The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep 14 “A little freaky Speed Dating”

Loved this episode, this time were gonna start with pictures.  Speed dating, New York Style.

 I wanna believe Sonja didn’t under stand when she said ‘I love hand marks the next day. Oh, my god,’ Sonja told him.  I think she was simply flirting.

Multi-tailed whip: A man at the speed-dating party whispered to Sonja that he has a 'cat o' nine tails' after she complained about weak spanking

Image result for cat of nine tails
You can buy this one at Amazon (yes daddy)

Turning red: Sonja blushed as the man told her about his leather whip

Tied up: The man continued that Sonja also would be 'tied up' and 'helpless'

Hand marks: Sonja buried her head as the man said he would leave 'hand marks' on her rear

 Sonja buried her head as the man said he would leave ‘hand marks’ on her rear!Image result for breathe gif

Take a Moment 

Let’s get through Some Blah,Blah, then onto the “Main Event”

The episode begins with Luann and her music director Billy Stritch who is a real deal in the music world as they prepare for her cabaret show, featuring Sonja Morgan.  Who says “It’s good to be back in her element”   Cabaret?  Sonja thought skin.  Luann assured her that there wouldn’t be snatch on display.  

Sonja wants to date.   Young Frenchy is history and the other older gentleman want to be serious.         Sonja goes over the Bethenny’s house to review here online dating profile which reads:  She’s  a model slash actress, a toaster oven gourmet, a creator of a global luxury and lifestyle brand and much more.    Sonja and Bethenny laugh over the crazy ass profile.

Tinsley is movin on up………  To the Penthouse of her hotel. (30K a month) her friend Michael in helping her move.    BF Scott is moving in with her.   Tins meets with Carole, her young ex Adam want her back.  (Hey, once your with a mature woman……. )he’s  is wooing her or stalking her, with flowers.  Carole isn’t sure.  She gets some roses from a woman who wants her to come to her Speed Dating Event,  she wanted Carole to bring friends.

Carole meets with Luann over coffee.  Luann is in AA.  Living in New York is challenging for her sobriety. Carole likes this Luann.

Ramona is working out, she says with her weight loss, everything looks good on her .

Blah, Blah over, time for main event Speed dating. 

It’s refreshing to see women over 40 dating and not looking like cartoon characters.   Were at the event.  Carole,Dorinda and Tinsley are not participating, they’re there  to observe.

Let be clear, Ramona at age 61, got game.  Mad game.  M’s Springer can work a room and every man in it.  She has long mastered the hair toss and the eyes.  Young ladies, take note.   She can make a man feel like the most important person in the room.

     Flirt expert: Ramona Singer moved in on the scarf guy at the speed-dating party

Next is Luann, who really just sexy.  She is a natural man magnet.

There were many men at the event.  But red scarf, was the prize of the night.  The event planner was saving him for Carole.  But Ramona, saw him and the red scarf…….Red scarf: Pro matchmaker Rori had a man in a red scarf in mind for Carole Radziwill

‘I came to the party just for this,’ admitted Sonja who called Ramona ‘mesmerizing to watch’.   And she didn’t disappoint, she worked Red Scarf and another man who thought she was in her forties.   Excited, she laid one on him.

    Turns out, red scarf turned out to be Brian, a lawyer who met Bethenny in Miami and he came to the speed-dating session in hoping to see her again.

 Back story: Scarf wearing Brian told Bethenny Frankel that he came to the party just to see her again

Beautiful Bethenny, doesn’t have game.   Her delivery sucks big time. When red scarf flirts with her. She say’s something about a blow job.   Red scarf really seems to be into Bethenny, who doesn’t seem to be into him.

Meanwhile, for Ramona, this is a contest.  I don’t think she wants him, but she want to take him from Bethenny.   She say’s she wants to send him a drink, after all he bought her one.   But it wasn’t that kinda event.    So buys him a drink and takes it over to him WHILE he’s talking to Bethenny.  Ramoma:  “You bought me a drink so I bought you one in return. Cheers, and then she walks away.      RS, is a bad bitch!   If she were 25, women would beat her ass at the club.

