The Real Housewives of Atlanta: S10 ep16 “Driving Miss Kim”

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Not much to see here.  Last night episode was a complete mess.  Expectations were high after last weeks Barcelona, which was one of the best episodes of the season thus far.    Its very clear ,its time for a major reboot in Atlanta.  Things were so bad last night,that some of Kenya Moore haters were missing Kenya.


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Last night opened with Kandi and Mama Joyce revisiting Barcelona.  When the topic of Porsha comes up.  Joyce tells Kandi she met with Porsha and feels that if Kandi would said something to end it, the attacks may have stopped.   It’s clear Kandi isn’t done punishing Porsha.

Porsha and sister Lauren meet for tea.  After Barcelona she tells her sister she is going to remove herself from the drama.  (No drama on a reality show?  Porsha, think underground railroad.)

Kim doesn’t see Color? 

Dear White people, with friends of color. 

Try, not to say you don’t see color.  I understand that most people who say that, is coming from a good place.  That being said, by saying that you don’t see color, you place “race” front and center.  Saying you don’t have a racist bone in your body, can make things worse.   Because everyone sees color.  I suggest, treating a misunderstanding  with a person of color,the same way you would treat a misunderstanding from another white person. 

 Too much to do about a Roach

Kim says she had to hire a security guard because of Nene keeps calling her a racist on Instagram .

Kim’s daughter asked Nene’s son if she could come over.  In the rest room she saw some bugs and as a kid would she taped it.  Like other children, an some adults it went to far. But when you have two childlike adults on line they will say things that don’t make sense like Nene’s “It sounds very racial when you are speaking to an African-American person and talk about roaches. Because people feel like you associated that with the ghetto or trash. Black people do not receive that very well.”

Nene, what if the person was African-American?

Race and Security Guards over a roach video?

Moooving ON 


Nene’s Rant at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California

Nene’s tendency to go to one hundred when she is criticized, damaged her brand. Its one thing on a realty show and other when your attacking a heckler during in front of an audience.     Most experienced, comics know how to handle hecklers but Nene isn’t a professional comic. .  She went 100!  She told the heckler. She hoped the woman was raped by an Uber driver.      Initially,  she blamed being in the Bay Area, the home of Uber.  But ultimately, she took responsibility for her actions.  She faced a tidal wave of  anger on social media and she took a beating in the press.   Those actions cost her the gig on the Xscape Tour.  She was comforted by Marlo and Cynthia who has never seen an emotional Nene. 

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Divorced and very single Cynthia. Drives single Will, to the Airport.  On route they revisit Kandi’s party. WHERE THEY WERE BOTH UPSET ( I think Cynthia cried) when Eva said, Will may have been dating another woman while seeing Cynthia, who isn’t, has never been, and isn’t likely to BE his FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!    BECAUSE!  Cynthia has said and has told Will.  SHE doesn’t doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship WITH ANYONE!!!

“Driving Miss Kim”

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Is Kroy Biermann being paid by the mile?  Perhaps he is a Uber driver.  This season when we see wifey, we get a brief glimpse of Kroy by the car.  We all know Kimmy can drive.  We saw her drive a new Caddy Escalade out of the dealership,the one Big Poppa paid for.

Former good friends, Kandi and Kim agree to meet for lunch, Kim is late,very late.  She tells Kroy to have fun at Costco and she probably wont be long.     Kandi is understandably pissed. and ready to go.

When Kim sits down,  Kandi goes in, asking when did Kroy started going everywhere with her and why he’s always waiting around in parking lots for her?   A perplexed Kim asks for an example,Kandi said she was talking to Kroy on the phone at the Elephant Room.   Kim, excitedly says, When the fuck did I call my husband during the Elephant Room?   

Kandi wasn’t there for it.   “Wait, who fuck you cussing at?” 

 Kim says she’s getting irritated at the questioning.  Kandi: “Well, if you’re getting irritated, do what the fuck you normally do and take your ass home, and get in that car!”

This takes Kim by surprise.    And the conversation changes, as the two start talking about kids , life and finally agreeing to be cool with each other.

These two were once good friends until “Tardy for the Party, and lawsuits and attorney fees.   This could be a new beginning.



