Smart Watch: Emmy winner “Mrs. Maisel” is still marvelous in a dazzling season 2

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon Prime Video)

By: Melanie McFarland/

Live the joy, pain, romance and riffs with Midge Maisel — then Slay with RuPaul and Nail It! with Nicole & Jacques

Sparkling. Romantic. Awe-inspiring. Nostalgic. And occasionally, exhausting and a little saddening. That’s the holidays for you. That’s also “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” returning for its second season in fine form and not a moment too soon.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the comedy side of the TV street is a ghost town this fall, save for a few bright spots like “The Good Place” and other carry-overs from prior seasons. Even the best half-hours lack the impeccably choreographed banter, staging and, well, choreography of Amazon’s Emmy-winning hit.

To remind us of this, the season opens with a whirlwind dance through the cosmetics department of B. Altman and Company, the legendary and long-gone luxury department store where Midge works.

This ballet has another purpose beyond dazzling the viewer with a showy, triumphant spectacle to announce the series’ return. As smooth and elegant as the dance is upstairs, it’s executed with a higher degree of difficulty in the basement, a claustrophobic space where Midge Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) has been banished with the rest of the women who work the switchboards.00:00

At various points it becomes too much for her colleagues but Midge is a talker. Connecting physical phone lines with robotic precision is nothing compared to stacking one joke on top of another as a room fills with people watching in judgment. Indeed, when others have to stop to catch their breath, Midge simply sails in, covers for one co-worker, then another, and another, on top of her own duties.

This dance, such as it is, is about as mesmerizing a depiction of a miserable situation as one can think of. Switchboard duty is purgatory for Midge, a woman who worked the Revlon counter like a champion until she crossed the wrong people.

But even her moonlighting career as a comic is giving her and business manager Susie Myerson (Alexis Borstein) a touch of tsuris – and in Susie’s case, more than a touch. Midge’s big mouth is gaining her a reputation in the comedy world, but it’s also getting Susie in a lot of trouble. And while Midge has the fallback of her parents’ well-appointed apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to retreat to, Susie can only fold herself, miserably, into her tiny, grubby basement flat.

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” heads into its sophomore run with a slew of Emmys tucked into its clutch, including deserved individual awards for Brosnahan and Borstein and the gold for Outstanding Comedy. It has nothing to prove, in other words. Nevertheless, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and fellow executive producer Dan Palladino aren’t relaxing. As if that were possible.

These new episodes dance, literally and figuratively, with razor sharp dialogue and pointed timing.  Everyone in the cast waltzes through every moment with impeccable timing and neon-bright vitality — Brosnahan most of all, and Borstein alongside her.

But in these new episodes Marin Hinkle and Tony Shalhoub receive more room to explore a fuller range of Midge’s parents Rose and Abe, an opportunity they seize beautifully as Sherman-Palladino takes the duo to an unexpected locale and even less expected emotional places there and after. Even Michael Zegen receives new colors to play with in Joel, who unexpectedly transformed from unappreciative jerk into a contrite, tragic wreck in the final moments of season 1.

All together this cast leads us into the struggle Mrs. Maisel’s rising star story, with Brosnahan meeting almost every obstacle with acid and fire and pearls around her neck. Better still, each of these characters, in their own way, take hold of their dreams, a theme that envelops the first three episodes in ways that can only be described as lovely.

But dreams are fickle, unpredictable things. Catch them and they might buck uncontrollably in your hands, or bite and escape. Or even more devastatingly, maybe they materialize exactly as you pictured, welcoming you to sigh and soften into their embrace before suddenly dissolving into nothing, like spun sugar splashed with the cold gutter water from a careless vehicle speeding by. We call it reality.

“Mrs. Maisel” depicts all of these outcomes and turns through its characters — through a subplot involving Abe and Rose in Paris, through Joel’s bitter striving and through Midge most of all. None of their dreams take them exactly where they envisioned, and yet in every case, what they get seems to be some version of what they want.

A season opening subplot involving Paris is at times as gorgeous as the picture Vincente Minnelli painted with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron in 1951, and much in the way of most of the series’ scenery about as impeccably choreographed. The series presents it as a siren song inside of which Rose, at least, is ready to exist completely. But there’s that hulking car again, reality, and all of these characters are hitched to her.

