The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep8 ” The Radziwill Take Down”

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Please don’t tell anyone, early in the week I watched an episode of Basketball Wives, the entire episode was based on a rumor.  Two of the wives being catty said they heard one about one of the two new characters having sex (yes they were suggesting she was a HO!) with various men to help build her business as a nurse.   There wasn’t any depth of any kind and I could just hear the producers telling cast members to perpetuate this story and hopefully there will be a fight, where glasses and bottles are thrown and security would be called to separate the screaming and kicking women off each other.   Big yawn…..

In New York there is trouble brewing.  Close friends Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s  friendship is cracked.  Unlike Basketball Wives, this story isn’t contrived. No producer has to whisper in the cast mates ear hoping for something to happen.

Sonja Morgan is downsizing, with her Townhouse on the market.  Early last night we learned Sonja Tremont Morgan doesn’t sleep with two men in a 24 hour period.  She believes IF you sleep with two different guys in a 24 hour period ” Their  sperm will have a war inside your vagina’ BECAUSE they (the sperm) are allergic to each other.   Now ladies and germs I could spend at least another three a four minutes on this but your probably………

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  1. Still processing this in your head.
  2. or
  3. Throwing up in a conveniently located garbage can.

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Its Christmas time, that means its “Blue Stone Manor” Dorinda’s home in the Berkshires. 

I’m not sure if its has to do with holiday stress but Blue Stone, has been the site of epic New York Housewives melt downs usually starring Bethenny Frankel.    At Blue Stone, Dorinda spares no expense for her decorations and friends

First to arrive to the  Blue Stone Manor was Ramona and Carole.  At dinner Carole talked about she hadn’t seen much of Bethenny and felt a disconnect with her and that Bethenny was aggressive with her.

Dorinda, told Carole that Bethenny  was upset with Carole’s boyfriend Adam not taking pictures in Houston for free.     Carole was surprised that Bethenny would hold a grudge over something like that and was surprised that Bethenny wouldn’t talk to her about it.

Bethenny was the next to arrive and Carole greeted her. Carole wants to have a conversation.  Bethenny is pretending like everything is fine but she telling everyone else it isn’t!

Luann, Tinsley and Sonja all arrived together.  With everyone in the manor.    Dorinda (Lady M) sets down some ground rules at the manor.    She ain’t about the shit that went down last year.       She tell them Len, her housekeeper works for her. Len ain’t nobodys maid so if yall want something go and get it.!    This year, Ramona wont damage her room in a drunken stupor!  This year, Sonja wont go through her things and put on a new set of pajames given Dorinda by her late husband !

When Sonja gets to her room, she take pictures of existing damage in her room before she settles in.    Lady M is a bonafied East Side Gangsta and she might cut a bitch!

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Dorinda is having a silly azz 1920’s  murder mystery party.  She’s hired three men to play roles in the party.   Everyone was in costume and were giving roles, which closely resembles who they are in real life.   The ladies were taking their roles seriously but after a while Dorinda said she was hungry and told everyone she was the murderer.   Game ovah, Let’s EAT!

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Ramona opened her mouth and Bethenny pounced.  Bethenny called Ramona out for lying about calling Carole a puppet.    Ramona admitted the Bethenny, that she didn’t USE THE WORD PUPPET!

Lady M (Dorinda) asked if there was tension between Carole and Bethenny.  Bethenny said SHE didn’t feel tense ” Our vibe is different; there is a shift and everyone feels the shift .  She told Carole, “I don’t have a problem with you”  We will talk about it later.  This is so personal, so intense, the two should have gone somewhere quietly to hash it out.

Now that’s how it should have went!

But Lady M, insisted that they talk about it now in front of all the other women.

Carole brings up what she just learned about the Adam drama.  ” I heard you were upset

heard that you were either upset with me about something to do with Adam not working

with your charity for free or your upset with me and my level of financial support for

your charity.  Bethenny denied reaching out to Adam.  Carole said when she spoke to

Adam, ” he actually wanted to do the photos”

Bethenny said, Carole was freaking her out.    Carole: “Does the truth freak you out?”

