The Reason to buy Lotto Tickets: 2024 Volkswagen ID Buzz

It was a hit from the beginning. Few knew it was going to be an electric vehicle. It appeals to nostalgic Baby Boomers who remembers Volkswagen’s Mircobus. The functionality appeals to the Millennials and others simply like it because looks like nothing else. Its called Volkswagen ID Buzz, will lunch in Europe next year. TheContinue reading “The Reason to buy Lotto Tickets: 2024 Volkswagen ID Buzz”

REVIEW: 2021 Volkswagen ID 4

Refreshingly normal By: Tim Stevens/CNET-Roadshow Our second go with VW’s upcoming EV leaves us convinced that electrification is the way forward. It’s been a long time coming, but the 2021 Volkswagen ID 4 EV is nearly here. That is, nearly ready for patient buyers to actually take the things home and experience what VW canContinue reading “REVIEW: 2021 Volkswagen ID 4”

REVIEW: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E

By: Greg Migliore/Autoblogcom Ford puts its best foot forward with the Mach-E, combining the idea of a Mustang with significance of an electric car. It’s capable, interesting and it is necessarily a crossover. DETROIT — The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E is a lot to unpack. It’s a crossover. It runs on electricity and wearsContinue reading “REVIEW: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E”

It’s stupid, makes no sense, could take you to Hell!

If you follow this blog, you know I love electric cars. They are fast, cost less to operate than your typical gas powered car. Most of all they are cleaner, I want to leave the world a better place for my children and future grand children. Having said ALL that, every time I hear theContinue reading “It’s stupid, makes no sense, could take you to Hell!”

GM Announces Goal to Eliminate Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2035

The automaker is focused on electric vehicles and wants to be completely carbon-neutral by 2040 GM CEO Mary Barra announced a bold plan to phase out gas- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035. The plan is part of a larger strategy to make the company carbon neutral by 2040. GM’s plan aligns the automaker with regulations being putContinue reading “GM Announces Goal to Eliminate Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2035”

FINDING GENESIS MOTORS When rave reviews aren’t enough

Finding Genesis Genesis Motors,the luxury division of Hyundai is on fire. The South Korean automaker is known for building quality vechicles with the longest warrenty in the industry. Their vechicles have garnered many rave reviews and awards. But few Americans know about the company or where to find a dealership. In 2014, Genesis Motors wasContinue reading “FINDING GENESIS MOTORS When rave reviews aren’t enough”

Ford shading Tesla

When anyone thinks electric cars, Tesla is ususually the first car mentioned. Tesla is massive, it is the highest valued automaker in the world. Last summer Tesla over took Toyota in valuation. Tesla’s electric engines are efficent, their cars are fast and fun to drive. The electronics in Tesla’s is currently like no other vehicleContinue reading “Ford shading Tesla”

The COOL Arguement for Minivans

I have long been a fan of Minivans from the begininng. I think it has to do with the functionality of the vehicles. Back in the day, American Automakers were building huge luxury barges with long hoods and short rear ends. While they were very popular, I was offended by the wasted real estate, asContinue reading “The COOL Arguement for Minivans”

More Room in the rear seat of a Subcompact car than on Southwest Airlines

I take Uber/Fyft every day, Due to Covid 19, the ride share companies required passengers to ride in the back seat. As a lot of you know, I’m a giant man 6.4 over 300 pounds. Airline travel is a challenge. I tend to avoid Boeing’s Mega Popular 737 the staple of most airlines. With theContinue reading “More Room in the rear seat of a Subcompact car than on Southwest Airlines”

The State of the Manual Transmission in 2020 and Beyond

In our ongoing quest to save the manuals, we crunched the numbers to check on the current state of the stick shift, and proselytize a little, too. From: Car and Driver Aug 2020 The manual transmission is dying, but for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day . . . No,Continue reading “The State of the Manual Transmission in 2020 and Beyond”