The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep12: When Tom met Harry met Missy Again

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Last nights episode started s-l-o-w-l-y and if you could hang on you were rewarded.

I’m gonna quickly dispense with the sludge so we can get to the biscuits and gravy juicy part.

Tinsley and Carole went to some event and they were mentioned in “The Post”  Carole suggests she should change her looks and natural hair color.  Frenchie da bum has snowed Sonja . She believes the french cheese has hotels and restaurants and yet he stays with her and her brown water and walks in on her when she is on the toilet.   French cheese suggests walkie talkies.   Sonja confesses to Rocco (who has REAL bucks) the booty call became a roommate.

Tinsley and Mom (Dale) are looking for apartments , which rent for nine grand a month.  Tins, has a micro attack and has a Job (ta da) and savings .  Carole and Dorinda keep it nice and participates in Woman March in DC.  Bethenny says she paid 40 grand for an ugly ass bar that look like it came from a Big Lots clearance sale.  Frederick says the piece of shit has to go.   My guess is,so they wont have to mark down the price of the apartment.

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There is nearly 10 million people living in Manhattan.  However, our lovely housewives seem to know only two men in Manhattan. Harry (the touch) Dubin and ‘TOM” ( I just love the Regency) D’ Agostino. 

A quick review.  Harry (the touch) dated Sonja, Luann, and was married to Aviva Drescher #rhony housewife (seasons 5 and 6) and possibly dated Kelly Bensimon.  Tom (I just love the Regency) dated Sonja, Ramona and married Luann

Ramona, has redecorated her huge upper east side apartment and throws a party with some of your favorites.  Ramona is has her hair up in a tight pony tail and done up in a tight dress.

 Harry has a nose for fresh meat . Hello Tinsley, the touch, fingers the cross on Tinsley’s chest. Tins has to even keep Harry from going after mama “Dale” . It’s clear Tins is not a fan of Harry, ‘she said she knew Harry when he was hanging out with Kelly Bensimon.  Are there other housewives in Harry’s past?

Ramona is a messy one and I like the messy Ramona who seems to know a lot of people.

Yall remember, Missy?

She wasn’t not pleased when she was filmed talking about Tom and Luann a few episodes ago.    Tom and Luann was making out in the Regency when Tom was supposed to be her man!

What sucks for Missy is at one point she is standing between Tom and Harry.   Tom tells her, he is getting used to wearing a wedding ring, it’s like a dog with a collar.    Harry is being uber messy!  He wants to tea from Missy in front of Tom and Luann, so he dragged YOU into the bathroom at the Regency?  Missy: I don’t know?   Harry:he did and you kissed him back ?   Missy is freaking, like please leave me alone.

Sonja has Luann’s back, trying to change the conversation.  Its clear  she’s not a fan of Missy either!  Luann is smiling like a pageant queen (bet the face hurt) . Harry turns his sights onto Sonja and at first chance, Missy is out of there walking with “Intention” GET ME DA FUCK OUTTA HERE.

Messy must be contagious.  Sonja is looking at Ramona’s stuff and talking about how cheap everything is in Ramona’s apartment.(Nothing like a close friend,RIGHT!) Someone breaks something in the apartment, Ramona screams oh shit, and Sonja SAYS it is okay because it only cost $12.99.

It started off slow, but at the end, this was da shit!



Is she or Isn’t she? Kenya Moore shares photos of mystery wedding



1.the quality of being trusted and believed in

2. the quality of being convincing or believable.

Last, Saturday, Kenya Moore from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” shared instagram shots of her wedding in St Lucia . She is beautiful in her hip-hugging wedding dress.        Her groom, who remains unidentified at this time, wore a simple white shirt and khaki pants — hinting the couple had a beach side ceremony.   “A good man is hard to find but true love is even harder,” Moore, 46, captioned the snap. “I found both.”

Most of us want Kenya to find love and happiness.   Having said that,millions of viewers of #RHOA have learned when in comes to relationships with men, Ms Moore hasn’t been too convincing.

15 minutes: Walter agreed to fake the relationship for fame. While he has gone public with his confession that they weren't really together, Kenya keeps up the pretence, saying of him: 'I am embarrassed that I allowed a deceitful and hateful person in my life'


In her first season as a housewife in 2012.  We learned the odd relationship with Walter Jackson the well known owner of South Dekalb Towing and Transport  was camera ready.

