3-20-2017 Set Your Watches

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The war between President Obama and the Republicans had taken its toll on the average American. After 8 years of being victimized by its own government.  Americans wanted something different.

In 2012, the political landscape was different than 2016.  In 2012, a Ben Carson, a Bernie Sanders and a Donald Trump candidacy would have faded early.  In 2016, voters were angry, they were collateral damage of the war.  Many believed established candidates like Bush and Clinton was part of problem.

Ultimately ,I think 45 wanted to promote his brand. Despite his inflammatory statements his popularity grew, much to his surprise.      It was his words in Iowa, when he said (“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters””It’s, like, incredible.” )   

Incredible, best describes his candidacy.  His supporters believed in him. Common Sense wasn’t important neither was any  version of the truth, him!   After all, they all lie, for eight years they lied to us, a do nothing Congress. 

  The economic recovery express didn’t stop in every city, every area in the United States.  Many people can’t relate to the evening news stories of jobs when nearly every business on main street is boarded up and nearly everyone they know is unemployed. Who were they to believe Scott Pelly at CBS or the people in his community?

His personality increased ratings for news outlets who treated him carefully, softening questions to guarantee future appearances. When they finally asked him the same questions they would ask any other candidate, the media became the enemy

45’s administration has been a disaster. He relocated and upgraded the swamp. He hired many of Hillary’s Evil Wall Street friends and plays more golf than the former President. His international gaffes may have embarrassed seasoned members of both parties but  hasn’t weaken his base.  They justify his cabinet appointees because they believe in him, he will “Make America Great”.

But there are cracks.  There are many in his base who are on Obamacare. While they believe in him, they are concerned about losing their insurance.  The hastily prepared replacement with astronomical premiums has made even his strongest supporters nervous and those members  of the house and senate who’s seats are up in 2018 are concerned.  Large numbers of their constituents are appearing at town meetings and making phone calls to their representatives.

As news of his first budget grows,some of his supporters are feeling betrayed.

Friday (17th) The Roanoke (va) Times Editorial Department:

Appalachia voted for Donald Trump more enthusiastically than almost any other part of the country. Trump ran stronger in Appalachia than any other Republican ever. He won more than 90 percent of the localities in Appalachia, taking the entire region by a landslide margin of nearly 2-1. Trump has an odd way of returning the favor.Trump wants to eliminate funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission. Appalachia is a lot more than coal. Virginia has 25 counties and eight cities along its western border that are covered by the Appalachian Regional Commission; only six of those produce coal. You can argue, of course, that maybe federal spending is so out of control that Trump’s budget cuts are necessary. For argument’s sake, let’s accept that and look at trade-offs. The Appalachian Regional Commission asked for $120 million in funding for the coming year. Trump wants to increase funding for charter schools by $168 million. He wants to increase defense spending by $54 billion. Let’s not even talk about defense. It sure looks like Trump just said charter schools — which, if they’re going to work, are going to primarily be in metro areas — are more important than Appalachia’s economy. That’s not exactly making Appalachia great again.

On Monday(19) Asheville North Carolina  Citizens-Times

Trump’s budget proposal has alarmed much of the region, including longtime Republican Congressman Hal Rogers, who represents the mountainous eastern Kentucky coal region where Trump won every county, a first for a Republican presidential candidate.“I am disappointed that many of the reductions and eliminations proposed in the President’s skinny budget are draconian, careless and counterproductive,” Rogers said.   

46% of Americans voted for Donald Trump. 45’s approval rating after confirmation was the lowest on record, less than 50 approved of him as President. A recent Gallup poll indicates less than 40% approve of his performance, these numbers include his supporters.

Earlier this month 45 accused the Obama Administration of wiretapping Trump Tower.  Last week. House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, a Republican who worked on Trump’s transition team, had declared, “We don’t have any evidence that that took place. . . . I don’t think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.”Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey said he has seen no evidence to support President Trump’s accusation.

