NO Is not acceptable!!

He said no on Thanksgiving Day.  Many of us after eating ourselves into a food coma just wants one thing, sleep!   Rebecca Lynn Phelps of New Fort Richie  Florida wasn’t sleepy. In fact, she wants some adult interaction with her boyfriend.  To motivate him, she grabbed his goodies.  But her boo wasn’t in the mood […]

GOING,Going,Gone! Illinois State Rep Nick Sauer resigned after reports of Catfishing Men on Instagram

Come on Republicans….   There are gay, Jews, Christians,  Buddhists, Democrats and zillions of dedicated gay individuals in political groups and religions all over the world, including far away places like Fresno, California.   Stop forcing good strong Republican men and women into closets with all that dust and filthy mole. Now, no one really knows if […]

‘Painkiller pills turned me gay’ claims man who ditched his girlfriend after breaking his foot

  Scott Purdy, 23, described himself as a hot-blooded heterosexual who enjoyed dating women before he started taking painkiller Pregabalin From: UK Mirror A 23-year-old man has claimed that painkillers he took after a go-karting accident unexpectedly turned him gay. Scott Purdy, 23, described himself as a hot-blooded heterosexual who enjoyed dating women before he […]

Before I Do: Why History Matters

His or Her Past, may have a major impact on your future as a couple Sex and the Heart has ruined many relationships because they often distract from reality.     The heart wants one thing and one thing only, love.   The heart is hopeful, it tells the brain to overlook what it sees because love […]

Wife spills all the tea after 62 yo Hubby ditched her for 19 year old

John Copsey was once the Conservative mayor of Bridlington, UK .  After over 30 years of marriage to his wife Jacqui he left her for his 19 year old mistress.  The two share a flat and he tells friends its the real thing and he wants to get married.  The current Mrs Copsey said the saga […]

He blabbed about their secret and she tried to mow him down in her Mercedes Benz

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office This story has the ingredients to fill a segment on “Jerry Springer” “Ready” Jupiter Florida mom AND Mercedes Benz owner. 58 year old Kathleen Regina Davis HAD an affair with her daughters husband !  Yes, Yess Yessssss Her 33 year old son in law (soon to be EX) told her daughter […]

Are You Datable or Are You a Fling?

Photo/Google Our sex and relationships writer breaks it down   By:  Megan Drillinger/ Men’s Health I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make relationships out of booty calls. Because all great relationships are built on a foundation of phenomenal sex and the occasional inside joke, right? (RIGHT?!) I mean, if you’re making me orgasm […]

dating: THE CHECK

There was a time when the lines were clearly drawn, roles defined.   When it came to dating, it was the man who paid.  It was the man who decided where the couple was going to dine.  This was pre Phil Donahue, and Murphy Brown. After Donahue, there were some feminists who believed the man […]

Adventures in Dating: A man of a certain age

God has a sense of humor, when you were in your twenties with a perfectly firm body,  you didn’t appreciated it, you were too busy comparing yourself with someone else. My twenties was a time of rebellion,exploration, and independence with major states of outrageous panic.  The mind of many twenty somethings are filled with Jello. […]