Jackson briefly dated Kenya three years ago, before they went their separate ways. But when she decided she wanted to land a slot on RHOA in 2012 she got back in touch with him and asked him to pose as her on screen boyfriend. (Daily Mail)

When Kenya started talking marriage and baby, Jackson hit the brakes.  Kenya attacked Jackson on and off camera for misleading her.   Jackson struck back and went public about the relationship, saying he was paid for his on camera services   Jackson told the “Daily Mirror, Kenya doesn’t really reside in Atlanta full-time .  The following season, a humiliated Moore went out of her way to avoid Jackson.

There were rumors about an African Prince ( apparently Atlanta is the home of African Prince’s), he was the source of her Bentley.   No one on the set of #RHOA had ever seen him and the Bentley turned out to be a rental.Persona non grata: Kenya Moore's ex Matt Jordan was not asked to join the Housewives for this year's reunion finale. This week, the reality star got a restraining order against her former boyfriend. Above you can see the pair during happier times, in early 2016


32 year old Matt Jordan is a personal trainer in Atlanta.  Viewer were split, half believed the relationship was genuine, with others believing the relationship was camera ready.  Matt complained about the camera’s being a part of their life and called Kenya a manipulator.  He said she lied and used him for a storyline. Matt took out a lot of Kenya’s frustration on her home and SUV.

In her Instagram post .she met her new man a year ago and didn’t speak again December. (wasn’t she dating Matt at the time?)

In an Instagram, Matt wrote: “The false allegations [sic] of domestic violence, the unwarranted restraining order, the loss of business opportunities, money. My personal & professional image. I can deal with that. losing my queen is a blow I never want to feel again.”

He continues:  Find out she is married from stranger online,” the personal trainer continued. “Realizing it’s to someone she was seeing during your relationship….this is definitely the season of losses for ya boy. TKO!! I made a lot of mistakes, but I loved & cherished her. I can’t lie the news of this rocked me. I pray her heart is in good hands. Take care of her. She was everything to me.”Jordan concluded post by asking fans to leave him alone. “The fight for her heart is over,” he wrote. “I lost!! Peace…. #tko.”

I mean this is the same chick who posted “hints” that she was pregnant a few years back, stating she had a ‘secret’.  This is also the same woman who pretended she had an African prince on her payroll.  And let’s not forget that whole Matt Jordan debacle… he’s still waiting for his $10,000 check for last season (click HERE if you missed that).Now, I’m not saying that Kenya’s secret wedding isn’t possible, but I am saying that I can’t just take her word for it.

Out of all the Real Housewives, I never expected Kenya Moore to be the one to have a secret wedding. Who even knew that she had a boyfriend? This just seems so very random- especially since she didn’t have the wedding as a story line for Real Housewives of Atlanta. That shocked me way more than the random wedding did.

At this point, Kenya hasn’t even revealed the name of her husband. I get keeping a boyfriend private, but it does seem a little odd to marry someone and keep his name hidden. Then again, I’m not a reality star so I really don’t know how this life works.

Proving that Tamara’s tea is piping hot when it comes to RHOA, Kenya confirmed the secret wedding in St. Lucia during an interview with People. She doesn’t say much though. Kenya shared, “I’m just ecstatic. This man is the love of my life and I’m so happy to begin our lives together as husband and wife.” Good for her, but what’s with all the mystery?


Blogger Tamara Tattles says: The wedding rumor began circulating that Kenya married a man at Anse Chastanet resort in St. Lucia over the weekend after blogger Tamara Tattles “leaked” a few blurry photos online, stating: I am often amazed that I have spies everywhere, but a Tamara Tattles Spy  has sent photographs which appear to show Kenya getting married.

kenya moore - married

Full disclosure, I have stayed at Anse Chastanet  and it appears that is the location of the wedding.

Well RadarOnline reached out to the resort and received confirmation that Kenya was there, but there was no wedding:

“A wedding did not take place at Anse Chastanet,” a representative for the hotel told Radaronline.   “Her friends stayed here, and Kenya Moore spent quite a bit of time at the resort and at the beach.”   A separate source close to production told Radar that Moore was actually just on a work trip.


CityFella:  One would think, with all the mud being slung her way.  She would have a wedding for the world to see. Her reputation makes her suspect. Kenya said ,she met her new man a year ago, and reconnected with him in December. He could also be a father, as she wished him a happy Father’s Day.  With news outlets like RadarOnline, TMZ and thousands of bloggers across the world sharing information we should WILL know her hubby’s Zip Codes in a few days.   Here’s hoping she is actually a bride this time out.


The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep11 “The Countess and Tom”


Bride and groom: Luann D'Agostino and Tom got married on Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives Of New York City

Its winter in New York.  Countess Luann De Lesseps is in Palm Beach with Tom D’Agostino getting married.  The only New York Housewives invited are Jill Zarin from season one and  Dorinda who booked her room but not her flight. Dorinda, a bridesmaid,  showed up late to the bridal prep party.

