Ready Set Strip: Jon Gosselin of “Jon & Kate plus 8” is now a Stripper


Image result for jon gosselin The 39 year old, reality star father of 8, has had a lot of jobs since the end of his reality show. Now he can add Atlantic City Stripper to his resume.

Gosselin will bare it all this Saturday in Atlantic City at  Dusk nightclub’s where he is part of the “Untamed Male Revue” show.

From Entertainment Tonight: I’m a member of the Senate DJ group and I also help with promotion. I DJ at the club sometimes, but I find promotion is more rewarding both financially and emotionally. I like taking care of people and making others feel welcome.” “Being part of something is a blessing,” he added. “Since I joined Senate DJ I’ve felt like I belong to something and I’m not just out there on my own — I feel as if I’m part of a fraternity or brotherhood.”


The Real Housewives of Atlanta:Baby Nups and Breakups

This episode was much do about nothing.  We began with Porsha,who bonded with boy toy possibly baby daddy Todd (not to be confused with Kandi’s Todd Tucker-however anything is possible before the reunion)in Hawaii who is drafting a baby nup. They have toyed with how the baby would look and other silly things couples as they are getting know each other. You’ve never heard of a baby nup?  Your not alone, this was from the mind of Ms Porsha Williams.

Phaedra,thinks Porsha is a bit cavalier about having a child and wants Porsha to think about the big picture. Porsha has always wanted a child, however her desire seem to increase after her sister Lauren had a child.   Porsha wants the baby daddy to be responsible for 50 percent of all expenses, education, and entertainment for the child and Porsha would have all the decision making power.  While I’m sure Porsha gave the baby nup a lot of thought. What she missed is the present.   Todd has children and when it comes to the matter income, he is currently unemployed. So who’s supporting those children?  Not the best start for a new child. After reading the draft, Todd bails.

Speaking of Phaedra and I wont speak long, she visits Cynthia for the first time at new home and they talk about the divorce party where she learns Porsha shared her secret about her finalized divorce with the other ladies.  Cynthia wants to repair the friendship between Cynthia and Kenya.  Good luck with that.  I not going to speak on the contrived Johnnie issue.  Really Phaedra Really?

Kandi and Todd meet with members of the Old Lady Gang, Mama Joyce, Aunt Nora and the wonderful Aunt Bertha who have made enough food to feed two generations of the Jackson’s.   They briefly talk about the opening of the OLG restaurant AND the Hawaii trip.  Nora says they never get invited to the trips and Aunt Bertha said,”Because they know we would eat those ho’s alive”  Bertha gives me LIFE!

Cynthia is preparing her fashion launch of her bag Cargo line in Atlanta.  Included in the show is Sheree’s handsome son Kairo who is exploring a modeling career.   At the first meeting we clearly see the young Whitfield doesn’t  know how to walk.  On the day of the show Kairo is an hour late.  Normally a model would be fired but this is her friends son AND no ones being paid.   Momiger, Sheree is complaining about the site an doesn’t appear too concerned with her son’tardiness.  Mama’s proud of her son, in his first fashion show in her eyes, he is the hit of the show. For the rest of us he well,sucks.

Kenya met with her cousin and talked about Hawaii and Matt. Not much to see here,  She meets with Matt at a Doggy store,  She feels he should stay in contact with the puppy because after all he is the “Puppy Daddy”  (you too?)

The big confrontation between Kenya and Matt was a dud…    Matt seems weepy and want’s Kenya to apologize.  Kenya is done (we can hope) and wishes him well. Please give Matt the damm dog and free us from this trifling shit.


Bring on the reunion (Please)




Who in the Hell is Erika Jayne and why am I obsessed with her


Related image

Perhaps obsessed is too strong a word.   Yes, I watch her on Bravo’s  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, amd tweet with hundred of viewers across the nation every Tuesday. I talk about her at length in social media and on the radio “Reality Chat with Amy Phillips” on Sirius XM and I bought her latest single Expensive.

Who in the hell is this woman with fan base growing by the hour?  The no nonsense bad ass women from the ATL who might fuck you up if you make her break a nail.

Women like her and want to be her friend.   Men, straight and gay love her. To many in the gay community she is an icon and I love it when Comedienne Amy Phillips impersonates her and say’s “cash“. Watch

I was introduced to Erika Girardi a couple of years ago on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills her friend Yolanda Foster (Hadid) recommended her for the show.  Erika like Yolanda, wasn’t a girls, girl, she is very direct, honest and a keen observer. She is very cautious and doesn’t allow many into her personal life.  While Erika lives “the lifestyle” she is humble and this has endeared her to many.

