Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep14 Who’s A Lesbian?

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This is de episode   The rumors about who is skinny dipping in the lady pond comes full circle and someone falls hard out of the closet. 

One more day in the Woods

The Lesbian conservation swirls. Kandi is still pissed and is done. DEE OH N E!   She doesn’t want to travel with the ladies and arranges he own ride to the ATL.   When Kandi tells Cynthia she’s leaving .Cynthia’s response was like.  I’m done with all the drama . BYE Girl.

The next day the ladies climb into bus and please believe Sheree isn’t done and Phaedra doesn’t have a glass in her mouth to prevent her from talking.  Sheree wanted clarity and Phaedra had a bout of “flash amnesia ”  she didn’t remember anything. Any conversation about Kandi and her lesbianism.Porsha tried to clean her role up, but no one on the bus was buying dat gov-mint cheese

At the lake house, Cynthia traumatized her daughter Noelle about Lesbians. 

The Kenya Surprise.

Your girl is turning 50 and getting a divorce. So you get your girl , a card, a cup cake, a night with the girls.  Kenya, wants to give Cynthia something unique and she does with a lil shade. She takes Cynthia for a laser vaginal rejuvenation.  Of course Kenya doesn’t need one because she’s younger and her VaJJ doesn’t get much use.  (Kenya is much younger at 46 or 47)  As a bonus, we get the see some of the procedure.  Bravo cuts to flowers and butterflies to distract us.

Its official, Apollo is her ex

Phaedra rolls up to her lawyers office in that black benz which is on fire.    The office conference room  has a giant sign(KAPLAN FAMILY LAW) so fans in Atlanta know where to go.  Her lawyer Ronnie tells her the judge finalized her divorce.  However SHE would have to tell Apollo they are finished.   Now Apollo can tell his girlfriend he’s free.


Daddy Dearest Momiger and Porsha’s 1.4 new house

I’ve never understood why a deadbeat daddy would want to be on TV.   Once again, after demanding that he be allowed to see his daughter Russell “Bloc” Spencer was once again a no show. Riley is clearly hurt and done.  Kandi encouraged her to put her feelings on pen as she has difficulty expressing her feeling and takes her to the studio.    Even with auto tune, Riley is no Solange, however Kandi get bonus points for being a supportive mom.

Across town frick and frack gets together at Porsha’s HUGE new 1.4 million house.

Cynthia is having a fashion show for her new purse and bag line in Atlanta and tells Sheree there maybe a spot for her son Kairo in the fashion show.   Sheree is bout da business and asks if he is getting paid.   Ah, no  how bout a backpack.   Sheree son has never been in any show and tells Cynthia she would prefer  the show to be on a weekend.

Porsha sits down with her unemployed boyfriend Todd and put him in check.  With all that time on his hands he’s upset Porsha has a job and cant be available when  he’s available which is all da time.  ” She tells him that he’s almost 40, so she thought he would be more responsible.   Prognoses , Nooooooo!

 The Main Event

“Who is in the Lady Pond?”

After the camping trip, Kandi meets with her staff and hubby Todd at the Kandi Factory and tell them the main event of the glamping trip.

In the meeting we learn that Kandi, Porsha, and Todd were dancing at a late night stop. With Porsha on one side, Kandi in the middle and hubby Todd bringing up the rear.  Porsha and Kandi kissed (with tounges) and Porsha offered to eat Kandi’s yum,yum until till she came.    WELL FUCKING HELLO!!!!!!

And her staff and this reviewer went wild.   WTF!

Kandi has her moments, but rarely does someone question her integrity!

Kandi admitted she has dipped into the lady pond and says that only someone who had done that before would say it just like that, so obviously Porsha has done something. Meanwhile, Todd says that whole night was pretty fun because they went to Waffle House afterward.  One of her staff members said, well if you cant eat a……

Kandi and Porsha meet for lunch and the streets (patrons) got an ear full.   Kandi is still annoyed and Porsha goes left right and to the moon.   Porsha goes in hard.  She says everyone knows Kandi is a lesbian as she has had a secret seven year relationship. She says Todd is calling women pretending to be someone named Marvin.  Porsha says  Kandi has a sex dungeon.

