Daddy left Mommy for Tommy, or what to do when a parent comes out as gay

   Coming out to the kids in the midst of a divorce can make a fraught process even more difficult SUDI “RICK” KARATAs Excerpted from “Rainbow Relatives: Real-World Stories and Advice on How to Talk to Kids about LGBTQ+ Families and Friends” by Sudi (“Rick”) Karatas. Copyright 2018 by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Just in timeContinue reading “Daddy left Mommy for Tommy, or what to do when a parent comes out as gay”

Germany ‘isn’t slamming door on refugees’

A police officer mans a checkpoint on the A8 highway between Salzburg, Austria, and Bavarian capital Munich on Monday. Photo: DPA Germany is not slamming its doors shut to refugees even if it is reinstating border controls, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman said Monday, adding that the drastic measure was needed to bring some order toContinue reading “Germany ‘isn’t slamming door on refugees’”

German Rapper CD Cover Creates Homophobic Storm

Berlin rapper Bass Sultan Hengzt released an album cover calculated to smoke out homophobia among listeners, prompting what Germans love to call a “Sh*tstorm”. By Tom Barfield/The Local In a first for German rap, the 31-year old released his new album, “Musik Wegen Weibaz” (Music because of girls) with a cover photo showing two menContinue reading “German Rapper CD Cover Creates Homophobic Storm”

Germany: Landlords can’t stop men standing to pee

Splashy urinators may now micturate in peace, after a man won a court battle against his landlord for the right to tinkle as nature intended. The Local The man sued his landlord after he refused to pay back  $2100.00 of a $33,000 deposit, saying he needed the money to repair urine-related damage on the bathroom floor. TheContinue reading “Germany: Landlords can’t stop men standing to pee”

Germany: hits back at bullying

Bullying stock photo: Shutterstock As footage of violent attacks on children by their peers increasingly finds its way onto the internet, a court in Lower Saxony on Monday handed three-year sentences to perpetrators of a May assault on a 14-year-old girl. It was only by chance that the victim did not suffer serious and potentiallyContinue reading “Germany: hits back at bullying”

Buy A Buick Regal over a BMW 328 or Mercedes C250? Consumer Reports Say’s Yes!

By CityFella Wouldn’t you really want to have a Buick?   If you under 75 the answer is usually no or your kidding right?   When the average American thinks about a Buick , they remember Grandpa’s car, big powerful and floaty. The last big floaty Buick , the Lucerne was sent to the farmContinue reading “Buy A Buick Regal over a BMW 328 or Mercedes C250? Consumer Reports Say’s Yes!”

What do Germans really think about Americans?

The Local looks at 11 of the best quotes from Germans about the United States. The relationship Germans have with America is famously complicated – it’s full of both admiration and ridicule. Here are some of the best quotes, both positive and negative, from German writers, artists and sportsmen about America and its people. TheContinue reading “What do Germans really think about Americans?”