Madonna 2 hours late in Las Vegas…Fan (Fans) sue

    “There’s something that you all need to understand,” Madonna said during her Las Vegas concert, while perched atop a piano, legs swinging. “And that is, that a queen is never late.” The mega star spoke those words to fans during the show this week, posting the video to Twitter on Saturday. And despiteContinue reading “Madonna 2 hours late in Las Vegas…Fan (Fans) sue”

Doris Day dead at 97

  700 recordings, 40 films, ” the top female box-office star in Hollywood history,” with a No. 1 ranking in 1960, 1962, 1963 and 1964.  The highly rated ” Doris Day Show was on CBS for five years.  Animal Activist “Doris Day Animal Foundation” Her only child, Terry Melcher died in 2004. His son Ryan is realContinue reading “Doris Day dead at 97”

R. Kelly indicted on 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse

By Sara Sidner and Steve Almasy/cnn Musician R. Kelly has been indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse — a class 2 felony — involving four alleged victims, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said Friday. He is scheduled to appear in court Saturday for a bail hearing. Musician R. Kelly, who has been associatedContinue reading “R. Kelly indicted on 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse”

December 6th 2015 11PM Kennedy Center

Aretha Franklin, Performing in the Kennedy Center Opera House December 6, 2015 The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a massive building on the Potomac River containing nine theaters. By Gavin Edwards\ New York Times   In her final decade, Aretha Franklin’s two best-loved performances both took place in Washington. In 2009, sheContinue reading “December 6th 2015 11PM Kennedy Center”

Fashion Week Throwdown: Nicki Minaj Says Fight With Cardi B Was ‘Mortifying and Humiliating’

  The hip-hop star addressed the incident on her Queen Radio show: “I could not believe how … we made ourselves look.”   By: Shirley Halperin\Variety   Nicki Minaj took to the airwaves on Monday afternoon to address her fight with Cardi B at a Fashion Week event in New York City on Friday. Speaking onContinue reading “Fashion Week Throwdown: Nicki Minaj Says Fight With Cardi B Was ‘Mortifying and Humiliating’”

Want insight on your favorite Show? Try You Tube

A lifetime has passed since someone shot JR Ewing on Dallas.  If you wanted to talk about it, you could hope someone an AM radio would talk about it.   What it if were lesser shows like Knott’s Landing or another nighttime drama… You were out of luck . Today with the advent of the netContinue reading “Want insight on your favorite Show? Try You Tube”

#MeToo is succeeding where others failed — to mute R. Kelly

By: Brandon Griggs/CNN R. Kelly is still singing, but in the #MeToo era his voice is getting more and more muffled. As the R&B singer prepares for a scheduled concert Friday night in North Carolina amid persistent allegations of sexual misconduct, his career is under siege on multiple fronts. — Streaming service Spotify is removing Kelly’s musicContinue reading “#MeToo is succeeding where others failed — to mute R. Kelly”

Kim K. your husband Kanye has cracked, he needs medical attention

“Slavery was choice” Kanye has had a mental break.  He isn’t TV ready.   Last November he was hospitalized and put on a psychiatric hold shortly after a concert in Sacramento where he went on a rant comparing himself to Donald Trump.   There is something desperately wrong.

make kenye west BLACK again

Make Kanye Black Again. — Smi (@smino) April 25, 2018 You can actually purchase this hat online.  There are “Make Kanye Great Again” Tee shirts.  That’s America!   I love that tweet. ” Make Kanye Black Again” Kenya is a proud black man. You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't makeContinue reading “make kenye west BLACK again”