Speaking of new beginnings.  Its time for Atlanta to gut the cast.  Its been long two years. But who should go? 

Click on the link below for the full story.



RHOA: Time to clean house three or more cast members needs to go (which 3?)

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Season 10 seems to be unlucky for Bravo’s housewives. Orange County has been a mess for the last two seasons with weak story lines and senior cast members who may have overstayed their welcome.

Atlanta, now in its 10th season has been limping for a few years. Last season’s Porsha’s\Kandi drama went much too long. If weren’t for dramatic Pheadra reveal, during the reunion, the entire season would have been a epic failure.

This season, Bravo has thrown everything at its number one reality show this season. Including bringing back first season veterans Nene Leaks and Kim Zolciak.

Marlo Hampton, Shamea Morton, Eva Marcille joined Zolciak as friends of the show. Kenya Moore isn’t likely to return this season due to her husbands refusal to appear on the show.

Like Orange County, Atlanta is in a desperate need a reboot. Replacing three of more housewives. The after two seasons of poor story lines viewership is slowing eroding.

Which housewives should go…..

Click comments, what do you think. Who should go?


The Real Housewives of Atlanta s10 ep15 “Tyrone and Candles”

Kind words: The women took turns saying positive things about each other

Last nights episode begins on the bus with Nene telling the ladies that  Porsha decided to leave Spain.

The ladies leave the Ikea House for a hotel with room service, where everyone had their own room.

In the comfort of her room Sheree calls her correctional boo, Tyrone.   While in her room, Kandi comes up with an idea of a photoshoot for Sheree, something sexy for Tyrone.

Kandi asks Nene if she has talked to Sheree since the “Elephant in the room” ceremony?

Nene kicks it into hyperdrive .  “I have been married over 20 years, I am very much in love with my husband, okay. I’ve never been out with Tyrone.   “No, I never went out with Tyrone despite what you may have heard,”“Don’t ever ask me about Tyrone, because he is not my friend, his is no my cousin, he is not my neighbor.  Nene thou protest- is a bit too much, Kandi didn’t ask you all dat!

The next morning, we once again we miss the “housewives go wild segment”  with the Marlo twerking to the break of dawn (4am) and paying the price this morning with sore legs.

Shamea, Kandi, Eva and Sheree were the early risers and Shemea wants to revisit the Tyrone incident between Kandi and Nene.  Kandi thought Nene was being too defensive.  Sheree tells us how she met Tyrone. He was putting together an event in Philadelphia that Sheree, Kim, and Nene  were going to be paid to attend.

(Bravo loads up the wayback machine).

The Tyrone, Nene barely knows was front and center of a legendary fight between Sheree and Nene. (“FIX YOUR FACE” FIX YOUR TEETH”)  The fight where Sheree said Nene was trying to take money out of her pocket by saying she (Nene) should make more than Sheree.  (During the fight Sheree called Tyrone to get the truth) Nene didn’t want to talk to Tyrone and insisted that that she didn’t have time to tell Tyrone anything about Sheree’s booking rates:  BECAUSE!! “I was running to the bank, depositing a Trump check.  Sheree said the two of them didn’t speak for four years.

At breakfast with Cynthia, Marlo and Nene .Marlo brings up Sheree.  Nene says Sheree is out for Sheree, she’s not willing to go out on a limb for anybody, especially Kim. Nene said Sheree knew about Kim’s video.

Meanwhile, while the ladies were in town, there were major protests for Catalan independence

On the bus on route to the flea market. There was more talk about Kandi’s sexual talents with  Cynthia, licking her lips who jokingly said, that she would love to be with Kandi because she wouldn’t have to work.   Todd, be scared.

Cynthia is planning a positive day at the coast.   Everything is going to be love, light, and spiritual. On the bus ride, she says that everyone has to be positive and share something positive. _

At the beach Cynthia gives all the ladies a candle. At the bottom of the candle is a name, and everyone was to say something nice about the person.   All was going well until we get to Eva, who’s candle has Shamea name on it.  Eva started off with, “I did not appreciate the shade, I think it’s wack and sad and tired and childish.”  after saying that she seemed to want a reboot and it ended with a hug between the two ladies.   Cynthia made sure to include a candle for Porsha.   Good Episode.




Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 EP12 “Peaches be Trippen”

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The Will/Cynthia drama played a small part in last nights episode. If we were to believe the hype, the blow up would continue with some big reveal, it didn’t happen. Porsha gave us another (what I heard?) he was an opportunist and while he didn’t have strong feeling for Cynthia he was going ride this wave.

What we did learn, there is still a lot of love between Peter and Cynthia. Peter left the party early cause he wasn’t ready to see his ex wife with another man. Cynthia lights up when she sees Peter and wants to be friends.

Kenya”s role this season, is the happy bride. Last night she revealed she was six weeks late and knows of the challenges of being 46 and trying to start of family After one test the fertility clinic is in holding pattern as the urine test was inconclusive.

Poor Porsha, you know things are bad when they drag out Mama Joyce to film with you. They get together for lunch and talked about last seasons drama with Phaedra. Joyce asked all the common sense question we asked last season. With such a serious allegation of drugging and what you knew about Kandi, why wouldn’t you follow up, why would you take Phaedra’s word and run with it? Joyce reminded Porsha, Kandi could have sued her and taken everything AND if it were her,she’d be driving Porsha’s Rolls Royce. Joyce told Porsha, that while Kandi is angry,she has a soft core and will eventually come around.

With Kenya missing in action, Cynthia and Nene seem to be back on. The two met for dinner and discussed the drama with Will. Given a choice Nene prefers Peter over Will. The two discuss the next vacation or Bravo field trip, this time Barcelona Spain. The two review who to invite.

Porsha hosts a ‘No Beef Dinner” as Porsha is newly Vegan. Marlo arrives first, being critical of Porsha’s house. Kim arrives and once again we see the Fucking Red Solo Cup? There are drinking glasses, wine glasses and the ” Queen of Hooterville” arrives with a plastic Red Solo cup!

(I need a moment)


Maybe yall can tell me what’s with da cup?

The topic of course is Cynthia, who was the last to arrive. When she arrives, a lot of the women can’t look at her, which confirms her suspicions. They were just talking about her. Marlo is belching like a 300 pound man. Not sure if she was drunk but at one point she says ,she has to leave to visit a cousin in a Nursing home. Someone said Visiting hours are over. Marlo comes back and says, not this one, its 24 hours. Marlo is clearly lying between belches and Porsha’s calls her on it. You mean your going to see one of your new benefactors, your new boo at nursing home?

Its a girls trip, Kim wants bring Kroy, who seem to have had absolutely nothing going on in his life. Not only is he driving Miss Daisy (Kim)everywhere. He waits for her while she’s at a party fighting with Keny Its rare that you see Kim without Kroy. We know Kenya’s leaving her hubby bubby to fight with da girls AND based on her history WE KNOW Kim isn’t going and she bails.

The final scene, the housewives is heading to the airport. Everyone except a late Kandi

With all the hoopla with Nene and Kim returning. I’m not feeling a real contribution to the show. Nene is still funny but Kim seems desperate. The unnecessary fights with Kenya and the that stupid comment about a sexual come on from Kandi makes me want to show her the door.

Next week Barcelona.

Your thoughts?


OMAROSA!!! will not die

Donald Trump with Omarosa Manigault, then the Trump campaign's director of African-American outreach, in September 2016

 As for the state of the country? “It’s going to not be okay. It’s not.” “Its worse than anyone thinks? Omarosa Maigault Newman

Omarosa Manigault left the White House for the Big Brother house and she is spilling the White House tea with cast members and the rest of the world.  Take a look at the video.


Ms Manigault has made quite the career for herself, being a supreme villian on and off Realty Televison.  There are unofficial reports say, she was dragged off  White House grounds, reports the Secret Service has not denied.

After being fired, she said she had a story to tell.  Is her apperance on Big Brother a sample of what to come?

I’m sure the former Director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump Adminstration is earning more, MUCH MORE than her cast mates on Big Brother and her presence will result in high ratings for the CBS reality show. 

She shares many similarities with her first former boss. Like Donald Trump, she was a Democrat. She worked with Vice President Al Gore.   She has been routinely called a pathelogical liar, combative, a horrible person.   She is known as the Top Reality Villian of all time.    When she was fired, the black community was silent.


