Smearing bodily fluids on roommates things – and avoiding a record – defines peak white privilege

The case of a relative handslap for a repugnant act by a former student illustrates how white privilege can work By: Blue Telusma/ The Grio This week 18-year-old Brianna Brochu learned white privilege has it’s perks, particularly when it comes to the criminal justice system. Monday, the former University of Hartford student — who was notoriously accusedContinue reading “Smearing bodily fluids on roommates things – and avoiding a record – defines peak white privilege”

Michael Steele’s Treatment at CPAC Is a Sad and Worrisome Omen for the GOP

Minority voters are watching how conservatives treat my old boss, the former RNC Chair. By: Doug Heye-Daily Beast The news that former RNC Chairman Michael Steele was criticized on the stage of the Conservative Political Action Committee should not have been a surprise. For 15 years, Steele has had his race used against him, withContinue reading “Michael Steele’s Treatment at CPAC Is a Sad and Worrisome Omen for the GOP”

Ikea: black Swede is not a fit for the Greek Market?

Photo: Private  From: The Local Sweden UPDATED: A Swedish actor has complained of discrimination after he was told he “can’t be black for the Greek market”, in an e-mail rejecting him for a role in an Ikea advert. But the casting company says he was put forward for the job. Fernando, a Stockholm-based stand-up comedianContinue reading “Ikea: black Swede is not a fit for the Greek Market?”

Superbowl 52 Justin Timberlake “Doomed from the Start”

 There are many blacks who gave Justin Timberlake as pass   (He was allowed to emulate the black culture/music) without question.   He had a very rare card that allowed him to appropriate black music and culture. In 2004, he was one half of the firestorm at Superbowl 38, where he removed Janet Jackson’s costume exposing herContinue reading “Superbowl 52 Justin Timberlake “Doomed from the Start””

Another Anti LGBT Politician Goes Down

He was called the conscience of the conservative movement. His wife is the assistant director of an Anti abortion rally called “March of Life” Earlier this month Westley Goodman was allegeldy discoved having sex with man on the his desk in one of the state offices. Mr Goodman was elected to represent the 87th District,Continue reading “Another Anti LGBT Politician Goes Down”

Australia says YES to same-sex marriage

Marriage equality could be legal by Christmas after 61.6% of participants in the voluntary survey approve a change to the law Marriage equality advocates in Melbourne celebrate as the result of the postal survey is announced. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images By: Paul Karp/UK Guardian Australia has taken a decisive step towards legislating marriage equality byContinue reading “Australia says YES to same-sex marriage”


By: Nitasha Tiku/Wired A GOOGLE EMPLOYEE’S screed against workplace diversity thrust company executives into a tight spot: Discipline the author and risk criticism that Google is censoring speech, or stand by and inflame concerns that the company does not welcome women, an issue that is already the source of internal debate and a government investigation. TheContinue reading “THAT GOOGLE MANIFESTO REALLY PUT EXECUTIVES IN A BIND (Google and Women)”

Danish priests marry more gay couples every year

Danish television doctor Charlotte Bøving (L) and partner Pernille Lok after their church wedding in May. Photo: John Randeris/Scanpix The number of gay couples marrying in Danish churches has increased on a yearly basis since the law was changed in 2012.   416 same-sex couples have exchanged vows in churches around the country since theContinue reading “Danish priests marry more gay couples every year”

Latina Vida

By: Bel Hernandez /Latino Magazine At the age of 17, Cecilia Mota was already on her way to becoming an influential community leader, entrepreneur, radio host, motivational speaker, mentor, and women’s empowerment expert.That was when she was sent to an ad agency to deliver a baseball signed by her famous father, legendary baseball player MannyContinue reading “Latina Vida”

Hillary Needs More Reflection

I am unashamedly a fan of Hillary Clinton.  I have voted for Mrs Clinton three times. In 2008 and twice in 2016.  I have read nearly all of her books and I admire her as individual.  My principle attraction to Mrs Clinton is her intelligence and her fiery demeanor.   She has never been intimidatedContinue reading “Hillary Needs More Reflection”