Big Man Rides 2015/2016 Volkswagen Passat

One cant mention Volkswagen without mentioning the International Diesel Scandal. Which effects nearly the entire Volkswagen line  including the Passat. There are many questions concerning the future of VW and resale values.  Sales for VW through May 2016 is down 13% Volkswagen is currently the largest automaker in the world, larger than Toyota and GeneralContinue reading “Big Man Rides 2015/2016 Volkswagen Passat”

Minivan Chic? 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

  By: Mark Phelan/Detroit Free Press   Early talk about the ★★★★ 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan focused on risk. Chrysler gambled when it revived the Pacifica name and dropped Town & Country. It rolled the dice by breaking from the looks of previous minivans and announcing it will eventually discontinue the Dodge Grand Caravan. ValidContinue reading “Minivan Chic? 2017 Chrysler Pacifica”

Kia better than Porsche? Dodge better than Honda? What in the World?

Yes, its true however keep in mind these are in initial quality.  Long term, Honda may be a safer choice, but this quite an accomplishment from the Koreans and American auto makers. Electronics have been particularly  bothersome for many automakers. If your not buying a luxury car you may consider sticking to the basic radioContinue reading “Kia better than Porsche? Dodge better than Honda? What in the World?”

Buying A Car? Keep it Simple

While I am not outing anyone.  But there is a segment of the population who remembers when power brakes, power windows, and power steering was the gee whiz  of the day. Today the Gee Whiz is the infotainment systems.  Some of these touchscreen systems allows the owners to warm up their cars  and unlock theContinue reading “Buying A Car? Keep it Simple”

RHOA: S8 EP17 (Finale) Ho! Ho! Ho’s!!

Last night and final episode in a shorten season was okay. For me the night belonged to Ms Phaedra Parks , giving us Bette Davis (Is she a Evil women capable of dropping a dime on her friends? or is she a simple Christian Attorney rasing two boys on her own? ) Most of theContinue reading “RHOA: S8 EP17 (Finale) Ho! Ho! Ho’s!!”

This is going to hurt, Volkswagen

By: Jamie Kitman/Automobile Magazine If one can call a battle with cancer a “personal Vietnam,” as writer and critic Susan Sontag once did, then maybe it is fair to term the lyin’-cheatin’-pollutin’ scandal that Volkswagen brought upon its house its personal nuclear holocaust. I mean, kaboom: VW’s loud proclamation that its new line of turbodieselContinue reading “This is going to hurt, Volkswagen”

See the Hits and Misses from the 2015 LA Auto Show (what car moves you?)

By: Automobile Staff LOS ANGELES — The most-talked-about debuts here are the Fiat 124 Spider, Mazda CX-9,Buick LaCrosse, and Lincoln MKZ. That’s four of the three all-new debuts for this show — the MKZ is a mid-cycle refresh, with a new interior, front clip, and optional twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6. And yes, you read that correctly:Continue reading “See the Hits and Misses from the 2015 LA Auto Show (what car moves you?)”