Sonja Morgan, will flirt with a plant and the plant would follow her home.  Her flirting is playful and mostly innocent.   Earlier this season, she flirted with a gay man.  And asked him if he was bi-sexual? He said, no and she said, If I buy you something would you get sexual?

So here we are,  all the ladies have met nice men.  No matches, but nice men.   Good sport Sonja is ovah in a corner with a man who has a food stain on his shirt.   She’s cool, like hey, I can be nice   So she flirts with the man.  The innocently start taking to him about spanking.  This man gets a hard on and start talking about how he was going to tie her up and how he is going to spank the hell out her and leave red hand marks.    It took, Sonja a minute and it hit her.  Oh fuck!!!!!!

At the speed dating event.  Tinsley invites the ladies to Colombia.  She tells them its totally safe.

(Cue Scary Music)


The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep13 “Post Rehab, Pre Boat Ride filler, filler

Related image

We are still at the very luxurious Grace Mayflower Inn and Spa  in Connecticut.  Luann is still pissed at Ramona for uploading a picture taken at the Spa on social media.    Luann and Bethenny seem especially close. Bethenny slips up and tells Luann , Ramona met Tom at “THE REGENCY” which seems to be the only hotel  and the only bar with Baby Boomer males in New York City.   Image result for the regency hotel in new york   I’m convinced Ramona has a hard on for Luann’s ex.   She’s flying down to Palm Beach to see him, she told the ladies she and Tom has met several times,  Tom says ahhh no.    Just do her Tom!

Image result for warning noise levels gif

 Housewives/ Reality Show 101 

Any time there are more than three women in a restaurant its gonna get LOUD!

I dont remember the New York crew being noisy as they are now, because  the Countess, wouldn’t allow it. I think decibel increased with Dorinda.  She’s a east side hoot, but its gonna be loud CLIP!!!    It would be wise to diners to wear protective gear.

At dinner everyone was fighting except Carole who seemed amused by it all.

Image result for ding gif

The first fight started when Bethenny asked if Tinsely was engaged.  BECAUSE she was told (by her friends at the wedding store) Tinsley and her mom “Dale were shopping for wedding dresses  Tinsely gushes, no she’s not engaged.   This gets the attention of the women who like the rest of us thought it was odd for a divorced woman and her pulled mom shopping for wedding dresses.  Isn’t there a Hobby Lobby in Manhattan?

Bethenny said it was a bit weird to do this before you get engaged.  She asks do you go coffin shopping?   Tinsley gets very defensive

Image result for round two gif

Its the Morgan “Family Crest”  

Those dammed shoes..  Once again, Dorinda goes in. Sonja is not a Morgan and that she has no right to the crest.   Bethenny has Sonja’s back, but everyone else is quiet. Especially Luann, who rode her Countess title long and hard.  (not a peep-she didn’t really look their way)   On this trip, Sonja was anything  but a Grey Gardens punk.  She and Dorinda stood up and got into each others grills.

I thought they were about to throw down ( a first for New York) .   And Ms TREMONT Morgan found her voice, it was turbo charged and so powerful that cats were jumping out of windowscat jumps GIF(well sort of)  This isn’t the Sonja were used to seeing and the old Sonja may not return.   Cause, Dorinda got off Sonja and apologized. Bethenny has been coaching Sonja so BITCHES BEWARE!

Image result for bizarro GIF

It used to be Sonja and Ramona who always shared a room., Bethenny and Carole, Dorinda and Luann.

So far this season its been Tinsley and Carole.  Sonja and Bethenny sharing a bed. Ramona, and Luann on their own.   Then we see former frenemies Carole and Luann having a civil and friend like, shadeless conversation AND hanging out together.

Related image

Ramona and the Picture

 Fresh from jail and rehab, and when a looming court date, Luann is fragile.  If never occurred to her that Ramona would post a picture on social media and where she was.

