Why Being a Morning Person Makes You Better Than Everyone Else

Hate sleeping in? You’re in luck: research says being an early riser is much better for your health.


By: Jenn Sinrich/Mens Health

Do you wake up in the morning at 6:30 a.m. on the dot, excited to start your day? Do you feel like you get your best work done right when you get to the office? When your friends bitch and moan about not being able to sleep in, do you not understand what they’re talking about? You are a rare breed, my friend. You are a morning person.

Lucky for you, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that your early rising habit is beneficial to your quality of life. Here are some science-backed reasons why it’s better to be a morning person (and if you’re a night owl, here are a few reasons why you should start setting your alarm clock for an hour earlier.)



​The 6 Worst Breakfast Foods You Can Eat

There’s a reason why people say breakfast is the most important meal: not only does it get your metabolism going, which is beneficial for overall weight loss, but it also gives your body and brain vital nutrients to help you perform throughout the day.

Eating a hearty breakfast with protein can help build dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control your brain’s pleasure centers and balances out the stress hormone cortisol,” explains Brandon Mentore, strength and conditioning coach, functional medicine practitioner and sports nutritionist. That’s not the case for night owls, who are more likely to grab a donut on-the-go — or worse, skip breakfast entirely.


man exercising

During these early morning hours, your body is in prime condition for movement. “Your body produces more testosterone in the morning and these elevated levels can help support muscle repair and growth,” says Robert S. Herbst, a weight loss and wellness coach and powerlifter.

Herbst says that moderate-intensity exercises like cardio are best for this time of day. “If one is going to lift heavy weights, it is better to save it for later in the day when the body’s core temperature is elevated and joints and tendons are warmed up,” he adds.


Morning Runs

Additionally, when you’re up early enough to see the sun rise, you’re exposed to far more sunlight throughout your entire day. “The importance of natural morning light has been backed by science,” says Mentore. “One study out of Northwestern Medicine showed that the timing, intensity, and duration of your light exposure during the day is linked to your weight: people who had most of their daily exposure to even moderately bright light in the morning had a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their light exposure later in the day.”

Plus, exposure to natural light has been linked to increased workplace performance and an overall better mood.


​5 Reasons Every Man Must Make Time For Yoga

If you’re getting a solid 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, waking up early helps get your body in sync with your natural sleep patterns. “Our circadian rhythm naturally encourages our body to calm down at dusk, sleep when it’s dark and awake when the sun comes up,” says Chris Brantner, the founder of the sleep research site SleepZoo. “So if you’re getting out of bed early on a regular basis and getting to bed early as well, your body is likely more in tune with its natural evolutionary processes.”


8 Insanely Busy People Reveal the #1 Way They Stop Procrastinating

If you’re a night owl, you might postpone important tasks for later in the evening. But morning people know that they have to turn in at a certain hour, so they’re awake and energized for the day ahead of them. This often leads them to be better prioritizers, according to a 2008 study assessing the work habits of night owls vs. early risers.

“There seems to be a correlation with waking up early and getting things done,” says Brantner. “Perhaps this is also because you’re more likely to have gotten longer sleep and be energized and ready to go!”


benefits of massage

If you like to sleep in, you probably attribute your good mood to getting a few extra minutes of shut-eye. But researchers at RWTH Aachen University in Germany found that night owls are actually at an increased risk for depression (all of that late-night Googling isn’t good for anyone’s mental health).

Brantner says that lack of sleep and disrupted sleep cycles have also been linked to depression. “Sleep deprivation can lead to depression which can lead to more sleep deprivation which can lead to more depression… it’s a vicious cycle.”




Setting your alarm clock for an hour or two earlier might also help you climb up the career ladder. One study conducted by a professor at the University of Education in Heidelbergfound that employees who perform better in the mornings are better positioned for success in their career.

Don Vaughn, a neuroscientist and data consultant at Santa Clara UCLA, agrees, adding that the morning is the best time of day for our brains to focus before daily distractions take over. “Although we can do deep work in the evening, the morning holds an advantage that many of us are squandering,” he says.


Alfred Hitchcock Returns

I have always been a big man,big tall and obese.   There are no sad tales, I dated in college, confident and did all the normal things.     Of course most of my life, I like a lot of people, didn’t measure up to the images on the big and small screens.

So I dieted, I’d  lose 50 pounds, gain 70 pounds, through the years I’ve have gained and lost enough pounds with to have created a TV family.