Bethenny picked over every word for accuracy   Sunday, not Monday  7:15 not 7.

“It doesn’t matter if it was a Saturday or a Sunday or a goddamn Tuesday,”  Carole

screamed at Bethenny, adding: “I’m just trying to understand why this happened and

how it has affected our friendship.”


The other ladies were uncomfortable, as if mom and dad was having a big fight in front

of them.    Of all the women, I have never viewed Carole as an aggressor. Its probably

because unlike the other women, she doesn’t shout and scream.

Bethenny is hyper aggressive, talking over and screaming over the other person.

Perhaps its Carole’s professional background working in Television.   Carole is smart, she

doesn’t need to scream and she took Bethenny down.   Embarrassed as some of the women were, I think Luann, Sonja and Ramona,victims of Bethenny’s rage was happy to witnes the take down at the Blue Stone Manor.


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Sometimes the issue isn’t the issue.   Bethenny and Carole was thick as thives.  Throughout the summer to two were always together.  Bethenny had a show on Radio Andy’s Sirrus XM. She talked about Carole accompanying her on Bethenny’s business trip.   Some where there was a break.   I believe Bethenny’s hurt. To make matters worse,  Carole and Tinsley has grown close.

This isn’t over, Bethenny has shared secrets. Told stores,  Next week is Carole’s turn.   From what I’ve read its gone dark.     See ya next week.



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A lifetime has passed since someone shot JR Ewing on Dallas.  If you wanted to talk about it, you could hope someone an AM radio would talk about it.   What it if were lesser shows like Knott’s Landing or another nighttime drama… You were out of luck .

Today with the advent of the net via social media you can instantaneously chat about the show. via twitter, or facebook and more.

There is a small industry growing on You Tube where ordinary individuals review their favorite shows.

Reviewing, is a second, third and fifth job for some of the reviewers and the reviews are often longer than the shows themselves.  Many of these talented men and women review several shows.     One of my favorite reviewers  is Roxanne Markham (It’s Rox).  Most of her reviews take place in her SUV’ during her lunch hour.  Like many reviewers she is passionate, what makes her special is her sense of humor.




The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep7 “On an Island”

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If  your reading this review before seeing the episode, please keep a box of tissues or a soft rag or towel near by.

No A,B,C or D list celebrity has done what Bethenny Frankle’s done in Puerto Rico.  No Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kardashian, George Clooney, Kennedy, Clinton, or Bush. 

Puerto Rician’s Lives Matter

The first aid, some Americans in Puerto Rico received ( a full two months after Hurricane Maria hit the island) was from Bethenny and the volunteers who accompanied her.  The hollowed emptiness of a man who cried broke my heart.   What would you do? living in a home with no roof, no water and no hope?

Bethenny asked Dorinda to join her on this trip.   So she could see, so she might share what she saw with others.  Dorinda was taken aback, when she saw how the victims lived, often on the floor, exposed to the outdoor elements, insects and rats.

Dorinda met a woman and her daughter, the woman told her.  She wants the same thing for her daughter that we want for ours.”  This seemed to be a life altering trip for Dorinda.

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Sonja is still preparing her Townhouse for rental.  She asks Ramona  and Luann to help her paint the chairs on her patio. For this effort she buys hazmat suits.  Instead of stripping them and repainting them, she simply asks the ladies to paint over the bird shit on the chairs.

Were now at a dinner party where the wine is $600 a bottle.  Ramona is in her element, “If its expensive it has to be good.  MORE! MORE!    At the party we have Sonja and Bethenny at the outer edges, Carole and Tiffany in the middle and Luann and Ramona at the other end of the table.