Luann didn’t allow Bravo’s cameras to her wedding.  I think that was a first.

Its a weird universe in New York ,when Sonja Morgan is the sensible one. or is she?  Ramona, is in a state of loony tunes seeking the wisdom of young ladies who just come of age..

Last night we begin an Morgan Manor.  Her young booty call, Frenchie is not only staying for breakfast he’s cooking it.   He’s getting the Manor’s routine down, he even knows that Sonja is dating Rocco and he’s cool with that.   As the days progress, Edgar (Frenchie) belongings are slowly moving in.  Speaking of moving, he has “ideas’ and wants to move Sonja’s furnishings around and who knows maybe they will just adopt children.  Frenchie (Edgar) is bum, with a decent haircut.  The question is how long will he stay before Sonja catches on?

Carole let it be known, she isn’t the pick of your shorts kinda girl and seems relieved Adam has found a place and has moved out of her apartment.

Bethenny has holiday party.  Ramona is banned  and everyone else is there excepts Mr’s D’ Agostino.  Dorinda is still rightfully pissed about Ramona fucking up her room in the Berkshires and I think Dorinda is still waiting for that all purpose apology.   At every party Bethenny’s products are front and center

Weeks past and Dorinda and Ramona are okay enough to chat.

Mr and Mrs D’ Agostino has a second reception for those in New York who weren’t invited to her wedding in Palm Beach.  Everyone is there, Bethenny without Dennis, Carole without Adam.  Tinsely is there with her pre-schooler. Ramoma has a man named Jim and Dorinda is without John.   Frenchie (Edgar) is there wearing a jacket one size too small. Sonya jokes about how she usually never lets Frenchie out of the bedroom (the male version of look what I got bitches) . Dorinda nearly loses it when she learns Frenchie has moved in.

Things are blissful for the D’Agostinos….

Next week we get to watch Luann keep it together when Missy appears . Tom knows her from the world famous Regency where he kisses all his women.  Tom knows her, but Luann doesn’t.

  I am being messy?  Yes Yes Yes.

See ya next week with two olives





The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep10 “Black Out and Get Out”

Day Three at Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires. While she is a good host her home seems to be the place for blow outs classic fights.

“Ramona in Full Effect”

We begin the evening where left off last week with Ramona going off on Bethenny.   Ramona and Bethenny grew close last season and Ramona is that consistent friend who checks up on you.  She brings your soup when your sick and sits with you after a break up and she was there for Bethenny.

Bethenny is not that girl. While she cares about her friends she doesn’t share Ramona’s intensity.  She has a lot going on and Ramona is feeling abandoned.  When Bethenny tells Ramona she hasn’t been a good friend, Ramona loses her shit and goes dark and low.   She brings up Bethenny’s soft porn past and talks about a sex scene on a waterbed?  (that was new?).  With her wine kicking in, she accuses Bethenny of sleeping her way to the top.  Ramona, did Bethenny sleep with herself?  She is Skinnygirl!  Then Ramona shifts emotional gears and starts sobbing about her marriage.

Bethenny leaves the room. Ms Karma is a mutha!  This time last year, Bethenny was riding Luann like a bronco bull.   Ramona heads into the kitchen and tells Sonja what happened.  Bethenny talks to Carole. Despite her anger, Ramona hopes all this will blow over.   Put a fork in Bethenny, she is done with Ramona.


                Starring those delightful housewives             

 “Sonja and Tinsley”  

Tinsley was missing in action last night and didn’t reappear until the next morning, in fact she missed all the action between Ramona and Bethenny.  Apparently some cold medicine knocked her out.  Thank god. she had Dorinda to give her the blow by blow report.  Dorinda also tells her she found Sonja asleep at the dinner table and took her up to bed.  Sonja and Tinsley goes into round two of Tinsley using Sonja’s intern Conner. Its clear that Tinsley needs to get out of Sonja house.  Sonja is being weird and have all these strange rules for Tinsley.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Get OUT! 

Its breakfast time. Bethenny and Carole are gone.  Ramona comes downstairs and seems embarrassed from the night before. Instead of apologizing, she tells Dorinda she was just upset about how Bethenny treated her and John.   Dorinda is a gangsta and she tells Ramona she was equally terrible to her and John.  It like, now go and it yo ass down!  “Dont fuck with Lady D!”     Luann strolls into the kitchen wearing some shiny shirt saying  “Mrs. D’Agostino To be.  Its like really?   However, Luann is the only lady in the house who is willing to lend a hand as she volunteers to make eggs for ladies.

