The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Reunion Part 1 “All about Lu”

#RHONY’s  season 9 was the best season ever.  The secret sauce is the cast.  Women who have known each other for many years.  Most of the drama between the women worked itself out in a few episodes.   None of that drawn out drama than fans suffered through last season in #RHOA and the Lime disease in #RHOBH and don’t get me started with #RHOP (Bravo please put that one to rest)

You cant have everything, Women getting along doesn’t make a drama filled reunion.

Usually the first hour or so of the reunion is very tense with everyone cocked and ready.  I didn’t get that feeling last night.  In fact this could have been part three with one exception.  We learned Tinsley and Scott are six months a couple and  Ramona is dating , in fact all the women have men in their lives.

The biggest squabble of the season was Ramona and Bethanny. With Ramona attacking Bethanny at every turn.  Last night it was short lived with a lot of the ladies being sympathetic toward Ramona.  They touched on Ramona’s damaging Dorinda’s home in the Berkshires and Ramona being rude to the staff in Mexico and rude to Bethenny’s staff.

Sonja is still Sonja lovingly delusional.  She tells the ladies she is seriously looking at a three bedroom place and her townhouse isn’t up for sale.    During the season she told us she was 10 months sober until of course Mexico. Well ladies and germs apparently Sonja was tore up in Vermont and been sipping all along. Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnn!   Mortimer came to her defense and said she has never seen her have more than a little to drink.     The ladies also made it official, it is Sonja who serves the Tea to The New York Post about all the housewives including Tinsley.

Dorinda (LadyM) queen on the quips.  Wasn’t happy with Sonja at the beginning of the season.  Sonja was talking shit about LadyM .   Even though her mother wanted her to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Obama  Dorinda went low, she wasn’t going to wait all season to put Ms Sonja Morgan in her place.  How was LadyM doing? “Not well Bitch” and she got Sonja to Clip it!   Don’t “F” with LadyM she has three friends to help her get stuff!

” Lu “

Bravo made it clear, the Reunion was filmed three weeks before Luann filed for divorce.

Luann is a tough broad, but she is human and you could feel her pain and fighting back the tears.

Andy asks her about married life.  Luann says she loves being married.  When he asked her if she misses being a countess.  She says she loves being Mrs D’Agostino.

The ladies are supportive, but you can see their discomfort, even Tinsley. EVERYBODY, knows Tom is a DICK and cheating.  Luann knows Tom  is fucking around. They are in Page Six daily and Luann and is hanging one by whats left of her fingernails.

When that dammed Andy (we love him) dug deeper asking Ramona what she knew last season and kept quiet about it.   Ramona spilled (unlocking the vaults after a year) she said “When Tom was at the Regency, the reason he was at the Regency kissing another girl was he had a huge fight with you and was pissed at you. Then he went to L.A. and started kissing that girl again And he laughed and said you deserved it.”   Then she went on to say “He met a woman from Philadelphia who was recently divorced at the Regency bar and he went up to the hotel room with her and he said he had an open relationship with you,”  “But nothing happened.”  Luann came back and said nothing happened the woman’s boyfriend was there.

At one point I wanted to say stop, this is too much and then they showed the scene where he was talking to Missy and unplugged his mic.   Luann lied when she said she “just saw the Mic.

This is reality TV but her pain, her vulnerability (which we rarely see) was front and center.   She revealed that NOT everyone in her family welcomed Tom with open arms ( They have TV’s darling) and that was especially tough on her son Noel who is protective of her.

At one point she said  “It’s either I accept him for the way he is—I’m not going to change him at this point.”  She also slipped and said she was staying at a hotel (at least the night before)    Luann, the countess has always had a think layer but last night it cracked.


Tinsley showed promise last night, she wasn’t Jules thank gawd.  hmmmmm

Did you notice the price tag on Ramona’s Shoe?

Next week well see how well Tinsley holds up.

