Zero to 17

Stretch ouch step, step ouch pull, step ouch my back, Step ok pull.How have I’ve done it over the years. I weighed more then, as ran through airports all over the world. Atlanta’s Hartfield, Denver International.  Charles de Gaulle in Paris. With my necessaries under my arm. PC’s, tablets, phones, meds, toiletries, books and a … More Zero to 17

Disco Nights At “Dance Your Ass off Incorporated, San Francisco”

                It wasn’t about smoking, buying a drink, I just wanted to dance. My roommate Jennifer introduced me to Disco.  She had this wild fascination with drag queen’s, especially black drag Queens.   At one forty five am, we would walk down street to the Foster’s Restaurant at Polk … More Disco Nights At “Dance Your Ass off Incorporated, San Francisco”

#metoo Consider the man?

Believe the woman! I am a supporter of the #meetoo movement.  For hundreds of years men, have abused women, at home, school and in the work place simply because they could.   I was one of those men who remained silent because speaking up could damage my upward mobility.   Many women suffered in silence for those … More #metoo Consider the man?

daring to listen (Political Addition)

  Lets be clear the nation IS divided.  It’s Democrats against the Republicans and Fox News against other cable networks. The polarization between the two parties has grinded our government to halt, our government isn’t working.  Most of the states have closed primaries not only binding the hands of voters but severely limit the reach of politicians. … More daring to listen (Political Addition)

Another One For Sacramento

Sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate home.   The unfortunate violence in Milwaukee last weekend reminded me of a strange night in Milwaukee a few years ago. Milwaukee lives in the shadow of Chicago.  Much like Sacramento and San Francisco. It was a weekend with friends ,this was my second visit to Milwaukee … More Another One For Sacramento