Ramona being Ramona, said its a really good picture of everybody.  You can tell she doesn’t think she did anything wrong.  Like that friend who chronicles every bit of food she eats at restaurant and everyone elses food and whereabouts and before you dig in, its in Facebook (KILL)

After Bethenny points out the picture might appear on the news , bringing up Luann’s arrest and rehab, it began to sink in .  Ramona seemed upset. ( SEEMED)

Luann and Sonja ain’t buying it.  Ain’t buyin, the tears, ain’t buyin nothing.  Okay Bitch!

Ramona said she was at the Regency having drinks with another re-tread.  Harry (I’m a horny old man) Dubin.  The man who trashed Luann.

Ya’ll I dont get it.  Nearly 9 millon people (including men) live in New Yark!   Tom D’ Agostino  and Harry Dubin have shared a lot of  housewives.. 

A quick review.  Harry Dubin and Tom D’Agostino are friends.    Harry knows Tinsley Mortimer,and former housewife Kelly Bensimon and was married to former housewife Aviva Drescher. (they have a son).  Harry dated, Luann and Sonja.

Tom D’Agostino , was Sonja booty call for years(her words), dated Ramona and later married Luann.

This was a filler episode


The Real Housewives of New York s10 ep12: Girl Code? Ramona Texts Tom

Bad move: Ramona posted pictures of the ladies from the dinner the night before and Luann is upset as she is required to keep a low profile from her arrest

New York is still the gift that keeps on giving.   If your into Reality TV and not watching #RHONY your missing the the best reality show on the telly.

Dorinda has arranged a spa weekend for the ladies at the posh Mayflower Grace Spa Inn in Connecticut

Image result for mayflower grace spa connecticutImage result for mayflower grace spa connecticut

I’m packed and ready, but lets get back to the episode


The former Countess de Lesseps is back in New York after her unfortunate Palm Beach arrest and court ordered rehab.    She is reflective and funny.  On route to the spa, she shares her story Dorinda.

 She planned to stay a couple of nights with a girlfriend in Palm Beach and the rest of the holiday with her family in Jupiter, Florida.   Her girlfriend had a noisy cat and she thought she would stay in a hotel for the night.   She choose the Breakers where she spent time with her recent ex Tom.    At or around the Breakers our Luann got wasted.    AND she hooked up with sounds like a former hook up and took him up to her room which was on the fourth floor of the hotel.     The drunken Luann pushed 3 instead for 4.   Hey the hookup didn’t know. and she walked into a room that the maid had just refreshed.     Security was called, but Luann wasn’t budging, this WAS her room.   The police was called…….. and she charged with battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence, and crimes against a person.

In her 6×6 jail cell she didn’t have a blanket.  For food they gave her a bologna sandwich (the Countess hasn’t had bologna in more than 40 years)  hungry, she bit into the sandwich which had a packet of mustard in it.  (why didn’t we have footage of that and her expression?)

She wants to maintain a low profile and just be with the girls who are excited to see her,she is not drinking.

Luann’s arrest in Palm Beach has resulted in interest of Tinsley arrest in Palm Beach on the internet.

The BIG NEWS was Ramona.  We all knows she likes a party.  We learn that Ramona tried to go to Tom’s (Luann’s recent ex) New Years Eve slash Birthday Party in Palm Beach while her girlfriend was in rehab.   When the ladies learn of this, they are pissed.    Ramona defends herself in Ramona style.  Her defense is,  she dated Tom before Luann and when Luann dated Tom (who also dated Sonja) and Luann didn’t tell her so her actions were justified.


Image result for what gif

Ramona is also one of those people who takes pictures on her cell and quickly uploads them on the net.     So she has the wait staff take a picture.   It  doesn’t occur to her, Luann is avoiding the press and trying to be on the low.   But now, there is she just a couple of days out of rehab. all smiles as she nervously awaits sentencing and her picture is on the net.

Sonja Tremont Morgan gets on Dorinda’s every nerve!    This time is over the Morgan family crest on Sonja’s shoe.  Sonja isn’t a Morgan and she ain’t been married (yes, I said ain’t been)  to her ex in over a decade, but who cares?   Dorinda does, so its another installment of he’s your ex husBIN!  and but husBIN is dead.