Like volcanic lava ,the were bubbles of fights with the women.   I love how they talk about someone at the table like they weren’t there..   We have Bethenny and Sonja talking about Tinsely.  With Bethenny (not Sonja) telling the other women that Sonja feels she helped Tinsley when she was kinda down and out, and now that she has moved up, Sonja is feeling abandoned.   Well Tins ain’t feeling that shit.  After all,Sonja has said a lot of stuff about Tinsely’s to a LOT of people

When Carole tries to back Tinsely up.  Bethenny pounces and their on!    Out of nowhere Carole shuts the mighty Bethenny down using Bethenny’s words..   “Get off my jock” and finishes her off, with a flick of her hand.    DAY-YAM!  Carole!     (who knew!)

With all this going on!  Ramona (of all people) and Luann are mere spectators of all this fighting, with Ramona enjoying that high priced wine!

( For Beth, I think its less about Sonja or Tinsley and more about Carole.  She and Carole were thick an thieves, they traveled together, spoke daily and one day they didn’t. To make matters worse, Carole and Tinsely are close.  Bethenny’s hurt) 

At a book party for “Karen Duff”  Tinsley talks to Sonja and their beef is done.  (at least for now)    Tinsley is no longer a freshman housewife and this season she ain’t takin shit from nobody.   ARE YOU LISTENING BITCHES!

Meanwhile, Carole and Bethenny is another matter and I guess since there isn’t expensive wine to swill, Ramona needs to stir the pot.    She tells Carole, “I’m so glad you’ve found your voice now, even though Bethenny thinks you’re a puppet.”  The good news is Carole knows Bethenny and knows Bethenny wouldn’t use those words.

At the dinner, Carole confronts Bethenny about “puppet” and denies using the word.   How so nevah!   Bethenny did say that Carole used to take Heather’s side. When she and Carole became friends she took her side and now Carole is taking Tinsley’s side.

With the problems with her friendship with Carole.   Bethenny goes after her former boyfriend Adam.   Beth asked Adam to go down to Houston and take pictures for a week.  He told her, he couldn’t do it unless he was paid.    This troubled Bethenny, who has probably forgotten when she lived check to check.  As much as I would love to help, my reality and probably Adam’s reality is he cant afford to take a week off to volunteer. She needs to back off this, if she wants to restore her friendship with Carole.

Next week, its the Berkshires Baby! Can you say DRAMA!!


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The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep 6″Grief and Belief”

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I often bash my gurl Bethenny Frankle for promoting her brand on the show. Last year Skinny Girl seemed to have a role on the show. However, what she did for her fellow Americans in Puerto Rico is beyond amazing. Like the rest of us she saw the devastation and like the rest of us ,she was troubled by what she saw and she quietly made things happen. She called friends, and asked for help, money what ever they could give or do. She pound like minded people to donate ,their time to help the people who were ravaged by hurricane Maria.
People donated warehouses, planes and they found away, to get food,generators, cash cards and other supplies out to people in remote areas of the Island ,before our president could throw out the first roll of paper towels. What makes this so special is this wasn’t a media event, “look what I’ve done”. The media found her.
Last nights episode was centered around Bethenny’s and Dorinda’s trip to Puerto Rico.
But were gonna start with one of the most bizarre breakfasts starring Carole and Tinsley. The two meet a restaurant. Carole fresh from California. The ladies catch up. Tinsely and her boyfriend and Carole and Adam. Adam and Carole’s relationship was exclusive however, they agreed if they were seeing someone else, no one would speak of it. Adam spoke, he has dated this girls a couple of times and likes her. Yikes, lets just say Carole is not happy.
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Wait, I’m sorry, one hard boiled and then other tow in my order, can those be scrambled? And can you mix the scrambled part? Don’t make it touch the hard-boiled egg part. I want that hard-boiled.

Nine hours later, it was Tinsley turn to order.

“May I just have the avocado toast please?”

The waitress: ” the avocado toast comes with cheese”

“No cheese!” Carole tells the waitress before Tinsley says anything.


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Carole is currently Ramona’s new bestie. She doesn’t relate to Sonja anymore.

Luann, meets with her daughter Victoria, they talk about Tom and Luann’s new life in New York, without TOM.

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Sonja Morgan is going to rent her Upper East side 4500sf townhouse. For 32,000 a month.

