Normal? The Ricki Lake Show

                   For eleven years we waited for the door bell.  The door bell was an indication someone was about the get busted.   The Ricki Lake Show came on during the early nineties when talk shows were in vogue.  Everyone wanting to be the next Donahue or Oprah.Continue reading “Normal? The Ricki Lake Show”

Disco Nights At “Dance Your Ass off Incorporated, San Francisco”

                  It wasn’t about smoking, buying a drink, I just wanted to dance. My roommate Jennifer introduced me to Disco.  She had this wild fascination with drag queen’s, especially black drag Queens.   At one forty five am, we would walk down street to the Foster’s Restaurant atContinue reading “Disco Nights At “Dance Your Ass off Incorporated, San Francisco””

Monica Lewinsky: Why does she it matter?

 By Demetria Lucas/The Grio OPINION — Blame Beyonce. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time lately thinking about Monica Lewinsky. Okay, not inordinate — just every time I hear Partition, which is played an inordinate amount of times on the radio. But I digress. I think of Lewinsky every time I hear that part inPartition where ‘Yonce sings of howContinue reading “Monica Lewinsky: Why does she it matter?”

Sept 15, 1973 -Introducing Sue Ann Nivens

The role of Sue Ann Nivens was not specifically written for Betty White, but script #73 of the series (“The Lars Affair”, originally aired September 15, 1973)called for an “icky sweet Betty White type”. The show’s casting director decided to approach the star herself, who with her then husband Allen Ludden was already good friends with Mary TylerContinue reading “Sept 15, 1973 -Introducing Sue Ann Nivens”

Baby Boomer ZONE (Stone Soul Concert)

Q: What is a Baby Boomer? A: Persons born between 1946 and 1964 Baby Boomers (BB’s) control of 80%  personal financial assets (hate us) and more than half of all consumer spending.  We buy 77% of all prescription drugs  61% of over the counter meds and travel the most. The BB’s were in full effect SundayContinue reading “Baby Boomer ZONE (Stone Soul Concert)”