She Clobbered him with a frozen Pork Chop

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DATELINE:  Friday February 1, 2019

Brooksville, Florida 11ish PM


Jennifer Brassard  48   , and her 54 year old BooImage result for older man hiding his face, were in it  It was the late Friday Fights on Shetland Ln.

The two dated and now live together in Brooksville, Florida Image result for brooksville florida a small city of nearly 8000 ,south of Tampa


Brooksville was once a major citrus production area and was known as the “Home of the Tangerine .


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Not sure if her boo Image result for older man hiding his facesaw the frozen pork chop coming,   But when it hit him he left the premises.  I don’t think he asked her any other questions. 

He called the police

When the Police arrived they determined she was the primary aggressor and took her away.  

The chop hit her boo below the left eye, causing a half-inch laceration.

They booked her into the county jail and charged her with a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. 

A judge ordered her to stay away from her….  Current, soon to be ex? Boo.

Not sure who gets custody of the killer Poke chop








NO Is not acceptable!!

Rebecca Lynn Phelps, 31

He said no on Thanksgiving Day.  Many of us after eating ourselves into a food coma just wants one thing, sleep!   Rebecca Lynn Phelps of New Fort Richie  Florida wasn’t sleepy. In fact, she wants some adult interaction with her boyfriend.  To motivate him, she grabbed his goodies.  But her boo wasn’t in the mood and turned over and went back to sleep. 

Trust me! “No, is not your final answer!

Rebecca doubles down and tries to motivate her boyfriend. Who pretending to be sleep. She taps on his leg and when he doesn’t respond, she attacks.  Scratching her boyfriend on his left eye causing it to swell and turn black and blue.  Her boyfriend told her to stop or he was going to call the police, which set her off more.  Rebecca then scratched her boyfriends  arm and he started bleeding

I never touched him, she told police

Deputies say a witness inside the home did not see what happened, but heard her boyfriend yelling at Rebecca  “Stop hitting me” and then the witness heard a smack.

Ms Phelps was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery charge and had to pay $100 bond to get out of Jail

But wait, there’s more!

In September 2017, Rebecca smacked a man for rejecting her advances.  She hit him so hard that it left redness on his face.” She also allegedly scratched the man’s arm, causing it to bleed.

Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue the case against Phelps. It is unclear whether the victim in the 2017 matter is the same man in the current case. 




A champion of women’s rights who slapped women “A lot of women like it. They don’t always think they like it, but then they do, and they ask for more.”

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Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General of the State of New York resigned today.

Schneiderman well known in the state, as a champion of women’s rights.  The man who legal action against filmmaker Harvey Weinstein and one of the male faces of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

Four women, strangers, spoke to the The New Yorker Magazine.   What they have in common is violence at the hand of Schneiderman.  The Democrat was a strong critic of President Trump.

The allegations are shocking, and the Attorney General resigned three hours after the story was released.

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64yo Girlfriend attacks Boyfriend for watching porn

One crisp Febuary morning . Miss Gayle Tindall of Fort Pierce Florida caught her man watching porn and                                    ENTERTAINING HIMSELFJack Faps in their home.

She wasn’t pleased, SHE WAS PISSED!   Image result for angry woman with steam coming out her ears gif She and her boyfreind argued  Image result for older couple arguing gif before she went to work.    At work Gayle said she was mad all dayImage result for mad older woman gif. When she came back for work she was STILL MAD.    When the boyfreind returns ,he tries to calm her down,then called her some mean names Image result for angry older woman gif she attacks the boyfriend. Grabbing his arm and digging her nails and scratching him.     She lives the room and when she return she throws a phone  Image result for older woman throws phone gif and calls police.   Gayle calls police.  The Police notices scars on boyfriend.

Gayle was arrested for battery and fined $250.  She has to say away from her boyfriend who is now free to watch all the porn he wants Related image at home until she goes to court March 13. Image result for yes ma'am gif



Women of Value

I arrived at the end of a fight in the parking lot of a discount store. The woman I was standing next to was a friend or a sister who was angry with the woman with the blood stain on her shoulder and the large hole in her top.

The friend or sister is standing with her arms folded angry, talking to herself. I cant believe it!  she took off her job to fight this women or should I say all the women her man has fucked.  It don’t make no sense!   

For more than four decades, a wife lived across the street from the woman who was having an affair with her husband.   To perhaps soften the blow.  The wife held lavish parties inviting children, grand children and great grand children. There were glossy pictures all over their home. In public she often said, my husband, Peter did this for me.  But everyone knew, all her friends and all the children knew of the affair.  The wife knew where he was, whenever his car was in the driveway.   He was with the love of his life.

As a male I have never understood why some women allow this form of treatment. Its clear the man she has chosen doesn’t respect or value her.  But where is her self worth her value?  Some women have told me the other woman is a safer target.  Other’s believe there is an ownership and another women should respect the relationship. Some say its for the children, I struggle with this, because not only has he disrespected his wife, he has disrespected the entire family.  They have less of him and the message to the children is this is normal behavior.   

I knew of these women, as a teenager, I used to drive one of these women around in my car.  She wasn’t looking for her cheating husband ,the man she took vows with.  The goal was ultimate humiliation.  She was willing to publicly humiliate herself and the other woman at place of employment.   There wasn’t an end game, just humiliation as their was no guarantee that the planned event would end the affair.    At one point, she took a lover,   (you can’t beat um join um) after all he had been unfaithful for more than three years.  When he learned she had a lover, he left the family.  Not with the women he was having an affair with, but another women.  It seems he was cheating on the side chick too.       