When Kandi brought up the kiss between the two of them and the offer of the happy meal.    Porsha took a lesson from Donald Trump, she creates news to deflect from the truth. Its fake news until she slipped.  She went into her deniel mode (it neveh evah happened) and told Kandi she wouldn’t be interested in a Tea Cup like Kandi !   So what kinda women are you interested in.

In the confessional, Kandi reminds us, she is IN THE SEX business.   She has a sex talk show,  a very successful sex toy business and she thought the Idea of a sex dungeon would be cool.

Who’s a Lesbian Now?

See ya in a couple of weeks



Leah Remini believes Tom Cruise could ‘end Scientology’

Leah Remini believes Tom Cruise could be the key to ending Scientology.

The outspoken ex-member of the church appeared on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on Friday, where the two discussed the direction Scientology was headed and how its biggest name could “single-handedly” end the “cult.”

“We are required to study two and a half hours a day minimum,” the “King of Queens” star explained to Maher.

And she added Cruise is required to do that as well

Leah Remini says Tom Cruise thinks she’s ‘literally the devil’

Image result for tom cruise scientology birthday

“Now, I don’t want you to get the idea that he’s not, that certain policies are not being bent for him because they are and that is the truth, and that is part of the hypocrisy,” she continued.

The Church of Scientology believes the “Top Gun” actor is also single-handedly “clearing the planet” and “changing the planet.”

Maher fired back, “Changing the planet? He couldn’t even make ‘Jack Reacher’ a hit.”

Remini, 46, laughed, but seriously said that Scientologists probably think people are out to get him and that’s why the movie wasn’t a hit.

Leah Remini says Scientology would let Travolta commit murder

The two ended the discussion saying they hope the religion falls apart in the coming years.

“We’re all still managing who we are from being in a cult, it’s not an easy thing,” Remini said.

Leah Remini Scientology And The Aftermath

Her series “Scientology and the Aftermath” ended on A&E in mid-January.

The church repeatedly denies Remini’s claims and has called the show a publicity stunt.

Leah Remini hopes the Church of Scientology sues her

Maher said winking to the actress, “You’re doing God’s work.”

Why Adele’s Grammys flub was actually a pop-star power play

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By: Mikael Wood/LaTimes

Is this becoming a habit for Adele?

As you’ve surely heard by now, the young British singer went dramatically off-script at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, halting her shaky performance of the late George Michael’s  “Fastlove” (presumably because she couldn’t hear her accompaniment) and asking to start the tribute again.

But although the moment was shocking — at least by the tightly managed standards of televised awards shows — it wasn’t exactly a surprise: After all, Adele experienced a similar mishap at the 2016 Grammys, where she delivered a deeply pitchy rendition of her song “All I Ask” that seemed to disrupt the idea of Adele’s vocal prowess.

“I can’t do it again like last year,” she said Sunday as she stopped “Fastlove,” and the pain of “All I Ask” was clearly still vivid in her memory.

After the earlier incident, some wondered if the singer’s career would take a hit — including Adele herself, who appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and spoke about the crippling pressure to live up to her success.

Yet the damage never materialized; in fact, 2016 ended up a banner year for Adele, with a sold-out world tour that stopped for eight nights at Staples Center and a blockbuster album, “25,” that finished as the year’s biggest seller. (On Sunday, “25” was named album of the year, one of five awards the singer took home.)

One conclusion to draw here is that messing up actually helped Adele, as indeed will this latest blunder-if-you-can-call-it-that.

More than her ability as a singer, it’s Adele’s perceived relatability that’s made her one of music’s biggest stars. At a moment when so much pop feels so carefully strategized, she cuts a different, more approachable figure — less polished than Taylor Swift, less cunning than Katy Perry, less intellectually ambitious than Beyoncé.

So to crumple under the hot lights — and then own up to the panic anyone might feel in the situation — is only to deepen the valuable sense of connection listeners feel with her.

As this year’s Grammys host, James Corden, said in  a recent interview, fans watch Adele onstage and think, “She’s representing me up there.” And who among us can’t envision themselves whiffing in front of an audience of tens of millions of people?

Then again, there’s another way of looking at the “Fastlove” episode that demonstrates just how exceptional Adele is — and how powerful.