45 seems to find comfort from his supporters in Florida  and Appalachia. In February he met with supporters in Florida and yesterday in Louisville Kentucky.    In Louisville, the supporters outnumber the protesters by a large margin, this was his third visit.

At the rally, he didn’t mention the wiretaps or the on going meetings in Washington.  He smiled several times at the rally.

45 needs the attention and love from his supporters.  He’s not likely to visit other parts of the country including most of the red states where the opposition to the changes in Obamacare and the proposed budget is growing hourly.  

 One major takeaway from  the hearing yesterday,there is a Russian Connection to the Trump campaign. The early conclusions. Russian President Vladimir Putin preferred a Trump Presidency. However, a full investigation could take months or years.

Winning is important to 45. Love from his supporters is Winning for 45. If the cracks continue to diminish that support, it may be difficult for 45 to remain in office.

Unlike candidate Trump. Credibility is crucial to 45 ‘s success as a leader.  

 45’s is no Richard Nixon, his ego needs the adoration from his supporters, they energize him.  But there’s trouble in  Clarksburg, West Virginia in Chester,Pennsylvania, Fairchild, Wisconsin and many other towns across the nation who voted for 45. Feeling he has betrayed them.     

If you want to get an instant reaction from someone. Grab for his wallet.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 ep17 Aloha and Goodbye

I’m gonna get it out of the way, I am liking Kenya Moore, and no this isn’t drug or alcohol induced.

Life in Maui has calmed down however things are not what they seem.Phaedra and Kenya are hanging out playing tennis. Cynthia and Peter are very romantic and  Sheree  is talking to Bob Whitfield.

Kenya and Phaedra are playing tennis Kenya is pleased with friendship and Phaedra is cautious. Phaedra is officially divorced, however for some reason she isn’t sharing this news with the other women, including Kenya only Porsha knows

The chemistry between Cynthia and Peter is undeniable.   Everyone think the two are kicking boots. However, divorce is odd, you don’t want to mislead the other  .So the two sleep in separate rooms. Peter commented on how “weird” it was being in the same hotel together but not the same room.  This happens to be Peters birthday and Cynthia  shows up at his room with food, drinks an a gift.    The moment is bittersweet as Peter painfully asks Cynthia if she was dating anyone and she said “not yet.   This opened the door to a heart to heart, they talked about what has gone wrong in the marriage.  Peter wondered if he was the cause, but Cynthia said she was the one who failed.   Cynthia’s  birthday gift to Peter was a binged out bible.     Okay?


Kandi and Todd’s epic fail. The two nudnics thought it would be FUN to roast Peter on his birthday.   The only person close to pulling this off wasn’t there, Nene Leaks.  I’m will not inflect the pain to those haven’t seen it.   MOOOOOVING ON!


Sheree and Bob put on a good face but it evident to others. I’ve been on the fence with Bob and Sheree.  There is a small spark between them. However Sheree seemed distant at times. So I thought maybe she was holding on to Bob for a storyline.     Bob is charming and perhaps it was his charm that attracted her.  She was attracted to that Bob, but the car incident reminded Sheree of the pain she endured as his wife.   On the boat, Bob tried his very best to make up with Sheree.    “I wanted to apologize,” he said. “You don’t even see anything wrong with you leaving and not calling the house for six months,” Sheree. “And then when you talked about you saw me without my seatbelt and you wanted to slam on the brakes and eject me from the car. To put harm on me, or death. It’s abuse. It’s mental abuse and then for you to make a joke of it — it’s just been like that the entire time.” Bob insisted he was a changed man, but Sheree said she wasn’t “buying it.”       Bob, “You want me to bleed myself right here? To slit my fucking wrists so you know I’m serious?”But he wasn’t getting it . She just wanted him to have “remorse” for what he did. He said he was remorseful, but Sheree was done, its a wrap.