Despite all negativity that surrounds her, Omarosa will not die, NEWS @ 11


RHOA: S10 ep10 “Storming Out”

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Its the tenth episode, and this season has been dragging, even with the return on Nene and Kim.   We are halfway through the season and Bravo possibily realizing they must intice the views to hang with Atlanta, its highest rated franchise. Gave us a preview of the rest of the season .

Last night episode was about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and the housewives efforts to help.   However before going to Houston, lets take care of a little business in Atlanta.

Its Tyrone, from Jail.    Its fish friday.  Sheree is home recovering from her back injury.  She is gone head ovah heels in love with her prision man.   Fish? “your eating better than me”   Someone slap Sheree, its fish sticks!   Jeez!   She brings him current with the other women at the Ill fated “Elephant Meeting”  At the meeting Sheree asks Nene about Tyrone.  Nene didn’t want to talk about it. Even though she has freely talked about him out of her presence with the other ladies.

Well let me ask you this: How long has NeNe been married?” Tyrone asks.  He goes on to say Nene better watch herself cause he’s got stuff too.

Sheree, said Nene was trying to holla at him, while she was separated from Gregg.  Offered to bring him to New York when she was on the Celebrity Apprentice

Hmm, I say!  Hmm!

Cause, Nene did back down, when Sheree tried to get her to tell her what she said about Tyrone!   Nene almost never backs off.  “I said what I said”  Not this time.       Hmmm!

Riley? You Ready for your driving Test? 


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Kandi, I”m ready.  100K  Yea, teach me how to drive, I’ve forgotton everything! 

Riley looks like her father Block and she has his height.   Block called Kandi, and talked about his one millonth child a son and attempted to give the phone to Riley.   Riley hesitated.  Block has been quite the absentee dad, not showing up for dates and after social media beat the shit out of him last year.  Their relationship is on the mend.  Well almost.  Riley didn’t want to talk to him.  Kandi attempted to get her to talk to her dad and Riley walked away in tears.  Off Camera her sobs was beyond heartbreaking and when her little brother Ace called her. “Riley” it was over. Somebody throw me a box of kleenex.

Kudos for Kandi choosing her daughter over the show. .  She had the mic s removed and behind closed doors she spoke to her daughter.   She later called Block and suggested family counseling.

Houston, Texas

August 2017 

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At the dredful Eleapant meeting Porsha asked the ladies if they would help her in Houston.   Porsha isnt’ the flavor this season and no one responded .


Porsha and her sister Lauren go it alone.  They help organize their families charity “HOSEA” to send food and supplies to Houston.  They also plan to go to hand out supplies and donations.

Cynthia, hosting her own event to raise money for the victums in Houston ,goes with the Williams sisters to Houston.   With Cynthia’s event is on Friday, and Porsha’s event on Saturday, they agree they’ll support each other at each one.

Kenya suprises Cynitha at her fundraiser.    Before Kenya’s arrival Cynitha and Porsha were getting alone well.  With Kenya’s entrance.  Porsha was dropped! Porsha who?

Kenya came to Houston with her family to help at Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild homes on Saturday.     Another suprise. Shamea came to Houston to support Porsha.  The intial meeting was tense as the two haven’t been friendly.  But they worked it out.

Porsha sent Shamea to help Kenya.

Kenya is all business and goes all in to work.  At the same time, she barks at other women.

Meanwhile accoss town, more people show up at Porsha event than planned and the event is quickly running out of food.    Porsha loses it, as heart is for the victums.. They were able salvage the event.

This could have easlsily  been the best episode this year and then………

Kenya arrives to dinner late. Well after everyone has ordered and the kitchen is closed.

Shamea confronts Kenya about her behavior earlier.  Kenya apologizes but it was a dismissive apology.   Shamea isnt feeling the apology.    Kenya is like, come on, let it go.  At this point I’m team Kenya.   Hey, I’m sorry, lets not drag this on.  Then Kenya loses me.

She’s rude, she doesn’t want to hear Shamea and orders several glasses of water.  I would have let her have she say, apologized again and said nothing else.

Shamea was going to have her say….