There are two sides to Erika.  We were first introduced to Mrs Girardi, wife of attorney Thomas. If memory serves, they don’t live in Beverley Hills, they the slum in a large Mansion in Pasadena.

The other Erika Jayne is a performer with nine number one Dance Club Hits who has been performing for nearly twenty years. Erika has swag, reminiscent of Cher. With a persona that says approach with honesty or I will fuck you up.   She is currently on Dancing With the Stars.

Image result for erika jayne dancing with the stars

She isn’t like the other Beverly Hills Housewives who wont admit to having cosmetic surgery, she’s an open book about her procedures head to toe. She has her own a glam squad, two gay men who keeps her beautiful and she never goes anywhere without them. ANYWHERE!

She will tell you she is 45, with a grown son from her first marriage. She was raised by her single mother who had her at 18. She was named after her moms favorite TV character Erica (Susan Lucci) Kane.

One of my favorite videos

Co-Housewife Lisa Renna, Channels her Inner Erika

Dancing to the stars was a smart career move for this Smart lady. Who danced to her own song.  “Expensive “

My girl Erika Jayne. Yes, I’m obsessed, She’s One Bad Bitch!

Just ask her!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 ep17 Aloha and Goodbye

I’m gonna get it out of the way, I am liking Kenya Moore, and no this isn’t drug or alcohol induced.

Life in Maui has calmed down however things are not what they seem.Phaedra and Kenya are hanging out playing tennis. Cynthia and Peter are very romantic and  Sheree  is talking to Bob Whitfield.

Kenya and Phaedra are playing tennis Kenya is pleased with friendship and Phaedra is cautious. Phaedra is officially divorced, however for some reason she isn’t sharing this news with the other women, including Kenya only Porsha knows

The chemistry between Cynthia and Peter is undeniable.   Everyone think the two are kicking boots. However, divorce is odd, you don’t want to mislead the other  .So the two sleep in separate rooms. Peter commented on how “weird” it was being in the same hotel together but not the same room.  This happens to be Peters birthday and Cynthia  shows up at his room with food, drinks an a gift.    The moment is bittersweet as Peter painfully asks Cynthia if she was dating anyone and she said “not yet.   This opened the door to a heart to heart, they talked about what has gone wrong in the marriage.  Peter wondered if he was the cause, but Cynthia said she was the one who failed.   Cynthia’s  birthday gift to Peter was a binged out bible.     Okay?


Kandi and Todd’s epic fail. The two nudnics thought it would be FUN to roast Peter on his birthday.   The only person close to pulling this off wasn’t there, Nene Leaks.  I’m will not inflect the pain to those haven’t seen it.   MOOOOOVING ON!


Sheree and Bob put on a good face but it evident to others. I’ve been on the fence with Bob and Sheree.  There is a small spark between them. However Sheree seemed distant at times. So I thought maybe she was holding on to Bob for a storyline.     Bob is charming and perhaps it was his charm that attracted her.  She was attracted to that Bob, but the car incident reminded Sheree of the pain she endured as his wife.   On the boat, Bob tried his very best to make up with Sheree.    “I wanted to apologize,” he said. “You don’t even see anything wrong with you leaving and not calling the house for six months,” Sheree. “And then when you talked about you saw me without my seatbelt and you wanted to slam on the brakes and eject me from the car. To put harm on me, or death. It’s abuse. It’s mental abuse and then for you to make a joke of it — it’s just been like that the entire time.” Bob insisted he was a changed man, but Sheree said she wasn’t “buying it.”       Bob, “You want me to bleed myself right here? To slit my fucking wrists so you know I’m serious?”But he wasn’t getting it . She just wanted him to have “remorse” for what he did. He said he was remorseful, but Sheree was done, its a wrap.

One thing we learned.  Men have disappointed Sheree in the past and perhaps this is why Chateau Sheree is so important to her.  With the Chateau, she’s making her own dream come true.

