Texas is Corona Free?

Greg Abbott the Governor of America’s second largest state may believe it is, as he is lifting the mask mandate next week. He is also allowing businesses in the state to open at 100% capacity. Too many Texans have been sidelined from employment opportunities. Too many small business owners have struggled to pay their bills.Continue reading “Texas is Corona Free?”

Robot Cafe in Dubai

 Nothing says social distancing quite like Dubai’s RoboCafe, where robots have replaced their human overlords. Customers can place their orders with German-made robots, who then prepare and deliver it straight to their tables. “It’s a good idea, especially right now,” said Emirati customer Jamal Ali Hassan, whose piping hot beverage was delivered with no spills.Continue reading “Robot Cafe in Dubai”

Skincare line for men of color launches in industry known for racist attitudes

Ceylon, created by Patrick Boateng, was created to treat conditions affecting darker skin such as acne scarring ‘It is shocking to me that in 2021 there is still such a huge lack of representation in this space.’  The first ever skincare product developed with black men in mind has launched in a male grooming industryContinue reading “Skincare line for men of color launches in industry known for racist attitudes”

Buh-bye, skinny jeans: Levi’s is embracing a baggy look

By: Parija Kavilanz /CNN Skinny jeans have had their moment.Comfy clothing is what consumers want now, and Levi’s is ready to deliver with more generous-fitting and downright baggy jeans this year.The iconic American denim brand said it’s helping facilitate the switch from skinny to baggy.Vaccination megasites pop up in empty malls“I think we’re kind of leading this trend to someContinue reading “Buh-bye, skinny jeans: Levi’s is embracing a baggy look”

The $2 Billion Mall Rats

The inside story of a black sheep hedge fund, their massive bet that shopping malls would crash, and how they proved Wall Street wrong.  By: Ian Frisch/Equire Magazine Catie McKee, Dan McNamara, and their boss Marc Rosenthal had millions of dollars riding on Crystal Mall in Waterford, Connecticut. The trio worked at MP Securitized CreditContinue reading “The $2 Billion Mall Rats”

As More Bay Area Residents Work From Home, Many Are Moving That Home To Sacramento

Cailfornia Dreaming 1600SF Home Bay Area 970K Sacramento 420K By: Ed Fletcher/Capitiol Public Radio When the pandemic hit, Ebony Lewis decided to reassess her living situation. “When I was living in Oakland Hills I had a roommate. It was close quarters. I needed my own space,” said Lewis, a Los Angeles-area native who recently boughtContinue reading “As More Bay Area Residents Work From Home, Many Are Moving That Home To Sacramento”

The State of the Manual Transmission in 2020 and Beyond

In our ongoing quest to save the manuals, we crunched the numbers to check on the current state of the stick shift, and proselytize a little, too. From: Car and Driver Aug 2020 The manual transmission is dying, but for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day . . . No,Continue reading “The State of the Manual Transmission in 2020 and Beyond”

“How are we going to pay these bills?”: Losing income to the pandemic when medical catastrophe hits

Soledad had her hours cut in half when the pandemic hit. Then her pregnancy developed serious problems By Ela Banerjee-Soledad Castillo/Saloncom This is an excerpt from the Unheard Voices of the Pandemic series from Voice of Witness. Interview and editing by Ela Banerjee, community partnership coordinator at Voice of Witness. Soledad Castillo is a narrator inContinue reading ““How are we going to pay these bills?”: Losing income to the pandemic when medical catastrophe hits”

American Blood on his hands

His need for attention and praise is part of his narcissism. This narcissism allowed himself to taped by famed journalist Bob Woodward who taped him on 18 separate occasions from Dec. 5, 2019 to July 21, 2020. Bob Woodward, is best known for his work with Carl Bernstein for the Washington Post on the WatergateContinue reading “American Blood on his hands”

Chrysler Dodge and the Last Days of the V8

There is nothing like the sound, smoothness and the exhilaration of a V8 engine. After more than hundred years the V8 continues to be a prestigious option. The days are fading for the mighty V8. Fuel consumption,greenhouse gases, and demand is behind their eventual demise.  I want a V8!  Turbo, Supercharged 4 and 6 CylinderContinue reading “Chrysler Dodge and the Last Days of the V8”