Ouch! Man grabs woman’s behind-Woman slaps man.Woman pays fine

A 23-year-old woman who slapped a man in the face after he grabbed her rear end has been convicted of assault by a court in southern Sweden. The 27-year-old who made the unwanted move escaped charges for the incident after a preliminary criminal investigation was dropped. “This goes to show that it’s okay for guysContinue reading “Ouch! Man grabs woman’s behind-Woman slaps man.Woman pays fine”

They came for da Burgers

Sixty two year old Gary Wells is a regular customer at Doc’s Smoked BBQ and Burgers at 636 W. Stockton St in Sonora, California. On Tuesday, he and his lady, Seventy Two year old Linda Titus of Earp, Calif got caught up in the caught up and the next thing you know they were naked in Doc’s parkingContinue reading “They came for da Burgers”

Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday

Flu, Gun Control, American Idol, Justin Timberlake . First things first, its flu-cold season Like millions of americans  I have the flu and I’m cranky .Like millions of americans I still have to work, to keep the lights on.   I sneeze and cough into a tissue, towel, or news paper.   I’m not shaking hands as this is noContinue reading “Licking your own snot- It’s cranky Friday”

Michael Lyon Prominent Millionaire: Quickly Forks over 2.5 mil to settle suit

Before the jurors were questioned.   Before all the plaintiff‘s and witnesses were seated.    Michael Lyon settled.   The plaintiffs: former nannies, family members and friends video recorded in bedrooms, bathrooms and showers in Lyons homes in Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.,saved the humiliation of reliving events surrounding  the tapings.  2.5 million dollars and a public apology willContinue reading “Michael Lyon Prominent Millionaire: Quickly Forks over 2.5 mil to settle suit”

Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans

The original plan was to drive from Atlanta to Austin Texas, until the Rent A Car Company told me they where going to give me a huge gas guzzling SUV, free was gonna cost me nearly $400 in gas. So what’z a Sacramentian to do at 1045pm at the Atlanta airport?   Heck take the Bus.   My daughter ravedContinue reading “Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans”

Florida woman demands money, pulls gun on man during sex in moving car

A Florida woman who allegedly pulled a gun on a man during sex and demanded money, causing him to lose control of his moving car, was arrested Tuesday, police said. The woman, Amanda Jean Linscott, 26, fled the scene on foot after the vehicle struck a palm tree, went airborne and plowed through two frontContinue reading “Florida woman demands money, pulls gun on man during sex in moving car”

After three bottles of Vodka, James Harsey went down south in South Carolina

August 1st , wasn’t a typical day for  Myrtle Beach Police officer Welch.  Someone reported  a person or persons intoxicated in  Balsam Park. On a creek bridge within the park, the officer saw two people lying down near the bushes. As he crossed the bridge, he saw a female with her panties and shorts pulled down to her ankles and her genitals exposedContinue reading “After three bottles of Vodka, James Harsey went down south in South Carolina”