Nasty, just Nasty!

I’m hungry,”El Paso 306 miles”, a comfy bed is six hours awaits me in this border town.  This is the desert.   Oh look, another tumbleweed.  I don’t want to stop, I just wanna go to bed.   My food options off the Interstate, was  fried, fried and fried.  I chose a familiar chain, the girl on the speaker was a bit huffy.    Ahead of me is a light blue Ford F-150, the occupants are having a very animated conversation.

Money was exchanged, drinks and bags were passed.  The brake lights went off and then abruptly came on,  more animation.  A problem with the fries, the man was handing them back and was waived off by a large girl with a black Mohawk.  The F-150 pulled away.  I rolled my window down, the winds of Montezuma rushed through the window of the drive through into my car, caused my head to recoil.  The stinky air from the restaurant is now contaminating my car.  I turn off the AC and roll down all the windows.

The girl with the Mohawk, said 7.41.  I handed her 10.    The girl was dirty.!  She wasn’t in uniform, she was wearing  blue striped overalls, and a shirt that someone from a auto repair shop might wear.    There were a collection of stain on the overalls. When she reached for the money. I could see her mails, they were filthy .  What the fuck?  Who would buy anything here?  Oh I would!  I just gave her money, when I should have just kept driving from the moment she opened that filthy ass window.

In my mind, I said to myself, the big girl wont be handling the food.   Then another girl appeared,  they were sharing a laugh.  The other girl sneezed and wiped her nose on her sleeve and then wiped her nose again on the front of her hand.   OMG Fucking Gross!

My drink, ,followed by the food through the window.  Oh my gawd, the air coming through the window smells soooo bad!!! .    The two girls are disgusting AND I’m starving!   I’m slowly driving through the parking lot, saying to myself, well the heat will kill the germs. (My mother used to say that)      But I cant do it.  For a brief moment, I considered taking it back, but what I am I going to say.  Y’all nasty!  I want my money back!     I didn’t  want to risk reaching into my bag and pulling out a fry, so I dumped every thing in a nearby bin.

Back on the Interstate, windows down.  Still  Starving, another drive through.  Nope, not gonna do it.   I park my car.  I step into the restaurant. and wait for the smell.  So far so good.  A few people are ahead of me..   I peer into the kitchen, every one is clean,  floor is clean, counters clean.  A young kid takes my order,  nails clean, uniform stain free.

Can I have bacon on my burger?



The Spartanburg South Carolina Not Famous Yet! Taco Bell Burrito Assault

While the assault pictures were too graphic and not actually available for The Sacratomatoville Post ,we can describe it for you with our cut and paste magic!
 Persons with vivid imaginations may benefit from this tragic and burning story.
Image result for what happened gif

Okay! We’ll Tell ya!


The Manager of the Spartanburg Taco Bell Patricia Keeley 

 Image result for taco bell manager

Note: This isn’t Patrica Keeley.  I have no idea what she looks like.   Its a random picture taken from Google  I liked her smile.  Notice how she is holding her finger…  Cute Right?   Check out the worker behind the counter. AS IF….   

Back 2 da Story 

Monday afternoon.  Patrica (pre burrito burn) told her staff member.   A formally mild mannered  Christopher Dalton Image result for taco bell manager

Another random Google pic.  I have no idea who he is either, But he looks happy.  

She changed his work schedule. Chris didn’t like this news and was top level PISSED!   There were random heated angry words with his co-workers.  Then Keeley went for the juggler, she told him to stop being a…….

Image result for crybaby gif!


Related image

Weird Child GIF


Chris threw a burrito at his boss. 


Image result for SHOCK HORROR GIF

 This is actually a picture of Melania Trump after learning she had to share a bed with Donald tonight !



Focus-nnnnnnnnnnnnnn back 


Keeley told police “the HOT melted cheese got all over her left arm and went all down her left side and leg.  There was cheese everywhere all over the appliances.


Chris wasn’t done!   Keeley said, he took off his headset and threw it on the ground causing it to break into several pieces and walked out! 

steve spurrier throws headset gif

Police is charging Chris Dalton with misdemeanor assault Image result for spartanburg sc police department

For a few seconds Patrica Keeley can say she had HOTT LEGS!!!!!

Hott Legs

Please direct all my hate mail to Donald J Trump, he has way changing events, “This isn’t hate mail, these are love poems from voters who love me.!