Speaking of ladies, (Not!) Sonja wakes her from whatever! …..and goes through Dorinda’s shit and puts on a pair of pajamas.  These weren’t any old pajamas, unworn pajamas bought for Dorinda by her last husband.


Everyone gone.  Dorinda checks the rooms. Apparently no one makes a bed or anything.  When she gets to Ramona’s room, she finds the light fixtures are ripped off he walls and the walls are scratched. Dorinda needs to find Ramona and beat her ass!  Who does that?

                                                                                                                                                 Back in New York City

Bethenny is freaking after finding a moth in her giant closet and grills her assistant. It seems she spent ten grand to de-moth (is that a word?) her closet.

There is a apartment available in Carole’s building and Tinsley checks it out.  Tinsley hems and haws and says the downtown apartment is far from the East Side where she gets her blowouts and other stuff.   Really? Tins… could it be he $7 grand a month they want for that small one bath apartment.   What is it, that you do again? Ain’t nobody seen you got to work!  Just sayin!

The Return of Jill and Bobby Zarin

The Owners of New York’s, Zarin Fabrics.  Many years ago I visited the store and saw her, I planned to ask her to take a picture, but wussed out.

Luann and TOM are having a pre wedding dinner with Dorinda.   Jill was one of the original RHONY housewives and she is still delightfully messy.  She and Luann remain friends through the years  and she along with Dorinda and her husband Bobby will be attending the wedding.   Meanwhile we did get to hear from TOM.  TOM said, Ramona IS calling people about his goings on.  At the dinner Jill,admitted missing the gossip. Although, I know she is out some where involved in someones gossip.   When the topic of Ramona came up, Jill said she’s unhappy and lovely and wants everyone to feel the same way.

Carole is a little firecracker, she invites everyone to an art opening where her NUDE portrait is one of the major pieces.  HELLO CAROLE!  Ramona is there and Bethenny is avoiding her.   Ramona has convinced herself she was in the right and that’s Ramona.

Meanwhile,  Luann and Tom are off to Florida to get murried. (corrected spelling)

This has been a good season so far…..and the rest of the season looks promising.



“In Large Typeface” Bill Maher say’s he’s a House Nigger and the crowd goes wild

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Offensive Date:  June 2, 2017 (A Friday)

Offensive Setting: “Real Time With Bill Maher. on HBO

Guest: Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska who was promoting his book

The offensive banter

Mr. Maher: “I gotta get to Nebraska more.”

Mr. Sasse: “You’re welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.”

Mr Maher : Senator,” he said, throwing up his hands, “I’m a house nigger.


This black man thought it was funny. 

There are many people, black and white who will disagree with me.

What ya gonna do?

I know my Fellow Americans

For some, it doesn’t matter that he called himself a nigger.

He isn’t a member of the club

In the bylaws of the club there are severe penalties for non members using nigger in any form.

If Mahar, called a black man nigger my opinion would be different.

The world is slowly changing.

Some have remodeled the word

For a generation, “Nigga” Has a different meaning.  Its a greeting, friendship,even love.

Like Nigger, club membership is required. However, membership isn’t reserved to one hue.

I am of Mahar’s, generation nigger and nigga has a sting.

Unlike Mahar, I don’t use the word at any time.

Mahar slipped, he knew better and in the future will do better.

There are some who are unforgiving.

They want him off the air

I know my Fellow Americans

What cha gonna do? 

Carry on!






My words


The Real Housewives of New York: S9 EP8 “Return of the Bizerkshires

Group discussion: Dorinda listened as the ladies shared their concerns about Tom

Its early in the Berkshires and no one has been called a bitch, whore, or Fuck Face, but its early.

 I’m starting to like the trek to Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires.  Last year visit was an EPIC shit show.   If you haven’t seen it, see it!  Bethenny rode Luann like a cowboy riding a bull . Called her every name, twice!   Unfortunately for Lu, once again she is the star attraction.

This year Dorinda has a plan.  Instead of arriving at tame time, one group arrives a day ahead of the other groups  I’ll come back to this.

Really? “Bravo’ Really?

Bethenny and Million Dollar Listing star Frederick will have a spinoff  about Real Estate in New York. Bethenny is selling her apartment.   Frederick is the salesman THE END!

Carole, the parents and Ramona goes downtown

In the land of weird sightings .  Carole goes shopping with bf Adam’s parents.   Weird?  Carole is closer in age to Adams parents ( I promise, I’m not throwing shade) . She tells us how great she is with parents and parents love her.   I don’t think Carole’s mom has met Adam.  He may be good with parents too.

