washington

Most D.C. crises follow an expected pattern. Not this one. By: Jake Sherman/Politico Let’s not mince words: Washington has been plunged into a crisis of historic proportions, frozen by a disease it is both unwilling and unable to control. Washington crises typically conform to a predictable rhythm: They simmer, boil and come to their expectedContinue reading “The virus slams into a broken Washington”