In high school, I sent away for a male version of a girdle.  I wore it to some event, and I looked fantastic, everything was in check, I had a flat front.  It squished everything, and I mean everything.  By fifth period, I was losing consciousness because my boys were being crushed.   With the girdle, you couldn’t simply reach in and re-adjust the twins…you had to unhook,zip, snap, and take the thing off.  After the event, I dumped it in some outdoor trash can.  I didn’t want anyone to come across it in my drawer and have to explain.

One year I lost over 100 pounds.  That year, I wasn’t going back.  In the past I kept my old clothes as insurance. (one never knows) but that year I gave away all my fat clothes.   I went to jeans store (this was the 70’s) and bought myself the tightest size 34 jeans they had, of course this meant a few square bottom shirts, made of the finest shiny polyester money could buy.

From the moment I tossed those clothes,away.  My world started to crumble.  As I walked by a KFC, a wayward button would pop off. I could never sit on a bus, even if it where empty.  I refused to buy a larger size because it meant failure.  At one point I was down to one pair of pants.   But God has a sense of humor.

It was a beautiful bright spring day in San Francisco, I had plans to meet with friends to see a movie. Witnesses tell me my pants had givin up the fight before I left home.  Somewhere between Leavenworth and Van Ness the rear end of my pants had  completely separated.  The square bottom shirt (now worn unbutton with a tee shirt underneath) spared me from total humiliation. Until my one of my friends noticed as I was walking up the stairs to the theater.   I stayed and watched the movie and my friends walked me home circled around me.   A friend bought me a larger pair of pants at Macys,but they were too short. Several inches too short, so I wore those short pants downtown to buy longer and larger pants.

Fast forward to 2015

I have re-gained that hundred and them some.  Still happy, losing weight now because of quality of life.  The Kardashians have taught me to look for my better side.  Through the years, I have found the fit, so I’m comfortable.

For the most part, I look pretty good.  Especially from straight on.   I am bright,cool, confident.  How so never things changes from the side.   I was at an event in Atlanta, and was photographed from the side.  When I first saw the picture, I didn’t recognized myself.   He looked familiar.  It was me.   From the side I my profile looks  like Alfred Hitchcock.  Of course this picture was taken Atlanta Journal Constitution,the city’s main newspaper.  It was a worthy event, but there was no way I was going to share this picture with friend and family.

I am very aware of the camera and whether its stationary or a video camera I’ve mastered the angles.  If you have seen me on TV, I am nearly always standing and the view is straight on.

I rarely look at myself from the side, one glance and I can hear the theme from the old Alfred Hitchcock TV show playing in my head.

A few weeks ago, a cable TV show asked if I would appear on camera.  I agreed, and then went into a panic.  Will they film me outside, from the side or straight ahead. Will I be sitting down and if I’m sitting down, will they film me straight on or from an angle.

I called a friend to ask for advice.  He is regularly on camera and via video chat he taught me how to stretch my body and breathe.

On Monday, I felt good and looked good.  I think I was okay during filming and I will know when it airs this fall.   As I was walking to the parking structure, I caught a brief  side glimpse.


Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 Episode 4: Housewife Hatred

Beverly Hills and Atlanta are Not sister Cities. And the Geraldo Rivera you don’t want to see! (Trust me)  BUT were gonna show ya anyway. 

 No love from New York to 90210. Kenya Moore wont be having tea with Brandi Glanville and deep down inside Ian Ziering hates, despises Geraldo Rivera.

The task on the forth installment of Celebrity Apprentice was to develop a four-page fitness editorial to be featured in the “hot and healthy” pages of Cosmopolitan magazine as well as on their body app, with judgment based on originality, creativity, and overall presentation.

Johnny Damon was the Project Manager for Vortex and Jamie Anderson was the Project Manager for Infinity.

Jamie Anderson is young, and indecisive she’s Colorado’s mountain girl(what ever the hell that is?) She is sweet and annoying.   Johnny Damon loves his sexy wife.

Both housewives wanted to be the model for spread.  Brandi made snarky comments about Kenya’s Boo-tay. (is it real or developed by Fisher-price?)   Kenya: “You want a stick figure in your ads, when you can have all this woman? “B*tch is dumb as rocks.”

Kenya Moore took pictures for the women.

On the men’s side, there was all kinda ego-envy.  Geraldo Rivera’s idea to do a selfie-based concept, with the Terrell Owens’ slogan, “Love Your Selfie Naked.” and they went for it

 At one point, Geraldo thought he would show Johnny how to properly pose with his wife and held Johnny just a little too long (Lets just say the men all paused) .