Musicians flub notes all the time on live TV; Adele wasn’t even the only one to do it Sunday, as anybody who caught Lukas Graham and Kelsea Ballerini’s ear-bending duet can tell you.

But Adele was the only one to bring an elaborate prime-time production to a standstill because she didn’t like the way it was going.

That takes real confidence in one’s artistic vision.

Was she genuine in her apologies to the crowd and to the Grammys’ producer, Ken Ehrlich, whom she mentioned by name? There’s no reason to doubt it, particularly given the anguished look on her face.

But along with the horror at repeating a familiar mistake, Adele’s mind had to have been filled with the certainty that she’d be allowed to pick the song up again, something Kelsea Ballerini could scarcely have assumed.

In other words, the Grammy stage was a safe space for Adele, not just in success but in failure too.

It almost makes you wonder if she’s started planning next year’s snafu.

Can SNL topple 45’s administration?

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By: Dean Obeidallah/CNN

Saturday Night Live is clearly no longer content to just comically fillet 45 As we saw again in this Saturday night’s episode, they are increasingly going after key members of his staff. And if recent media reports are accurate, this seems to be rattling Trump and causing dissension within his administration.

When I worked on the production staff of SNL for eight seasons, we never knew if the politician or the celebrity the show would be mocking that weekend would be watching. But of course with Donald Trump, we do know. It appears he can’t help hate-watching the show. Trump has taken to Twitter on multiple occasions to slam the iconic comedy show, even demanding back in October that it be canceled because he was outraged by the way Alec Baldwin and the show depicted him.
Baldwin hosted the show this past Saturday, and if the sole goal of SNL was to drive Trump to Twitter to lash out, they could’ve featured many sketches with Baldwin lambasting the President. After all, Trump offers comedians an abundance of material. But instead, the show made a decision to focus more on key members of his administration like Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway.
The show opened with Melissa McCarthy reprising her hilarious role from last week as Spicer. This time Spicer tried to remain in control but as time went on he lost it. Soon Spicer was hawking goods for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, which Nordstrom pulled this week for poor sales. And Spicer even comically commented on the racist underpinnings of Trump’s “extreme vetting” plan by using a white Barbie doll who easily walks by TSA security agents before a brown skinned “Moana” doll is immediately subjected to a pat down.
Assuming the media reports are accurate that last Saturday’s SNL depiction of Spicer got under Trump’s skin since a woman was playing Spicer, then the next moment of the cold open must really have angered Trump. That’s when his newly sworn-in Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, entered the sketch, played by the amazing Kate McKinnon. And she delivered a great comic line, touching on Session’s alleged racist past, “We all know there are two kinds of crime…regular and black.”
In the span of a few short minutes, SNL had again undermined Spicer, depicted the “Muslim ban” as racist, and spotlighted Sessions’ controversial past. That’s great political comedy.
But SNL was far from done with Trump’s team. Next came an entire sketch about Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, which began with CNN’s Jake Tapper, played by Beck Bennett, commenting on how he didn’t want Conway on his show because of her peddling of fictitious stories, including “The Bowling Green massacre” that never happened.
Moments later when Tapper arrives at his apartment, he’s confronted — in a loose parody of the classic film “Fatal Attraction” — by an angry lingerie-clad Conway played by McKinnon. She declares she’s “not going to be ignored” by Tapper or any in the media because, “I just want to be part of the news.”
It wasn’t until the Weekend Update segment where Trump really became the brunt of the jokes. One of the most cutting came from Update co-anchor Michael Che when he commented that Trump looked miserable as President and noted that Trump was eating a truly unhealthy diet of KFC fried chicken. Che wryly added that Trump should quit now as President, “I mean, Donald, is this really how you want to spend the last two years of your life?!”
And finally, one hour into the show, we saw Baldwin as Trump. This time it was in a People’s Court parody of Trump appealing the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision. Sure, it was funny — especially when Trump calls as a character witness a shirtless Vladimir Putin — but clearly, SNL had made a conscious decision to not use Baldwin as Trump in sketch after sketch in this highly anticipated episode.
Giving comedic airtime to parodies of Sessions, Conway, and Spicer instead of wall-to-wall Baldwin was both funny and an important commentary on the volatile first weeks of the Trump administration. Obviously SNL alone can’t undermine the credibility of a presidential administration. But it can play a key role. (Hence Trump lashing out at SNL.) And given that SNL is at a 22-year high in ratings this season, the show is off to a good start. Its reach has not been this great in decades.
So in a time when polls show many Americans distrust the mainstream media, it may just take SNL and comedians to be the voices of reason. Here’s hoping that week after week SNL helps make America laugh again at Trump — and his administration.
Dean ObeidallahDean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM radio’s daily program “The Dean Obeidallah Show” and a columnist for The Daily Beast. Follow him @deanofcomedy. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sp9 Ep13 : If these woods could talk