(I’m throwing Shade here)  Ramona is a super snob.  She bathes in her snobbery.  If its not the upper East Side or the Hampton’s, she’ll take offence.   A few years ago she escaped Pennsylvania by private plane, she probably found the clean air offensive.

So why would she go downtown to visit Carole.  why ? And not  be offended sitting on that ripped sofa.  I’m thinking Carole’s goal is to live alone and to become a cat lady.  Why would Ramona Singer travel downtown?   Oh yes, to talk shit about Tom. Ramona,tells Carole about her friend “Ann” who apparently was groped or almost groped by Tom recently. Meanwhile Carole tells Ramona that a friend of Luann’s insinuated that the Countess is having doubts about Tom.

Tinsley’s Ashy Momma

There are certain things that makes you pause.  Tinsley’s momma “Dale”‘ in town, so his her dad.  Her mom tells Tinsley to say hello to her dad.   Did I mention her dad is dead and is in a box, that Dale carries around.    Apparently dad is rarely left alone. I bet she ‘s a hoot at cocktail parties. “Say hello to my former husband” Mommy ashy, wants Tinsely to date, someone about 50.   We wont tell Dale, Tinsley was  just french sucking nachos out of the mouth of an early twenty something last week. Dale is a southern women with southern hair. She wants grand babies stat.  She wants Tins to be gracious to Sonja for sharing her home.

Back to the Main Event “The Berkshires”

Dorinda is gangsta about Christmas

Dorinda Invites the ladies over in groups. First night is Ramona and Sonja, with Tinsley arriving a little later.  There is never too much about Christmas, this is Dorinda’s Holiday,  and she wants things done of certain way or she will go gangsta on your ass as the ladies learned when they were just going to throw lights on the Christmas tress.    Dorinda will cut a bitch for doing it wrong.   Sonja said ‘Can’t she just have a lady throw the stuff on and then she plugs it in?” 

Three Blondes and a fire

Perhaps she’s is keep her home cool for Christmas or maybe’s she cheap.  The ladies are attempting to start a fire.  Sonja is my go to girl for humor.   As  Ramona and Tinsely are crumpling of news papers to start a fire, Sonja opens up a newspaper and says “Ooh look-There a sale.

Two Blondes and Connor 

There’s drama in the East Side Townhouse so the Berkshires is the perfect place for Sonja and Tinsley to have an argument that should have stayed in New York .   Sonja went to the deep end about her assistant Connor over Connor signing for a delivery of some hats for Tinsley.   Hats? Sonja has some serious issues with Tinsley.  Tins had more freedom in Jail.

The next group to arrive is Carole and Bethenny.   Bethenny seems to be laying low however  there is more talk about TOM.

TOM, TOM, TOM!!  Fucking TOM! 

Luann is the last to arrive and frankly after last year, it would be completely understandable if she’d past of the Berkshires, but she’s on a reality show.  Unlike last year Dorinda is in complete control.  She decides to talk with Luann about Tom.

Apparently nearly everyone has heard something about Tom. One lady actually tried to stop Bravo from airing last weeks episode after her on camera slip about Tom.

The Rumor mills is on overdrive about Tom’s dalliances with women  and despite the information, Luann is determined to marry him.

Luann has told the women to back off and that she is very, very ,very ,very ,very Happy!  However the ladies are determined to rescue Luann.   The single voice of reason is  Sonja Tremont Morgan who has fucked Tom (booty call central) said leave Luann alone.   However, it looks they’re not gonna leave Lu alone.  Ramona who seems to be whacked out this season is leading the charge. As we go into part two of the Berkshires.

See ya next week


Bowie producer livid over TV show portrayal

Image result for david bowie tony visconti


David Bowie’s longtime producer Tony Visconti is angry over an upcoming episode of “Autopsy: The Last Hours of . . .” an ITV docudrama that airs on Reelz.

A casting call went out for a “balding Caucasion 50-to-70” to play Visconti, 73, who said, although he’s “been called worse things . . . I will certainly be seeking legal counsel” over the portrayal.

Visconti also posted on Facebook: “Sadly, this scum of a production company is planning one for Lou Reed too. I received a memo from someone near and dear to him asking friends not to participate. Duh!”

The morbid show previously dramatized the deaths of Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Joan Rivers and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The casting notice says some 20 new episodes will be shot by August for the show’s upcoming season.

“A lot of big names unfortunately passed away in 2016, so we’ll be working on some interesting shoots,” the Talent Talks casting agency ghoulishly notes.

Reelz, the US distributor of the show, did not return a request for comment.