I did say I’m liking Kenya Moore but its clear she’s never been divorced.  She thought she would throw a  Divorce Party for Cynthia and Phaedra.   Neither lady was into it. Cynthia played along but was not CELEBRATING.  Phaedra entered the room and was clearly not feeling it and unlike Cynthia was not going to be a good sport. Phaedra excused herself and left.  Kenya tried to keep it festive a game called ” Kiss the Penis”

While Cynthia was a good sport.Phaedra,  turned salty she told everyone she was sick and excused herself.  She WAS well enough to send Porsha a text about the party. (of course everyone knew it was Shadra ) and Porsha shared the text with the other ladies. “I’m good, but I’m appalled that they would think that the breakup of a family is the cause for celebration and with the host being the trifling woman who was texting my husband — disgusting and disgraceful,”   guess the Kenya, Porsha friendship hit a BUMP.  After the reading of the text, Porsha head to Phaedra’s room

Porsha trashes Kenya.  “I told you not to get close to that heifer,”    Within megaseconds Kenya knocks on the door.  Kenya was confused about why Phaedra was upset. “You’ve said so many times that you are in the best place that you have ever been,” Kenya said,

Phaedra  called her “trifling,” which she didn’t like that much.   Then Phaedra went back two years, TWO YEARS or more       Bring up a topic we all we were tired of…  about whether Kenya had inappropriately flirted with Phaedra’s ex-husband, Apollo.  REALLY ?SHADRA  REALLY?  Kenya,  “Do you blame me for your marriage breaking up?”  Phaedra said she didn’t, but that she did think Kenya “continuously flirted” with Apollo. “It’s just a whole other level of skanky.Kenya called Phaedra a hypocrite for leading her restoration service. “The only thing she has restored in me is knowing that she is as shady as she ever was,”  Folks its ovah!

Then frack (Porsha) goes back to the divorce party and tells everybody that Phaedra’s divorced was finalized.

OOH Frick (Phaedra) will NOT be pleased.


Hard Gossip: With RHOA reunion in the can.  Social Media is on fiya!  The roomah, is Porsha NOT Kenya may have slept with Phaedra’s ex Apollo.

Last week we see, Sheree Whitfield break down for the first time.



The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 E16 Maui Mayhem

Emotional moment: Sheree Whitfield grew emotional after confronting her ex-husband Bob about past alleged abuse during Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

If you tuned in last night, you expected more of the Kandi-Porsha’s feud.  What you didn’t expect to see our “Thugaline” “Who’s Gonna Check me Boo?”  “The Bone Carrier”,break down.    One character who charmed us ,fell from grace and a person who has annoyed me for years became a warm caring individual.      Sheree did not cry alone last night.



Kandi vs Porsha

Fans of Kandi Burress and Porsha Williams went to war on social media after last weeks episode.    Most of it was about Porsha’s Credibility  and others thought Kandi was overreacting.   For those who missed it, Kandi’s rage was based on Porsha’s allegation she was drugged by Kandi and Todd. This is serious, ask anyone in the Cosby Family. In last weeks episode Porsha changed her story from being drugged to heard they had planned to drug her.


We Begin

where we ended at the table with Kandi in full rage. People are trying to calm things at the table and what ever  credibility Porsha has had is gone. GONE!   Cynthia telling Porsha she needs to stop with all these accusations and to stop lying as her lies have hurt. Kenya Moore is starting to look like Mother Teresa “saying what does it matter, Porsha has lied on everyone”   Phaedra tries to call Kandi down and feels the situations isn’t the serious.  Porsha is calm at the table like,what the fuck evah.

The next day, Kandi has planned to take everyone on a boat ride.  But she’s had enough of Porsha for the century and calls Phaedra to deliver the message to Porsha.

Porsha and her boyfriend (Todd) are sitting on the sofa in their suite.  Porsha is cool like whatt!  Porsha, she tells her boyfriend, with this group of girls we always get into it and them we sweep it under the rug..  No Porsha, if Kandi was any closer she would have snapped your neck.     This is only the second time we’ve seen Kandi  completely off the rails.

In the confessional, Porsha says  It is funny to me that Kandi does not want me to go on the boat trip as she was the one who threatened to choke me last night!

Phaedra pops in wearing a very revealing church lady swimsuit.(NO!)  Porsha’s boyfriend Todd is mesmerized to the point his eyes are bulging and he becomes at 9 year old child looking at a Victoria Secret Catalog for the first time.  Home boy is reduced to goo goo and ga ga  over Phaedra parts.

Phaedra tells Porsha she hadn’t worn the bathing suit for years.  I think she said school.    your a fan of this show, you know who’s been to the plant to get freshened AND  we all know Phaedra’s has recently gone to Atlanta’s House of Titties and has remodeled and refreshed hers. So stop it Phaedra! Stop it NOW?