Johnny took some steamy provocative pictures with his wife. (after all this is Cosmo).  Not to be left out, Ian took pictures with is wife. (Less steam, more AARP)   When Terrell Owens revealed his natural attributes the men paused again.

Lorenzo Lamos did the shoot

Determined to re-create his famous neckid selfie (not sure why it was famous. Good ole Geraldo Rivera comes a walkin from stage right in his boxer briefs, pumpin iron (he look like he was getting ready for the Barney Fife Follies)  getting ready for his selfie.

Please, no letters!

At the end of the day, the men won.  The woman lack of continuity was their downfall.

In the Boardroom, Jamie’s indecisiveness was her downfall.   Most of the women blamed Kate Gossling and Brandi Glanville for the teams problems.

Jamie desided to bring  Kate and Kenya to the final meeting. Outside the boardroom Jamie changed her mind (dead mountain girl walking) and thought she should have brought Brandi instead. La Don agreed, but it was too late.


Last Episode #3

Vivica Fox don’t give a John Claude van Damm about your Period!

Click the Link Below to read the rest of the Damm Episode


7 Weird Signs of Health Troubles

From your fingernails to your nose, these tricks could give you clues about your body for years to come

By Paige Fowler/Men Health Magazine

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict your future health—just your five senses. Whether you realize it or not, many conditions and diseases start with physical changes you may not pinpoint as problematic. The good news: If you know what to look for, you can spot many issues early—and treat them fast. Here are seven ways your body could be signaling a health hazard.

1. Check Your: Sense of Smell

For: Alzheimer’s disease.

A decline in sniff-ability could be one of the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study by the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Mice bred to produce high levels of a protein called amyloid precursor protein—involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease—had higher rates of nerve cell death in their noses compared to normal mice. Changes that occur in your olfactory system due to Alzheimer’s may be similar to those that happen in other regions of the brain, but appear much sooner. Gradually losing your sense of smell can be normal after age 70, but if you notice a decline much younger—or more suddenly—discuss it with your doc.

2. Check Your: Fingernails

For: Lupus.

Healthy nails are typically smooth and spotless. If you notice redness under your fingernails it could be a sign of lupus, a disease in which your immune system attacks healthy tissues. Lupus can also cause a rash on the backs of your hands and fingers as well as swelling and puffiness at the base of your nails.

3. Check Your: Hairline

For: Thyroid disease.

When your thyroid—a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland in your neck that churns out hormones—isn’t working properly, it affects hormones throughout your body, including those linked with hair growth. What’s normal and what’s not? With thyroid-related hair loss, you may experience other mane changes, such as your hair becoming dry or coarse before it started falling out. An underactive thyroid can also cause thinning of the eyebrows

4. Check Your: Reflection

For: Heart attack.

People who look old for their age have a higher risk of ticker trouble down the road, suggest researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital. Compared to people without visible signs of aging—gray hair, baldness, wrinkles, and cholesterol deposits on the eyelid—those with three or four signs had a 40 percent higher risk of heart disease and a 57 percent higher risk of a heart attack over 35 years. If you notice any of these signs, ask your doctor to check for any other heart disease risk factors that may be lurking beneath the surface.

5. Check Your: Breath

For: Erectile dysfunction.

Dragon breath is a telltale sign of gum disease, which may be linked with erectile dysfunction. Turkish researchers found that among men between 30 and 40, those with severe gum disease were more than three times more likely to suffer from erection problems than guys with healthy gums. Your move: Brush twice a day, floss daily, and open wide for your dentist two times a year.

6. Check Your: Eyes

For: Cognitive decline.

In a study, people as young as 38 who had wider blood vessels in their eyes scored worse on IQ tests than those with smaller veins, according to Duke researchers. The veins in your eyes are similar in size, structure, and function to your brain’s vessels, so your peepers could indicate a decline in brain health years before the onset of dementia. It’s not so easy to spot the change yourself, so make a yearly appointment with your eye doc.

7. Check Your: Hearing

For: Diabetes.

Testing, testing 1-2-3. People with diabetes were more than twice as likely as those without the disease to have hearing loss, report researchers at Niigata University in Japan. Surprisingly, younger diabetics—under age 60—were even more at risk for developing hearing impairment than their older counterparts. High blood sugar levels associated with diabetes may damage blood vessels in your ears.

No smiling in the Gym

I appreciate Sacramento, with nearly a two and half million people in the region the city hasn’t lost its small town charm.  People still smile here .  In ten or twenty years I imaging a different Sacramento.   More people competing for space.

