Elan Ooops “He can build Tesla’s in Texas-cant sell Tesla’s in Texas’

Texas is oil country, OIL! All over the state there are OIL refinerys. However for the worlds largest economies,OIL is so 2001. OIL is bad, the new world is electric. Texas and a few oil producing states didnt get the memo. One of the biggest news stories of 2020 was Tesla’s plans to build aContinue reading “Elan Ooops “He can build Tesla’s in Texas-cant sell Tesla’s in Texas’”

A late night Crepe on Columbus

Saturday night and the streets aren’t all right. This is NOT San Francisco a week before the Memorial Day Weekend. The streets are empty. South of Market was dead, the Wharf was filled with local tourist. These are people from the Bay and other parts of Northern Cali who walk around, however they don’t spendContinue reading “A late night Crepe on Columbus”

California Here I Stay

May 2020 I have grown to love Sacramento.  However from time to time, you need to go back home.   It had been nearly three months of self isolation in Sactown, work, home, Safeway, repeat.   I needed out, I needed the ocean. A former San Franciscan, the Mighty Pacific has always had a calming effect onContinue reading “California Here I Stay”

What’s up Sacramento? In Covid times Rents Rising Fast.

As rents drop in the San Francisco Bay area. Sacramento is seeing a steady rise in Apartment Rents. Of the all the large cities tracked by Newmark only Phoenix Arizona, saw faster growth in Rents than Sacramento. Average apartment rent in the Sacramento’s four-county area during the last quarter of 2020 was $1,710, up from $1,587Continue reading “What’s up Sacramento? In Covid times Rents Rising Fast.”

Wal Mart: Push a Button and Wait

When I’m looking for the the ultimate customer experiece,Wal Mart doesn’t come to mind. Like billions of shoppers on the planet, it’s promise of low prices. I spend nearly $2500 a year at the West Sacramento, Wal Mart. The average family spends more than $5100 a year at a Wal Mart. Most of MY dollarsContinue reading “Wal Mart: Push a Button and Wait”

California Plans to Ban Petrol Cars by 2035

California is the first state in the United States to ban new Gasoline and Diesel cars by 2035. Governor Gavin Newsom of California issued an executive order today, directing that state to require that all new vehicles sold in 2015 to have zero emissions. This executive order targets private passenger cars and trucks, as wellContinue reading “California Plans to Ban Petrol Cars by 2035”

“First in the US?”Lassen Country California closes business

  200 miles northeast of Sacramento lies Lassen County.   Lassen County, has a population of 30,000 Lassen County was one of two counties in California that had no confirmed Covid-19 cases since March 4. As of Wednesday, the county has six cases, prompting public health officials to rescind its phase two variance  their orders forContinue reading ““First in the US?”Lassen Country California closes business”

South Lake Tahoe says stay away

  The Tahoe Basin, which sits in California and Nevada is a popular tourist destination.  The area has struggled to keep tourists away despite California’s stay-at-home order. As El Dorado County continues moving into Stage 2 of reopening, more and more businesses are opening their doors, including dine-in restaurants, provided they meet certain safety requirements.Continue reading “South Lake Tahoe says stay away”

Is leaving Sacramento and California for a lower cost home enough?

Anyone who lives on the West Coast knows there is a high cost for living here.  From Washington to California’s Mexican Border, the West Coast is pricey, this is also true of Canada. The medium price of a home in Vancouver, British Columbia ($1,360 million)  is considerably higher than Toronto, Ontario ($806,000) Canada’s largest city.Continue reading “Is leaving Sacramento and California for a lower cost home enough?”

Why Texans Don’t Want Any More Californians

  Migrants from the Golden State could change the character of their new homes.   By: Derek Thompson/The Atlantic Across a frightened nation divided by politics and culture, a fragile harmony is ascendant, as Americans in small towns and large cities alike cry out in trembling unison: Hey, where did all these Californians come from?Continue reading “Why Texans Don’t Want Any More Californians”