Australia Goes Krazy for California’s In and Out Burgers

Related image

The Question is will go global before it goes National ?  Will the be an outlet in Dubai before Detroit ?   In the the last few years In and Out with its cult following has opened up Pop up Shops in London and a few other international cities with very favoralble results.  In Australia, In and Out has opened shops in Sydney, Melborne and Perth.

In and Out Following? In you live in Sacramento or any other city in Cali In and Out is common ,like “Jack in the Box”  A few years ago I picked up a freind at SFO who was visiting from Europe.  The first thing he said was take me to an “In and Out”.   I didn’t know where the nearest one was from the airport and before we left , he found one on his cell.  15 minutes later we were in line at a resturant.  No drive through for him.  He wanted the sit down experience!

Whats a Pop up Shop?

A “popup shop” is a short-term, temporary retail event that is “here today, gone tomorrow”. Popup retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers.

Sorry Baby Boomers, these shops aren’t aimed at you.   Unless your an over achiver.  There is no adverstising,no radio spots.  POOF! Its on your cell via social media, like this madness in London.  Watch!

In and Out Burger opened a pop of shop in Perth, on Australia’s West Coast Monday.  Within hours the shop was sold out. 

Click Link Below for video’s and reviews from Perth Now




The shocking cost of stingy pay in America


Taxpayers shell out $153 billion a year to help low-wage workers survive

By:Lynn Stuart Parramore

Getting up and putting in a hard day’s work should keep you out of poverty, right? Not in 21st century America, where restaurant employees struggle to feed their families and home-care workers worry about losing the roof over their heads.

Corporate America’s fixation on curbing employee benefits and wages has forced more and more working families onto public assistance rolls.  We’re not talking about so-called welfare kings or queens. We’re talking about people who punch the clock at jobs that are often as exhausting as they are thankless. The people who stock the shelves, clean the offices and keep society running smoothly.

Stinginess may reduce a company’s bottom line — though even that claim is doubtful, since many studies show that low pay can result in higher turnover and lost productivity. But squeezing workers to the max indisputably costs taxpayers dearly. As you contemplate the taxes you just filed, consider that you are subsidizing the right of gigantic, profitable companies to deny hard-working citizens a living wage.

A new study from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley brings this issue clearly into focus.

Sifting through expenditures on various programs such as food stamps and Medicaid, researchers find that the government shells out $152.8 billion a year to keep working families afloat. All told, over half of combined state and federal spending on public assistance goes to families where at least one member works 26 or more weeks per year and 10 or more hours per week.

In California, the cost of picking up the slack from companies such as Walmart, Burger King and Macy’s is $3.7 billion a year. In New York, the price tag is $3.3 billion. Texans are shelling out $2 billion. Couldn’t we build a few schools with that money? Repair some roads and bridges? Invest in new technology?

Boosting the minimum wage would lift living standards for up to 25 million people in America without leading to significant job losses or other costs.

Workers’ wages have been declining in recent years. The Berkeley researchers note that from 2003-2013, inflation-adjusted wages sank for the entire bottom 70 percent of the American workforce — in other words, most of us. To add insult to injury, that same period saw a large decline in the share of people who get job-based health coverage.

Conservatives often claim that lazy and unskilled workers are to blame for wage stagnation. But that argument has been debunked by economists such as Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, who point to government minimum-wage and anti-union policies that have weakened the bargaining position of low- and middle-wage workers as the real culprit.

It’s promising that at the start of 2015, workers in 21 states and the District of Columbia got a pay raise, and that more elected officials across the country are considering increases. Walmart recently announced that it will raise all of its full-time and part-time employees’ pay to at least $9 an hour starting in April, with the lowest wage rising to $10 an hour by February of next year. That’s welcome news, particularly since the cost to taxpayers of Walmart’s low wages, according to a report by the Democratic staff of the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce, is $5,815 per employee.

Action is long overdue. Economists such as Joseph Stiglitz have been warning for years that economic inequality is tearing the country apart and dampening our economic future. There are many causes of inequality, of course, but America’s miserly minimum wage is a big reason for inequality at the bottom. A report by the Economic Policy Institute finds that raising the minimum wage would help reduce inequality, particularly as it affects lower-wage women and, by extension, the families they support. Stiglitz and other experts have pointed out that boosting the minimum wage would lift living standards for up to 25 million people in America without leading to significant job losses or other costs.