 Before Sac, I lived in San Francisco and New York,  in those cities you can’t trust a random smile on the street.  It has a different meaning, a smile can delay you at a bus stop, subway or elevator,could be misread as being vulnerable,  a smile with eye contact could lead to a story,or worse, harm you.    Once the New Yorker can exhale, then he is capable of smiling.

There is one place in Sacramento where smiles are few and that’s the Gym.  Not sure why.

 I pray to get myself to the gym everyday,  the gift is walking through those class doors.  Once inside, I am a happy man.   Inside, eye contact is avoided.  In the gym, Hi’s and Hello’s are inconvenient.  Undaunted, I smile and say hello.  Eyes look down, heads turn.

Occasionally, someone returns the smile.  Some people return the smile before the sensor can stop them- catching them by surprise. Embarrassed, by their actions a few avoid me ,abrupt  turns,(including one hysterical yet unfortunate collision with a display)  not sure why, no mindless chatter, no stories of days gone by, just a simple Hi.    Others are pleased and seem to look forward to my face. (It’s growing daily)

  Sometimes a random smile helps during the struggle and the sweat.  There are smiles found at the gym.   Perhaps,like me they are grateful to be there. We know who we are.     Smiling glowing faces freaking happy to be alive.  One woman greets me and the other smiling faces with an energetic “good morning” followed by an high five.  One day we may take over, one smile at a time.


At the nZone in Fairfax County, Va., the body’s a temple and the church is a gym

By Vicky Hallett/Washington Post

The first time Justin Kavanaugh visited the hulking building amid the strip malls of Chantilly, Va., he walked around the trio of turf fields, the weight room, the group exercise studio and the massive basketball court.

He was confused.

“I thought this was a church,” Kavanaugh says. “I was looking for stained-glass windows.”

Instead, he found himself in the nZone, an 83,000-square-foot athletic training facility that offers fitness classes, youth programs, leagues and – since shortly after that visit – specialized courses with Kavanaugh’s Sport and Speed Institute. The only sign there’s anything religious about the place? A few banners touting the New Life Christian Church, which runs the nZone as a nonprofit organization.

Fairfax County (Va.) is not the Bible Belt. This is an area where churches haven’t necessarily been perceived as good things,” says pastor Brett Andrews, who founded New Life two decades ago. So when his congregation finally secured the funds to buy a building, he was determined not to put up a typical church.

Dropping $10 million on a place that would sit empty most of the week didn’t make sense, Andrews says. And when New Life solicited advice on what people in the area could use, the same response kept coming up: “We need more stuff to get kids off the street.” That’s why the nZone opened two years ago in a former Anheuser-Busch distribution plant.

‘Practical’ outreach

It’s common for a church (or synagogue or mosque) to take an interest in physical fitness; many have some sort of recreation room on-site, often reserved for members of the congregation. But this is a full-on recreation center, without a single space built specifically for worship. And the vast majority of people taking advantage of the facility have no connection to the church.

The external focus makes the situation even more unusual, explains Phil Ling, who runs a national church consulting firm. He has worked with congregations across the country and has never seen anything like the nZone. “It’s one thing to reach out,” Ling says. “It’s another to build a state-of-the-art athletic training facility for thousands of people.”

To Andrews, it’s a chance “to show the love of God in a practical way.” And it’s an opportunity to connect with a wider swath of society. Ron Furgerson, a member of the church leadership team, recalls that there was some concern when the nZone was approached by a group that wanted to host a mixed martial arts tournament there.

Although the nZone staff takes pains not to proselytize, there is a religious fervor to how they approach their mission. Anyone who walks in should get more than a workout, explains Creed Branson, who’s both New Life’s executive minister and president of the nZone. “We want them to experience God,” he says.

There’s a stock answer prepared for how exactly they can pull that off: “By providing the best customer service in Northern Virginia.” That seems to translate into beaming smiles, frequent handshakes and bargain prices. An nZone fitness membership – which includes access to the facilities and more than two dozen classes a week – is just $25 a month.

Whatever the nZone is doing is working for retired Washington Redskins star Darrell Green, who regularly plays basketball there with a group. “They let me score a point every once in a while,” the 53-year-old Hall of Famer jokes. Green belongs to a church about a mile away, but he feels just as welcome when he enters the nZone.

Sunday transformation

It was this vibe that first brought Morris Zamora, 49, through the doors. The Chantilly resident coaches children’s soccer, and the nZone offered a free place for his team to host a party at the end of the season. After having a positive experience and hearing raves from relatives, Zamora decided to give religious services a try, too. His family has been attending for a little over a year.