Phaedra tells Porsha, Kandi does not want her to come today.  Porsha acts surprised and desires to have a day with her Todd.

The Tale of Two Cars


This season, I have enjoyed Bob Whitfield, he brought humor and another side to his ex wife Sheree.  He has been wooing his former wife wanting a reconciliation and there are many fans of he show who were hoping the two get together.   That has changed as of last night.  

For those who have followed this blog, know I’m not a fan of Kenya Moore.  That changed as of last night*   

*Well one episode at a time


Everyone one is on route to the boat ride.  Kandi, Todd, Cynthia and Peter in one car.    Bob, Sheree, Phaedra and Kenya in the other car

With their divorce final in a few days, everyone notices how well Peter and Cynthia are getting along.  There is undeniable chemistry here, people in both cars were talking about it.

In car two (a victim of bad editing- something related to Cynthia and Peter) Bob tells the women that after he and Sheree broke up she fell asleep as he drove her through Las Vegas.’I was like it would be easy for me to take the seat belt off of you and hit the brakes so she would fly her ass through the window”    ” He sure did”  Sheree says!

‘She, you know I don’t like to see you cry and you know I don’t like to be the one to make you cry. This is why we are growing together, because we are willing to do this again, even if it’s for the sake of our grown kids,’ Bob told her.  ‘I’m still your number one confidant, I believe in you the most, trust.’

Phaedra said ,Sheree is a strong woman and she dos not put up with much, but obviously it is tough to be in a relationship and when they go sour it is emotionally draining,’

“Sheree”I honestly thought Bob was a changed man, but this Bob right here is taking me back to the cheating, the abuse and I don’t want my girls ever to be treated like that by a man and here I am thinking I am going to give that person another chance, it’s fucking stupid,’

Later, Bob met with Sheree at a Jewelry store wanting to buy her a gift as to apologize. In the store Sheree was still hurt and Bob was smiling. .

‘Something that you did that was very painful for me, and you’re still joking about the same thing,’ she told him.’It wasn’t a joke then and honestly I don’t know if it was a joke yesterday,’ she told him.   Bob told her that he had cried about his past actions towards her and that laughing was his ‘coping mechanism.’

Sheree could not hold back the tears and walked out on Bob, as he nervously laughed and told the cameras: ‘I am not laughing.’  She later said ,she was ‘thankful’ she invited Bob on the trip.

The End

Phaedra The Kill Joy!

Kandi’s guests thought they were going on a cruise on a yacht. The yacht turned out to be a speed boat, getting the ladies hair wet. The only one who seem to enjoy it was Kenya.

It the next evening, a different day.  Kandi is less stressed.  Porsha’s and her Todd has a nice day of the beach and massages.   People are beginning to laugh and relax.

Then Phaedra tells the ladies she want them to have a spiritual service to heal as they need Jesus.  With Porsha of course.


Kandi says she was done, and didn’t want to talk to Porsha.  Cynthia who’s been refreshed her damm self, courtesy of Peter said she was open minded but she was going to bolt the first sign of drama.   Kenya wasn’t feeling it  and the men retired to a bar as the ladies go round two.

Phaedra told them all that it was time to draw a line under the issues.

In the room, despite what happened the day before, Sheree is  still pissed at Kenya for saying someone had abused her .  Which is clearly true.

Porsha is still in denial about Kandi saying You’re upset because of something that I said because I felt it was true and now the truth is hurting you,’

Please stop trying to turn my tears and me being upset like I care about you at this point. Whether you made it up or somebody that told you made it up, it’s made up,’ Kandi shot back.

Kandi told her that she was really hurt by the accusations because she felt she had supported her over the years more than anyone else.’I have promoted you even when you didn’t promote your own stuff,’  It’s like crazy to me that after all of my support of you that it took one thing – her saying that I said that you had sex with somebody that you did have sex with – for you to throw me under the bus and continue to throw me under the bus and make up shit about me.’

Porsha turned left and demanded Kandi apologize to Phaedra for saying she cheated on her husband.

Back in the bar, Bob tells the men it felt like ice -skating uphill with Sheree.  He said he fucked up and had a rough road. ‘I put a lot of wounds on her so she is calloused towards me,’

 Sheree told the women that Bob had not ‘owned up’ to many of the things he had done to her and was ‘immature.’  ‘I thought I was completely over what Bob had done to me but clearly I am not,’

Porsha sorta apologized and said  she wished ‘my response hadn’t been as much.’ ‘

Kandi denied every saying Phaedra was cheating. But she did say Phaedra was talking to men.