Image result for yawn gif


What are your thoughts about Ramona and Luann?

See ya next week and share this with a friend

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(do I need to beg?-cause I ain’t too proud! )




Very much not New York pizza

Image result for pizza


A recipe for pizza toast in Atlanta starts out as cold comfort, then provides a path forward

By: Julia Bainbridge/

I checked the weather app on my iPhone as soon as my plane touched the ground in Georgia. It registered 89 degrees. Hours before, I finished a cup of coffee in a drizzly Manhattan and hugged my friend goodbye, and when I discovered the app’s findings, I texted her a screenshot. “Jealous!” she responded.   I abhor the heat.

Rummaging through the refrigerator in the apartment I’ve lived in for just over a year, I found sliced sourdough bread, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese that I had shredded and stored in a plastic container. I toasted the bread and then layered on the tomato sauce, which I mixed with a tablespoon of an Indian-style tomato condiment that another friend makes (and sells through her company Brooklyn Delhi) and then the mozzarella, which I melted under my oven’s broiler. It was a kind of pizza, I guess; pizza toast, let’s call it. It was fine. It was dinner that night.

Four nights earlier, I had ordered a New York pizza. It was a New York pizza in style — generous in diameter, with a thin, crisp but pliable crust — but also in fact. I was in New York and I ordered a pizza. It was a New York pizza because it was baked, sliced, delivered and, ultimately, devoured in New York. Hundreds of pizzas were simultaneously being delivered within a couple miles of me, and they were all New York pizzas.

This particular one arrived in a 20-inch cardboard box via a slender man named Weiqun. The time was 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and as I stood on the sidewalk in my silk pajama set waiting for Weiqun to unzip his insulated carrying case, I noticed a handsome brown leather briefcase to my left. Following the navy pant leg of its owner up to his face, I saw a late twenty-something man leaning against the brick facade of my friend’s apartment building, wrapping up a phone call about some business deal or another. Whether or not he does so ironically, I was charmed to discover that at least one millennial carries a briefcase to work.

For 30 seconds, Weiqun, the millennial financier and I were subjected (happily, in my case) to the synthesizers in Rihanna’s ragamuffin-style “Rude Boy” trilling out of the speakers of the boombox affixed to the back of Weiqun’s bicycle seat and onto Thompson Street. Once the pizza box reached my hand, off I went to the fifth floor.

As for the aforementioned devouring, it was done properly, by New York standards: My right-hand thumb and pinkie finger pushed together the two vertices on either side of the crust edge of each cheese-topped triangle, folding it in half lengthwise. I ate three slices, standing at my friend’s kitchen counter while streaming a Netflix documentary about early 90s-era club kid (and criminal) Michael Alig on my laptop.


I thought of that pizza as I plodded around my kitchen in Atlanta and ate my pizza toast in silence, watching the sluggish sway of dogwood trees billowing with flowers through my living room window. Visions of Weiqun came to me, as did flickers of Rihanna’s steel drums. My pizza toast tasted better after the first three bites, as I remembered my New York pizza and the scenario involved in acquiring it. Sometimes pleasure can be had in eating something so unlike the other that, in comparing the two, they’re both with you. The tomato achaar’s black mustard seeds revealed themselves, then the fenugreek. Tamarind! Gosh, I haven’t cooked with tamarind for a while, I thought as I reached the center of the slice. By the time I finished it, I was searching for tamarind recipes on my laptop. The next night I used the fruit’s pulp in a warming and garlicky chickpea curry, something I’d never made before.

New York City, where I lived for ten years, is a dirty, difficult place with endless potential for magic. About once a quarter, most New Yorkers wonder aloud where else they might move. I could have a yard in Nashville. I could afford a second bedroom in Portland. I could own a bed and breakfast in Maine. I could run an heirloom squash farm upstate. In the end, they usually stay. A piece of the reason why is that they feel a part of a phenomenal and phenomenally twisted club. Loving New York for the energy it provides and the willingness to sacrifice so much else for that energy is a very specific taste. Are you wacked enough to immerse yourself in it? So am I. Let’s play.