Midge, for her part, trudges through the uphill battle she created for herself by crossing the wrong people in power in season 1, an additional obstacle to the garden variety sexism in comedy she and Susie were already facing.

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” original came, saw and slayed just in time to win the mantle of being the first great comedy of the #MeToo Era — well, that and all the Emmys. But Sherman-Palladino insists that its thematic resonance is purely coincidental.

That’s true: Season 1 was underway long before October 2017 and long before the long-standing rumors about a comedy giant were hauled up to the mic, bringing along with it serious discussions about gender discrimination in the comedy world.

Still, one of Midge’s best rage-fueled onstage gallops, steamed up following a parade of slights foisted on her by male comedians envious of her friendship with counterculture comic Lenny Bruce, has a tinge of specific fury about it.

“All comics are comics because something in their lives went horribly wrong. Something went to shit,” Midge observes in one of her therapeutic unburdenings before an audience — performed, it bears adding, on a Tuesday at midnight after she’s been shuffled around to make room for her “betters,” a.k.a. the male comedy regulars at a venue where she’s doing her best to break in.

“But men, those over there and men in general, are the only ones who get to use comedy to close up those holes in their soul. They run around telling everyone that women aren’t funny. Only men are funny!”

Then she asks the audience to think about what fuels comedy: oppression, she says. Lack of power, sadness and disappointment. By abandonment, she says, and humiliation. “Now who the hell does that describe more than women? Judging by those standards, only women should be funny!”

This joke is set in the late ‘50s, but it would have killed yesterday, or in 2017, or any year before that. Midge Maisel speaks to us across the eras with a message of solidarity and determination, and that’s still a marvel.

“Mrs. Maisel” is a hoot for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being Brosnahan’s ability to transform the character’s chronic diarrhea of the mouth into a captivating quality. Wherever she is, if there’s a crowd and a stage – and a chair counts as a stage, to Midge – she’ll find a way to spin out a bit.

But this also underscores the ways that Midge is far from perfect. There are the usual reasons for this, which she lists in the aforementioned observation. But there’s the problem of her profile growing along with her ego, while her filter for propriety fades. A scenario involving a priest is just short of galling, not for the content but, in part, for the unlikeliness of it.

This is one of the instances where the Palladinos stretch believability a bit too far; surely the still-proper Mrs. Maisel can read the room a little, and knows when to be blue and when to keep it kosher. Especially given the fact that the aforementioned scene did not take place in a bar, and had nary a rabbi in sight.

Nevertheless, these are blips. In large part, these new episodes of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” give off enough light to see us through the darkest days and, unlike this festive time of year, they don’t wear out their welcome.* * *

RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular,” Friday, Dec. 7 at 8 p.m. on VH1

Considering these queens’ love of metallics of all varieties, it’s amazing RuPaul Charles hasn’t sent his “girls” on tour for some kind of crazy drag version of a season follies. But at least this special is free with the price of admission, i.e. cable, unless you’re stealing said cable, which makes it just free.

What’s wonderful about this special, aside from its very existence, is that it’s digging way back in to the stacks of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to return beloved favorites such as Latrice Royale, Kim Chi, Jasmine Masters, Sonique and, of course, Shangela, to the runway to compete for the title of America’s first “Drag Race Xmas Queen.” Eight queens enter, but only one will take the holiday star. And as a bonus stocking stuffer, an extended first look at “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4″ is tucked into the rear.* * *

Nailed It! Holiday, Friday, Dec. 7 on Netflix

‘Tis the season for baking and sugar shock, for burned cookies and pastry debacles. Over-ambition is the root cause in all those cases and when it happens to you, it’s nothing to laugh at. Holiday holds the expectation of homemade dreams baked until golden and gingerbread architecture. Most of us can’t meet such demands. Most of us suck at baking.

Isn’t it nice that Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres are offering us a chance to redirect our baking frustrations into taking joy in the cake fails of others?  Take comfort in watching masterful confectionary creations be copied, badly, by people who aren’t afraid to be the soggy bottom of a longstanding TV joke. And maybe be nicer to the holiday bakers in your life. They’re under a lot of pressure and doing the best they can, imperfectly and otherwise.