Would love to hear your thoughts about Lu


Last Week


The Real Housewives of New York: S9 Ep19 ” Missy and A Dick”

Image result for the real housewives of new york city season 9 episode 19 sonja morgan cake

L.E.B.R (Last Episode Before Reunion)

The Men minus Tom


 Were back in New Yawk City (yawn)
Carole and Bethenny talks about Tinsley’s new man Scott KlughImage result for scott kluth. Who is very likable, lets hope Tinsley’s whackyness doesn’t cause him to jump into Manhattan traffic.  They’ve known each other an half an hour and he’s relocating to NYC.
Speaking of men, Bethenny’ has invited Nate Thompson Image result for nate thompson nhl a firm hockey playah with Ottawa Senators to her new 4200 square foot Apartment.  Nate’s a confident man as he has no problem taking out his tooth so he can comfortably eat a corned beef sandwich. When Dorinda arrives, Bethenny’s encourages her to squeeze Nate’s tush.
Carole and Adam KenworthyRelated image are still solid as Adam settles into his new apartment.
Dorinda may have enjoyed squeezing Nates tush, but Dorinda’s is into Bears.  Her man John Mahdessian Image result for dorinda and john has been relatively absent this season.  Which is too bad, because her bear has had some memorable fights with Ramona and Bethenny last season.  He kicked a wasted Ramona to the curb for disturbing his ladies party.  More! More!  He and Dorinda are into each other but LADY M wants no strings. Last night he a presented her with a gown that’s Beyonce’ bridal.
Sonja Morgan is a free spirit who loves sex.  LOVES SEX!  On one hand she wants a stable life with a mature man on the other hand she wants someone who can take her there.  Sonja says, she really didn’t want to change anything in her house until her daughter was “stable” and then
Edgar “Frenchie” VaudevilleImage result for edgar vaudeville sonja morgan moves in without asking her and starts moving furniture without her input.  Sonja is clearly smitten, so stable is on hold for now as Frenchie tosses her salad.
Ramona: Last week was a real breakthrough.  Redecorating, freshening her face can’t fix her loneliness.   Her rage at Bethenny was all about her loneliness.  Ramona is that friend who check’s in on her friends when they are down. The one that brings soup and comforts.   When Bethenny was having health issues she was there. After all those years of marriage taking care of a husband and daughter Ramona was alone. In her mind, she had someone who needed her.  But Bethenny healed and said thank you.and returned to her life.
Ramona stopped by Sonja’s to check out changes in the house.  In Mexico, Tinsley made it abundantly clear she was moving out.and said she was going to throw Sonja a fuck you gone party! She admitted  she missed Tinsley when she moved out, but then  slips back into trash talking for her lack of gratitude. Sonja says she isn’t excited for the party Tin is throwing her, and Ramona takes the opportunity to agree.
Tinsley’s new home is at a hotel $7000 a month.  She throws a thank you party for Sonja at bar.

The Dick*, Luann, Missy, Harry and the rest of the Party

It has to be super weird for all of us to see Luann talking about how much she loves Tom.  (this episode was filmed before they called it quits)  She said “I was on a mission to make this work and I did,”

Luann and Tinsley believe marriage itself is worth more than the quality of the marriage. Appearing happy is more important then being happy.

I have mixed feelings (pre divorce news)about Tom(The Dick) and Luann.   I’m not sure if its Bravo’s editing or just maybe affection between the two is real.  But I’m feeling its forced as to say were sooo in love!

Everyone Bravo is at this party including (trumpet sound)”Harry Dubin” and (wah wah wahhh) Missy Hargraves Tom’s ex or current or……….     I thought the bitch (yeah, I said it!)had enough embarrassment by way of our man Harry Dubin.     One would think the two would avoid each other after the last party or making out in a hotel bar or…… Ah LOVE! But there she was enjoying drink with TOM as Luann mingled with the other guests.

When THE DICK see’s Missy, he coughs and she asks if he’s sick. “No, no, no, I’m fine,” . “I get all choked up when I see you.” (he flirts with her) “The feeling’s mutual.” Missy replies.   Missy says she was “walking off” the last time they saw each other.  Someone off camera asks for THE DICK’S  “side of the story” THE DICK , turns red-faced and starts laughing uncomfortably. “Alright. I’ve got to unplug this,” he says, turning off his mic to tell his tale.

Tinsley’s went out for Sonja.  Drinks in her honor, custom tee shirts .  Everyone is there (Did I see Jill Zarin?)   Wait, everyone but Sonja.  Bravo must have hired extra cameraman to film Tom.   Meanwhile, Ramona is spreading mess about Tins and SonJa, leaving doubt if she would show up

Sonja, finally arrives late looking stunning, arriving with a small entourage.  She’s ready, just in case of the party turns left.  Sonja and her friends are serving mischief with a capital M as he plunges his hand in the untouched  cake and feeds Sonja.

