The Future of Downtown Sacramento on Hold?

Marcos Breton: Railyard dreamer Thomas may be latest to crash Sacramento Bee It’s always the visionary who gets crushed in land deals. Then the competitors swoop in at bargain prices while risk-takers are discarded before turning their dreams into dollars. It’s happened before on big projects in Sacramento.  And now it’s happening again, with the start ofContinue reading “The Future of Downtown Sacramento on Hold?”

Mazda 3 makes errands enjoyable; Mazdaspeed overdoes it

BY MARK PHELAN FREE PRESS COLUMNIST The ’10 Mazda 3 sedan has ample power for daily use. A little power goes a long, long way Somebody should have cut Mazda’s engineers off before they went back for that last round. They’d mixed up the ingredients for a delightful compact car in the new 3: Lithe,Continue reading “Mazda 3 makes errands enjoyable; Mazdaspeed overdoes it”

Raul Rand (Dr Paul) Supports Racial Discrimination?

Rand Paul and Congressional Power to Secure Civil Rights David Gans/Huffington Post Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul created a firestorm recently by stating that he opposed the portions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibit racial discrimination by private businesses providing public accommodations. The outrage following his comments quickly forced Paul to backtrackContinue reading “Raul Rand (Dr Paul) Supports Racial Discrimination?”

U.S. Senate (Tea Party Candidate) Dr Paul is not a board certified Physician but a self certified……

Asked by a Louisville reporter when he would explain his dubious certification, Rand Paul said: “Uh … never” About Rand Paul Rand Paul is a candidate for the U.S. Senatefrom Kentucky. On May 18, 2010, he won the Republican Party’s nomination, defeating Trey Grayson, Kentucky’s secretary of state, by a 59-36 percent margin. He willContinue reading “U.S. Senate (Tea Party Candidate) Dr Paul is not a board certified Physician but a self certified……”

will we ever escape FACEBOOK

Forget the privacy scandal. The social network is here to stay, and it might just take over the world Love it or hate it, Facebook is now the undisputed king of online socializing. Since its inception in 2004 as a Harvard University-based social experiment, the website has recruited 500 million users in 95 countries —Continue reading “will we ever escape FACEBOOK”

Pick up Truck Sales and the Economy

At first blush, May’s full-sized pickup sales — up 24.4% — are cause for excitement. Big pickups have long been an economic indicator, especially since most are bought by working men: contractors, plumbers, electricians, farmers and small business owners. So after three straight months of smaller pickup sales increases, the big May increase must beContinue reading “Pick up Truck Sales and the Economy”

Move Over Jessie, Meet Shannon Price (the former Mr’s Gary Coleman) A REAL Piece of ****Work!

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price married in 06 and divorced in 08.   Shannon Price continued to live in the home after the divorce in  Santaquin about 65 miles from  Salt Lake City,Utah.   On May 26, when she called 911 she refered to him as her husband. First the 911 transcripts………… He just got home. I heard this bigContinue reading “Move Over Jessie, Meet Shannon Price (the former Mr’s Gary Coleman) A REAL Piece of ****Work!”

Why does Hollywood’s heat of the summer box office feel so ice cold?

When a Lakers game was well into the fourth quarter, with Magic Johnson and Co. trouncing some hapless opponent, the legendary basketball announcer Chick Hearn would say, “This game’s in the refrigerator!” If Chick was around today, he’d probably be saying the same thing about this summer’s movie box office, which is so cold right now that you half expect to see peopleContinue reading “Why does Hollywood’s heat of the summer box office feel so ice cold?”

Below the Radar “Friday Night Lights”

Every now and then, a television network believes in a show, the National broadcasting Network believes in “Friday Night Lights” now in its fourth season.  Every once in a while there is a Soprano’s The West Wing,, a show that can stand alone on writing and talent.     Friday Night Lights, chronciles  a small Texas town where high school football is the thing.  My familyContinue reading “Below the Radar “Friday Night Lights””