Hey Siri—Why Don’t You Understand More People Like Me?

Digital assistants aren’t listening to people who don’t sound like white Americans By: Sinduja Rangarajan/Mother Jones Every evening last summer, after I’d shut down my work laptop, my 3-year-old daughter and I would approach our Google Home smart speaker and yell, “Hey Google, can you play “Aankh Marey” from the movie Simmba?” We’d hold our breaths and wait forContinue reading “Hey Siri—Why Don’t You Understand More People Like Me?”

This Is What It’s Like To Not Own A Smartphone

Photo:Google BY:Kathleen Davis/Fast Company I’ve never owned a smartphone.   In 2014, I wrote about having no regrets for being a “dumb phone” user. At the time I was an anomaly: 58 percent of Americans, according to Pew researchers, owned a smartphone; that figure was around 80 percent for people in my age demographic. Now,Continue reading “This Is What It’s Like To Not Own A Smartphone”

Midnight in Chowchilla or How not to drive an Electric Car

I want to thank to good people of Tulare and Visalia, California, who generously offered to help me in an emergency. I use Gig car share in Sacramento and their fleet of Electric Chevrolet Bolts. While I have driven quite a few electric vehicles (EV) I wanted to know what its like living with one.Continue reading “Midnight in Chowchilla or How not to drive an Electric Car”

Grand Parents Saving your World

With Technology in hyper warp speed. The time saving apps you downloaded yesterday could be obsolete at the end of the month. A generation has abandoned print, landline phones and conventional PC’S. When the Loma Prieta  quake stuck The San Francisco Bay Area in 1989. Thousands weren’t able to communicate with others due to fallenContinue reading “Grand Parents Saving your World”

Hotel Confidential: The app is slow

3:09A-He’s tall thin, 6.4 or 6.5 wearing shorts and flip flops.   The doors are locked.  “Hi can I help you, the front desk agents asked?  I’m here to see someone, said flip flops.  What is the guest name?  I don’t know, says flip flops.  I’m not sure I can help you if your don’t knowContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: The app is slow”

Cell Phone at the Church: Not God’s Work

Pastor admitted taking upskirt photo of woman at Deltona church, report states By: Jeff Weiner (For the Orlando Sentinel) A now-former pastor at a  Deltona, Florida  church faces a voyeurism charge, accused of taking an upskirt photo of a woman in his office after a Sunday service, authorities said. Brian “Rick” Kenyon Jr., 31, facesContinue reading “Cell Phone at the Church: Not God’s Work”

I Can Sum Up Marriage In These 11 Texts I’ve Sent My Husband

By Susannah B. Lewis (Blogger):Your Tango.com Our text messages say a lot about our marriage.   While scrolling through my phone and reading the text exchange between my husband and me, I see a love story. No, I don’t see a bunch of Xs, Os and lovey-dovey emoticons.  But I do see mistakes, arguments, parenting advice andContinue reading “I Can Sum Up Marriage In These 11 Texts I’ve Sent My Husband”

Race and Harley Barber: She will be remembered for her Nigger rant

“Say it; forget it. Post it regret it.” Social Media and the need to be noticed has ruined millions of lives.  Before social media we called a friend and ranted.  Today, I’m embarrassed for friends and family members who go online to vent and later get caught up in a storm when people disagree withContinue reading “Race and Harley Barber: She will be remembered for her Nigger rant”

Australia Goes Krazy for California’s In and Out Burgers

The Question is will go global before it goes National ?  Will the be an outlet in Dubai before Detroit ?   In the the last few years In and Out with its cult following has opened up Pop up Shops in London and a few other international cities with very favoralble results.  In Australia, InContinue reading “Australia Goes Krazy for California’s In and Out Burgers”

No, Cellphones Don’t Cause Cancer. Probably

  By: Matt Simon\Wired Magazine The tin foil hat, while fashionable, is an ineffective way of keeping the government’s radio waves from infiltrating and manipulating your mind. In fact, the hat may boost certain radio frequencies, which is OK because there’s no such thing as mind-controlling waves anyway. But you might have heard that youContinue reading “No, Cellphones Don’t Cause Cancer. Probably”