The Realtor takes her on a reality tour. Sonja can nabb 32K but she will have to som fixin. The rust, paint. possibly replace some of the carpeting and trim the garden, just to get it listed. A photographer is hired and our Ms Morgan has to put some of her personals away. Pills, her collection of Wesson Oil and vibrators. Sonja flirts with the photographer and doesn’t back off when she learns he is married to a man. Hey, he can watch as they make out. She ask’s him if he is bi-sexual, he said no. She says, if I buy you something will you get sexual? Gotta love Sonja.

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With the cracks in Bethenny’s and Carole’s friendship. Bethenny invites Dorinda to accompany her to Puerto Rico. She wants others to experience the devastation on the Island. Dorinda gets a tour of the Miami warehouse donated as staging ground for supplies flown out to the Island.

At dinner, she gets to the meet other volunteers, but has too much to drink and things go south. An embarrassed Bethenny tells her she didn’t want Dorinda to go to Puerto Rico and Dorinda stormed off with a few words, leaving Beth to apologize and explain Dorinda to the rest of the table.

The next dad Bethenny changed her mind and they were off. On the plan Bethenny told Dorinda about herself. She told her she was a drunk, which Dorinda denied. However she did say she uses alcohol as an excuse to “exhibit bad behavior.”

We have witnessed Dorinda’s bad behavior, especially her attacks on Sonja. I must say her attacks have been funny but there is a problem.

Bethenny honesty to Dorinda took a lot of courage. But it was draped in love and concern. My problem with Bethenny, is that old fashion, she can give it but often cant take the truth.

Till Next Week


The Real Housewives of New York City S10 ep 9 “Is Ramona a friend to Sonja?”

Face to face: The reality stars put their hands next to their mouths as they yelled at each other

Episode nine is the calm after several good storms.   The eye of the storms Sonja Morgan, is a still recovering.   Half the ladies are pissed at her.  Ramona her partner in crime, has hurt her the deepest . While I wouldn’t want anyone to lie for me, I would want my bestie to have my back and Ramona has abandoned her.

Ramona, the apologizer, (who apologizes and doesn’t mean it ) wants Sonja to apologize to Dorinda.  But Sonja isn’t feeling it.  Yes, she was wrong to compare her Divorce to Dorinda being a widow..  But Dorinda has dragged her up and down the street the last two seasons and humiliated her.  Any apology from Sonja isn’t likely to come her way.

Dorinda Medley is a bonafide upper east side gangsta (Lady M) , the only one who might be able to take her down is Bethenny, but there would be a lot of blood. 

The episode begins with at Bethenny’s new and unfinished apartment. For those of us who started watching the show ten years ago, remember the old struggling Bethenny living pay check to pay check, begging shoppers to sample her Skinny Girl products.  This Bethenny sold her old new apartment for over Five million dollars and has moved on to a large place.

Sonja is her first guest . The two review the bad blood between Sonja and a few of the ladies.  What we learn Sonja has a hard time expressing herself, she tend to blend old news with current news diluting the issue.  Sonja is fragile.  She is also delusional ,perhaps attempting to make herself more important then she is.  She is a free spirit,  down for anything and the first NYC housewife I would want to hang with.

Through Bethenny, we learn why Sonja is mad at Tinsely.

Tinsley lived with Sonja free of charged, she didn’t pay rent and she didn’t like the living arrangements and talked a lot of shit about Sonja and her house.  She goes on Instagram, telling the world she donated 10 grand to Bethenny’s charity.  If she had all that money and didn’t like where she was living ,why didn’t she just move?   Good Point Ms Morgan

Sonja, despite her real estate, is poorest of the housewives, so the money is a slap in the face.  But Bethenny didn’t pull any punches when she told Sonja not to talk about Tinsley’s money and where it came from.   Bethenny advised Sonja to keep responses short to stay on message . Like Twitter limited her responses to 144 characters.