I left, and I’ll probably return. I say “probably” because, in this year away, a year that forced me into saying I’m in my mid and not early thirties, I’ve grown used to the ease of being able to seat eight guests comfortably at a table in my dining room. I’ve enjoyed the company of less rapacious men, men actually seeking committed relationships. And I’ve had the room to, instead of hustling to pay rent, try new things, like making chickpea curry from scratch. Twenty percent of me still isn’t sure I want to return to carrying my laundry two blocks once a week or engaging in months of flirtatious texts that lead nowhere over and over again. Another thirty percent of me is curious to see what else I might get up to with the time I have now, time that used to be taken up scraping New York’s dirt off of me at the end of each day.

I’ll spend the summer touring Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco and most places in between as I research for a book. Pizza toast will appear here and there to fuel me, I’m sure. Maybe in Philadelphia, I’ll make it on a hoagie roll. Maybe in Los Angeles, I’ll get my hands on some of that tomato achaar and make a version that’s close to my Atlanta original. I’ll think of my kitchen in Georgia and all of other the things I cooked there. And I bet when I order New York pizza, those flavors will be with me.


Pizza Toast

Serves 1

1 slice sourdough bread

1 tablespoon tomato sauce (or whatever your desired amount for spreading)

Shredded mozzarella cheese (usually about 1/4 cup, depending on your mood)

Optional toppings: flaky sea salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes or dried oregano

Place bread on a sheet pan. Broil on both sides until golden.

Spread one side with tomato sauce and top with cheese. Broil once more until the cheese is melted.

Serve immediately.

The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep11 “Bobby Zarin loved”

Related image

If you’ve been long term fan of New York, you went through a box of tissues last night.    Jill and Bobby Zarin was a love story.  There are other housewives who’s marriages were longer, Lisa and Ken (36 years) and Kyle and Mauricio’s (22 years) in Beverly Hills.  But this was a love story.

I had a love and hate relationship with Jill Zarin, who was the resident queen bee in New York during its first four seasons.  It was Jill, who recommended Bethenny for the show. At the time Bethenny, wasn’t a housewife, and was financially, several levels below the other housewives.

Bethenny, and Jill’s friendship was as strong as steel, then one day it badly broken and  Bethenny was dismissed from the kingdom.    Bethenny was broken, Jill was not only her friend but she was somewhat of a mother figure to Bethenny.    Bobby loved Bethenny and wanted Jill to repair the relationship.   When Jill tried to re-connect with Bethenny, the damage was done, and Bethenny didn’t want to be hurt again.   Bethenny didn’t return for the the fourth season.

At one point, Jill, seemed larger than the show and love the attention she was getting off camera.  It is rumored the Queen bee started making demands, salary, filming demands and Bravo fired her.  Not just Jill.  2011 was a blood bath, Zarin and three other New York Housewives were fired.

Jill Zarin is lovely and personable but she can turn like a viper.  Bobby softened her ,loved and supported her.  His tone was always gentle, even at the worst of times.  The funeral was the first time Jill and Bethenny were face to face in six years Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Faux Weddings And A Funeral

Ramona told Dorinda she visited Bobby in the hospital as soon as she found out he was sick again.   Dorinda said that losing Bobby was a loss to the world.  When Sonja told Bethenny Bobby had died, she charted a plane to attend the funeral. Luann (in a rehab in Florida) told Bethenny on the phone, she visited Bobby during his last days in hospice.

Related image   Last night the ladies who went to the funeral, were there for the love of Bobby. No one seemed interested in re-connecting with Jill.

Image result for teardrop gifRelated image

Related image


On the phone from rehab, Luann tells Bethenny how scared and alone she felt spending New Years Eve in Treatment.  She feels its where needs to be and knows her life needs to change.  Its the first time Bethenny has heard Luann cry.

Tinsley and Carole in a spa.  Tins tells Carole she is done fight with Sonja. Carole says she on a better footing with Carole.

Ramona is spazzing over the renovations to her Hampton’s place. Image result for yawn gif

Tinsley’s mother Dale bring her a bill from the freezer, where her eggs are stored.  They get emotional over some grainy ass  pictures of the frozen eggs. (my babies! my babies!)

