When Beavers mom, June said “I speak Jive” I lost my mind!

It was 1980. Word of mouth about a low budget movie, quickly spread across the country, making “Airplane” the fourth highest grossing flim of the year. There were no big stars on the marquee. Airplane ,was a parody of the 1957 flim, Zero Hour starring Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell. with much of the orginialContinue reading “When Beavers mom, June said “I speak Jive” I lost my mind!”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City “All About Mary”

The Real Housewives franchise, has been the cornerstone of Bravo for nearly 15 years. According the Wikapeda, It was inspired by scripted soap operas, Desperate Housewives and Peyton Place, and would document the lives of upper-class women who “lead glamorous lives. Dallas, Atlanta, Orange County, Potomac, New York, Beverly Hills, New Jersey and Salt Lake City.Continue reading “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City “All About Mary””

And there was Snow in 2 C

March 2020: The world was a terrifying place. It was scarier than an nuclear missile from North Korea. Corona Virus I’ve lived through Herpies, Aids, H1N1 and various flu’s and yet somehow this was different. I couldn’t tell you, but one day I was scared. Someone died in Washinton State, then other places. Companies wereContinue reading “And there was Snow in 2 C”

Housewives of Color? its about time!

After years and years of watching variations of the same formula in different cities, the Real Housewives franchise has grown stale. Rich white women with nothing to do other than scream at each other or nearly rich black women with little to do, yelling at each other.   Through the years, I have reviewed manyContinue reading “Housewives of Color? its about time!”

‘T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’ Production Suspended Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations

BA: Ranita Aniftos/Billboard VH1’s reality series,  T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, has suspended production following a range of sexual abuse accusations against rapper T.I. and his wife, Tiny, Billboard can confirm. The show, which offers a glimpse into the famous couple’s life, had been shooting its fourth season in Atlanta. “We are aware of the allegations, and while they areContinue reading “‘T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’ Production Suspended Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations”

The Very Worst Movies of 2020: From Netflix’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ to Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Dolittle

It’s been a good year in film overall—but there have still been plenty of stinkers. Our Marlow Stern and Kevin Fallon break down the worst of the worst.Marlow SternSenior Entertainment EditorKevin FallonSenior Entertainment Reporter Marlow: Well, we’ve discussed our holiday movie and TV recommendations, you’ve gifted us a comprehensive rundown of the best TV shows of the year,Continue reading “The Very Worst Movies of 2020: From Netflix’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ to Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Dolittle”

Uncle Frank, COVID, and the LGBTQ+ Mental Health Crisis

Bill Smith/Theadvocate.com The recently released movie Uncle Frank gutted me. It’s the story of Frank Bledsoe, the cool uncle to his teenage niece, Beth, who Frank encourages to find a world bigger than the repressed society where they grew up in rural South Carolina in the ‘60s and early ‘70s. Closeted to his family and battling addiction,Continue reading “Uncle Frank, COVID, and the LGBTQ+ Mental Health Crisis”

Meet the New Yorker who moved to Spain to become a flamenco dancer

Photo by Timo NuñezLeilah From The Local,Spain Leilah Broukhim isn’t a typical flamenco dancer. For starters she was born and raised in New York City, to parents of Sephardic Persian heritage. But after being inspired by a flamenco class while studying film at Columbia University she arrived in Seville in 2000 with plans to spendContinue reading “Meet the New Yorker who moved to Spain to become a flamenco dancer”

Did you ever think you’d live to see grown women in couture arguing about leg amputations?

Over here at the BuzzFeed News culture desk, Real Housewives is serious business. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest entry to the franchise, set in Salt Lake City, and its premiere last week did not disappoint. Ahead of the second episode, a few of us got together to rewatch the premiere and chat about how we’re feeling about theContinue reading “Did you ever think you’d live to see grown women in couture arguing about leg amputations?”

Re-Count those Black and Latino votes

Fifty percent of Republican voters currently believe the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged. President Trump told us the election was rigged last spring. Earlier this week, Trump called a member of Wayne County’s Board of Canvassers after a contentious meeting in which she first refused, and then agreed, to certify election results from the state’sContinue reading “Re-Count those Black and Latino votes”