Q: What do you get when you mix  Sheree Whitfield with Marlo Hampton?

A: A lot of Shit!

Picking up from where we left off, the wonderful housewives are in a bus heading for the camping grounds.   The heat between Kenya and Porsha  has calmed, at least for now.  However, Kenya  still doesn’t believe Porsha’s anger management classes are working.

The ladies arrive to check in  and the desk clerk reminds them to watch out for critters in the woods.   Remember, Pheadra made arrangements for the ladies but Kandi, Porsha and Sheree, all brought uninvited guests..   Poor Sheree, at checkin, Marlo announces has gas issues.  Sheree brought everything but a GAS mask.

Earn your Peach

Alone in their cabin, Sheree the shit stirrer (maybe its appropriate Marlo is her roomate) coyly mentions  someone in the group is: “dipping in the lady pond”.  She doesn’t mention a name. but Marlo asks if its Kandi?

Sheree says she really hates the fakery. The ladies have real issues with each other but act  all friendly and nice when they hang out.

 Porsha and Phaedra have been throwing around Kandi hooking up with Shamea are just another example of stabbing a buddy in the back while kissing them on the cheek.

Shereé’s diabolical plan is to bring up the rumors during their upcoming campfire session of “Ask Marlo,”

Its Marlo Time! 

While they may have compy cabins, tonight its about the full outdoor camping experience, its Tent City Baby.

While the ladies all have their cans and bottles of bug sprays.  Leave it to Marlo, to bedazzle her can with sparkles.

While the professional can assemble his tent in five minutes, the women take much longer.   Some took two hours.

After all the tents competed, its time for roasting marshmallows and housewives. Porsha’s sister Lauren starts the “Ask Marlo ” segment of the evening.   Asking Marlo what was the deal between Marlo and Kenya.  Kenya’s look is “not again”  Marlo seems happy to share . Explaining how Kenya  left her out of a birthday and housewarming party.   While Kenya said , she “apologized multiple times” for what happened Marlo doesn’t remember and the two goes back and forth and then Marlo goes deep by saying  You know  she’s a bad person when her own mother won’t even talk to her,” which gets a immediate reaction from all the ladies .   Phaedra sweeps in and changes the conversation. .

The Morning After 

Tent free, the ladies head back to the cabins..At lunch, the topic becomes divorce. First up Pheadra. What’s the status and why its taking so long?   Kandi say’s she heard it only takes 60 days for a divorce to go through when one party is in jail (you can all most hear Mama Joyce coming through her mouth) but Porsha steps in to defend Phaedra, stating that Apollo never wanted the divorce to be finalized, and that’s why it’s taking so long.

Cynthia ,talks about her divorce from Peter . She believes they’re close to signing.  She wants closure with Peter, but he simply wants to sign the paper and be over with it.   The ladies take turns consoling her.  Peace.

At the Lake

One thing is very clear, Sheree is a city girl. She’s one for wigs, weaves  makeup and nails.  She is not feeling  the bugs, lakes or boats. She is having a fit with nature. The rest of the ladies are enjoying the canoes and paddle boats. Sheree stays on the shore, trying to avoid the flying critters.


Easy peezy, just climb up some stairs, a hundred feet and jump.  Kenya’s excited, Phaedra Sheree, and Cynthia looks up and says “nope” out the gate.  Kenya goes for it and tries her damnedest  to make it look easy.  Kandi went and looked as if she Jumps daily. Porsha, take a leap of faith, cries up and cries down. Everyone is happy.

A Candlelight Dinner (cue scary music)

The table was beautiful, the ladies are dressed (glamping) . They reminisce about the day’s events and then…………..