Back 2 LIFE ( It think?)

I admit, I get a kick of Dale and Tinsley together, they seem to enjoy each other.   Their delusion is mystifying.  Tinsley at 42 .want a marriage stat!  She wants babies, soon-stat!  Mommy wants her to have what she wants to be happy and right now happiness is da boyfriend Scott.    The two of them go shopping for wedding dresses.   Okay, yes I’m a guy, but the ladies seem (how to I put this gently) a bit seasoned to be so giddy going to a wedding shop.  I could see this with a younger daughter, a first time wedding.  But these two have done this already.  And whats worse, is Scott doesn’t know, he THINKS HE IS JUST DA BOYFRIEND?  Run, Scott, Run!

I love New York!  Only in New York would you nave “CONBODY” a workout facilty operated by ex-cons where people can work out like prisoners.  

Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Faux Weddings And A Funeral

Everybody take a fake mugshot and then pushed through a series of exercises.   Luann is missed and the ladies share her incarceration with the ex-cons.   The cons are impressed by what they’ve heard (who wouldn’t be after her Houdini move out of those handcuffs).  Someone wondered if Luann was married?       I think it was Ramona asked how did they think she’d do in court.  One of the con’s asked if she was brown or a woman of color?      ( Thanks to Bravo, we didn’t hear his response)

Last night we saw a softer Bethenny, as she shared her experiences with Sonja.  The repairs are complete and now her townhouse is nearly ready to rent.  Bethenny sits quietly as  Sonja tells her about her expanding business empire which now includes shoes.

Bethenny tells her about sitting shiva at Jill’s house. She brought her daughter Brynn to meet Jill.  The former best friends have a heart to heart and Jill said she regrets her past behavior towards Bethenny.  Bethenny was happy and was hopeful that the closure would lead towards some healing.  But she is not ready to rush into a closer friendship with Jill again, at least not at the moment.   She said she feels like something’s shifting. She’s not as angry anymore and EVEN seeing Ramona at the funeral didn’t make her as murdery as usual. “God, I’m so sentimental ” What happened to me!’

Free At Last

 Image result for Free at last gif

A newly released Luann, (still on the phone) calls Dorinda to talk about the next steps.  These past few years have been a nightmare, and Luann admits she’s been self-medicating to stuff down the emotional turmoil of it all. Dorinda understands, and she’s supportive of her friend’s journey ahead. “I’ve been traveling, I’ve been to prison,” says Luann, and now she totally intends on changing her life.


Thoughts???? Are Carole and Bethenny on the mend?  Will Scott bolt from Tinsley?  

Sending Prayers out to Gregg Leakes



Drones replace models at Saudi Arabian fashion show



A fashion show at a luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia skipped the human models and featured drones carrying pieces of clothing down the runway.

Mohamad Aljefri, a leader at Red Sea RC team, the company which flew the drones, shared photos and videos of drones carrying dresses at the event Sunday.

The annual fashion show takes place at the Hilton in the city of Jeddah during Ramadan and a spokesman for the Hilton’s events told CNN they decided to “bring a change” by using drones instead of mannequins this year.

Videos of the unique fashion show appeared on social media, noting the floating dresses made it appear as if ghosts were modeling the clothes.

Alia Khan, chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion & Design Council in the United Arab Emirates, said hanging from the drones caused the dresses to lose their shape.

“It’s great to think out of the box. They were trying to do something different and fashion is such a creative space. However, this was not really something I would encourage or would like to see again,” Khan said. “You lose the shape; the dress is just hanging on the drone.”

The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep10 “Thugess Lu Ann”

Image result for luann de lesseps Image result for luann de lesseps thug

Imagine turning on the Telly and seeing your friend telling a Police Officer ” I’m going to kill you” and pulling a move that would make Houdini applaud- by slipping out of handcuffs.   This is the same friend who authored a book called ”  Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and had a semi hit song called “Money can’t buy you Class”  (elegance is learned) . 