Just as Sonja is about to take it up a notch.  Tinsley give’s her a $5000 gift certificate to Bergdorf’s .  Sonja squeals and dances.


There are quite a few rumors out there.  Bravo is MEGA pissed that Luann announced she was divorcing Tom after they finished the Reunion.   One rumor is they may re-tape a segment of the Reunion.    However it shakes out, I have low expectations from this reunion.  This season was probably the best season of the show. Bethenny and Ramona is not enough. But we will see.   As for Luann, she went for it and it didn’t work, SAD!

See ya next week.




Last Week



The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep18 “Blame it on the Tequila”


Sometimes when a plan comes together…….. Luann D’ Agostino, Bethenny Frankel, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Carole Radziwill and Ramona Singer who has been a full time cast member since the beginning.  The Jury is out on the newest housewife, Tinsley Mortimer.  I have been raving about this season as being one of the best, if not the best.  There is drama but most of it fades after an episode, are you listening Real Housewives of Atlanta, New Jersey, Dallas and the OC.   Hopefully Bravo will spare us and not renew the Potomac women.   But this is how its done.

The three part Mexico trip has been a thoroughly enjoyable laugh fest.   Last night the tequila shots hadn’t worn off.   Sonja completely drunk off her ass, is still riding Ramona about being unhappy after her divorce.

Blame it on the Tequila!

Forget the pond, Sonja wants to dive in the lady ocean.  Admiring Ramona’s ass, she say’s she wants to butt fuck Ramona.   But lets forget Ramona, Sonja has it bad for brunettes especially Luann.     Bethenny gets naked and dives into the pool, soon followed by a naked Sonja. Ramona flashes Carole with her storeroom new boobies.   Carole gets shady as she says SHE has the best breasts because her’s are real.

In the pool, Bethenny reminds Ramona what a bad person she is.  Tears in the pool. “I’m not evil,” Ramona screams at Bethenny.  The two make up. (Hopefully until the reunion)

Meanwhile Dorinda attempts to perform an Sonjasism, trying to put clothes on her.   The drunk, horned up Sonja is resisting, but she loses out to LADYM.

Bethenny gets out of the pool and finds Sonja in HER bathing suit.  With Luann in safety, she goes after Bethenny.  Bethenny rewards her with a couple of brief kisses (no tongue)



Bethenny is a well structured women. It seems its difficult for her to relax even on vacation.    Its dinna! and once again she is the only one on time!  AND ONE AGAIN SHE IS PISSED!

But this is vacation and Dorinda isn’t feeling Bethenny!  Not only isn’t she feeling Bethenny, she is feeling no pain what so evah!   LADY M is drunk off her azz.  This is the slurring LADYM we have fallen in love with as she tells Bethenny to chill, stop being so perfect.  Then somehow she stabs herself in the hand with the knife.   Dinner ended up Bethenny plus two.

Morning arrives with a still heated Bethenny in sunglasses.  Dorinda (LADYM) and Carole talk in LADYM’s room and she tells Carole she sometimes reacts and doesn’t think about what she’s doing in the moment.  Shortly afterward, Dorinda and Bethenny make up.  Followed by more tears from Bethenny.

Water and Palm Beach

Outside we find Sonja who doesn’t believe in sexting, Skyping pictures of her ass for “Frenchie” in New York.


As Bethenny, Dorinda, Luann and Sonja stay at the Villa for massages , the other ladies go fishing.  Carole says she quite good at fishing.  Tinsley tells the ladies that she is heading to Vegas to meet Scott after this trip AND she is planing a “Thank you and Fuck You” party for Sonja.  Carole gets off the boat fishless and buys a fish instead, the plan was to lie about her catch.

Luann will always be the Countess.  “Manners Please”  She left the table when LADYD  was famously loud (CLIP) at the Italian Restaurant.

Now they are at the last dinner and Tinsley is ripped.  The former Countess  checks her for dropping the “F, bomb (Darling we are in a public establishment-decorum is essential)  Tinsley may be wasted, but she comes back and says Luann says “Palm Beach” too much.  (It’s true darling) the two go back an forth about Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. Its an upper crust turf war “The Upper East side Crips vs The Lower East side “Bloods)  with Luann reminding her, that Tinsley doesn’t own shit in either city, her mothers does………….Bitch!

Bethenny breaks it up by changing the conversation. She asks everyone to give their “thorn and rose” for the trip, meaning the best and worst moments.  All is well until they get to Luann who says her rose is her husband TOM!  The ladies all groan!

