Liberals aren’t Funny

In the tense ,pivotal scene in the movie “Moonstruck”  grandpa say’s “someone tell a joke” The same could be said to host’s of  Liberal talk Radio.  Conservative’s get it.  before he appointed himself God Rush Limbaugh  was extremely funny. Today’s Bill O’ Reillyis funny and very entertaining. Love it or hate it Conservative talk radio seems to haveContinue reading “Liberals aren’t Funny”

Suicides At I-Pad Factory

Jason Dean and Ting-I Tsai  From: The Wall Street Journal May 27, 2010 12:08PM AMID a furore over suicides at a major supplier’s factory in China, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and other electronics companies said they were examining conditions at the Chinese factory and how the supplier has responded to the spate of workers’ deaths. The suicidesContinue reading “Suicides At I-Pad Factory”

And the Pink Brick Goes to……………….

  For the very first time in the 40 year history of the ” Pink Brick Award: the recipient is an “Out” gay person. This faux award is an opportunity to highlight an individual or organization that has done significant harm to the LGBT community. It is also an opportunity to educate the public about the PinkContinue reading “And the Pink Brick Goes to……………….”

Big Girls Do Buy……

If you are a fan of American Idol or  Dancing with the Stars you didn’t see the Lane Bryant commercial featuring Ashley Graham.  Fox and Abc decided that the Ad was not appropriate for the viewing audience. These networks, that brought you  Married with Children,  Cougar town,  Desperate Housewives and Family Guy felt the curvy ladyContinue reading “Big Girls Do Buy……”

59yo man violates restraining order, slugs woman

A 59-year-old man in western Sweden has been found guilty of harassment after dumping a bag full of killer slugs in a neighbouring woman’s garden. Alingsås district court said the man had engaged in a form of “adult bullying” when he emptied his sack of slugs. The 59-year-old was ordered to pay almost 15,000 kronorContinue reading “59yo man violates restraining order, slugs woman”

Reno among most likely places to say vamoose to marriage vows

Reno is in fourth place nationally among cities that are “most doomed for divorce,” according to Men’s Health magazine. “I guess (in those states) the idea is not to make it too easy, or people will somehow lose their commitment for the marriage contract,” he said. In Reno and Las Vegas, some businesses still dependContinue reading “Reno among most likely places to say vamoose to marriage vows”

Fargo Burglar Takes Police on a show and tell

Jason Von McCubbin A 30-year-old Fargo man was sentenced to five years in state prison after he admitted to more than two dozen burglaries, pointing out his victims to police in a car ride across the Fargo-Moorhead metro area earlier this year. Jason Von McCubbin, of 1415 1st Ave. N., pleaded guilty to four felonyContinue reading “Fargo Burglar Takes Police on a show and tell”

It isn’t easy being green: Shrek 4 will make less money?

The big screen’s most famous ogre might have good reason to be grumpy this weekend. “Shrek Forever After,” the fourth and purportedly final installment of DreamWorks Animation’s money-minting series, could very well be the first since 2001’s original “Shrek” to open to less than $100 million. People who have seen pre-release audience surveys say the CGI-animatedContinue reading “It isn’t easy being green: Shrek 4 will make less money?”

Baby, I got to get my hair done! 72yo hits speeds up to 100 mph for salon appointment.

Late for a hair appointment, a 72-year-old South Carolina woman yesterday careened across a highway at speeds in excess of 100 mph, nearly hitting another vehicle, before being collared for reckless driving. When a cop caught up to Sandra Powell’s vehicle at an intersection, she “was upset because she was late for a hair appointment,”Continue reading “Baby, I got to get my hair done! 72yo hits speeds up to 100 mph for salon appointment.”