Perversely, many conservatives would like to cut or close the very programs that are currently allowing low-wage Americans to meet life’s basic necessities, even as they seek to block minimum-wage increases. Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has been particularly strident in denouncing federal wage hikes, insisting “we need to leave it to the private sector.” Like his potential fellow GOP contenders for president Marco Rubio and Rick Perry, Bush would like to scrap the federal minimum wage altogether.

Bush likes to throw in a threat that low-wage workers who see a pay increase would soon be replaced by a robot, a form of dubious fear-mongering regularly trotted out by conservatives anytime someone calls for better worker conditions. As usual, this is a highly questionable line of thinking: In 2011, a Wall Street Journal survey found that most economists blamed high unemployment on a weak demand for goods and services — not automation. With unemployment numbers dropping, it seems even less likely that a robot-driven jobocalypse is on the horizon.

What Bush and his fellow presidential aspirants need to answer as they make their bid for the White House is a simple question: Why do you think taxpayers should subsidize the refusal of corporations to pay a living wage?

Shaneka Monique is going to Jail for Bacon…..

By CityFella…

Before you read this. Gently place your hands on the sides of your face and say “Oh Lawd”


This is Shaneka Monique Torres


Date: February 10, 2014

Time: 3am

Location:  McDonald’s, 28th Street near Madison Avenue SE,

City: Grand Rapid

State: Michigan




Ms Torres, with a friend.  Ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger.  She got the Cheeseburger, but there was no bacon. She complained to the manager.  The manager corrected the order and offered her a free Bacon Cheeseburger on her next VISIT.


Must have been a good bacon cheese….. She returned in less than 24 hours and ordered another bacon cheese.


Wouldn’t you know it.  She order another bacon cheese and it didn’t have bacon. (The baconer (don’t think that’s real word) should be fired immediately)


She was mega pissed.  She cussed out the workers in the drive thorough, pulled out a convenient hand gun and fired one round into the restaurant. The bullet shattered the driver’s side window of her Chevy Tahoe before sailing through the restaurant.

McDonald’s drive-through cashier Essence Lake said as she was walking away to get the new burger, the glass behind her was shattered by a bullet. Lake said had she been standing at the window, the bullet would have struck her in the forehead.


Shaneka initially told the police she didn’t do it.  Then later admitted it.  She later admitted it was dumb.


Her Attorney went for it.(what could he do?) he Torres discharged the weapon by accident.

The Grand Rapids jury didn’t buy it.  Shaneka 30, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, discharging a firearm into a building and felony use of a firearm, the latter of which carries a mandatory two-year term and a maximum of seven years.

In Sacramento. a Bacon Cheeseburger is less than two dollars.






Late Late Late Night Eats….. Midtown Sacramento Del Taco Vs Micky D’s and a lil Sugah


By: CityFella

You’ve burned all those calories on the dance floor, you may just want a lil snack or bigger snack. More than a dozen clubs and hundreds of people. Not many food choices after the clubs close in Downtown/Midtown.  In fact all the eateries are on the far side of  Midtown…     If you wanna sit down, there’s the Ihop on L and Alhambra or Mel’s.  Not only is there a wait at Mels by 2am  but parking is gonna be a challenge until about 3:30 am.

Where is a good food truck when your hungry!!!!!

Shift in Palettes? 

I’ve noticed something weird midtown.  Del Taco and Micky D’s eateries are almost across from each other. During the day the popular drive through is Micky D’s however after say 1.30 its Del Taco with the lines stretching  down Alhambra to J Street .   At the same time, just a few cars at Micky D’s . Things that make you go…. hmmmm?

One more thing……….

A bigger restaurant just meant bigger lines.  When ya want something sweet … “Its Rick Dessert Diner”

This is a Sweet Vid by Karmin



McDonald’s Celebrates 25 Years in Russia

One of the world’s biggest chains of fast-food restaurants marked its 25th anniversary of business in Russia Saturday, Jan. 31.

The first McDonald’s was opened in 1990 on Pushkin Square in Moscow, one year before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and became a pioneer for the many foreign food chains that flooded Russia afterward.

The restaurant was temporarily closed by the state food safety watchdog in August last year, and reopened in November.

Nowadays 471 McDonald’s restaurants serve more than 950,000 customers per day in Russia.