One thing we learned.  Men have disappointed Sheree in the past and perhaps this is why Chateau Sheree is so important to her.  With the Chateau, she’s making her own dream come true.

I did say I’m liking Kenya Moore but its clear she’s never been divorced.  She thought she would throw a  Divorce Party for Cynthia and Phaedra.   Neither lady was into it. Cynthia played along but was not CELEBRATING.  Phaedra entered the room and was clearly not feeling it and unlike Cynthia was not going to be a good sport. Phaedra excused herself and left.  Kenya tried to keep it festive a game called ” Kiss the Penis”

While Cynthia was a good sport.Phaedra,  turned salty she told everyone she was sick and excused herself.  She WAS well enough to send Porsha a text about the party. (of course everyone knew it was Shadra ) and Porsha shared the text with the other ladies. “I’m good, but I’m appalled that they would think that the breakup of a family is the cause for celebration and with the host being the trifling woman who was texting my husband — disgusting and disgraceful,”   guess the Kenya, Porsha friendship hit a BUMP.  After the reading of the text, Porsha head to Phaedra’s room

Porsha trashes Kenya.  “I told you not to get close to that heifer,”    Within megaseconds Kenya knocks on the door.  Kenya was confused about why Phaedra was upset. “You’ve said so many times that you are in the best place that you have ever been,” Kenya said,

Phaedra  called her “trifling,” which she didn’t like that much.   Then Phaedra went back two years, TWO YEARS or more       Bring up a topic we all we were tired of…  about whether Kenya had inappropriately flirted with Phaedra’s ex-husband, Apollo.  REALLY ?SHADRA  REALLY?  Kenya,  “Do you blame me for your marriage breaking up?”  Phaedra said she didn’t, but that she did think Kenya “continuously flirted” with Apollo. “It’s just a whole other level of skanky.Kenya called Phaedra a hypocrite for leading her restoration service. “The only thing she has restored in me is knowing that she is as shady as she ever was,”  Folks its ovah!

Then frack (Porsha) goes back to the divorce party and tells everybody that Phaedra’s divorced was finalized.

OOH Frick (Phaedra) will NOT be pleased.


Hard Gossip: With RHOA reunion in the can.  Social Media is on fiya!  The roomah, is Porsha NOT Kenya may have slept with Phaedra’s ex Apollo.

Last week we see, Sheree Whitfield break down for the first time.




California waiter fired for asking customers to prove residency

A waiter has been fired from a restaurant in southern California after asking customers to prove they had legal residency before serving them.

The Los Angeles Times reported that 23-year-old Brenda Carrillo said she and a friend were asked the question at the restaurant, Saint Marc in Huntington Beach. Carrillo said the waiter later asked her sister and another friend to see their proof of residency.

Brenda Carrillo said the women complained to the manager and left. One later posted an account of the incident online.

Incidents of prejudicial conduct or even violence towards people suspected of being undocumented migrants have made headlines since the election as president of Donald Trump, who campaigned on a hardline immigration platform.

High-profile cases have included a shooting in a bar in Kansas in February, in which one man died and two were wounded – one of them, like the man who was killed, from India and one a bystander who sought to tackle the gunman. Witnesses said the gunman asked the two Indian men, employees of the satellite navigation company Garmin, about their visa status.

In suburban Seattle this month, a Sikh man was approached by a stranger who he said told him to “go back to your own country” before shooting him in the arm.

Carrillo, who like her sister was born in California to a mother who arrived from Mexico 30 years ago, told the Times she was not worried about herself or her sibling.

I’m more afraid for others in my community, people who are immigrants,” she said. “If this were to happen to them, I’m sure they would be too afraid to speak out for themselves.”

The restaurant, which posted to social media accounts apologies that were subsequently deleted, said in an online post that the waiter in question had been fired.

In a statement to the Times, it said: “We have always celebrated being part of the diverse Huntington Beach community, which means valuing all guests and treating every individual with respect.”