One more episode to go before the reunions!

There are some who believe the Mexico trip are the best #RHONY episodes ever.  I disagree, I think they are second to Season 3 Episode 12 Sun,Sand and Psychos ,often called (Scary Island)

The following clip (and the entire episode) can be seen on Hulu

This has been an enjoyable season ,see ya next week


The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep16 “O Mexico”

After a year ,Mexico is finally happening.  Last year’s trip was cancelled due to Bethenny’s illness. This year we find her sick (likely brought on by Ramona) with the flu, but she’s pressing on.

Speaking of Ramona, decided to do a chemical peel or  something to her face before the trip making her look as if she had been attacked by a slapping machine.

In Mexico, Carole wants real Mexican food in Mexico from Taco Bell (where is that slapping machine?)  Meanwhile Bethenny wants a Slurpee in the worst way ! oy vay!

New Digs Old Bitches! 

Bethenny is not playing this time.  Everyone  is tired of Sonja and Ramona, running in and taking the best rooms.  Bethhenny has planned around the S&R fuckery where everyone is to draw straws.

In the Villa, the two are off, ignoring everyone and up to their old tricks of taking the best room.  Sick or not this is Bethenny’s gig, and those bitches were going to be put down if she had anything to do with it.

Everything is not well, karma is a bitch. Sonja and Ramona pulls the highest numbers.  They know not to go after Bethenny and Carole and Luann who had a shitty room in the basement in Vermont.   Luck or unlucky was on Tinsely’s side, she had the first pick and the ladies, lead by Ramona went after her.   They felt since she is staying in Sonja house’s she would naturally want to trade.  But Tinsley, who had an issue with the two stayed firm.   Next stop LadyM (Dorinda). They went after her and right before she was about to cave, the Big bitch, Bethenny said no!

Oh the pain!  The PAIN!   Sonja said something about breaking a hip, Ramona is afraid she might die.    Ramona later turns in to whacko queen, wanting wait staff at her beck and call.  She snaps her fingers and demands that they unpack her shit.  Its all okay that she treats them poorly without a single thank you, because she “tipped them generously”

Sonja and Ramona, despite their antics are still the center of attention as the two sit alone in from of the other women, and the other housewives sit back trying to figure out what and who they are talking about.

Meanwhile Tinsley, is having a breakdown, because she found out that Page Six is running an item about what an ungrateful house guest she is.   This news could have only come from Sonja who has been leaking stories to page six about Dorinda and the other housewives   Tinsley is desperately trying to return to New York’s Social Scene, is concerned about negative press.  Forget her Florida rampage and being arrested.  Perhaps she and OJ will have a cooking show!   Let it go girl and move on!

Tipsy Woman

Diner with the housewives is dinner.  The ladies are more than an hour late for dinner. Dorinda stays in her room .  Bethenny still pissed about the rooms. She goes off on Sonja and Ramona .

Luann was a Countess a woman who could hold her liquor.  But tonight she may have been extra happy to get a great room and see the duo go up in flames.  But at one point we find Luann’s leg sticking out of a bush.   (She’s fallen and she can’t get out of the bush and she doesn’t seem to care)    Then she fall off a step, nearly face forward. Luann smiling as she lies in a bush on The Real Housewives of New York City



I nominate Luann D’ Agostino for best comedic performance by a Bravo housewife

Favorite Line of the Night from Bethenny: “Ramona could fuck up a wet dream!”

(And this is only day one)



R. Kelly ‘Cult’ Member Joycelyn Savage Asks Dad to Back Off: ‘You’re Embarrassing Me’

R. Kelly

Joycelyn Savage, one of the young women whose parents allege that R. Kelly is holding in an “abusive cult” via an article published on BuzzFeed News and a press conference Monday, has issued a second video claiming that she is not being held against her will and asking her parents to leave her alone.

Possibly in response to media reaction to the first video — which was filmed indoors and in which she declined to say where she was or whether she was allowed to leave — the latest interview finds Savage outdoors, sitting on a park bench, and speaking in a slightly less stilted manner than the first.

“Dad, you know everything that’s going on with the media and the internet and what you have done is a complete disaster,” she said. “You need to stop, because right now I am fed up with everything you are doing. You’re embarrassing me and the  whole entire family.”

Click the Link Below for the Video and the rest of the story.