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta S11 Ep5 Messy Kandi B in Tatted Tales


Kandi B was warned, but sugah pie honey bunch just couldn’t help herself.  When she first learned of Porsha’s new man Dennis and his dating history. Todd told her to keep it to herself  any random gossip never ends well.   

Kandi B, quickly ignores Todd and has a question and answer moment with a chick Porsha beat up and Carmon .  Where she learns a lot of stuff about Dennis.  I think Carmon told her to keep the information local (between them)  I’m not sure if Kandi is trying to be this seasons Sheree (the bone carrier) but the question is WHY is she so invested in Dennis and Porsha’s relationship? She’s doesn’t know Dennis and she and Porsha aren’t close BUT things are starting to improve between the two of them so them only conclusion is Kandi is just being Messy! 

 And so she continues …….She tells Marlo ,Cynthia and Nene.  NENE advises Kandi not to tell, not to talk about it and then blabs to Porsha! ( of course Nene denies this)    Porsha has hit the reset button on her friendship with Kandi. 

Lunch talk: Marlo Hampton joined Kandi Burruss for lunch with NeNe and Cynthia Bailey

Last nights episode began in Porsha and Dennis meeting Porsha’s mom, Diane. Last week Porsha met Dennis’s mom.  This is all very interesting when you consider no one has proposed.   While Dennis’s mother wasn’t feeling the relationship and talking about prenups and giving Porsha the side eye.   Porsha’s mom is all in, taking about Porsha’s  37 year old eggs and saying that Porsha is glowing and looking good.  Dennis tells Diane ”  I wanna get married one time. 


Shamari maybe an open book but hubby Ronnie isnt there for it.    At Cynthia’s house she gave the ladies the 411 on their open marriage.  the experiment that almost ended their marriage.    First she tells his mother and then she tells the world.  Ronnie is not happy with his wife sharing their news.  The couple spends ten grand for their twin sons first birthday, including nearly a grand for the twins cake . 

Nene and Gregg has hired a nutritionist.  They learn that more cancers tumors have been found and the doctor recommends chemo.  Nene and Gregg has heard many negative things about chemo therapy and is looking for alternatives.  

Last night we meet Eva’s mom Michelle. To be fair , she comes off as a bitch.   Its clear Eva doesn’t have Nene and Kandi cash, Eva working within a budget.  She’s trying on gowns that cost more than her Jeep. 
They meet to pick out Eva’s wedding dress.   But mama is very critical from the gown choices to the guest list.  From her attitude, its her wedding not her daughter’s  This breaks Eva, there are tears. The bitch doesn’t look up as her daughter is crying.   Eva may be better served by excluding mama from the planning for her own sanity. 

Eva has been bit shady of late, and I love her shade.  Whats not lovely is her back bone., she doesn’t seem to have one.  When called on it she runs, she spins.  Kandi called her on it.

Tense talk: Porsha and Kandi later aired out their differences

Cynitha is thinking about expanding her empire. She is considering opening a Wine Bar. She invites Nene, Porsha and Kandi.    Kandi B, the resident millionare asks her does she know anything about wine? No. Does she have any experience running a bar? well…

Lets talk about what’s eating Porsha?  She knows and she’s pissed.  Kandi know it cames from Nene.   Marlo and Porsha aren’t tight. and Cynitha it too busy facetiming with her man.   Nene says the news didnt come from her BUT Nene has a problem.  Porsha says Nene told her.  Porsha says this is all messy and Dennis doesn’t like messy.

Tell me what you think?


Last week, Shamari told her mother in law and everyone else she and her hubby Ronnie (The Legend) had an open relationship.  You know the ladies ran with it. 

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is slowly losing its lean

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is slowly losing its lean

  The Leaning Tower of Pisa is now stable and has even straightened slightly thanks to engineering work to save the world-renowned tourist attraction, experts said on Wednesday.

The tower’s Surveillance Group, set up to monitor restoration progress, said in a statement that after 17 years of observation “the Tower of Pisa is stable and very slowly reducing its lean”.

Engineering Professor Nunziante Squeglia of Pisa University said that the 57-metre monument had straightened by four centimetres, Italian media reported.

