Dirty words come clean

When it comes to feminism, the words they are a’changing Romanian women hold carnations in their mouths as a sign of protest during a Slut Walk in 2011, in Bucharest, Romania. The walk is an idea that started in Canada as a protest against discrimination and harassment toward women because of the way they wouldContinue reading “Dirty words come clean”

Same sex Kiss-in at the Roseville Galleria this Saturday Bring a mint !

Roseville‘s Galleria mall’s Facebook‘s page is getting a fewer thumbs up’s  after a security guard ejected a gay couple for kissing and holding hands last Saturday.   This local story has picked up a  lot of  steam and has received national attention.    A Kiss-In Protest is planned for this saturday at the mall .Continue reading “Same sex Kiss-in at the Roseville Galleria this Saturday Bring a mint !”

Aboriginal and black inmates disproportionately fill Ontario,Canada jails

Race data obtained under freedom of information paints a disturbing picture of black and aboriginal over representation in Ontario youth and adult jails. Blacks and aboriginal people are over represented in Ontario’s youth and adult jails, with some staggering ratios that mirror those of blacks in American jails. A Star analysis of Ontario jail data, obtained by University of TorontoContinue reading “Aboriginal and black inmates disproportionately fill Ontario,Canada jails”

Colorado Court Says 6 year old Transgender child allowed to use girls restroom

Coy Mathis, 6, stands next to her mother, Kathryn Mathis, and her brother Max duringa press conference at the Colorado Capitol this week Colorado law protects the right of Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old transgender child, to use the girls’ restroomat her public elementary school. Administrators at the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 should have allowed herContinue reading “Colorado Court Says 6 year old Transgender child allowed to use girls restroom”

Where the Women Aren’t

In a village in Da Xin township, there are no single women. In China, a cultural preference for boys has created such a severe gender imbalance that unmarried men will soon outnumber unmarried women by an estimated 40 million. Abigail Haworth reports on the country’s looming marriage crisis from the lonely hearts ground zero —Continue reading “Where the Women Aren’t”

For those who want to confine women

A certain group in society has recently said women should be employed in jobs that put them in direct contact with men and are unsuitable to their natures. This group has claimed this will help lower women’s unemployment and ensure that they can be financially independent. In reality, however, this group wants to confine womenContinue reading “For those who want to confine women”