    You rarely find a male, fighting with another man over his cheating partner.  Rarely see two men fighting in a Wal Mart parking lot over a cheating spouse.


2017 was going to be different ,she told herself.  She planned to pull out all the stops and produce more than anyone in the department.  She WAS going to be noticed next year.    She’s been with the company five years. She knows all of her male colleagues earn more than she does.   Her salary review last year, went no where.  She read books to help her be more assertive and convinced herself there were other companies willing to pay her more should her currently employer didn’t meet her wage demands.

From the moment the door opened her confidence disappeared.   When they said, they where pleased with her work,she felt the tears.  (Pleased?) What kinda shit is this? She thought to herself.    She knew she produced more than everyone in her department and it wasn’t noticed.   When they offered her a six percent raise she didn’t speak.     She shook her head when the offered seven, because she thought they may change their minds. Weeks later she learned that one of her colleagues received a twelve percent raise.  Humiliated, the  next day she called in sick.

“We teach people how to treat us”

Men scream about their accomplishments, women whisper.  A male employee may pound on desk, and argue why they deserve a raise .Some women are afraid.  Like many women my friend hoped that she would be fairly judged based on her accomplishments and the quality of her work.   She agreed to  a 7% raise when she wanted a 15% raise.  She wasn’t comfortable asking for what she wanted.   She brought all the necessaries to the review, she had the stats, she knew what she brought to the company.  But she was uncomfortable.saying it. So she took what she that was their final offer.


2018WomensMarchsac (17)

A lifetime doesn’t change overnight.   Women have told me they were raised to be second place.  Their mothers, aunt’s have told them to do what ever it takes to make the marriage work .  One day he will get tired of beating on you . If he cheats on your, just remember you have the paper. 


It was important that black people get elected to office , to vote in major blocks, to have a seat at the table.   Men are in control all most places in the world.  It important they remain  in control. Until the power is shared, womens issues will always come second.

Women, have been under attack for many years, because they do not have enough seats at the table to make a significant difference.  Every year, more women are under attack, health care, reproductive rights, childcare and this will not change until there are more women voices, more places at the table and It doesn’t matter which party belong to.  

Women of Value   

 The women in my life aren’t second to anyone.  Sometimes in life we choose the wrong person, someone who isn’t worthy of our loyalty or devotion. Its not a critical error, it was a mistake .  Hopefully we will learn and make better choices in the future. 

I believe if you have committed yourself, you should do your absolute best to make it.   If its broken try to fix it.  Using your words, ask for what you want.  Its unlikely you’ll get everything. Its a step forward in your relationship or your profession,  its a victory.   

These are my opinions, of course these do not apply to every man or everywomen.  I’m not a psychologist, or sociologist.  I am simply a dad ,brother, uncle, and a friend who wants a better world for his daughters, nieces and friends and their daughters.  A world  where they stand beside their male counterparts and not behind.








HOT AND BOTHERED: Who took the Chocolate Chip Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

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This is a public warning to all skinny people!

Big thick fleshy individuals are SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR FOOD! 

Intelligent individuals wouldn’t put their hands in the mouth of an angry Pit Bull.

So don’t play with big folks food!  

The Story 

Last week, 31 year old Richard Hessic from Port St. Lucie, Florida came home expecting to eat his favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie’. His mouth, taste buds were all set for ‘da cookie” 

So when he went to the cookie jar….  (you know what happened?)

Hey, baby, where are my cookies?   Baby (the girlfriend)  cookies? I don’t know.

Richard was hot!  All of his favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies were gone and it didn’t help matters when he believed his girlfriend blew him off.  She couldn’t believe he was being so petty over a cookie and offered to replace the cookies.  She said she joked about “reviewing the surveillance cameras to see who ate the cookie.”     Richard wasn’t feeling it and came into the shower where she was and ripped the shower curtain down and punched her in the face.

She called the police

She might have re-thought ticking the 6.4 man off.

Richard is on house arrest and wearing a GPS monitor and has to say way from Baby.

  Richard is no stranger to the police.  He’s been arrested for battery, fleeing and eluding, child abuse, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and violating probation.  He will be arraigned today in Florida.




Booty Call Confusion

A CityFella re-enactment)

A Text message:


KJoy: Thinking about you

Kjoy: I NEED you

Kjoy:  You can have that (attachment)

Kjoy:  coming ovah now

Kjoy: I’m gonna make your scream!

Krystina Joy Rivera (facebook picture)

KJoy, drove over to her ex boyfriends Ronald Koch around 5 am Tuesday morning to knock some boots . There was just one small problem. Ronald never responded to any of her text messages.

The 27 year old Clearwater ,Florida women somehow forced her way into his home.

At the time, Ronald  “was lying in bed” with current girlfriend Julie Thomas.

According to the reports Kjoy, walked into the bedroom and started punching Julie Thomas in the face.

Isn’t it interesting?  women rarely attack the man (often the offender) always the woman in this case the sleeping Julie.

Kjoy ,told the Police she didn’t hit Thomas ( Prob the victim of a violent dream where she beat herself across the face ) she also told the Po Po she was invited to the house.

Kjoy was arrested for assault or battery (for which she has pleaded not guilty)  Kjoy was locked up in advance of a June 13 bond hearing, has been ordered to have no contact with her ex or the women who beat her self up.

The mother of two has had a few prior convictions for marijuana possession, drunk driving, possession of drug paraphernalia, public urination, theft, and violation of probation.

The last one is scary. I’ve seen enough Lifetime movies.  Her ex should move!