Photo: Giulio Napolitano/AFP

The so-called Surveillance Group was set up after Michele Jamiolkowski, an engineer of Polish origin who adopted Italian nationality, coordinated an international committee to rescue the landmark between 1993 and 2001.

The Tower was closed to the public in January 1990 for 11 years over safety fears, as its tilt reached 4.5 meters from the vertical. It has since been straightened by more than 40 centimetres.

The medieval tower, a symbol of the power of the maritime republic of Pisa in the Middle Ages, has leaned to one side ever since building started in 1173. 

Nicki Manaj Cardi B Part 4?

Nicki Minaj hires bartender sisters behind Cardi B brawl for music video

Image result for nicki minaj cardi b
Nicki Manaj and Cardi B (Google)

By: Francesca Bacardi/Pagesixcom

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B‘s feud might not be quashedfor long.

The “Anaconda” rapper has hired the bartender sisters accusing Cardi of a brawl for her latest music video for “Good Form” featuring Lil Wayne. The sisters, named Baddie Gi and Jade, appear at the 40-second mark of the video.

Baddie and Jade previously accused Cardi of ordering an attack on them because she believed her husband, rapper Offset, had slept with Jade. They had been pouring drinks at Angels Strip Club in Flushing on Aug. 29 when the “I Like It” rapper allegedly chucked a hookah pipe and drinking glasses at them.

Members of Cardi’s crew, meanwhile, hurled chairs and bottles, leaving the sisters with injuries. Both sisters denied sleeping with Offset.

Cardi turned herself in to police in October and was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment and one count of third-degree assault.

Minaj and Cardi’s beef dates back to the release of Migos‘ “MotorSport,” after which Minaj accused Cardi of disrespecting her and making her cry. Cardi denied dissing Minaj, saying Minaj was the one who hurt her feelings and allegedly attempted to sabotage her career and use her fans (the Barbz) to attack her.

At the end of October, however, both rappers seemed to hold up olive branches.

“Ok you guys, let’s focus on positive things only from here on out. We’re all so blessed,” Minaj tweeted. “I know this stuff is entertaining & funny to a lot of people but I won’t be discussing this nonsense anymore. Thank you for the support & encouragement year after year. Love you.”

Cardi posted a screenshot of Minaj’s tweet, remarking, “Alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!”

Once upon a catwalk

Shown here in 1948, then-Jacqueline Bouvier worked hard to hone a style that would serve her well as First Lady.

By: Kristine Crane/The American in Italia

I have my mother’s dark, deep-set eyes, and also her long, thick eyelashes.

Some years ago, I was a model for Halloween. In real life, I am pretty and petite, but not model material, apart from perhaps my piano hands and my soulful eyes, even if one of the eyes is “lazy,” which my mother discovered when I was a toddler.

At an Armani makeover in New York, I was told that my lashes were my strongest feature, and to always wear mascara to accentuate them. A boyfriend said he could hear them click together when I slept.

Since I never had genuine modeling aspirations, Halloween seemed like a good occasion to indulge my modeling itch. So, I signed up for a competition that I could neither win, nor really even be judged at. Through a friend, I snuck into a Halloween day modeling event for high school girls at the Rockville Hilton Hotel in suburban Washington, D.C.

“Are you someone’s mother?” the woman at check-in asked me. Mortified, I stammered that I’d just missed the day for my own age category (which I don’t think existed, since I was 33-years-old). Then I excused myself to the bathroom, and thought about not coming out. I gave myself a little pep talk inside the stall: You’re only doing this for yourself anyway. Come on. Corraggio. Slipping into Italian always gave me extra oomph when I most needed it.

My mother’s death nine months earlier had triggered my own personal makeover. In her youth, she’d looked like Jacqueline Kennedy, so perhaps I wanted to redeem her beauty.

My modeling mission went deeper than wanting to look good. My mother’s death nine months earlier had triggered my own personal makeover. In her youth, she’d looked like Jacqueline Kennedy, so perhaps I wanted to redeem her beauty. My mother had also groomed me to dress well. Not surprisingly, order in my life generally begins in my closet.