Kent Bearden, senior director of operations for Saint Marc, said the restaurant would donate 10% of its weekend sales to a nonprofit chosen by the women. The women were also offered a “VIP” meal at the restaurant, which they declined.


India: How Twitter helped a 5-Month old get her food on time

Maharashtra Times

In a pleasant turn of events, a couple, with their five month old baby – Kartiki was travelling from Gujarat India to Tirunelveli, when the milk they bought for the infant curdled due to the heat.

Unfortunately, the trains next halt was at Ratnagiri station which was a few hours away. And to make matters more complicated, the train pantry was out of milk.

While the toddler continued to wail in hunger, a co-passenger Neha Bapat tweeted about the situation to her friends. Soon help started pouring in from Neha’s friends across Mumbai, Pune, Ratnagiri and Nashik.

One of Neha’s friends, Anagha Nikam-Makdum sprung into action and tweeted the matter to Konkan Railways. The railway officials immediately responded to the Tweet on social media and the couple was handed over a bag of milk at Kolad station.

Last month, railway had announced a new policy for its catering services which shall separate the functioning of its cooking and food distribution onboard.


45’s Scooby Snack

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Was 45 ever able to identify any of those three million illegal voters who cost him the popular vote?    Anyone talking about it?

Last night, MSNBC’s popular Rachel Maddow  obtained copies of 45’s 2005 tax return.  She said, she received the documents from investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, who said on her show that he received them in the mail.

Image result for rachel maddow taxes

The result is a media feeding frenzy from what amounts to a Scooby Snack.

This tax return magically appeared during the most challenging week is his short term as president.  A week where he has failed to produce evidence of a Obama wiretap in Trump Tower.  A week where his alternative to the Affordable Care Act seems dead on arrival.  An important week,where for the first time he needs to show strength as the leader of the Republican Party as he takes his show on the road to reassure supporters.

45’s 2005 tax return was likely selected in a beauty contest where the objective was to humanize him. In 2005, he paid taxes.  This is important, as the proposed medical plan increases costs for the poor and middle-class and lowers taxes for the 1%.Some of us remember how he proudly said he was a good businessman and didn’t pay taxes.

So while the press dissects his tax returns, he may get fewer questions about the wire tap and  RyanCare on the road.

On Twitter, substituting for 45 is his son “Donald Jr”

 This is clearly a distraction, lets hope all the channels quickly return to the regular programming in progress.


7 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Get Married (To Avoid Divorce)

Beat the divorce statistics BEFORE you get married.

By:Laura Miolla/Your Tango.com

Beat the divorce statistics before you walk down the aisle.

The institution of marriage has long been idealized in the United States, especially when compared to other developed nations in the world. Here, getting married for the first time is a huge milestone in most people’s lives. Little girls dream about it. Mothers and fathers insist on it. The gay community lobbies for it. It is the norm within our society.

However, 40 to 50 percent of first-time marriages in the United States end in divorce. Clearly, most couples aren’t thinking about divorce when they are planning their wedding. But, given this statistic, they should.

Divorce can be psychologically devastating. It can destroy your self-esteem. It can cripple you, financially. It can negatively impact the well-being of your children. Choosing the right partner when it comes to marriage is the key to decreasing this statistic.

Overall, fewer people would get married, but those marriages would have a far better chance of success.

In order to have a happy marriage, here are 7 things you need to know before taking the plunge:

1. The wedding is not the goal.

The goal is to create a fulfilling, sustainable marriage. The wedding is just the exciting beginning of (what is meant to be) a lifelong partnership based on shared values and goals. Given the time, effort and money that goes into a wedding these days, it’s no surprise that it feels like a major accomplishment. And it is.

However, the REAL accomplishment is in fulfilling your vows on a daily basis: “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.”

I know, I know. Making the wedding the goal is SO much easier. It is more immediate and you get to check the box afterward on your list of things to do before the age of 35. If you don’t shift your perspective on what is most important, though, your odds of celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary are cut in half.