What do you think about the future for Bob and Sheree?

What about Peter and Cynthia?

Hey folks, last week my e-mail was on fiyah and only one comment here.

Please comment on the blog!

Please we kind and respectful to each other



Last Week

She kissed me and said she would eat my pussy till I cum (Oh My)  They Put it all on the Table

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S9 Ep15 “Let it all on the Table


LesbianGate  Continues.  This filler episode, starts with a limp and ends with a BOOM!

Kandi’s shares her explosive outing with Porsha with the rest of the housewives and Shemea Porsha’s bestie. Missing in the meeting is Phaedra.   Kandi maybe one of the wealthiest housewives in the franchise but ,she is the least pretentious as the ladies received their drinks in red Dixie cups.

So we see Kandi and the ladies at her home who seem to enjoy Kandi’s adaptation of the drama.  If there isone thing that troubled Kandi, it was Porsha’s saying that she heard someone say Todd and Kandi  planned to drug Porsha and Shemea . With Porsha’s creditability in the spotlight, Cynthia questions her allegations about Peters infidelity.   In light of Bill Cosby, this allegation are serious and could ultimately effect Kandi professionally and we all know, no one plays with Kandi’s money!   Across town Porsha is sharing her version with her sister Lauren.  With Lauren, Porsha seemed more honest and sort of suggested Kandi’s version might be true. Perhaps it was the Henny.

Phaedra, returns to the church that helped her during her divorce and considers inviting the other ladies  for a restoration service at the place that helped her in her darkest hour.

On a visit to the site of the Old Ladies restaurant Kandi and Todd talk about a trip to Hawaii.  Kandi suggests bringing the other ladies . Todd immediately rejects the plan as nothing ever goes right at these vacations and he’s not going unless some of the men go.

We get to meet Kenya’s brother Ronnie along with her and Ronnie’s children.  Motherhood and the subject of Matt comes up, she tells him about Matt’s good qualities and bad,the window breaking etc.  After sharing her story Ronnie, Kenya finds wisdom. Maybe.

Cynthia, Kandi and Phaedra meet to invite Phaedra to Maui…    Porsha has some reservations as she doesn’t get along with Todd, Peter and will consider going if frack joins her.

Sheree visit’s Bob at the Gym, and invites him to Maui .Bob’s in but Sheree tells him they would have separate rooms.  Todd invites Peter, Cynthia’s okay as long as HE has his own Room.

In a gift to us. Porsha thinks Maui is out of the country or the third stop on the Underground Railroad.

A Maui Powee?

The ladies arrive on fumes to Maui. Phaedra and Porsha missed the first flight. We see frick and frack in selfies taken on the plane.  Dinner was served outdoors and the conversation was dry and tired.  Porsha’s arrives with her potential (unemployed) baby daddy, Todd.

Her arrival isn’t welcome by the group.  Kandi is uncomfortable and leaves the table. Phaedra arrives, conversation is light.  Peter stirs the shit by asking Kenya where is Matt, knowing he punched someone that last time they were all together.

The table goes silent, leave it to Sheree to open the Porsha segment.  Kandi returns and Porsha denies what she said and hold on to her story.  Then blames the incident between her and Kandi on the alcohol. Porsha changed her story from knowing that Kandi had a sex dungeon to hearing she had a sex dungeon!   Kandi then distributes a full color copy of a text conversation she had with Porsha with everyone at the table. (and reads it aloud)  In the text,she reads how much fun Porsha said she had and how she said she (Porsha) wouldn’t rape Kandi on camera(no worries). CAN SOMEONE SAY BOOM?

Text messages: Texts were printed out by Kandi and handed out to the group to show Porsha was the aggressor

To be Continued



“Last Week”

Tongue Kissing, Sex Dungeons, VJ eating

Too much for my Christian Eyes, so I read it twice!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep14 Who’s A Lesbian?

Image result for the real housewives of atlanta season 9 episode 14

This is de episode   The rumors about who is skinny dipping in the lady pond comes full circle and someone falls hard out of the closet. 

One more day in the Woods

The Lesbian conservation swirls. Kandi is still pissed and is done. DEE OH N E!   She doesn’t want to travel with the ladies and arranges he own ride to the ATL.   When Kandi tells Cynthia she’s leaving .Cynthia’s response was like.  I’m done with all the drama including yours.  Girl By!