At the time, I was living in Washington, a polished town and a good place to revamp a wardrobe because of its blend of high-end and boho stores. I could dream at Saks Fifth Avenue and then get my fix at Annie Creamcheese, a vintage store in Georgetown. For everyday clothes, I went to Filene’s Basement, or Nordstrom Rack.

My friend Hope helped me with my makeover. Tall, lanky, and Caribbean-American, he’d been a model in New York City, and he taught me how to walk down a catwalk. He imparted self-care habits such as eating preservative-free food, drinking purified water and maintaining good posture, along with the importance of self-love. “You’ve got to love yourself when no one else will,” he once said, quoting the actor Terrence Howard, while looking at himself in my mirror.

That message resonated, as I was just beginning to navigate a world without my mother, the one source of unconditional love in my life. The world seemed like a much pricklier place in her absence. I clashed with my roommates. I argued with my colleagues. I fought with my family. I resented the world without my mother in it. Ultimately, I suppose, I clashed with myself.

The prep room at the modeling event was a sea of prom dresses and hair spray, with mothers anxiously helping their daughters get ready. Fortunately, we could bring our own outfits to model in, and I chose a mix of vintage and H&M clothes, plus some pieces from Italy, including a pair of tall light brown leather boots that hugged my calves. But my outfits, I quickly learned, mattered not. It was all about how I wore them.

Kennedy’s style evolved. The author was glad for her one chance.

The bright lights felt blinding as I approached the catwalk. I was wearing a sexy black knit H&M dress, but the look on my face was one of panic and self-consciousness. I heard snickering and laughter as I walked down the catwalk, scurrying to the end, where a photographer snapped away.

There were four rounds, which got progressively better as I relaxed. By the last round, the swimsuit round, I was both happy that the event was almost over, and toughened up enough not to care what anyone thought. I’d invested the least in my swimsuit — a last-minute H&M purchase, with a stringy aquamarine cover-up that I normally would have thought looked too revealing, and cheap, to wear in public.

Perhaps remembering Hope’s words about self-love, or finally ceding to what I’d come for, I walked down the catwalk with confidence, grace, and an unwavering look at the audience. Miraculously, they looked back at me in kind. I realized then that the world looks back at you the way you look at it. I was finally beginning to mother myself.

Kristine Crane, Deputy Editor

Kristine Crane is Deputy Editor of The American and the author of the “L’Americana” column. She lives and writes in North Central Florida. She was formerly a Fulbright scholar and journalist in Rome, where she helped found” The American.” She is originally from Iowa City.

NO Is not acceptable!!

Rebecca Lynn Phelps, 31

He said no on Thanksgiving Day.  Many of us after eating ourselves into a food coma just wants one thing, sleep!   Rebecca Lynn Phelps of New Fort Richie  Florida wasn’t sleepy. In fact, she wants some adult interaction with her boyfriend.  To motivate him, she grabbed his goodies.  But her boo wasn’t in the mood and turned over and went back to sleep. 

Trust me! “No, is not your final answer!

Rebecca doubles down and tries to motivate her boyfriend. Who pretending to be sleep. She taps on his leg and when he doesn’t respond, she attacks.  Scratching her boyfriend on his left eye causing it to swell and turn black and blue.  Her boyfriend told her to stop or he was going to call the police, which set her off more.  Rebecca then scratched her boyfriends  arm and he started bleeding

I never touched him, she told police

Deputies say a witness inside the home did not see what happened, but heard her boyfriend yelling at Rebecca  “Stop hitting me” and then the witness heard a smack.

Ms Phelps was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery charge and had to pay $100 bond to get out of Jail

But wait, there’s more!

In September 2017, Rebecca smacked a man for rejecting her advances.  She hit him so hard that it left redness on his face.” She also allegedly scratched the man’s arm, causing it to bleed.

Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue the case against Phelps. It is unclear whether the victim in the 2017 matter is the same man in the current case. 




The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S11 ep4 “Pass the Peach, throw shade”

We did! We did! We did!   Shamari Devoe and her Legendary Husband Ronnie, had an open relationship.

So far, so good in season 11.  No major fights, and yes we are still missing Kenya.  