Kenya apologizes (yet again) for hurting Marlo’s feelings.  The MARLO apologizes for going low about her mother. Kenya is moved.  Then (cue scary music) Marlo says she’ll move forward “with caution.” Then Marlo decides to take it there by  asking Kandi if she is a lesbian.

Are we all enjoying the salad ?

Every bodies eyes popped out with Kandi being the most confused. . Marlo clarifies that she heard the rumor from specific people in the group, which sends everyone into a fit trying to defend themselves.

Porsha and  Pheadra who started all this mess are quiet. Pheadra’s plan was to keep her mouth on the glass of wine she was drinking.    Porsha,  took the Owl route, by continually asking Who?

Sheree is pissed, fit to be tied and finally calls out Porsha, and everyone crack ups having to watch Porsha pretend to be surprised.  Shereé tells Kandi about when Porsha said, “She’s still in the closet.” Kandi shuts it all down, saying she’s “done things” with women in the past, but now she is strictly dickly for her husband. She adds that Porsha has her own experiences in the same area and won’t own up to it.

The Cool Down

The group divides into smaller groups.  In the rooms, they break it DOWN. Kandi vents her frustrations to Hazel, Kenya, and Cynthia, calling Porsha an “aggressive lesbian” when she gets drunk.   In another room , Porsha, Lauren, and Phaedra get upset over Kandi insinuating that Porsha has ever done something sexual with another woman.

Hope your taking note for the reunion.   For now I will call it LesbianGate!   Ellen, Rosie O Donnell and Wyand Sikes will break it down for us.

Coming soon Kim Zolciak, and possibly a woman named Leakes

Hot Damm!


It couldn’t wait!

Image result for women talking on her cell  phone

How often have you’ve been forced to listen to a very loud conversation on a bus or an waiting room?

Individuals on their cell phones loudly and freely including us in their conversation whether we want to be apart of it or not.

 Oh yes, the laughter and the volume. People yelling into their phones so loudly that they can be heard by passengers at thirty thousand feet.

On one trip on light rail all the passengers learned, Alfred Weters was fucking this cum whore Mace Johnson, who had fucked everyone in the Fair Oaks location of this well known business.  The manager there ,who transferred from the Bay Area is a racist.

There were small children on that train, and at least 50 others who probably didn’t want to be a part of the conversation was forced to listen.

 What if someone on the train knew Alfred or if the cum whore’s sister was on that train?   How could they walk away from that?

  Your gonna have to trust me on this.  (yes I am the spokesperson)

 We don’t want to hear about your personals life including your diarrhea and how the shit was everywhere and how you were grossed out AND how you mother will have to clean it up because you cant!  I so wanted you to reimburse me for my teriyaki chicken dinner.

I often wonder if these people think they are in a sound proof bubble?

News Flash You’re Not!

Yesterday, in a office lobby was Barbara.  A wound up lady who needed to talk! Not in her office or her car.  But NO!!!  She needed an office lobby!    It seems, she was bullied in her office in Sacramento by Bob,a narcissistic asshole who is in a habit of bullying her.  She was very emotional and loud.  What we learned is if you disagree with her she will get louder! She’s very tired of this shit! There is a campaign of men who bully her! AND she named them all and there individual offices. One call wasn’t enough for Barbara, she called several people repeating the story to the point that anyone in the lobby could repeat the story verbatim.

One man trying to read the Wall Street Journal was snickering behind his newspaper. Another man was shocked at the detail Barbara went into to.  I looked for camera or a camera crew to see if we were all being punked!

No one from Dateline came out.

True Story

There was a girl on her phone in a large office building in San Francisco.  She was inline for elevator to take her to her floor to an interview.  As we waited her voice bounced off the walls of the elevator lobby.  On the packed elevator, she  was telling someone  how much she loathe being a receptionist and if she gets the job she would only stay a couple of months. She went on to say the person she spoke to had a funny accent that she could barely understand her.   The doors opened on the 37th floor.  She went to the restroom to check her makeup and hair.

The receptionist who handed her the paperwork is from Argentina. The women who later interviewed her is from Britain, they were all on the same elevator.

Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 EP12 “Into the Woods or the Adventures of Fric,Frack and Whack”

Friendships are challenged and a rerun of feuds sum up last nights episode.

Fric & Whack

The new team of Fric (Phaedra) and Whack (Kenya) go shopping for supplies for the glamping trip.   (Isn’t glamping a stupid word, there is nothing glamorous about camping unless its done from the 15th floor or a resort)    Phaedra wants Kenya to keep it cool around Frack (Porsha). Kenya insists Porsha’s anger management isn’t working.  Kenya is an expert on anger management, after all her whacked out boytoy regularly breaks out the windows on her home.

Cynthia, Kenya and Whacked OutBoyToy

Cynthia meets with Kenya’s Boy Toy to see whats happening with Kenya and the Toy(Matt).  Matt says Kenya doesn’t respect him and they don’t know how to communicate AND he gets upset and starts breaking things ….  At her house of course. Cynthia tries to make Matt feels a little bit better by saying  Kenya is a drama queen.

 (come on say it with me Duh!)

Later, Kenya visits Cynthia at the new lake house.  Cynthia shares her conversation with Matt.  This sends Kenya to the moon, screaming Matt is a child and psychotic  and calls their relationship a cycle of abuse! Kenya steps it up a bit by questioning Cynthia’s loyalty cause Kenya is ALWAYS defending Cynthia’s honor and name.   MISS KENYA MOORE! WILL NOT HAVE HER NAME BESMIRCHED LIKE THIS! (I’ll have to look up Besmirched to see if any one has done that to me?) AND SHE DRIVES OFF IN A HUFF!      (Kenya a drama queen? nah)

Time for a White Party featuring Black People

Kandi’s friend Shamea is getting married.. Kandi throws her a white party. Everyone is invited except Phaedra and Kenya.  Cynthia, Marlo and Sheree show up wearing something other than white.

Porsha and Shamea are besties and Porsha doesn’t show up.  Shamea is disappointed.

Ladies and Gentleman.  “Its time for some Shit from Sheree”

With Phaedra absent, Sheree says Phaedra is telling people Shamea loves sleeping with married men. Shamea, says Apollo constantly threw himself at her and suggests Phaedra is a Public Utility (meaning she is sucking dick ALL ovah!) Complete with gestures that some would consider inappropriate gestures for an engagement party!

Shamea is also upset that her bestie didn’t defend her.

Porsha visitS Shamea to apologize for missing her engagement party.  She arrives with a gift and tells Shamea how she cant be around Kandi right now.  Shamea confronts Porsha with all the rumors and how her bestie didn’t defend her.  Porsha temporarily slips into a dumb and stupid mode, maybe she did defend Shamea.


Shamea tells Kenya to watch out for Phaedra.  She reminds us when Phaedra used to say that Porsha is stupid and has a little head full of brains.

Porsha and the Coach

Porsha is going to an anger management coach. She talks about last week and the ambush. She tells him about being upset when Kandi put her on the defensive and What worse Kenya made light of the embarrassing situation.

I still find it interesting that Kenya is concerned about Porsha and not about Matt.

Glamping and another chapter of Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor

Its the day of the glamping trip but before we move on, its time for another tired chapter of Chateau Sheree vs Moore Manor.

At Moore Manor, Kenya got it going on, with a full spread of sandwiches and has fruits and fresh veggies.   Meanwhile, at the Chateau, Sheree looks like she’s selling Girl Scout Cookies outside a shopping mall . With a plastic folding table with cookies in their plastic container  I beginning to believe that the Chateau is rented with Sheree waiting for the current tenant to move out.  The ladies loyal to Sheree precamped outside with a Chips Ahoy and those at the manor lounged inside  with fresh food . Advantage Moore.

Unknown to Phaedra, some of the ladies are bringing their friends including pre peached Marlo. Porsha brings her sister Lauren and Kandi brings her friend Hazel.

Marlo  was dressed for fashion shoe and somewhere  between the snacks and glamping bus, she christened herself the pearl of wisdom.  Any questions the ladies have about anything ,you could ask Marlo.

 What may have began as a joke, backfired on Porsha. as she produces a note from her doctor explaining why she brought her sister along.   Reopening another round of Porsha’s anger management.  To be continued next week