Catholic priest ‘didn’t know 15 was under-age’

A German priest on trial in Norway for having sex with a 15-year-old girl claimed he did so because he did not know the country’s legal age of consent was higher than Germany’s.  “She was the love of my life,” the priest, who is in his early 30s, told the court on Tuesday. He addedContinue reading “Catholic priest ‘didn’t know 15 was under-age’”

Brian Hounslow didn’t realize he was in the Women’s Restroom at Wal Mart

When you gotta go and go right now, you have certain expectations.  If your 61 year old Beth Davis  your not expecting to see a nude man in the women’s restroom of a Tulsa,Oklahoma Wal Mart at 830 in the morning. According to police documents, the grandmother of eight saw 37 year old Brian Hounslow  amusing hisContinue reading “Brian Hounslow didn’t realize he was in the Women’s Restroom at Wal Mart”

Update: Couple Doing Time for Love @ Home Depot

    Last month, Emily Craig and Shawn Bowden was arrested for having sex in a shed at a North Charleston Home Depot.    Craig  pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and providing a false name to police. She was sentenced to time served, the 22 days she spent in custody following her arrest. Bowden was sentencedContinue reading “Update: Couple Doing Time for Love @ Home Depot”

Love on display @ Home Depot

By: CityFella Check In times at most hotels is after 2pm.  But what if you need a room sooner?   Your not looking for anything special, no rooms with a view, no internet , air conditioning nah.  You simply need a room and a room right now. 20 year old Emily Taylor or Jessica AnnaContinue reading “Love on display @ Home Depot”

One in five Thai parlours in Sweden offers ‘happy ending’

Every fifth Thai massage parlour in Malmö, southern Sweden, accepts requests for sexual gratification at the end of a session, a Swedish newspaper reported on Thursday. The news comes following the Sydsvenskan newspaper‘s probe into illegal prostitution among the Thai massage parlours in Malmö, Sweden‘s third largest city. Local police receive “several tip-offs a week” but do notContinue reading “One in five Thai parlours in Sweden offers ‘happy ending’”

Officer Miller Used Patrol Car PC to Surf for Child Porn

One would think……………. (Moving on) Greeneville Tennessee Police Department  auxiliary officer  Herbert Eugene Miller r was arrested  last week after Investigator were able to link searches of pictures of young girls to the Patrol Car‘s PC.  According to FBI Agent Bianca Pearson, Miller worked July 27, 2013, 7:00 p.m. to July 28, 2013, 3:00 a.m. At approximately 1:48 a.m.,Continue reading “Officer Miller Used Patrol Car PC to Surf for Child Porn”

The Woman in Row 16, does hair too….

What goes on in Vegas stays is Vegas?    Does that apply to the plane to Vegas?   Well…… Jessica Stroble,  and Christopher Martin are free spirits.  They live for minute the second and the now! Witnesses say the couple became friendly at Medford, Oregon airport.   I have to use the term Witness hereContinue reading “The Woman in Row 16, does hair too….”

Weiner comes Clean after Dirty

Apologizing in advance. It get worse from here. Who is Carlos Danger? Is he a suave actor on a Spanish soap opera? Uhmmm no its our favorite Mayoral Candidate from New York City…. That’s right New York City.  Anthony ( let me show u somethin I’m proud of ) Weiner. Apparently Weiner couldn’t keep it inContinue reading “Weiner comes Clean after Dirty”

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Stands Alone and plans to stay amid Sexual Harassment Claims

They’re not standing by their man in San Diego.  The first democratic mayor in 20 years is finding himself standing alone.    First his ally on the council Donna Frye  is now the voice of the victims.    Frye who seems to be loudly everywhere in the media enjoying her 15 minutes.     ThenContinue reading “San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Stands Alone and plans to stay amid Sexual Harassment Claims”

His name is not Dick, or John its Dwayne

Who remembers  WeinerGate and Anthony Wiener?   He was an up and coming (no pun here) star within the  Democratic  party.  The Congressman from New York  who’s career ended after several pictures of his Oscar Meyer Wiener went viral.   2011 wasn’t kind to other elected offices using their dumbphones.   A few pictures leveled an well knownContinue reading “His name is not Dick, or John its Dwayne”