The Real Housewives of New York S9 Ep15 :Sonja Morgan doesn’t want have a Don King….

There are times I question why Sonja Morgan is relevant. She is at times a rumble fumble ball of confusion and delusion.  Then for a brief moment she reminds me why she is here.  She is charming, fun, and sexy. The only time she’s troubling is when the women crowd her attempting to make her relevant, as most except her for what she is which is genuinely sweet.

Last night we find Sonja on the table with her goodies blurred .  She in a salon called Romeo and Juliette to get a southern trim.  We learn that she thinks she’s allergic to Harry Dubin’s sperm.   Our wonderful Sonja is perfectly relaxed when she says ” I don’t want to be the only one who has a Don King down there”  Can you say DEAD!   That’s our Sonja.   She describes her pubic hair as a “pretty auburn blond-like a Madison Avenue blond.        ”Sonja want the world to know that,while she’s active, her southern hair is soft and that her bush is pigment free. Confirmed by the Doctor and the technician.   Fans can imagine her using the best hair conditioner in New York for her bush AND asking her suitor, “isn’t it soft?”   She tells the technician ,playing with a mans balls is like holding a baby hamster.  As the scene ends. she say’s I have the most buffed, puffed pussy there is,”   DEAD again, bring paddles!


Bethenny is puling out all the stops for the trip to Mexico, and based on what she did in Vermont, this is going to be SERIOUS!

Everyone is Jazzed for the trip, however there is one nagging problem.   Bethenny has not officially invited Ramona.   Bethenny is hoping Ramona will come with Luann who is arriving later.  Bethenny has concerns that at one point during this well planned trip Ramona could fuck it up.  Meanwhile, Sonja and Ramona are traveling buddies, she loves Ramona, but thinks Ramona is wrong.

Ramona has been more than a loose cannon, this chick has lost her mind!   She’s on track for a minute then loses her way.  She apologizes and within seconds she crashes and burns.  Last week, she apologized to Bethenny via text and as soon as she arrives she tells people she doesn’t want any of Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl alcohol, she wants the good stuff.

LadyM, is on the phone with Luann, saying when Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat in the air that what made her want to move to the big city.   Perhaps there is a new Minneapolis neighborhood in  Manhattan.  Meanwhile we seen the former Countess Luann fingering this clunky Jewelry, someone cleaned out Woolworth’s before they closed.

Dinnah Tyme

I find it interesting how all these women can talk about each other, sitting at the same small table.  Bethenny is talking to another housewife about Ramona and Mexico who is sitting next to her.

Ready, Set, Fight!    Ramona tells Bethenny they are like “oil and vinegar.” Bethenny corrects her and says that oil and vinegar go together and she meant they are like “oil and water.” But Ramona insists that she was right!

Someone should kill the other one, so we can move on.

They’re rehashing the same ole shit.  There are problems on both sides but Ramona, keeps taking it up a notch with her hysterics.     Bethenny says she doesn’t want her to come.  (she is now, very clear BITCH, I’M NOT INVITING YOUR STUPID ASS!)

Ramona, defies her (very Jennifer Holiday Dreamgirls style) “I’m going, its a GROUP trip!”

Sidebar:  As much as I agree with Bethenny. Cause Ramona, needs electro shock therapy. This is a Bravo Production.   Perhaps that’s why Ramona was so Bold.    Bethenny has enough cash on hand to hire the biggest, widest, security team Mexico has ever seen.  The decision is Bravo’s to make.   So expect to see the RamonaCoaster. 

Carole, Tinsely and the Bear

Tinsley, is Carole’s project.   Carole is very smart and Tinsley should take Carole’s advise.  She may have been the toast of New York, but she is stuck looking a little Charo (look her up Millennials) in desperate need of update.

Charo was my B example, I wanted to say Baby Jane. But that would have been MEAN! 

Carole has set her up with a nice looking successful man.  Who unlike her first man, doesn’t ride a Big Wheel to school.   Carole calls Scott a bear.  Tinsely approves!

A double date, Carole (despite their difference in age, look good together) and Adam, Scott and Tinsely.

Carole is on point, they are a match.  Scott is cool down to earth with a nice smile.  He clearly likes her, even though she’s a bad date!   Not just a bad date!    Tinsely likes him, in addition to her ugly clothes she drinks too much asked him few questions about himself and WORSE!  She goes into detail about her ex.    Scott smiles through it.   Good job Carole.

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