The next day the ladies climb into bus and please believe Sheree isn’t done and Phaedra doesn’t have a glass in her mouth to prevent her from talking.  Sheree wanted clarity and Phaedra had a bout of “flash amnesia ”  she didn’t remember anything. Any conversation about Kandi and her lesbianism.Porsha tried to clean her role up, but no one on the bus was buying dat gov-mint cheese

At the lake house, Cynthia traumatized her daughter Noelle about Lesbians.

The Kenya Surprise.

Your girl is turning 50 and getting a divorce. So you get your girl , a card, a cup cake, a night with the girls? Kenya, wants to give Cynthia something unique and she does with a lil shade. She takes Cynthia for a laser vaginal rejuvenation.  Of course Kenya doesn’t need one because she’s younger and her VaJJ doesn’t get much use.  (Kenya is much younger at 46 or 47)  As a bonus, we get the see some of the procedure.  Bravo cuts to flowers and butterflies to distract us.

Its official, Apollo is her ex

Phaedra rolls up to her lawyers office in hott black benz.  These ladies like there cars. It’s funny, the      The office conference room  has a giant sign(KAPLAN FAMILY LAW) so fans in Atlanta know where to go.  Her lawyer Ronnie tells her the judge finalized her divorce.  However SHE would have to tell Apollo they are finished.   Now Apollo can tell his girlfriend he’s free.

Daddy Dearest Momiger and Porsha’s 1.4 new house

I’ve never understood why a deadbeat daddy would want to be on TV.   Once again, after demanding that he be allowed to see his daughter Russell “Bloc” Spencer was once again a no show. Riley is clearly hurt and done.  Kandi encouraged her to put her feelings on pen as she has difficulty expressing her feeling and takes her to the studio.    Even with auto tune, Riley is no Solange, however Kandi get bonus points for being a supportive mom.

Across town frick and frack gets together at Porsha’s HUGE new 1.4 million house.

Cynthia is having a fashion show for her new purse and bag line in Atlanta and tells Sheree there maybe a spot for her son Kairo in the fashion show.   Sheree is bout da business and asks if he is getting paid.   Ah, no  how bout a backpack.   Sheree son has never been in any show and tells Cynthia she would prefer  the show to be on a weekend.

Porsha sits down with her unemployed boyfriend Todd and put him in check.  With all that time on his hands he’s upset Porsha has a job and cant be available when  he’s available which is all da time.  ” She tells him that he’s almost 40, so she thought he would be more responsible.   Prognoses , Nooooooo!

 The Main Event

“Who is in the Lady Pond?”

After the camping trip, Kandi meets with her staff and hubby Todd at the Kandi Factory and tell them the main event of the glamping trip.

In the meeting we learn that Kandi, Porsha, and Todd were dancing at a late night stop. With Porsha on one side, Kandi in the middle and hubby Todd bringing up the rear.  Porsha and Kandi kissed (with tounges) and Porsha offered to eat Kandi’s yum,yum until till she came.    WELL FUCKING HELLO!!!!!!

And her staff and this reviewer went wild.   WTF!

Kandi has her moments, but rarely does someone question her integrity!

Kandi admitted she has dipped into the lady pond and says that only someone who had done that before would say it just like that, so obviously Porsha has done something. Meanwhile, Todd says that whole night was pretty fun because they went to Waffle House afterward.  One of her staff members said, well if you cant eat a……

Kandi and Porsha meet for lunch and the streets (patrons) got an ear full.   Kandi is still annoyed and Porsha goes left right and to the moon.   Porsha goes in hard.  She says everyone knows Kandi is a lesbian as she has had a secret seven year relationship. She says Todd is calling women pretending to be someone named Marvin.  Porsha says  Kandi has a sex dungeon.

When Kandi brought up the kiss between the two of them and the offer of the happy meal.    Porsha took a lesson from Donald Trump, she creates news to deflect from the truth. Its fake news until she slipped.  She went into her deniel mode (it neveh evah happened) and told Kandi she wouldn’t be interested in a Tea Cup like Kandi !   So what kinda women are you interested in.

In the confessional, Kandi reminds us, she is IN THE SEX business.   She has a sex talk show,  a very successful sex toy business and she thought the Idea of a sex dungeon would be cool.

Who’s a Lesbian Now?

See ya in a couple of weeks



Last Week

Sheree Whitfield+ Marlo Hampton=Big Mess!