Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.

The egg, easy,medium,hard,scrambled, sometimes poached and boiled. Difficult to ruin and the center of most breakfasts. When choosing a place for breakfast, my friend and I prefer non-chain restaurants, where many of the items (eggs,potatoes,pancakes) is poured from a box and where the meat is sliced so thin that it can only be eaten withContinue reading “Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.”

Briefly: President Omaba and Racism

A black president? Not in my lifetime I believed. An Asian,Latino, or any other race than white? not in my lifetime. How many of us worried that he would be killed shortly before or after the oath? Joe Wilson’s( Member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina) blatant discrepant of the President, isn’t surprising.Continue reading “Briefly: President Omaba and Racism”

Missing in Action- A Jazz Club in Sacramento

Arco Arena and the Memorial Auditorium are good places to see sporting events.  They are also fine places to see your favorite artist when you under 35.  Thousands of People, horrible sound and pricey….     The Community Theater’s sound isn’t bad..but with over two thousand seats its not what one would call intimate. What is missingContinue reading “Missing in Action- A Jazz Club in Sacramento”

May I touch your Breast ? (Straight Men acting Gay to meet women)

A few years ago, I read a short blurb in the Sacramento News and Review about men accosting women in Faces. Earlier this evening I was talking to a friend of mine…  Two weeks ago she and her girlfriends went dancing at Faces, they often prefer gay dance clubs over straight clubs.    One man seemContinue reading “May I touch your Breast ? (Straight Men acting Gay to meet women)”

Family Values- "I spank you cause your a bad girl)

Chick a boom, Chick a Boom, don’t cha just love it….. Of course he’s married…..(with children) N if it weren’t for the pesky microphone, he could still be frolicking with those two married women here in Sacramento. (dontcha just hate that) Poor ole former Assemblyman Mike Duvall from the clean streets or Orange County California,Continue reading “Family Values- "I spank you cause your a bad girl)”

Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 1)

I love smart people, there is something sexy about an intelligent person. I moved to the Big Tomato in 1993 from San Francisco. One of the many things I like about Sacramento is district elections. With district election there is direct representation from someone in your area In most cities council members are elected citywide,Continue reading “Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 1)”