Last season Carole seemed to want to move on with Adam.  She loves him, but had no aspirations about a long term relationship turning into marriage.  The two are good friends and spend time together.   This is totally foreign to Tinsley. She’s a romantic and wants to be in a relationship with the ultimate goal, marriage.     Tinsley relationship with Scott has hit a bump.  Distance.   He is based in Chicago.  Tinsley still has the flowers he gave her when they broke up.

Scott surprises Tinsley, and next thing we know he’s talking to her mother and being invited to Christmas in Florida .   A reconciliation may be in the works.  Tinsley asks if they are back together so she can throw the old flowers in the trash.   ???? Just how long was she going to keep those flowers?    Is there some Grey Gardens here?   Scott, bro? you may be in danger!

Carole and Luann hash out their differences, not much to see here.  Moving on.

Ramona is having a Christmas Shopping Party at Bendel’s.  All the ladies are invited including Sonja.   Ramona also invites “Missy”  Luann’s hus-band ex girlfriend.  Ramona is super messy, just squealing and hugging Missy.   Everyone is uncomfortable except Ramona.

If Luann was pissed, she held it well and spoke to Missy.  Tom played on her too and two two of them had a brief bond.

My favorite part of the night.  Missy, introduces Luann to Richard a friend of hers. Richard is clearly into the former countess and wants to take Luann out.   YESSS!

However, Dorinda trying to be funny.  Fucked it up by telling Richard, she and Luann used to be lovers.

Sonja still very hurt and she a Ramona had a huge blow out.  Sonja didn’t take Bethenny’s advice and the two started speaking a new language.   Sonja started venting with strangers.

Bethenny Frankle is the Mega-Housewife. Last season anytime we saw her, we saw her Skinny Girl products.   Last night,  she introduced Skinny Girls(horns please) Jeans.

See ya next week

???????  Of the friendships which one do you think will mend.  Bethenny and Carole or Ramona and Sonja’s




The Real Housewives of New York: S10 ep4 Tinsley to Sonja “Shut your mouth and shut your f***ing legs!”

Real Housewives of New York City, RHONY

The ladies were on fiya last night.   Dorinda (Lady M) gave us another catch phrase.  And the rookie shocked us!    It was an Epic Night!

 Last night’s Episode of The Real Housewives of New York, brought it home last night.

The NY franchise isn’t the highest rated , but on these shores it is clearly the best! .

While there are fights, many fights, no one is being punched, slapped, the new cast member who has to fit in, the sort of drama you’ll find on most reality shows and perhaps that’s the problem.

In New York, all of these ladies are connected, most have known each other for ten or more years.  Some are actual friends.  Friendships are complex, there are resentments, deep issues that are just below the surface.  Most of us can relate to the anger and the triggers and that’ what took place last night.   Like most of us, because there is history between the housewives most of these fights are short lived and they move on, to other disagreements. Last night, the fights were about

Last night, is a continuation the Hampton weekend.  Some of the ladies are still heated from the night before.   Dorinda is still pissed at Sonja for comparing Sonja’s divorced to Dorinda’s being a widow.       Sonja’s bestie, Ramona want’s Sonja to apologize. “Say you’re sorry. Say you’re sorry because I want her to come to my party,” a.  Sonja’s not feeling it and she feels that her bestie didn’t didn’t have her back.    Dorinda complains about Sonja’s continuing to remind us of the life she had before her divorce.   However, Dorinda often talks about her dead husband.

Its all going down at Ramona’s place in the Hampton’s.  Ramona told Carole, she was throwing a dinner party to celebrate Carole’s run in the New York City Marathon.   Ramona just want’s everyone to get along at her dinner party.   That was only 10% true, with Ramona buying a Cake for Carole.

At the party, there isn’t any fashion cohesion only Tinsley is Hampton fashion chic.  The former Countess comes in with tight braided hair, she looked like  she was a gang member carrying  Vaseline and hot sauce in her purse.   Carole is wearing an ugly tattoo printed body stocking with a black slip dress over it, yikes!!   Bethenny is wearing a floral printed top, her boyfriend came in wearing some BRIGHT sweater with the would Love on it.  Ramona is also wearing a floral print dress with some strange ass cutouts on it.  There is another man and I’m not sure if he is Ramona boyfriend or the cook.  He seems into Ramona, but Ramona has a way of using men for her needs and dropping them off at the curb.