2. Invest more in the honeymoon than the wedding. 


There is a huge emphasis on weddings in our society. Weddings have become a major industry in their own right with the average wedding coming in around $30,000. And they typically take at least a year to plan. Family and friends are all involved in making this the celebration of your life. And there is huge emotional investment in a wedding.

Everyone involved wants it to be just “perfect”. There is no such thing as perfect though. Social expectations around what a wedding “should be” often become more important than what it really is — a celebration of two people’s love and commitment to one another.

In many ways, weddings are now more for the guests than the two people getting married. While having a celebration is important, the real celebration of the relationship occurs during the honeymoon as you begin to fulfill your vows of love, honor, and respect. It is these first steps that set the stage for the rest of your married life.

Honor that private time together as much as possible. It is rare to have such focused time together in our fast-paced society and it deserves to be cherished in its own right. This is where the real work of marriage begins.

3. What you don’t like about your partner is just as important as what you do like. 

The old adage is true. Whatever you don’t like about your potential partner or their habits will only get worse after the wedding. Sweeping these little annoyances under the carpet in a pre-wedding glow of optimism will not serve you. Everyone knows that communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

So, let’s be real and honest in acknowledging what we don’t like about each other before agreeing to a life-long commitment. No one is perfect. Really know your potential partner for who they are and not just what you would like them to be.

If you can’t learn to love or, at best, accept those flaws about your partner, then you might want to re-think spending your life with them. Almost everyone I’ve coached going through a divorce can look back and identify the red flags that should have sent them running in the opposite direction.

The seeds are planted here, but you need the courage to see them and make better decisions for yourself.

4. The real you is a gift.


No one is perfect, not even you. Sharing your authentic self with your partner is a great gift and provides crucial information about whether your match will stand the test of time.

So, no matter how embarrassing some of your personal habits might be, it is better to have them known by your partner now, rather than after you’re married. If this is the person you love — and who loves you just as much — there won’t be any negative judgment.

And if there IS negative judgment, then this probably isn’t the right person for you. The person you decide to spend the rest of your life will love and appreciate everything about you, without any desire to change who you really are.

5. Shared values are key to successful long-term relationships. 

Typical causes for divorce usually revolve around money, communication, and expectations — all superficial symptoms of misaligned values. Our values — like integrity, respect, family, love, achievement — are immensely important.

There are a few core values, though, the ones that are most important, that determine how we view the world and how we think and act. And yet, when asked, very few people can name what their core values actually are, let alone what their partner’s might be.

That’s the thing. Our values are unique to each of us and yet, even though we don’t acknowledge them, we assume that everyone shares our values, that they will think and act the way we do. That assumption causes huge misunderstandings and feelings of hurt and betrayal.

When partners don’t know their values, they can’t know if they share the same outlook in life. And if they don’t share the same core values, they are potentially heading down two different paths in life.

6. Successful marriages take work. 


Marriage is not easy. Love does not conquer all. The sheer act of living life can make us forget what is most important. Over time, partners can begin to take each other for granted. Major life transitions — such as having children, buying a house, changing jobs — test a relationship in ways you can’t imagine.

While these transitions can be blessings, they ultimately change the dynamic of the relationship. It takes some effort to avoid these relationship traps and adapt to life’s changes together.

Be present with your partner. Be honest and sincere with each other to eliminate unfounded expectations and unrealistic assumptions that can lead to anger and resentment.  Laugh together. Find appreciation and gratitude for each other every day.

7. Divorce is lonely and expensive. 

It typically takes as much money and time to get divorced as it does to get married. And if you have children, it will be even more. The glory of marriage is in two people building a life together. Everything gets combined — income, assets, retirement funds, friends, furniture, etc.

When that marriage breaks, everything gets divided. Divorce robs you of the income and lifestyle that you used to have. You will be with your children less. You will probably have to sell your house. Your retirement funds are depleted — from legal fees, as much as the division of assets — forcing you to work far longer than you had originally planned.