Kenya storms off to the rest room!   In the rest room, she is talking to someone from Bravo and we hear fuck this and that. “I don’t give a fuck about these bitches”  “Fuck thise muthafuckiing hoes”  “That whole table is fucking stupid as shit”    Um, yo gurl Cynithia is at that table too, does that mean she’s fucking stupid?    “No wonder Marc doesn’t want to be a part of the show!”

Porsha goes in the the rest room to check in on Kenya.  We see Kenya flip off the camera and her producers.

The killer moment…..  Kenya storms off to her car.  When her ride or die tries to talk to her.  Kenya says “Goodbye Cynitha, this is not a moment”  And the bitch rolls up the window on Cynitha. 

This was the best show this season….  Will Kenya Survive?







RHOA: S10 ep8 “A mad tea party

She’s Beautiful But Can She Cook?

Cynthia is at home bumping pots and pans.  It clear the pots and pans were an after thought or for show as it sounds as if she as thrown them into one section near the stove.   Her daughter Noelle looked surprised to see mama cooking.   Meanwhile Will calls and Noelle wants to meet him.   Cynthia say’s she’ll meet him once they become exclusive.

Give Marlo a Damm Peach already!

Marlo has done her homework.  She watched all of the Housewives episodes and pull the “they hate each other-so lets have a nice sit down, so they can kill each other and I will look like a  nice peacemaker?    Marlo positioned herself ,next to Nene and now there bosom buddies until Kenya drops Cynthia. 

Sheree Needs a Gay Man Stat!- A gay man wouldn’t let her wear that hair!

Sheree who has been stylish cast member.  Has gone blonde and its and EPIC MESS! Speaking of mess, Kandi comes over and ask’s Sheree about her man in the joint. She of course tells her Nene says he’s a con man.   Sheree says, Gregg and Nene both have mugshots so who are they to judge?   (That tidbit was so juicy-it MUST BE FATING!)  Meanwhile, Sheree meets with Kenya (in another bad wig-My KFC almost returned) Kenya is producing a domestic violence PSA.  Sheree resents Kenya being in charge and want to do more but admits she doesn’t have any experience (outside of offending us with those ugly wigs) 

The Old Lady Gang Revolts!

The gang: The Old Lady Gang were keeping Todd and Kandi busy at the restaurant

You have to hand it to Kandi. She shares her personal successes with friend and family. She is very loyal.  She has hired friend and family in all of her business endeavors.    However shortly after opening the General Manager quit and the restaurant is chaotic.       The OLD’s Bertha, Nora and Joyce aren’t happy with the staff.  Butts hanging out, hostess standing in the wrong place..  The gang don’t seem to give a shit about family.  Their faces are all over the restaurant.   (This is why I wouldn’t hire friend and family.-Strangers are easier to fire!)    Todd and Kandi and Don Juan, interview General Manager.  The applicant has done his homework and says the restaurant is struggling with three stars.  Don Juan, laid it out, working for Kandi and Todd is challenging.  and the rest of the folks.

Sniff Sniff

Porsha, fresh from her blind dates is in the office with Ricky Smiley.  In the hallway they kinda sniff each other after some mild flirting.   Dude! Ya’ll too freaky for the CityFella. Moving on with the quickness!

Give Marlo A Peach Part Du

Marlo always brings it , even though she often over does it.  The Nene Porsha come to Jesus Tea meeting.   Cynthia is the first to arrive, she and Marlo have had fights with Nene.   Nene didn’t talk to Marlo for four years and Cynthia for two. they agreed you have to wait for Nene to come around.   Tea was Vodka and Cran. Cynthia missed it.

The issue from Nene perspective is she was there for Porsha and she’s pissed because she texted Porsha and Porsha didn’t call her back.    Okay!   Porsha tried to respond, but Nene who is looking at her phone didn’t give Zero Fucks.

Kenya Spielberg  

Kenya is directing a PSA, she is looking directorish (don’t think that’s a word) .  She asks the women to tell their stories of Abuse.   All were moving.  But it was Cynthia’s mothers story that was by far the most compelling.   She talked about the abuse, that started in her teens to her breaking point where she pulled a knife on her abuser in front of her children.   We also learned at 16 Kenya was stabbed by her boyfriend.  Nene was abused by her oldest sons father.

Sheree was in an car accident on route to she shoot. Despite her pain with tears in her eyes she walked up a flight of stairs and managed to record her segment.


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