Wayback Machine: Warner Brothers Cartoons

If you are of a certain age, you likey know one or all of these classic cartoon characters. While most of us were introduced to these cartoons on our televisons. The majority of the cartoons, apperared in theaters as animated shorts, often shown before the feature film. The time between 1928 and 1963 was consideredContinue reading “Wayback Machine: Warner Brothers Cartoons”

Tyler Perry Joins the Billionaire’s Club

By: Biba Adams/The Giro In a detailed profile on the mega-talented ‘Madea’ creator, Forbes magazine says Perry has earned more than $1.4 billion in pretax income since 2005. In a detailed profile on the actor, writer, director and producer, Forbes reports that Perry has a net worth of $1 billion. The magazine notes that Perry has earnedContinue reading “Tyler Perry Joins the Billionaire’s Club”

India: Why does Bollywood use the offensive practice of brownface in movies?

Monica Sarkar/CNN Bollywood may be best known for its glamorous casts, glitzy costumes and energetic dance routines. But it also has a far less flattering reputation — for promoting the offensive practice of brownface.  “It’s actually racism,” said award-winning film director Neeraj Ghaywan. “Let’s not mince our words.” In the United States, the concepts of blackfaceContinue reading “India: Why does Bollywood use the offensive practice of brownface in movies?”

The Hollywood Con Queen

Photo: Google She tormented studio executives, actors, makeup artists, security guys, photographers, screenwriters, athletes, even bobsledders and scuba divers for years—until corporate investigator Nicoletta Kotsianas was put on the case. By K.J. Yossman\MarieClaire It was a warm, overcast afternoon in August 2019, and Joe Scarnici was pumped. A talented photographer who has gone on tourContinue reading “The Hollywood Con Queen”

Joker Sequel Is in the Works With Director Todd Phillips

WARNER BROS. It’s rumored he’ll also be developing another villain origin story movie for DC. By: Josh St Clair/Men’s Health In an interview with Vanity Fair last month, former bro-comedy director, Todd Phillips ( The Hangover, Old School )  recounted his rationale for pitching the R-rated, anti-superhere, CGI-free hole of nikillism, Joker,  to Warner Bros.  “Woke ”Continue reading “Joker Sequel Is in the Works With Director Todd Phillips”

Is the movie you want to see sold out tonight? Try these two Theaters in Sacramento

Its Friday night, and the “Block Buster seems to be sold out at every theater in town.  So you choose another movie. Not so fast! There are two theaters in town that few people know about and one is completely invisible A few years ago the Century @ Downtown Plaza was closed and renovated.  ItContinue reading “Is the movie you want to see sold out tonight? Try these two Theaters in Sacramento”

The College-Admissions Scandal was Better Than A Movie

The Lifetime film adaptation barely had to make anything up.   Bethany Slade is one scheming character among many in Lifetime’s recent movie The College Admissions Scandal.SERGEI BACHLAKOV / AE NETWORKS By Adam Harris/The Atlantic When the Varsity Blues college-admissions scandal came to light earlier this year, its dramatic details captured the nation’s attention. In March,Continue reading “The College-Admissions Scandal was Better Than A Movie”

Movie Review: The Last Black Man in San Francisco

“LBMSF” opens to a sleepy, mournful, rhythmic foghorn – a sound that recurs in different incarnations and instrumentations throughout the film. We get the immediate sense of being in a fog-laced, wistful dream vision — one that laments the state of a once gentle and inclusive city, even as it celebrates its unparalleled beauty throughoutContinue reading “Movie Review: The Last Black Man in San Francisco”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Cancelled? Victim of Georgia’s Abortion Law

Georgia is a major player in Film and TV Production due to its tax incentives.   There are more films produced in Georgia than in California. Popular shows like The Walking Dead, Ozark are filmed in around Atlanta.  Marvel’s parts of the  mega hits “Black Panther” and “Avengers Endgame” were filmed in Metro Atlanta. 10 BillionContinue reading “Real Housewives of Atlanta Cancelled? Victim of Georgia’s Abortion Law”

Doris Day dead at 97

  700 recordings, 40 films, ” the top female box-office star in Hollywood history,” with a No. 1 ranking in 1960, 1962, 1963 and 1964.  The highly rated ” Doris Day Show was on CBS for five years.  Animal Activist “Doris Day Animal Foundation” Her only child, Terry Melcher died in 2004. His son Ryan is realContinue reading “Doris Day dead at 97”