And the friends you made as a couple are nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden you are behind the eight ball, older and single now, trying to re-build your life all by yourself.  Marriage might not be easy, but divorce is downright hard.

Getting married is fabulous and exciting, but it is also a momentous decision that will impact your life forever. Be honest with yourself and choose your partner wisely.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 E16 Maui Mayhem

Emotional moment: Sheree Whitfield grew emotional after confronting her ex-husband Bob about past alleged abuse during Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

If you tuned in last night, you expected more of the Kandi-Porsha’s feud.  What you didn’t expect to see our “Thugaline” “Who’s Gonna Check me Boo?”  “The Bone Carrier”,break down.    One character who charmed us ,fell from grace and a person who has annoyed me for years became a warm caring individual.      Sheree did not cry alone last night.



Kandi vs Porsha

Fans of Kandi Burress and Porsha Williams went to war on social media after last weeks episode.    Most of it was about Porsha’s Credibility  and others thought Kandi was overreacting.   For those who missed it, Kandi’s rage was based on Porsha’s allegation she was drugged by Kandi and Todd. This is serious, ask anyone in the Cosby Family. In last weeks episode Porsha changed her story from being drugged to heard they had planned to drug her.


We Begin

where we ended at the table with Kandi in full rage. People are trying to calm things at the table and what ever  credibility Porsha has had is gone. GONE!   Cynthia telling Porsha she needs to stop with all these accusations and to stop lying as her lies have hurt. Kenya Moore is starting to look like Mother Teresa “saying what does it matter, Porsha has lied on everyone”   Phaedra tries to call Kandi down and feels the situations isn’t the serious.  Porsha is calm at the table like,what the fuck evah.

The next day, Kandi has planned to take everyone on a boat ride.  But she’s had enough of Porsha for the century and calls Phaedra to deliver the message to Porsha.

Porsha and her boyfriend (Todd) are sitting on the sofa in their suite.  Porsha is cool like whatt!  Porsha, she tells her boyfriend, with this group of girls we always get into it and them we sweep it under the rug..  No Porsha, if Kandi was any closer she would have snapped your neck.     This is only the second time we’ve seen Kandi  completely off the rails.

In the confessional, Porsha says  It is funny to me that Kandi does not want me to go on the boat trip as she was the one who threatened to choke me last night!

Phaedra pops in wearing a very revealing church lady swimsuit.(NO!)  Porsha’s boyfriend Todd is mesmerized to the point his eyes are bulging and he becomes at 9 year old child looking at a Victoria Secret Catalog for the first time.  Home boy is reduced to goo goo and ga ga  over Phaedra parts.

Phaedra tells Porsha she hadn’t worn the bathing suit for years.  I think she said school.    your a fan of this show, you know who’s been to the plant to get freshened AND  we all know Phaedra’s has recently gone to Atlanta’s House of Titties and has remodeled and refreshed hers. So stop it Phaedra! Stop it NOW?

Phaedra tells Porsha, Kandi does not want her to come today.  Porsha acts surprised and desires to have a day with her Todd.

The Tale of Two Cars


This season, I have enjoyed Bob Whitfield, he brought humor and another side to his ex wife Sheree.  He has been wooing his former wife wanting a reconciliation and there are many fans of he show who were hoping the two get together.   That has changed as of last night.  

For those who have followed this blog, know I’m not a fan of Kenya Moore.  That changed as of last night*   

*Well one episode at a time


Everyone one is on route to the boat ride.  Kandi, Todd, Cynthia and Peter in one car.    Bob, Sheree, Phaedra and Kenya in the other car

With their divorce final in a few days, everyone notices how well Peter and Cynthia are getting along.  There is undeniable chemistry here, people in both cars were talking about it.