Our Luann was charged with  disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest, battery of an officer, and making threats against a public servant. She was later released on her own recognizance but was charged with a third-degree felony on January 25, 2018.  Before she could return home she ha spent a little time in rehab. 

Like the housewives, her friends and legions of fans, we were shocked!


When Luann announced she was going to Palm Beach, Dorinda hesitated.

After she was arrested,Dorinda later told Ramona. “Sometimes, God stops what you’re not recognizing you need to stop. And I don’t think she(Lu) was in a good place before Christmas.” 

Palm Beach,is Tom’s her ex getaway.  The town is the place they were married.  The place where he is likely meeting other women.

After her arrest ,Luann was the talk of the town, well get back to the Thugess later.

Meanwhile back on Manhattan, Dorinda went to the emergency room after a large deluxe salt shaker jumped off the shelf on to her foot.  Now she’s limping with a stylish (fresh from CVS) pink cane.

At Behenny’s Skinny Girl Jeans party ( is it me or didn’t the jeans look Wal-Mart cheap or maybe they’re being sold at Wal -Mart, they didn’t look polished)  Tinsley said that Luann went back to Palm Beach to show everyone that she was fine and over Tom,but she wasn’t.   Tinsley says Luann is facing a bunch of felonies cause she hit a cop.  Tinsley knows, she has a Palm Beach mug shot too.  In this weird wonderful world. Who would have guessed that the Countess and New York’s former socialite would have Florida’s Palm Beach jail in common?

Image result for tinsley mortimer mugshot

“Sonja is Vegan”

Sonja has moments of ‘Grey Garden’s as her thought process is a little different from the norm (what ever that is) .  She arrives at Bethenny’s party as a newly vegan asking the bartender for a quick Olive.   Because her house has no food and “I’m  she’s only eating vegetables right now”?   When she sees the shellfish platter she says  “I’m vegan now but I eat shellfish because they’re raw”?  “SonjaSense”    Sonja, the super flirt gave me the line of the night when asked the Bartender “ You wanna pet my poodle?”

Sonja’s Townhouse is being prepared for rental and she is staying with Tinsley at her hotel for a few days.  When she arrives Tinsley has a robe, slippers and a Louis Vuitton bag and her room is the penthouse suite.

Dorinda and Bethenny meet. Bethenny hears Dorinda was steamed at the lack of acknowledgment of Dorinda finding that one of a kind life sized Nutcracker.  But this time Dorinda’s over it and she makes that clear. But Bethenny brings up Dorinda’s behavior in Puerto Rico, perhaps you know how they’re related?

 Bethenny and Carole (The Sadness Continues)

Everyone is rooting for this friendship to mend.  At a restaurant, Bethenny said she texted Carole a picture of them along with the caption “I miss us, Why are you being so cold?”  She said,Carole said “Wow that’s a lot”

Carole’s version of the story,  Bethenny sent the message and then went on some rant about Ramona and how she’s a bad person and kept going on and on about Ramona.  Carole said she responded “This is too big of a conversation for a text, let’s talk when I get back from L.A”   But Bethenny kept texting anyway.

Carole is very articulate, she ask a direct question and she answers directly.    Like her conversation with Dorinda, Bethenny answers the question and then goes left.  Attaching other scenarios that are unrelated to the topic at hand.
Like Christmas Nutcrackers and Puerto Rico
Carole doesn’t allow Bethenny to overwhelm, her and forces Bethenny to stay on point, which is very frustrating to Bethenny.  Carole is becoming frustrated with Bethenny, she simply wants to mend whatever’s wrong and move on.   Bethenny thinks she’s cold.     The more they contaminate the waters by sharing their issues with the other housewives and less likely this friendship can heal.  The ladies hug it out but this is simply a gesture.
The Thugess is embarrassed, the world saw her at her lowest. She said what bothered her the most was diasapointing her mother 😳😳. She admitted, going back to Palm Beach wasn’t a good idea.
  We love the Countess, and she has turned Lemon to Lemonade.   Her Cabaret show “The Countess and Friends” is a hot ticket and she wants to take it on a national tour.