At the table, Bethenny and Dennis are having a lively chat. with Luann sitting across the table. Making small talk    Luann asked how they met and how long they’ve known each other?   WAYBACK MOMENT  Bethenny come back with . “You know how we met, or at least you think you do.”   (At a reunion a few years back )  Luann, said  that Bethenny was having an  affair with her former best friend’s husband.  Bethenny tells Luann, This is him”  “This is the guy.”   Lets say it together OOPS!   Someone embarrassed, very embarrassed. Bethenny ask’s Luann to apologize to Dennis and she does and all is good with the world.

Enter M’s Tinsely Mortimer who gave us the best line of the night!  

This is left over shit from last season when she stayed at Sonja’s Townhouse.  Sonja said Tinsely was a bad house guest and may have leaked news about the former New York Socialight, before she beat up her boyfriend and went to jail in Florida.

Before Tinsley moved out of the Townhouse, she threw Sonja a party and gave her a five grand gift card.   She has trashed her former roommate to the other housewives and others , saying how she lives off people including her boyfriend and she doesnt believe Tinsely paid for the gift card!

It Ramona’s party and she wants a piece of Sonja too. At one point Sonja say’s she doesn’t lie.  (Wait 4 It!)  Oh yeah? You do lie!” Tinsley yells. ( Just another dinner with the housewives)  When Tinsley’s asked her about the gift card.  Sonja says she didn’t believe Tinsley paid for the card.     Tinsley wasn’t done!

“Well, then let me just write you a check for staying at your house,” Tinsley says, and pulls out an actual check.   Da gurl was pissed!     She writes the check gets up and shouts

 “Shut your fucking  mouth and close your legs!”

In the confessional, a hysterical Dorinda said.  I said to speak up, I didn’t tell you to lose your shit!  

The check goes back and forth. Bethenny takes charge ,by picking up the check and setting the check on fire, problem solved.

Bravo Says There Will Be a Morning After 

After that disastrous dinner at Ramona.  There is a brunch in the morning.  

Carole is hosting a brunch.   Knowing the hot spots in the room.  She separates the ladies, putting them next to allies.   How so nevah, during the night, Sonja sent a text to Ramona, saying Ramona didn’t have her back and called Ramona a POS. After learning POS meant “Piece of Shit” Sonja had one less friend at the table.   There is something about the relationship between Dorinda and Sonja.  Only Sonja can bring out the gangsta in Dorinda.

Even with Sonja banished to Siberia to the far end of the table, Dorinda is listening to every word she says.   When Sonja bring up dating Rocco ,a famous restaurateur. Dorinda says, she not dating Rocco!    There are conversations to the right and left on Dorinda, but she is hanging on to every word Sonja is saying.  Ramona tries to get Dorinda to chill, but Dorinda’s not having it!  For the record, Sonja sometimes live in a world Disney hasn’t constructed, but the ladies mostly tolerate her. But she and Rocco were dating last season.  It doesn’t really matter, Sonja has unleashed the gangsta (Lady M) and as Sonja continues to talk about Rocco,  Lady M yells  “Liar, liar, ho on fire,

 I like Sonja, yes she is delusional, but there is something really likable about her.  While I would like to give her a break, the truth is she, her gums are flapping in overtime.   The ladies like her, but her shade is covered in a sweet glaze and the aftertaste is bitter.

Sonja took some direct hits from Tinsely and Dorinda, but its was Ramona, her bestie who disappointed her the most.   They know each others secrets and idiosyncrasies  tolerating the worst and celebrating the best of each other for more than twenty years. A friendship hanging on by a thread.