“The kids love it. We have to drag them out of here,” he said on a recent Sunday, pointing to the turf field where youngsters have an abbreviated service and then can run around.

That morning, Zamora and hundreds of other churchgoers paraded onto the basketball courts, which are transformed every weekend with giant carpet squares and comfy chairs. Mostly young families in sneakers and sweats filtered into the cavernous room that was pitch dark, except in one corner, where a band rocked out onstage. Behind them were three huge screens, flashing the lyrics to their songs.

After the opening act, Andrews bounded up in jeans and a green henley and launched into a sermon about baptism.

Each week, when service No. 3 is finished, the church supplies are swiftly stacked up and rolled away, and the nZone is back in business.

‘Everything I need’

The church affiliation is part of the appeal for several visitors, including Alvin Martin, 48, who regularly makes the trek from Stafford, Va., with his 10-year-old son, also named Alvin. They ended up here after an Internet search for indoor athletic facilities, and they didn’t have a clue about the New Life connection until they explored the place.

For the most part, the draw seems to be the resources, the reasonable prices and the variety of programming.

“This provides everything I need,” says Brenda McEwen, 60, as she puts away dumbbells after a class. The Centreville resident has been a fitness member since February, and she says she’s never felt pressured to do anything that made her uneasy. “At some places, you get stuff shoved down your throat. If you’re here, you can just work on your temple.”

When people feel that way, Andrews says, the nZone is working. And he’d like to see the model replicated. New Life has been exploring the possibility of opening a second location in Prince William County, near his home in Gainesville, Va. It’s just a matter of raising enough money – because, like stained-glass windows, indoor fitness facilities don’t come cheap.

4 Penis Myths—Busted!

By: Madeline Haller/Mens Health

Like your junk the way it is? Then ditch your Droid. Keeping your cell phone on you for the majority of the day may mess with your ability to maintain an erection, according to new research presented at the recent World Meeting on Sexual Medicine.

Researchers studied 30 men—20 with erectile dysfunction, 10 without—to test whether there was a link between excessive cell usage and erection issues. After screening the men, researchers found that guys with ED kept their cells on them twice as long as the men without any penis problems.

Man measuring penis length

Who are you trying to fool, man?

Obviously this is a very small study, but there are a lot of myths about the effects technology can have on your manhood, and the researchers hope to inspire future investigations on the subject, says lead study author Rany Shamloul, M.D., a specialist in andrology and sexual medicine at Ottowa Hospital in Canada.

While we await the definitive answer on whether or not your BlackBerry kills your boner, here are four other penis myths we can positively put to rest.

The claim: Daily ejaculation hurts your swimmers.
According to a study that was up for review by the journal Fertility and Sterility,daily ejaculation may damage your sperm’s DNA makeup. But while masturbating every day will decrease the number of sperm in your ejaculate (and thereby “lighten your load”), it really shouldn’t concern you unless you’re trying to get your wife pregnant, says Men’s Health urology expert Larry Lipshultz, M.D. Hear that, bachelors? No need to destroy your porn stash.

The claim: The average erection is 8 inches.
Don’t measure up? Don’t worry. We aren’t sure who started the rumor, but 8 inches is most definitely not the standard. The average length of a penis is a much more manageable 5.5 to 6.2 inches long, according to a 2007 review published in the British Journal of Urology International. But to her, size hardly matters. Men are far more obsessed with their length and girth than women are. In fact, only 9 percent of the ladies we talked to said the size of the ship was most important for great sex. Sixty-seven percent said technique and slow-building friction — “the motion in the ocean” — was most crucial for sexual satisfaction.

The claim: Peeing sitting down is better for your bladder.
You may have heard you’ll be able to empty your bladder more efficiently if you sit down to pee rather than stand—a claim that comes straight from the Taiwan Minister, of all people—but from where we’re standing, we’re pretty sure the urinal works just fine. “In fact, a lot of men report the opposite,” says Dr. Lipshultz. “When you sit to void, you’re creating a very acute angle in the urethra—so standing is actually much more effective.”

The claim: Your semen is low-carb.
Although there’s plenty of research investigating the health benefits of semen, telling your date that your stuff is low-carb is not going to fly. (Unless you’ve been dying to have drink thrown in your face.) “Semen is mostly fruit sugar [fructose] and enzymes—not low-carb,” says Marc Goldstein, M.D., a professor of reproductive medicine and urology at Cornell University’s Weill Medical College.