Last night, we begin with Kandi and Todd at Dr Jackie’s office.  Kandi has a couple of eggs and it seem they want another child, via surrogate.  Early in the season daughter Riley said, they don’t need anymore children due to their busy scheduled.   Todd, thinks they should have two surrogates , just in case.  However, Dr Jackie brought him down from that cloud,when she told him a surrogate could cost any where from ninety to one hundred and thirty thousand.    Kandi, said someone told her a surrogate would cost thirty five grand. 

Image result for wear a bullet proof vest gif

Eva, Eva, Eva is talking with her man Mike about the wedding, and Eva wants Nene to go shopping with her.  She seems to have a lot of respect for Nene.  Eva also wants security at this wedding.  ( Could it be her Krazy baby daddy- Kevin McCall?) 

“Porsha Meets Mama Gina”

Image result for this is juicy gif

Hey, hey, hey!  Mama’s look out for their sons and I’m living for Mama Gina’s old school -“Ain’t nobody got TYME for this” shade!  She was direct and couldn’t be shook.

We’ve heard though Kandi’s grapevine that Dennis McKinley moves quick with his women.   So after a few months, Dennis introduces his lovely mother Gina to meet Porsha.   Porsha, is trying to control her crazy azz giddyness. But Mama is intense.  You could almost see the steam rising from the table. 

Seconds after sitting down, Porsha gives Gina a birthday gift (“oh you shouldn’t have”) It’s a Louis Vuitton Wallet.  It could have just been a piece of lettuce.   Gina could care less about a Wallet or anything else. 
Dennis and Porsha failed at trying to change the conversation.

She wants to know whats going on.  So are you two in love already?  You aren’t moving to the alter too quick are you?‘  Has Mama Gina been down this road before?  ‘So how do you all feel about prenups?‘    Porsha nearly choked on her wine.   Let’s be clear,  Mama Gina ain’t no joke.                   “Ain’t no mountain high” 

“The Ladies Who Lunch”

Cynthia seems happy with her long distance man Mike Hill .  They have their own hashtag #Chill   She is having a BBQ with all the ladies and their friends.  

Nene and Marlo arrives first.  With our Marlo still being Extra Extra!  Cynthia tells the other women that Eva has been spreading the rumor that she paid for her former boyfriend Will to date her.   

On route to Cynthia House, is Porsha and her sister Lauren and Shamea Morton. Porsha had filled Shamea in on all the smack Eva talked about her the last time everyone hung out. Porsha tells a pregnant Shamea about stuff Eva has said about her and then tells her to be cool . 

Eva, has been shady this season targeting Cynthia  For weeks, I’ve been wondering would she go up against the heavyweights Nene and Marlo. 
 Well tonight she’s hot air.  Because she couldn’t take on Cynthia. 

Marlo picked at her during a horrible game called “Pass the Peach” a southern version of  “Truth or Dare”  Calling Eva a liar.   Why exactly are we a liar?“Eva shouted. “But you’re definitely extra, and sometimes, you’re extra when it’s not appropriate,” Eva replied. Marlo shot back, “Well, it’s not appropriate to be basic. You’re basic, darling.”  leaving Nene to say ,Eva looked stupid.   Don’t mess with the heavyweights.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 11

Lost in the party drama was the newest cast  member Tanya Sam, a local businesswoman.

The blogs weren’t overjoyed by the former newest cast member 
Shamari DeVoe last week. She came on to strong.  Perhaps her biggest sin is she seems to have an overblown view of herself and her husband Ronnie (The Legend) DeVoe. 

In her second week she is giving us a little Phaedra Parks, as she is planning an over the top birthday party for her twin sons who are turning one.    We see her at bakery with Mother DeVoe (the mother of the Legend) where they are choosing a cake for the party.   The shrewd, bakery employee suggested two cakes one for each child.  $950.00 will that be cash or charge? 

This week she gives us a little insecurity and vulnerability as she seems to want the approval of Mother DeVoe.   Who is very protective of her high profile son.  She seems to be very open, perhaps too open as she shares details of her husbands infidelity with Mother DeVoe and later with the ladies at Cynthia’s  her choice to have an open marriage where she would explore relationships with women* 

*Her hubby (The Legend) said she could only be with women.

So what do we think about Shamari and Eva?  

Leave, your comments

See ya next Monday


Last week, we met the newest Shamari Devoe and the fans were less than impressed 

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