The Real Housewives of New York City S10 Ep3 “Til brunch do we part”

If last night episode is indicator of the rest of the season.     I’m all in!  I like my reality  mixed with little a drama, fun and laughter.   Much like last year,

Its a weekend in De Hampton’s and our girl Sonja is taking the bus.  She calls it the Jitney, for the rest of us its the BUS.    There she is, the owner of an multi million dollar East Side Townhouse, with her Louis Vuittian bags being loaded on the Jitney.   Now why Sonja is taking the bus (I mean Jitney) isn’t clear?   Dorinda had room in her big SUV, and others had transportation…..anyway!

Perhaps its her gums….her gums have been flappin and Dorinda, Tinsely, Carole and even her bestie, Ramona are not amused.

Sonja told Dorinda that Tinsely is basically a kept woman, as she never pays for anything.  Sonja has been stabbing Carole and Dorinda through her words which ends with a smile, they call her Nice Nasty.   She and Bethenny are cool for now, so her only ally is Luann.

Meanwhile, Bethenny who is in real estate heaven is miffed with Carole.   Carole and Tinsely friendship has blossomed and the two are not staying with anyone in Hamptons’s  they are staying at a hotel.

Sonja is staying with Luann.   No one would evah call Sonja a perfect house guest.  Last year she rummaged through Dorinda’s things and put on brand new pajamas that her late husband bought for her.    This year, she arrives with two dogs, including one that was dyed. True to form, she goes through Luann’s shoes and takes out a random pair of slippers. From Luann’s expression these may have been her favorite comfy house slippers.

Ramona’s new single life continues with a new Maserati, she is renovating her East Side Condo and her large home in the Hampton’s.    The thing that kills me with Ramona is she is upper east side without the help  She treats everyone as her servants including an Artist who she is clearly using.   She wants his artwork on her walls before she buys.   Hey, this is just for this weekend.   The artist and his friend are unloading her car and moving furniture for her.

Sonja’s delivery has never been good and the ladies have long giving her a pass.  However, some of her words has ended up in the press and that pass has been revoked.

At a brunch at  Luann’s house,  Sonja pissed Ramona off, after she said  Ramona “loves them hard and leaves them easy.”   What I think she meant to say, was Ramona flirts with men to get something out of them.  This is true!   Like the artist and his friend unloading her car and moving furniture.   Either version was going to piss Ramona off and it did.

Well shit, if Ramona is going off on Sonja, Dorinda wants a turn.  When attacked, Sonja sometime goes into victim mode.   She was sued, her divorce, her daughter going off the school.   Dorinda tells her to live in present, like bitch, we’ve all heard this before!   Dorinda says hey, I had a husband that died. Then Sonja, compares her life to Dorinda’s and her dead husband and well ,the Gangster (lady M) came out and Dorinda went low and deep, saying Sonja’s husband left her cause Sonja was sleeping around the South of France.

Tom and the Receipts

Its Bethenny’s birthday.  Luann (without Autotune) sings Happy Birthday(her breathy  Marilyn Monroe rendition)

Bethenny and Luann has come far.  On this night its fun and laughs.   The the world slowly stops when Luann says “You were fucking right,” about Tom.  Luann tells her how hard it was for her to move on and admit that she was wrong.  Then she opens up, to rest of the ladies about Tom, its a good night.

Not completely, Sonja had a bone to pick, Carole.  Sonja, sent Carole a congratulatory text for finishing the marathon and said she only received a “thxs” from Carole.    Luann said she did get a “Thank You”   Bethenny said she called Carole several times and didn’t get a response at all.   Carole said no, and  they both take out their phones to show the receipts.

Carole and Tinsley personalities are similar, no one would call them timid but they aren’t Ramona and Bethenny’s A plus alpha women.  Bethenny and Carole are still tense during the morning brunch .Carole and Tinsley arrive and the two are in super chat mode.  Beth is clearly annoyed, while the two are immersed in conversation , Bethenny is on the outside.  Has Bethenny been replaced?  She and Carole were once very close.  But things have been tense between the two. .Bethenny can be hyper aggressive and perhaps Carole is over it.

 As Bethenny says, Carole likes someone who can be around all the time, and with her businesses and child, Bethenny hardly is that person.  This could get ugly and I can’t wait!

(the fight continues next week)


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