Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 2)

Will he throw a tantrum? Will there be new inductees to the enemies list? Le Mayor has been in office less than a year. With the exception of raising much needed money for the arts… There isn’t any other checks in the done column. After six months of research and 30 hours of meeting, theContinue reading “Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 2)”

Chubby at Wal Mart

Say it isn’t so….the lower cost the store is the more chubenell the customer? Not sure where I heard that saying…it isn’t scientific. But its one of those statements where your first reaction is nooooo…then hmmm. In 2006, the Super Wal Mart store opened in Antelope, I noticed a large population of overweight customers. IContinue reading “Chubby at Wal Mart”

Basic White Tee’s

It’s Saturday afternoon, and on this day I am shopping in South Sacramento and Elk Grove.   With trusty and descreet phone camera in hand, I am snapping way. There seems to be a theme today, oversized white tee shirts.   Worn out side of pants…  While I would agree that they are cool on this hotContinue reading “Basic White Tee’s”

12:06AM 72 degrees

The streets seems quieter than normal last night in Sacramento.  While there was activity outside at traditional hot spots  Harlow’s, Faces. It was relatively quiet. Old Sac was a Ghost town…. A victim of the Economy? or two much competition from the midtown/downtown clubs… While there were lines outside of Dreams (which is reportedly forContinue reading “12:06AM 72 degrees”

Dress Flip Flops and 100% Cotton Shorts…. Sacramento Style?

New Yorkers bathe in black sophistication. San Franciscans are always appropriately dressed for the occasion. A few years ago someone gave me tickets to a Gala here, I don’t remember if it was for the Ballet or the Symphony. While I was thankful, I remember going into a mild panic. What to wea?r.. In SanContinue reading “Dress Flip Flops and 100% Cotton Shorts…. Sacramento Style?”


The 2009 MTV “Music Video Awards——— The View From Sacrotomatoville JURASSIC SHOE’S ? Djimon Hounson & Kimora Lee Simmons Beyonce- Serving Legs Lady Gaga                            Mae West Amber Rose (wasn’t she on Star Trek?) Kanye West (Butching it up) with Amber Rose “This is NOT a weave” Cassie Yeah, I’m hott- Next Question? Keri Hilson IsContinue reading “THE VIEW FROM SACRATOMATOVILLE ( MTV Music Video Awards)”


………OR DID THEY JUST LOSE THEIR MINDS? Man………   u   ANIT AT HOME.!!!!!!………….. Joe Wilson calling President Obama  a Lier!!!!!! B Scared B VERY scared Serena Williams Losing it at the US Open you don’t know me……I’ll…… His stupid azz……  somebody needs to kick his………. Kenya West basically telling Taylor Swift she didn’t deserveContinue reading “IS THERE SOMETHING IN THE AIR………………”

Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.

The egg, easy,medium,hard,scrambled, sometimes poached and boiled. Difficult to ruin and the center of most breakfasts. When choosing a place for breakfast, my friend and I prefer non-chain restaurants, where many of the items (eggs,potatoes,pancakes) is poured from a box and where the meat is sliced so thin that it can only be eaten withContinue reading “Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.”

Briefly: President Omaba and Racism

A black president? Not in my lifetime I believed. An Asian,Latino, or any other race than white? not in my lifetime. How many of us worried that he would be killed shortly before or after the oath? Joe Wilson’s( Member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina) blatant discrepant of the President, isn’t surprising.Continue reading “Briefly: President Omaba and Racism”

Missing in Action- A Jazz Club in Sacramento

Arco Arena and the Memorial Auditorium are good places to see sporting events.  They are also fine places to see your favorite artist when you under 35.  Thousands of People, horrible sound and pricey….     The Community Theater’s sound isn’t bad..but with over two thousand seats its not what one would call intimate. What is missingContinue reading “Missing in Action- A Jazz Club in Sacramento”