In car two (a victim of bad editing- something related to Cynthia and Peter) Bob tells the women that after he and Sheree broke up she fell asleep as he drove her through Las Vegas.’I was like it would be easy for me to take the seat belt off of you and hit the brakes so she would fly her ass through the window”    ” He sure did”  Sheree says!

‘She, you know I don’t like to see you cry and you know I don’t like to be the one to make you cry. This is why we are growing together, because we are willing to do this again, even if it’s for the sake of our grown kids,’ Bob told her.  ‘I’m still your number one confidant, I believe in you the most, trust.’

Phaedra said ,Sheree is a strong woman and she dos not put up with much, but obviously it is tough to be in a relationship and when they go sour it is emotionally draining,’

“Sheree”I honestly thought Bob was a changed man, but this Bob right here is taking me back to the cheating, the abuse and I don’t want my girls ever to be treated like that by a man and here I am thinking I am going to give that person another chance, it’s fucking stupid,’

Later, Bob met with Sheree at a Jewelry store wanting to buy her a gift as to apologize. In the store Sheree was still hurt and Bob was smiling. .

‘Something that you did that was very painful for me, and you’re still joking about the same thing,’ she told him.’It wasn’t a joke then and honestly I don’t know if it was a joke yesterday,’ she told him.   Bob told her that he had cried about his past actions towards her and that laughing was his ‘coping mechanism.’

Sheree could not hold back the tears and walked out on Bob, as he nervously laughed and told the cameras: ‘I am not laughing.’  She later said ,she was ‘thankful’ she invited Bob on the trip.

The End

Phaedra The Kill Joy!

Kandi’s guests thought they were going on a cruise on a yacht. The yacht turned out to be a speed boat, getting the ladies hair wet. The only one who seem to enjoy it was Kenya.

It the next evening, a different day.  Kandi is less stressed.  Porsha’s and her Todd has a nice day of the beach and massages.   People are beginning to laugh and relax.

Then Phaedra tells the ladies she want them to have a spiritual service to heal as they need Jesus.  With Porsha of course.


Kandi says she was done, and didn’t want to talk to Porsha.  Cynthia who’s been refreshed her damm self, courtesy of Peter said she was open minded but she was going to bolt the first sign of drama.   Kenya wasn’t feeling it  and the men retired to a bar as the ladies go round two.

Phaedra told them all that it was time to draw a line under the issues.

In the room, despite what happened the day before, Sheree is  still pissed at Kenya for saying someone had abused her .  Which is clearly true.

Porsha is still in denial about Kandi saying You’re upset because of something that I said because I felt it was true and now the truth is hurting you,’

Please stop trying to turn my tears and me being upset like I care about you at this point. Whether you made it up or somebody that told you made it up, it’s made up,’ Kandi shot back.

Kandi told her that she was really hurt by the accusations because she felt she had supported her over the years more than anyone else.’I have promoted you even when you didn’t promote your own stuff,’  It’s like crazy to me that after all of my support of you that it took one thing – her saying that I said that you had sex with somebody that you did have sex with – for you to throw me under the bus and continue to throw me under the bus and make up shit about me.’

Porsha turned left and demanded Kandi apologize to Phaedra for saying she cheated on her husband.

Back in the bar, Bob tells the men it felt like ice -skating uphill with Sheree.  He said he fucked up and had a rough road. ‘I put a lot of wounds on her so she is calloused towards me,’

 Sheree told the women that Bob had not ‘owned up’ to many of the things he had done to her and was ‘immature.’  ‘I thought I was completely over what Bob had done to me but clearly I am not,’

Porsha sorta apologized and said  she wished ‘my response hadn’t been as much.’ ‘

Kandi denied every saying Phaedra was cheating. But she did say Phaedra was talking to men.


What do you think about the future for Bob and Sheree?

What about Peter and Cynthia?

Hey folks, last week my e-mail was on fiyah and only one comment here.

Please comment on the blog!

Please we kind and respectful to each other



Last Week

She kissed me and said she would eat my pussy till I cum (Oh My)  They Put it all on the Table

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