Women is Suing Cellphone Company for Husbands Cheating

A Toronto woman has filed a $600,000 lawsuit against Rogers Wireless Inc., alleging the company’s billing procedures led to her husband finding out about her extramarital affair. The Toronto Star reports Gabriella Nagy filed the claim alleging invasion of privacy and breach of contract in Ontario court. Nagy had a cellphone account with Rogers in 2007.Continue reading “Women is Suing Cellphone Company for Husbands Cheating”

“THE GREENS HOTEL” An Oasis in the Sacramento Desert

OASIS:o·a·sis // n. pl. o·a·ses (-sz) 1. A fertile or green spot in a desert or wasteland, made so by the presence of water. 2. A situation or place preserved from surrounding unpleasantness; a refuge: an oasis of serenity amid chaos Located Uptown on Del Paso Blvd is the Greens Hotel.   The Greens HotelContinue reading ““THE GREENS HOTEL” An Oasis in the Sacramento Desert”

Sacramento Citywide Community Conversations

“Community Converations” a partnership of The Sacramento Region Community Foundation,Capital Pubic Radio and The Sacramento Bee is sponcering conversations about Sacramento and its future. The conversations are being held at eight locations in Sacramento Natomas:  It’s a Grind ,2731 Del Paso Road North Sac: The Art of Food, 1825 Del Paso Blvd -Suite 2 Midtown:Continue reading “Sacramento Citywide Community Conversations”

What’s With Whitney ?

By Edna Gundersen and Steve Jones, USA TODAY In her prime, nobody could touch Whitney Houston‘s towering gospelized mezzo-soprano. Sadly, that once-glorious voice is showing signs of serious deterioration, decline and distress. And some worry the same could be said for the diva’s career.Globally renowned for her pristine pipes, Houston lately has been a targetContinue reading “What’s With Whitney ?”

Hip-Hop holds African-Americans back

By Angela Woodall Oakland Tribune A group of teenagers armed with little more than an attitude and some turntables created a rebellion 30 years ago in the Bronx. The fire spread across the globe, from Beirut to Beijing, where youths use hip-hop to rap about being denied freedom, power and a voice. Back at home,Continue reading “Hip-Hop holds African-Americans back”


I had high hopes for a great fight this primary.  Two Ceo’s , two successful business leaders you being a billionaire and Steve Poizner a near billionaire.   Meg, where is your fight?  We’ve all seen your infomercials,  But they wont get you elected.  While there are many challenges facing this state. you and your opposite are spending time fighting over who has the most  street cred… who is theContinue reading “MEG! MEG! MEG!”

Jailed Grandma charges dropped

Largo, Florida — It seems the grandmother accused of domestic battery after slapping her mouthy teenage granddaughter won’t face charges after all. Chief Assistant State Attorney Bruce Bartlett tells 10 Connects it simply wasn’t practical to prosecute the case and dropped the domestic battery charge. An attorney working with shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge helped push the case forwardContinue reading “Jailed Grandma charges dropped”

Stuck up Davis,takes itself down a few pegs

Marcos Breton: Sacramento Bee 05/12/2010 Davis is a haughty little hamlet. It’s a lean, green, liberal machine. The local UC campus is “world class” – and they’ll be the first to tell you so. Question: Who wears Birkenstocks like Davis people do? Answer: No one, that’s who. And yet … The People’s Republic has beenContinue reading “Stuck up Davis,takes itself down a few pegs”

And One Day The World Changed- Tower Records Founder Closes last Store

A classic American tale,  Russ  Solomon sold records in his fathers drug store on 16th and Broadway in Sacramento,  the store was connected to the Tower Theater. His first store opened on Watt Ave in the 60’s , he opened  a store in San Francisco, and from there he went global. UK, Hong Kong, China,Continue reading “And One Day The World Changed- Tower Records Founder Closes last Store”